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Children's Art Exchange Between Haiti and VSA Tennessee: Poverty Art Project


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40 Days Around the World Digital Arts Festival

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Children's Art Exchange Between Haiti and VSA Tennessee: Poverty Art Project

  1. 1. Poverty Art Project Dylan Santiago- Recorder Regina Shelton- Binder / Display Board Ashley Stamper- Research / Logistics / Photographer Lindsey Wynn- Group Leader
  2. 2. Poverty Statistics • Poverty line is a family of 4 which earns less than $23,021 as of 2011 • That was raised to $23,850 in 2014 • That’s a difference of $829 in 3 years • 16% of the American population is in poverty
  3. 3. How much is 16% of the US Population? • The US population is currently 317 Million people 317,000,000 x .16 = 63,400,000 people that live in poverty in the US alone
  4. 4. • 1 in 3 individuals have a chance of escaping poverty in any given year 63,400,000 x (1/3) = ~21,130,000 people have a chance of escaping poverty • Half of those who get out of poverty will return to poverty within 5 years 21,130,000/2= 10,565,000 will escape poverty for at least 5 years That’s only 16%, 84% of people will remain in poverty
  5. 5. The Poverty Cycle Economic Decline Low Personal Income No Funds for School Lack of Education Undertrained Workforce or Unemployed Low National Productivity
  6. 6. Children and Poverty • 20% of American Children live in poverty • That equates to 30 million children • Children living in poverty have a higher number of absenteeism • Students aged 16-24 are 7 times more likely to drop out
  7. 7. Cont’d • Children that live below the poverty line are 1.3 times more likely to have developmental delays or learning disabilities • 12% of children living in poverty have learning disabilities compared to 6% of children who are not poor • 40% of children in poverty aren’t prepared for primary schooling • By 4th grade they’re already 2 years behind grade level,; by 12th grade they’re 4 years behind
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