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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #28


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A weekly roundup of Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #28

  1. 1. May 9th, 2011 Published by: | Stuff for the Geeks! In all fairness this is more of a flaw from Intels side, as VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication the company simply hasnt created a platform that provides covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. enough PCI Express bandwidth, a re-occurring problem when it comes to Intels mass-market platforms. The other three PCI Express lanes from the chipset are in this case taken up by twoASRock jumps the gun, USB 3.0 host controllers and one SATA 6Gbps controller. Itslaunches Z68 boards early not an ideal situation for anyone intending to use any kind of PCI Express x1 or PCI expansion cards as well as all three PCISource: Express x16 slots, as 500MB/s isnt all that much bandwidth toboards-early/12118.html go around once you start dividing it up between three differentMay 9th, 2011 things, if not more. For some very odd reason, ASRock has decided to bundle a 3.5mm audio cable with the Z68 Extreme4 as well, althoughIt looks like ASRock has had itchy fingers and has launched seemingly neither of the other two boards get one in the box. Atits Z68 boards a little bit on the early side, as all three of its least all three boards will be supplied with Lucid Logixs VirtuZ68 boards are now listed on its website alongside a dedicated graphics switching software which should be a boon to some.portal for the boards. Weve already covered the boards in Also supplied is a copy of CyberLinks MediaEspresso 6.5, butpretty good detail, but we missed a couple of things worth sadly this is only a trial version which is limited to 30-days orpointing out. 50 conversions to H.264. For those of you interested in getting an idea of what these boards cost, we can help out with that as well. All three boardsIt looks like ASRock has had itchy fingers and has launched are already listed for sale in the UK with the Z68 Extreme4its Z68 boards a little bit on the early side, as all three of its listed for £145 (S$293), the Z68 Pro3 for £135 (S$273) and theZ68 boards are now listed on its website alongside a dedicated Z68 Pro3-M for £125 (S$252). Were fairly certain that theseportal for the boards. Weve already covered the boards in arent the final board prices, as the difference between thepretty good detail, but we missed a couple of things worth models; especially the Z68 Extreme4 is simply just too small.pointing out.For starters, ASRock is making a big deal out of the PLXPEX8608 PCI Express switch on the Z68 Extreme4, although Exclusive: Intels Cedarviewwere not quite sure what the fuss is about. As the Z68Extreme4 has a third x16 slot (x4 electrically) the PLX switch Atom to sport PowerVRhas make do with a single PCI Express lane from the chipset graphicswhich is then split between the two x1 PCI Express slots, the Source: Ethernet controller and the PCI bridge chip. ASRock sport-powervr-graphics/12117.htmlclaims that this is better than solutions where things are May 9th, 2011disabled when you add a card in the third x16 slot and thatmight very well be the case, but were not sure wed be willingto trade down the performance of everything else on themotherboard for it. Unlike the current desktop and netbook Atom CPUs, Intels next generation of “full fat” Atom processors wont be using Intel graphics, instead the company has extended its licensing with PowerVR and well be seeing an SGX545 graphics core in these new Atom processors. This is actually quite a significant step for Intel as it indicates a move away from its own graphics IP for the entire Atom series of CPUs. 1
  2. 2. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Quick hands on with theUnlike the current desktop and netbook Atom CPUs, Intelsnext generation of “full fat” Atom processors wont be using Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3Intel graphics, instead the company has extended its licensing Source: PowerVR and well be seeing an SGX545 graphics core in z68x-ud3h-b3/12116.htmlthese new Atom processors. This is actually quite a significant May 9th, 2011step for Intel as it indicates a move away from its own graphicsIP for the entire Atom series of CPUs.The good news is that this should at least in theory significantlyboost the performance of the GPU in the upcoming Atomprocessors, although PowerVRs SGX545 isnt exactly a cuttingedge GPU design these days. It is in fact similar to what Intelcalls the GMA 500 or GMA 600, both of which are based There has been some "concern" from Gigabytes competitorson PowerVRs SGX535 graphics core. New features include that the company wasnt going to offer any Z68 motherboardsDirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.0 support (the GPU is capable of with display connectivity, in fact, some of its competitors haveOpenGL 3.2, but Intel seems to only go as far as 3.0) as well been so "concerned" that theyve sent out material stating thisas hardware accelerated video decoding for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 to media in certain parts of the world. Well, it turns out thatpart 2, VC1, WMV9 and the all-important H.264 codec. it couldnt be further from the truth and yesterday you saw the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 and today we have a few hands onWere looking at different clock speeds depending on if its a pictures of the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 for your ogling pleasure.desktop or mobile CPU and the desktop CPUs will have theGPU clocked at 640MHz while the mobile CPUs will have itclocked at 400MHz. At worst this is about twice as fast as There has been some "concern" from Gigabytes competitorsPowerVRs original 200MHz clock speed that it expected the that the company wasnt going to offer any Z68 motherboardsSGX545 to be clocked at. At 200MHz PowerVR promised a fill with display connectivity, in fact, some of its competitors haverate of 40 million triangles/s and 1Gpixles/s using a 64-bit bus. been so "concerned" that theyve sent out material stating thisSo far we can only guess as to how itll perform in one of Intels to media in certain parts of the world. Well, it turns out thatnew Atom processors. it couldnt be further from the truth and yesterday you saw the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 and today we have a few hands on pictures of the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 for your ogling pleasure. In fact, we were told by Gigabyte that theyre confident to grab something close to 80 percent of the Z68 motherboard market at launch, with or without having display connectivity on its boards. Thats a pretty bold figure, although considering that Gigabyte has already unveiled it will have no less than 11 different boards to choose from once the Z68 chipset launches. On the other hand, Gigabyte isnt exactly going to be the only company launching boards this week, so itll be interesting to hear if the company manages to reach its goal in the end or not.Intel has also boosted the graphics support and not onlysupports single channel 24-bit LVDS for notebook/netbookdisplays with a resolution up to 1440x900, but also eDP1.1 which means all current and future notebook/netbookdisplays are supported. On the external side of things werefinally getting a couple of digital options to supplement thegood old D-Sub connector with HDMI 1.3a and DisplayPort 1.1support.Memory support is still limited to single channel, but Intelhas decided to boost the capacity to 4GB across the boardand some CPUs will also support DDR3 1067MHz memory.Pretty much everything else remains the same as far as were But enough talk about market share, lets take a look at theaware right now, but were fairly certain things will continue board. The Z68X-UD3H is Gigabytes only full ATX board withto change before the launch sometime later this year and display connectivity at launch as far as were aware, with theno, it wont be at Computex unless Intel manages to pull off more affordable Z68A-D3H set to follow somewhat later downsomething spectacular. the line. Its a fairly feature rich board and we cant see too many users complaining about whats on offer. The slot layout is pretty standard with two x16 PCI Express slots that operate 2
