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A weekly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #25

  1. 1. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.More Intel 7-series chipsetdetails come to lightSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/more-intel-7-series-chipset-details-come-to-light/12001.htmlApril 28th, 2011 The Z77 chipset on the other hand gains support for