  3. 3. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonein dual x8 mode when both are in use, three x1 PCI Express of their case accessories, the Baymaster S, which promises toslots and two PCI slots. make the 3.5” bay of your computer case useful again. Akasa is a company with a very wide products range, with most of them focus around computer cases, accessories, power and cooling products. Today we are going to have a look at one of their case accessories, the Baymaster S, which promises to make the 3.5” bay of your computer case useful again. Akasa is an old and very well known company; their group launched back in 1997 and they have been releasing retail products since 2000. The Baymaster S, which we will review today, is an upgrade of the highly successful Baymaster whichThere are headers for two USB 3.0 ports (via an Etron was not released more than a year ago. Their only differencecontroller), eight USB 2.0 ports, a FireWire port and a serial is that the new Baymaster S features USB 3.0 support, whichport. Gigabyte has added a pair of extra SATA 6Gbps ports to makes a world of difference in terms of performance.the board, although you only get seven ports in total, as oneof the Intel SATA 3Gbps ports have been used as an eSATAport. The VRM design is of a 6+1 type and were not sold on Manufacturer’s features and specificationsthe heatsink which is held in place by two push-pins, but thatsreally a minor issue. • 2.5” SATA HDD / SSD dockAround the back we have four USB 2.0 ports, a PS/2 port, twoUSB 3.0 ports, a FireWire port, the aforementioned eSATA • Super speed USB 3.0 connectionport, a Gigabit Ethernet port, 7.1-channel audio with optical S/ • 4-slots memory card readerPDIF out and a full set of display connectors which includesD-Sub, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. • Choice of fascia color • Hot Swappable for quick HDD docking • All capacity HDD supported • SDXC supported Application 3.5" PC bay Memory card slots 4 Memory card types Memory Stick (MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, Magic Gate,On the downside this isnt going to be a super cheap board Extreme, Ultra)as weve found it listed online already for US$179 (S$221). Secure Digital (SDXC, SDHC,The Z68A-D3H is a fair bit cheaper at around US$138 (S SD, Ultra, Extreme, Elite Pro,$170); although we still dont know what features Gigabyte has High Speed, MMC, MMCdropped apart from using a standard PCB (read less copper per Mobile)layer). On a side note we also spotted pricing for the Z68MA-D2H, Gigabytes budget mATX Z68 board which was listed for Extreme Digital (X card, TypeUS$131 (S$162). H, Type M) M2 (Memory Stick MicroReview : Akasa Baymaster S M2)Source: 9th, 2011 microSD (microSDHC, High Capacity) Interface HDD Docking: USB 3.0 ( 2.0/1.1/1.0 compatible ) Card reader: USB 2.0 (1.1/1.0 compatible) Data transfer rate HDD docking: up to 5Gb/sAkasa is a company with a very wide products range, with most (USB 3.0) and 480Mb/s (USBof them focus around computer cases, accessories, power and 2.0)cooling products. Today we are going to have a look at one Card reader: up to 480 Mb/s 3
  4. 4. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneLED indication Power On, Card In & Data get my hands on one to review. How will it compare to its big Transfer brother, the Dragon Rider? Would it make a good candidatePower mode USB powered for your next build? Well read on to find out more.PC connection Internal USB motherboard G.Skill Sniper Series PC3-12800 8GB Kit Review header, USB3.0 A male Description: While out of the box the G.Skill Sniper Series connector kit were looking at today comes with only a 1600MHz DDRSupported OS Windows 2000 / XP / clock, it does carry with it a 7-8-7-24-1T @ 1.6v setup. These VISTA / 7 are some tight timings which are made only better by the factPlug & Play Supported 1.6v is required and not the typical 1.65v. Being a new series also means weve got a new heatsink design. The Sniper SeriesProduct code AK-ICR-10U3 carries with it a heatsink that resembles, well, a sniper rifle. Its not a bad looking heatsink and the crosshair like bits on each end add a nice touch.The Daily VR-Zone News Sapphire Pure Black P67 Hydra Motherboard ReviewSummary - 9 May 2011 Description: While Sapphire did a good job with the X58 chipset, we indeed wondered how theyd go when it came to theSource: newer P67 one. While most will argue that the X58 is the muchmay-2011/12115.html better platform with Triple Channel memory and proper x16 /May 9th, 2011 x16 lane setups, the P67 platform brings a breath of fresh air into the computer rooms of budding overclockers and general enthusiasts everywhere thanks to its great overclocking ability on the Intel i7 2600k processor. With some extremely strong options already available, the question is, should the PureIn todays news roundup: Acers LED-backlit, twisted- Black P67 Hydra from Sapphire be one we should look at?nematic, 3D-capable monitor, the HN274H, gets reviewed; Well, theres only one way to find out, but before we look at theAntecs latest addition to its HCP line of power supply units performance side of things lets first have a much closer lookor PSUs, the Antec HCP-1200, gets reviewed; A fundamental at what exactly the board has to offer.flaw in the design of most existing graphics APIs used toenable GPU-accelerated graphics processing on PCs have led Sentey Black Box Series BX1-4284 Mid Tower Case Review @to the discovery of several low-level security holes in the newly Bigbruin.comannounced WebGL stack for browsers; Electrical engineers in Description: Sentey wants to be considered among theKorea have reportedly found a way to charge a cellphone by premium do-it-yourself brands, and with the Black Box Seriesutilizing sound energy found in ambient noise and standard BX1-4284 mid tower case they are well on their way. Versionphone conversations; Sony has officially confirmed that the 2.1 of their black series case certainly didnt has no intention of restoring its online PlayStation We were immediately impressed with the fit-and-finish ofNetwork services until it has fully tested and verified the the overall build and the implementation of the tool-lessintegrity of the new security measures implemented to prevent functionality.such occurances from happening again, and Rumour has it Cooler Master Elite 371 Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviewsthat Microsoft may be attempting to steal some of Nintendos Description: Not too long ago all custom computer buildsthunder at the upcoming E3 by announcing its own successor where done using beige boxes. Unlike their mass-built cousins,to the Xbox 360 at the event as well. these cases had very few externally defining features. In theHardware news last five years, this has changed with many cases having very useful features or being very showy. Sadly, this has come atAcer HN274H 27-inch 120Hz 3D Monitor Review @Hi Tech price, and with each year the costs of computer enclosuresLegion have risen. Cooler Master has addressed these rising costs withDescription: The Acer HN274H 3D Monitor is a widescreen the Elite series of cases and with its newest addition the Elitemonitor with an LED backlit Twisted-Nematic panel. The Acer 371. Priced for only $49.99, Benchmark Reviews determinesHN274H 3D Monitor has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz at if the Elite 371 has everything that is needed in cases or if toothe native resolution of 1920x1080. Users who have multiple many corners have been cut for the sake of cost.devices can make use of the Acer HN274H’s four HDMI 1.4ports as well as the Dual-Link DVI port for 3D entertainment. Antec HCP-1200 Watt Power Supply ReviewAt the back of the Acer HN274H, there is a VGA port as well Description: Antec is arguably the most well-known nameas an Audio-in jack for use of the built-in speakers. The 3D in the computer power supply industry and rightfully so.Vision emitter is also built into the top front bezel of the Acer Theyve been around since 1986 and have provided qualityHN274H so it is ready to be used with the bundled 3D Vision power supplies, cases, cooling products and more that fit theglasses right out of the box after the user installs the latest need of just about any type of build for both businesses andNVIDIA 3D Vision drivers. consumers. Over the last few years weve seen a large refresh in many of Antecs product lines, especially their power supplies.In-Win BUC Review Today we are taking a look at the Antec High Current ProDescription: In Win recently released their new BUC mid- 1200W power supply, the highest output PSU offered in thetower case to their DESTINY-Lite series. I was lucky enough to new HCP series. 4
  5. 5. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneG.Skill RipjawsX 2133 MHz review (German) Description: Were still not sure whats stylistic about SmartDescription: (Machine translation) The G.SKILL RipjawsX Card readers, fingerprint scanners and TPM modules, but you4GB DDR3-2133 CL9 Memory-Kit arrived Technic3D. wont find them in many slates, so if youve been consideringTechnic3D will see as good they are on Windows 7 64 Bit, the Fujitsu Q550 -- which has one of each -- todays your luckyUbuntu 10.10 and the Gigabyte X58-UD7 Mainboard. You can day. The Oak Trail-powered Windows 7 tablet with a 10.1-inch,see 2.133MHz (1,65V) with 9-10-9-28 (2T) and more in the 1280 x 800 IPS screen is ready for US pre-orders today, withfollowing Review. $729 bringing you the base model with a 30GB solid state drive and a two-cell rechargeable battery. $849 upgrades the slateConsumer Electronics and Software News to 62GB of storage and four cells worth of swappable Lithium-Security flaws in new WebGL technology put PCs and data at ion joy, while both sport front and rear cameras, HDMI out, arisk bootable USB 2.0 port, a full-size SD slot and dual-band 802.11Description: Researchers at Context Information Security, an a/b/g/n WiFi. Lets just hope the UI is a tad more optimizedinternational security consultancy, have uncovered serious than last flaws in the new WebGL technology that creates Gaming news3D graphics in a browser with the same speed and detailas hardware-accelerated PC games and applications. Context Razer Onza Tournament Edition Review - XSReviewssays that design level security issues give potentially malicious Description: Hardcore PC gamers will certainly be noweb pages low level access to graphics cards that could provide strangers to Razer and their gaming peripherals. Foundeda ‘back door’ for hackers and compromise data stored on in 1998 to create the Boomslang mouse, the company hasinternet-connected machines. exclusively worked on PC peripherals until 2009, when they announced the first of a new range of console accessories: theEssential Windows 7 Tweaks: Part 3 @ Computing on Demand Razer Chimera 5.1 gaming headset and the Razer Onza, anDescription: Every person has different tastes when it comes XBox 360 controller. Read on to find out how the Onza stacksto their installation of Windows. Through the years that have up against the official Microsoft variants.been many things that I do right off the bat when gettingmy install "just right". In the XP days, the first thing I would PSN Security Still Being Tested, Waiting Continuesdo was to stretch the taskbar, enable Quick Launch, add Description: As one would expect following a debacle likean address bar, unlock it, then move those around a bit. If whats happened with the PlayStation Network, Sony hasmy taskbar wasnt set up this way, I HATED IT... in fact, I made security its top priority. As such, that means it wont justwould move other peoples around when I worked on their throw PSN back online without thoroughly testing the strengthcomputers! Windows 7 is no different for me, however, the of PSNs infrastructure. In other words, the waiting continueslist isnt as exhaustive yet. We covered Part 1 and Part 2 of a after 16 days.multipart series, here is Part 3 Rumor: Microsoft Preparing to Announce Xbox 360 SuccessorAmazon Cloud Player Quietly Begins Working On iOS Devices! at E3 in JuneDescription: Back in March, alongside the roll out of Amazon’s Description: Nintendo plans to unveil its Wii successor atnew cloud-based music upload/player service, we noted one E3 in June, and according to one report, it might not beglaring problem: it didn’t work on iOS devices. You might the only console maker revealing next gen hardware onthink this had to due with Flash or another technology that iOS gamings biggest stage. UK publication Develop is reportingwasn’t compatible with, but it wasn’t. It looked like something that Microsoft could be preparing to counter Nintendoselse was simply blocking it from working. Well, good news. Project Cafe with its Xbox 360 successor at E3.That’s no longer the case.Korean technology could power phones by talkingDescription: Electrical engineers in Korea have created a Xperia arc smartphone headsmethod of recharging a cellphone by sound. This could for Japan, gets a name changeinclude ambient noise, music or even speech so a userhaving a conversation would charge the battery, UK daily The in the process Source: reported this weekend. The louder the noise, the japan-gets-a-name-change-in-the-process/12112.htmlmore electricity flows into the battery as well. May 9th, 2011Windows Phone 7 Mango: more features leakedDescription: Earlier today, we reported about what newfeatures the Windows Phone 7 Mango update would bring,well it turns out that it wasn’t the last of what has beenrevealed. A Chinese website called has leaked The Xperia arc may have had its time in the headlines for anew footage of what WP7 Mango will be bringing. Even though while already, but for reasons unknown, the Android-poweredthe images from the site have been removed, the folks over smartphone produced by Sony Ericsson has yet to see the lightat managed to save the images before they were of day in Japan, in spite of the joint venture between Ericssontaken down. and Japans electronics giant. That is all set to change though:Fujitsus Stylistic Q550 business slate up for US pre-orders, apparently, Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the Xperia arcstarting at $729 will get its day in the Japanese market...with a few Japanese- centric tweaks, of course. Read on to find out more. 5
  6. 6. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Silicon Power to showcase next gen. memory products at Computex 2011 Source: memory-products-at-computex-2011/12110.html May 9th, 2011The Xperia arc may be a popular smartphone in its own right,but chances are most people will be raising a few eyebrowsupon learning of the fact that the smartphone has yet tobe introduced to the Japanese market. After all, the generalsentiment is that the Xperia arc is a Sony Ericsson product,which in turn is a joint venture between Ericsson and one of During COMPUTEX, SILICON POWER is going to displayJapans most powerful electronics company; as such, Japan a full range of next generation products such as the latestshould be entitled to first dibs on any new Sony Ericsson phone "chameleon" Blaze series USB 3.0 flash drive, military-gradethat leaves the factory. external hard drive Armor A15 series, Stream S20 PHDHowever, it would seem that Japanese keen on getting their that is designed in semblance with Italian sports car withown Xperia arc smartphone may not have to wait long, as Sony super fast speed, Diamond D10 features classic checkeredEricsson has announced a similar smartphone will indeed design bringing stylish and elegant looks, CF600X memorybe released for the Japanese market, along with a slightly cards with 64GB , USB3.0 card reader, overclocking memorydifferent name. Say, would you happen to fancy an Xperia modules with unique heat sink design as well as new SSDsacro? using SandForce controllers. From May 31st to June 4th, 2011 SILICON POWER is going to participate in 2011 Taipei COMPUTEX and express vivid and bright spirit bringing visitors absolutely new feeling! With the mission of creating unique experience for users SILICON POWER will present a full range of memory products at the exhibition, including the various memory cards that have already won trust and recognition among consumers. Besides high speed performance and wide range of storageAccording to Sony Ericsson, the new Xperia acro will come capacities SILICON POWER memory cards also have thebundled with key features such as a 4.2-inch Reality Display, space for users to mark the card with own labeling wordsa Mobile BRAVIA Engine, "Exmor R for mobile" technology to easily find the most beautiful shots. Moreover, SILICONthat supposedly allows for low-noise images captured by the POWER is going to demonstrate a wide variety of USBacros 8.1-megapixel camera, and Android 2.3 preloaded into flash drives and portable hard drives featuring various styles,it. However, it does not change the fact that we are essentially no matter what the consumers strive for - higher securitydescribing the specifications of Xperia arc, of which the acro is and protection, fashionable looks or sporty style, they canessentially a carbon copy. easily express individual style with the full range of SILICON POWER storage devices. If you would like to witness allStill, the Xperia acro does come with a couple of features that the vibrant and unique products, welcome to visit SILICONwere not present in the Xperia arcs global release; for one, the POWER booth at 2011 Taipei COMPUTEX.acro sports mobile TV functionality which allows for viewing oflive TV broadcasts, as well as an infrared port for data sharingbetween devices over short range distances. Last but not least, SILICON POWER Nangang Exhibition Hall (Booth number?Sony Ericsson claims that the Xperia acro will feature a mobile J608, J616, J708, J716)wallet that allows consumers to use their smartphone to "payfor a wide range of digital and hard goods", which suggests thatusers of the Xperia acro may get to play with NFC technologywhen the phone hits retail shelves in Japan from summer During COMPUTEX SILICON POWER with its new andonwards. vivid brand image is going to display a full range of next generation products. Driven by innovation new products are meant to change consumer technology life. You are welcomed to experience all that at SILICON POWER booth! Total upgrade to USB 3.0 for super-speed data transfer 6
  7. 7. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone use the latest controller Sandforce and demonstrate high speed performance!USB 3.0 interface moves towards popularization, its featuresbandwidth that is 10 times the bandwidth of traditionalinterface. SILICON POWER being a leading manufacture With the mission of creating unique consumer experienceintroduces new super-speed UFD, PHD and card readers. SILICON POWER will exhibit key products in newHigh resolution videos, photos, music and other files are demonstration area. Please visit SILICON POWER booth andtransferred at extremely high speeds! experience new vibrant products and the latest technology trends! Jabra FREEWAY review: your hands or the freeway Source: the-freeway/12087.html May 9th, 2011The latest "chameleon" Blaze series USB flash drive has frontdesign pattern using heat-sensitive ink; at the time when usersexperience super-fast data transfer color of the pattern will Like it or not, most owners of mobile phones are now slaveschange and make file transfer more unique and more fun. to their devices, and it shows. Now that workiing schedules have become tighter and workers are expected to be able to answer work-related phone calls regardless of time, locationThis time SILICON POWER is going to announce new addition and occasion, it would make sense that the need to be alwaysof award winning military-grade external hard drive series! connected has reached the point whereby even an activity suchBesides shock proof features of Armor A15 has LED indicators as driving now has to play host to the act of answering a phoneof capacity usage that let users to check available capacity at call. So how can drivers safely deal with calls while ensuringa glance! that their hands remain on the wheel at all times? Simple; they use a wireless in-car, voice-controlled speaker system, like the FREEWAY which we have here from Jabra.Meeting needs of personal style expression SILICON POWERintroduces Stream S20 PHD that is designed in semblancewith Italian sports car with super fast speed combiningpowerful performance and style! Diamond D10 features classiccheckered design bringing stylish and elegant looks for usersto enjoy high performance and experience new technologycombined with fashion.Professional photographers and amateurs would be interestedin new upgrade of CF600X memory cards with 64GBthat enables photographers to exploit their potential to themaximum and enjoy exciting high-definition moments. Inaddition to high-speed memory cards SILICON POWER willdisplay USB3.0 card reader that not only supports majority of Everybody knows that the mobile phone is one ofmemory cards but also reads SDXC UHS-I high-speed cards; the most important gadgets for maintaining constantmoreover, it allows high-end memory cards to demonstrate telecommunication in todays highly connected world.their transfer speeds! However, it is also an open secret that the easy accessibility that comes with a mobile phone can also be seen as the biggest curse to ever befall man. And this is especially true if oneUpgrade DRAM?SSD meeting gamer needs considers how phones are now being left on 24 hours a day forSILICON POWER overclocking memory modules with unique all 365 days in the year, simply because one can never knowheat sink design have already received wide recognition when an emergency phone call willcome in.among gamers and overclocking fans. This time at SILICON Unfortunately, this has also resulted in people forming anPOWER is going to present new heat sink design that addiction to their mobile phones up to the point where onesignificantly improves thermal dissipation. In addition Solid would commonly find anxious mobile phone owners yappingState Drives (SSD) meant to enhance computer performance or typing away on the mobile phones even while driving, in 7
  8. 8. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonespite of its obvious illegality. This is where Jabras FREEWAY the Data Storage Products Area (1F / NANGANG Exhibitionin-car speaker comes in; a nifty device which allows users to hall).remotely control their mobile phones with nothing more thanvoice commands, thus eliminating the need for fiddling withtheir handsets while on the move (and keeping themselves on You will be able to sample the latest storage technology at MXthe right side of the law). So how does the FREEWAY fair? VR- booth. Static and live demos are planned showcasing the mostZone puts it to the test. recent SATA3 SSDs, high-end USB 3.0 pendrives, low-latency overclocking DDR3 memory. In addition you will be able toBefore that, a quick introduction of the Jabra FREEWAYs find out more about MX Industrial SSD solutions in a specialspecifications is in order: designated area showcasing a wide variety of interfaces, formJabra FREEWAY Bluetooth factors and speaker specificationsBluetooth version v2.1 + EDR specification COMPUTEX at A Glance:Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0, HFP (Hands Free Profile v1.5), • Event: COMPUTEX 2011 (Taipei, Taiwan) HFP (Headset profile), PBAP • When: May 31st – June 4thSupported modes EDR (2 and 3 Mb), SCO, eSCO, Sniff mode • Where: NANGANG Hall 1FOperating range Up to 10m • Booth: K0202 (Data Storage Products Area)Maximum number of paired Up to 8 devices or 2 active atdevices the same timeBattery life Up to 14 hours talktime, up to HP introduces new stylish 20 days standbyMicrophones SLR = 16 dB +/- 3 dB laptops and convertible tablet 2 x 4mm Omni-directional in Singapore microphone Source: 300 - 18.000 Hz and-convertible-tablet-in-singapore/12106.html RLR = 0 dB +/- 3 dB May 9th, 2011 1 x 4 Ohm / 2 x 6 OhmCOMPUTEX :Mach Xtreme todemo SATA3 SSDs and Low HP has introduced their new laptops and convertible ProBook 5330m, the EliteBook 2560p and 2760p, and ENVY14 BeatsLatency Memory edition notebook PC. The new mobile computers will beSource: available from mid May to June.sata3-ssds-and-low-latency-memory/12109.htmlMay 9th, 2011 You will be able to sample the latest storage technologyat MX booth at Nangang Hall 1F, K0202. Static and livedemos are planned showcasing the most recent SATA3 SSDs,high-end USB 3.0 pendrives, low-latency overclocking DDR3memory. In addition you will be able to find out more aboutMX Industrial SSD solutions in a special designated areashowcasing a wide variety of interfaces, form factors andcapacities.Taipei, Taiwan—May 9, 2011— Mach Xtreme Technology Inc., Today, HP unveiled their sleek and ultra-portable notebooka leading provider of top performance, user-friendly designed PCs and a convertible tablet PC that aim to deliver enhancedPC components and solid state drives for industrial solutions, mobile experience for users on the move. The new productsinvites you to visit us at COMPUTEX 2011. The exhibition include the HP ProBook m-series and EliteBook p-seriesis one of the world’s largest gathering of IT manufacturers, models, and the refreshed HP ENVY14 Beats Editiondistributors and system integrators of industrial PCs. MX will Notebook PC.showcase its complete retail and industrial product line-up in HP ProBook 5330m – thin, stylish and affordable 8
  9. 9. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDesigned for business professionals who want style,performance and affordability, the HP ProBook 5330mmeasures less than 1-inch thick, and weighs approximately1.8kg. Besides a 13.3-inch diagonal HD screen, it also hasa backlit keyboard, making it easier to type in low-lightenvironments.The new ProBook is powered by the latest second-generation Intel Core i5 and i3 dual-core standard voltageprocessors delivering solid performance, includes the InfineonProfessional TPM Package for enhanced hardware-based datasecurity. Optional Intel vPro technology is also availableto improve security and remote manageability for on-the-goprofessionals. HP ENVY 14 Beats Edition Notebook PC The HP ENVY14 Beats edition notebook PC features HP CoolSense 2.0 technology and utilizes advanced hardware and intelligent software for a noticeably cooler notebook. The HP CoolSense 2.0 automatically adjusts and delivers optimum level of comfort according to the user’s personal preferences. It also comes with the second-generation Intel Core processors and an updated clickpad with integrated buttons. The premium machine boasts a precision-etched metal alloy case with a 14.5-inch diagonal, HD BrightView Infinity LED display for an eye-popping viewing experience and Beats Audio for richer, more detailed sound. Pricing and availabilityHP EliteBook 2560p and 2760p – light, powerful and travel- - The HP ProBook 5330m starts at US$799 and is expected toready be available in mid May.In a stylish platinum finish, the HP EliteBook 2560p and - The HP EliteBook 2560p starts at US$1,299 and is expectedEliteBook 2760p tablet PC are ideal for enterprises and users to be available in late May; the HP EliteBook 2760p starts atwho need a rugged and highly mobile notebook. The HP US$1,399 and is expected to be available in mid May.EliteBook 2560p sports a thin, clamshell form factor, 12.5- - Pricing and availability for the HP 2560p Docking Station ininch LED-backlit HD 16-inch x 9-inch display. Despite its APJ will be announced at a later date.small size, users can take advantage of the EliteBook’s opticaldrive for added on-the-go convenience. Offering the same - The ENVY14 Beats Edition Notebook PC starts at US$1,799functionality as a conventional business notebook along with and is expected to be available from 10 June.the flexibility of a writing tablet, the HP EliteBook 2760pallows for pen use or finger touch. Biostar to demo AMD 900Both EliteBook models offer second-generation Intel Core i7or i5 dual-core processors, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Series Gaming PCs atand vPro technology, allowing for enhanced performance and Computex 2011responsiveness. They also feature full-size 7200 RPM hard Source: and Solid State Drives (SSDs). gaming-pcs-at-computex-2011/12108.htmlThe new ProBook and EliteBook notebooks also offer HP’s May 9th, 2011full proprietary innovations, including HP QuickWeb 3.0, HPPower Assistant, HP Connection Manager, HP ProtectToolsand HP Fingerprint Sensor.Docking solutions for a customized workspaceThe new HP 2560p Docking Station makes it easy for businessprofessionals to maintain the connectivity and comfort of Biostar will be at Nangang Exhibition Hall - 4thnotebook usage while working from a fixed station. The Floor, L1317a and you’ll find the newest product launchdocking station offers four USB ports, eSATA, DisplayPort from Intel, AMD and Nvidia, as well as BIOSTAR Cloudand VGA ports for added connectivity to peripherals and Operation product portfolios. Visitors will find a “iCafe Area”compatibility with an array of video devices. where they have teamed up with Thermaltake to show off BIOSTAR gaming PCs built by Intel Z68/P67/H67 and AMD 990FX/970X/A75 chipset motherboards. Biostar also plans to showcase a complete line-up of compact, all-in-one, cost 9
  10. 10. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneeffective motherboards that perfectly designed for “Home in early Q3. The dual-Barts card is expected to be revealed atEntertainment PC”. Computex, in three weeks time. Each GPU consists of 1GB GDDR5. The surprise is the power configuration - 2 x 8-pin. Considering the Radeon HD 6870s TDP of 150W, this suggests that the PowerColor board is either very overclocking friendly or features overclocked Barts GPUs. Either way, the dual-Barts board will be no slouch,Taipei, Taiwan - May 9, 2011 - Biostar Microtech Int’l Corp. a outperforming the likes of HD 6970 and even the GTX 580processional manufacturer of Motherboard, Graphic Card and in most benchamrks. Of course, it will be no match for theEmbedded solutions, once again has its sights set on making GTX 590 or HD 6990. Considering a Radeon HD 6870 sellsa big splash at Computex 2011 between May 31st to June 4th in the ~$200 range, this card has the potential to undercutin Taipei, Taiwan. the GTX 580 significantly, while offering better performance. Pricing it lower than $400 will likely cannibalize HD 6970 sales, however.In recent years, Biostar motherboard has successfully buildup its reputation known as “the best performance and value Visually, the card is very long - possibly in the 11" range. Themotherboard provider”. This year at Computex, we’d like two GPUs are much closer to each other than on the HD 6990,to invite you visit us at “Nangang Exhibition Hall - 4th suggesting PowerColor is not opting for the middle fan design.Floor, L1317a”; you’ll find the newest product launch from The card is unnamed and this leaves a branding dillemma.Intel, AMD and Nvidia, as well as BIOSTAR Cloud Operation Initially, the rumour mill had previously decided to call dual-product portfolios. Barts the HD 6890. However, in terms of performance, HD 6980 wil be more accurate.With the focus and success in specific PC applications, The dual-Barts cards will be followed by dual-GF114 in Q3.visitors will find a “iCafe Area” where we strategic alliance While the GF114 based solution might end up faster, it will usewith Thermaltake to show off BIOSTAR gaming PCs built a lot more power and likely cost Intel Z68/P67/H67 and AMD 990FX/970X/A75 chipsetmotherboards. Meanwhile, we also showcase a complete line-up of compact, all-in-one, cost effective motherboards that AT&T set to launch Samsungperfectly designed for “Home Entertainment PC”. Infuse 4G smartphone in US Source: smartphone-in-us/12105.html May 9th, 2011Powercolor Barts/6800 Dual-GPU PicturedSource: 9th, 2011 If you think smartphones with 4-inch displays are quite huge for the hand, wait till you see the new Samsung Infuse 4G. The Infuse 4G sports a giant 4.5-inch screen and AT&T will be retailing this smartphone in US soon.SemiAccurate have leaked a pictured of Powercolor Dual-GPUboard based on Barts / 6800. Both dual-Barts and dual-GF114are on the cards (no pun intended), with a release scheduled 10
  11. 11. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone even some decent overclocking. What really caught our eye though was the three x16 slots of which two are switchable in dual x8 mode and the third one being a x4 slot. In theory you could run three graphics cards in this board, but at least two of them would have to be single slot cards. Theres also a single x1 PCI Express slot available.AT&T has announced the Samsung Infuse 4G, which the telcooperator claimed to be its fastest HSPA+ smartphone yet. Thesmartphone is AT&Ts only HSPA+ phone certified at HSDPACAT 14 (downlink, 14 Mbps) and HSUPA CAT 6 (uplink, 6Mbps). Moving on we have a header for two front USB 3.0 ports via anMeasuring 8.99mm thin, the Samsung Infuse 4G is powered Etron host controller, no less than five headers for 10 USB 2.0by 1.2GHz processor and sports a huge 4.5-inch Super ports, seven SATA ports of which three are SATA 3Gbps andAMOLED Plus touchscreen. It runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) four are SATA 6Gbps and for some reason a serial port header.and features 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 2GB MicroSD card Around the back we have four USB 2.0 ports, another two(expandable up to 32GB). USB 3.0 ports using another Etron controller, an eSATA port, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a PS/2 port, 7.1-channel audio withThe Samsung Infuse 4G will be available in AT&T stores and optical S/PDIF out and a set of four display ports consisting ofonline on 15 May at US$199.99 with a two-year contract. a D-Sub, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.Exclusive: Gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 picturesSource: 9th, 2011 Overall an impressive mATX board and its so far only the third mATX Z68 board weve seen to date. It compares well in terms of features with both MSI and ASRock and we can see this being a popular choice for those that are looking for a compact gaming rig. The board is already listed with some online retailers in Italy for around €140 (S$249) which seems a little bit on the pricey side, but you do get a lot of features forWere now merely days from the Z68 chipset launch which will your money and its on par with what ASRocks Z68 Pro3-M isofficially take place on the 11th, but the leaks keep on coming listed for. Only a few more days to go now…and we can now as first publication show a couple of picturesof Gigabytes upcoming mATX Z68 board, the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3. The board is actually quite unusual for a mATX First Look: MSI Z68A-GD80board and its packed to the brim with features, in fact, wed (Updated)daresay that its one of Gigabytes best Z68 boards. Source: updated-/12035.html May 9th, 2011Were now merely days from the Z68 chipset launch which willofficially take place on the 11th, but the leaks keep on comingand we can now as first publication show a couple of picturesof Gigabytes upcoming mATX Z68 board, the GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3. The board is actually quite unusual for a mATXboard and its packed to the brim with features, in fact, weddaresay that its one of Gigabytes best Z68 boards. Joining the Intel Z68 club is MSIs Z68A-GD80. We take aIt might not have the most advanced VRM design with a 6+1 peek at the features with which MSI hopes to make its boardsetup, but this should still be plenty for a mATX board and 11
  12. 12. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonestand out from the rest. (Updated with BIOS pictures & SSD will improve the overclocking capabilities of installed graphicscaching preview!) cards.Several of the MSI Z68A-GD80s features are prominentlyadvertised on its box, including of course the assurance thatyou are getting the trouble-free stepping of the chipset. Next, well be looking at the onboard features and expansion options offered by this motherboard.The Z68 PCH is passively cooled, which should come as nosurprise given that the TDPs of Intels recent chipsets have all EKL Releases New VGA Cooler Source: in under 10 watts. The CPU power delivery system, on cooler/12100.htmlthe other hand, gets a more elaborate cooling solution. May 9th, 2011 German based EKL has launched the Alpenfohn Peter, expanding its portfolio of performance VGA coolers. Measuring 253.8 x 44 x 100mm and weighinh 590g, the nickel plated cooler boasts a copper base, twelve 6mm copper pipes, 84 aluminum fins, and supports up to four 140mm fans (with a PCI mounting bracket). The Alpenföhn Peter, bundled 30 small heatsinks (for components on the graphic card), is compatible with most graphic accelerators out in the marketThe MSI Z68A-GD80 provides 12-phase power to the CPU today and will be available come 18 May at a MSRP of 54.90using MSIs DrMOS system. DrMOS uses integrated circuits Euro at combine the MOSFET and its driver into a single chip, EKL PRESS RELEASEwhich MSI claims achieves 96% efficiency. By reducing thenumber of phases active when the system is not under load,power consumption can also be reduced. The number of activephases is indicated by a row of LEDs along the top edge of themotherboard. The cooling specialist Alpenföhn presents the successor of the Heidi VGA Cooler. The new cooler called Alpenföhn Peter utilizes twelve heatpipes and offers a much larger cooling areaThe memory and chipset each get 2-phase power. There is also than the Heidi. In addition, the fan rail allows for up to fouran additional PCIe 6-pin power connector, which MSI claims fans to be installed, so that the Peter is capable of dissipating 12
  13. 13. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneup to 420 Watt of heat. For a clean look, the entire surface ofthe VGA cooler has been Nickle plated.Modern graphic cards are very complex pieces of engineering,always pushing the envelope in speed, power consumption andthermal design power (TDP). In addition to this, graphic cardshave to be cooled while keeping the cooling unit within theconstrains of one or two PCI slots, so that it does not block anyadditional expansion slots of the mainboard. To generate therequired cooling performance in such tight quarters a noisyhigh speed fan tends to be the only option. An aftermarket cooler like the Alpenföhn Peter in turn is capable of taking on up to 420 Watt, making it the perfect fit for many high-end graphic cards like the AMD RADEON HD6970 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580. To guarantee the best compatibility, the Alpenföhn Peter includes various mounting materials which are to be placed on the underside of the cooler. Such a system also makes the Peter future-proof as it can be installed on upcoming cards by simply acquiring the newest mounting brackets. Twelve Nickle plated, copper heatpipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters guarantee the most efficient transport of heat from the GPU to the cooling fins of the Peter. 84 such Aluminum fins take the heat and pass it on to the surrounding air. This effect is catalyzed with the optional fans. To keep the strain of such the cooler on the mainboard to a minimum, Alpenföhn has included a mounting rail to hold these fans in place. This rail is attached to the PCI slots and can take up to four 140 mm fans. In such a configuration, two of the cooling units will be placed right above the cooling fins, while the other two are attached facing the side of the heatsink. These are especially effective with cases which feature an opening in the side panel to allow for fresh air to be pulled into the case. You are also free to install smaller fans - if your chassis does not offer enough space for example. Due to this system of customization, the user is free to create a unique configuration to suit the requirements. This allows for users who prefer silence as well as overclockers to pick their desired fans to cool the Alpenföhn Peter within their system. At launch, Caseking will be offering eight different cooler & fan bundles for the various needs and application scenarios. Besides the Alpenföhn Peter, the user will also receive a set of 30 small heatsinks, which are intended to cool the various components on the graphic card. A mix of different shapes and sizes guarantees the utmost compatibility. The Alpenföhn Peter - Universal High-End VGA Cooler will be available in mid May, for a price of 54.90 Euro at Various bundles containing the Alpenföhn Peter and between two and four fans, for both silent and performance applications will also be available from Caseking at that time. An overview of the various bundles can be found at www.caseking.depeter. A detailed compatibility list can be 13
  14. 14. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneviewed in the product description of the Alpenföhn Peter on important parts of Intels GPU. This means that transcoding/the Caseking website. encoding using the Intel GPU will be available on the P8Z67 Deluxe without the need of the display connectors.Exclusive: Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Want some more ROG series info? Well, ok then, were going to be nice and share what little we know. The first board will beand P8Z68-V specs leaked called the Maximus IV Extreme-Z and we have a feeling thatSource: this will just be a Maximus IV Extreme with the Z68 chipsetp8z68-v-specs-leaked/12099.html instead of the P67 chipset. The other board is a new additionMay 9th, 2011 and its a mATX board called the Maximus IV Gene-Z and its most likely going to launch at Computex. We might end up with display connectors on this board as its a brand new product, so fingers crossed for something different here. Once again it simply comes down to patience being a virtue, at least if you really want to get an ROG Z68 board. Intel SSD 311 Series LarsonThere has already been a fair few previews of Asus upcomingP8Z68-V Pro board, including our own preview of the board,however not much has been know about Asus other upcoming Creek Pictured and PricedZ68 boards, at least not until now. Surprisingly it appears that Source: is only set to launch a total of three Z68 boards next week, pictured-and-priced/12097.htmlalthough the company is planning a pair of ROG boards for a May 9th, 2011slightly later launch according to launch details weve seen.There has already been a fair few previews of Asus upcomingP8Z68-V Pro board, including our own preview of the board,however not much has been know about Asus other upcomingZ68 boards, at least not until now. Surprisingly it appears thatAsus is only set to launch a total of three Z68 boards next week,although the company is planning a pair of ROG boards for a Information about Intel new SSD 311 Larson Creek 20GB hasslightly later launch according to launch details weve seen. creeped out last week and now we saw some photos of this SLC based SSD floating around the internet and even gotStarting with the P8Z68-V, we have a "feature light" version of benchmarked. As mentioned, Intel is going to pair this up withthe P8Z68-V Pro in essence, so the board lacks FireWire and their Z68 Express chipset to be launched on May 11th andthe two extra SATA 6Gbps ports. Asus has also removed the we have already gone through in detailed about Intel Smartbundled USB 3.0 bracket, but kindly left the extra two ports in Response Technology, a hard drive caching algorithm which isplace. Otherwise the feature set is more or less the same, with part of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology v10.5three x16 slots that work in dual x8 more for the first two andthe last one is either a x4 or a x1 slot. You still get HDMI, DVIand D-Sub connectivity, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, 7.1-channel audio, an eSATA port and of course two rear USB 3.0ports. Information about Intel new SSD 311 Larson Creek 20GB has creeped out last week and now we saw some photos of this SLC based SSD floating around the internet and even got benchmarked. As mentioned, Intel is going to pair this up withThe P8Z68 Deluxe on the other hand is a reworked P8P67 their Z68 Express chipset to be launched on May 11th andDeluxe so it lacks the display connectors. On the other hand we have already gone through in detailed about Intel Smartit had dual Gigabit Ethernet and four SATA 6Gbps ports Response Technology, a hard drive caching algorithm which isports as well as a bundled drive bay adapter for two USB part of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology v10.53.0 ports. Interestingly, Asus has still managed to make thisboard work with Lucid Logix Virtu software, although only inwhats known as d-mode, but it should allow for access to the 14
  15. 15. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThere are two form factors available for SSD 311 series; 2.5" May 9th, 2011SATA and 2.5" mSATA. The key features of these SSDs are asfollow : When it rains, it pours and the leaks about AMDs upcoming 900-series of AM3+ chipsets are now appearing on a daily basis. A detailed spec sheet of Asus six upcoming AMD 900- series chipset motherboards have tipped up on a Swedish website and although we have no idea what any of the boards except the already leaked M5A99X EVO will look like, we do at least know what features theyll come with. When it rains, it pours and the leaks about AMDs upcoming 900-series of AM3+ chipsets are now appearing on a daily basis. A detailed spec sheet of Asus six upcoming AMD 900- series chipset motherboards have tipped up on a Swedish website and although we have no idea what any of the boards • Intel® X25-M SSD 80GB performance with the except the already leaked M5A99X EVO will look like, we do convenience of a single drive letter (C:) at least know what features theyll come with. • SATA 3Gb/s (SATA Revision 2.0) So first up we have three AMD 970 boards, all three are full • 20GB capacity, 2.5” 9.5mm and mSATA ATX boards and all three has a pair of x16 slots configured • Up to 60% performance improvement over a desktop in x16 and x4 mode. The entry level model is the M5A97 7200 rpm hard drive which has a 4+2 VRM design and it has six SATA 6Gbps ports and three headers for six USB 2.0 ports as far as internal • Built with Intel 34nm SLC Compute NAND Flash connectors are concerned. Around the back were looking at Memory – higher performance, endurance two USB 3.0 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, 7.1-channel audio and • Compatible with Intel 6 Series Express Chipsets: Z68, Gigabit Ethernet. This board doesnt feature Digi+VRM , but HM67, QM67 has all of the other common Asus features. Next up we have the M5A97 Pro and Evo, both featuring a 6+2Last but not least, the Intel SSD 311 Larson Creek 20GB is phase Digi+ VRM design, six intenral SATA 6Gbps ports, threeexpected to cost you around USD119 and expect availability at headers for six internal USB 2.0 ports and the EVO modellaunch. also has an internal pin header for two USB 3.0 ports and a FireWire port. Around the back we have two USB 3.0 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, two eSATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio with the EVO board also sporting a FireWire port. The M5A99X EVO weve already seen thanks to the leaked image on Thursday, although it seems like we got a couple of specs slightly wrong. It turns out that the board has two internal SATA 3Gbps ports, not two SATA 6Gbps ports as we thought. It also has a rear eSATA and an eSATAp (powered eSATA/USB combo port), but the rest was pretty much spot on except the VRM design which is 6+2 rather than 8 phases.Asus AMD 900-seriesmotherboard specs unveiledSource: 15
  16. 16. May 9th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOn the high-end side we have the TUF Sabertooth 990FX glimpse into what AMDs Fusion motherboards for the FM1which as the name gives away is based on the 990FX chipset. socket will have to offer.Here were looking at an 8+2 Digi+ VRM design, four x16 PCIExpress slots in a dual x16 or x16 plus dual x8 and a x4 slot.Internally we again have six SATA 6Gbps ports, two SATA3Gbps ports, headers for four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0ports and a FireWire port. Around the back the board has twoUSB 3.0 ports, 10 USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA, one eSATAp,Gigabit Ethernet, a FireWire port and 7.1-channel audio.Special features includes a return of Asus CeraM!X heatsinks,the TUF Thermal Radar, the various TUF components and arange of other more or less important stuff.Finally we have the ROG Crosshair V Formula which asexpected is the top of the range board, which is another 990FXboard. We have the same slot configuration here as on theTUF board with four x16 slots in either dual x16 or x16 plus As you can see from the picture, AMDs test board doesntdual x8 and one x4 slot. On-board connectors consist of seven exactly look like a retail board and it has a lot of test pointsSATA 6Gbps ports and two front USB 3.0 ports. Around the for oscilloscopes and other types of test equipment. However,back we have four USB 3.0 ports, 12 USB 2.0 ports, although what we can see is that the board has native USB 3.0 supportone of them is dedicated to ROG connect, one eSATAp 6Gbps thanks to the internal USB 3.0 header so this is most like anport, Intel powered Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1-channel audio FCH A75 based board. As it should be, its a single chipsetwith SupremeFX X-Fi 2. This board will also ship with Asus board, although it appears that the FCH A75 requires activeROG ThunderBolt and comes with all the usual ROG features cooling which is somewhat disappointing. That said, hopefullyyoud expect to find. a larger passive cooler will be enough on retail boards, or atOverall a pretty decent line-up of boards, well just have to wait least thats what were hoping for.and see what the final boards look like. Its anyones guess what The board clearly has an HDMI, DisplayPort and D-subthese boards will be priced at, but were hearing rumours of connector and it should also have a pair of rear USB 3.0 portssome very and we mean VERY competitive pricing on AMDs alongside what wed guess are four USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabitupcoming AM3+ CPUs in as much as youll get an eight core Ethernet port, six audio jacks and what appears to be a verticalAMD CPU for about the same price youd pick up a Core i7 eSATA connector. The slots on the board appears to be a single2600K. That sounds like a pretty good bargain to us, especially x16 PCI Express slot, two open ended x4 PCI Express slots, aas most of the other CPUs will be priced lower than that. mini PCI Express slot and a PCI slot, as well as a x1 PCI Express slot located at the centre of the board.Exclusive: AMDs FM1 desktop Surprisingly the board has a very small VRM design with whattest board pictured looks like a 3+2 phase design. Considering that the APUs will have a pretty powerful GPU inside them, we expected a moreSource: advanced VRM design. Apart from that there isnt much to say,board-pictured/12096.html the board has four DIMM slots, five internal SATA connectorsMay 9th, 2011 and a lot of pin headers that we cant really make out what theyre for. One final note would be the CPU retention, or the lack of one. There appears to be space for one that would be similar to the AM3+ split design weve seen from ASRock and Asus, but were just going to have to wait and see what AMD comes up with.Weve seen pictures of the FM1 socket, the FM1 CPUs and eventhe mobile test board from AMD, but what we have for you The Daily VR-Zone Newstoday is the first picture of AMDs FM1 desktop test board.Please keep in mind that this is not an indication of what final Summary - 6 May 2011 Source: motherboards will look like, nor does it represent may-2011/12094.htmla final product by any means, but what it does give us is a May 9th, 2011glimpse into what AMDs Fusion motherboards for the FM1socket will have to offer.Weve seen pictures of the FM1 socket, the FM1 CPUs and eventhe mobile test board from AMD, but what we have for youtoday is the first picture of AMDs FM1 desktop test board.Please keep in mind that this is not an indication of what finalproduction motherboards will look like, nor does it representa final product by any means, but what it does give us is a 16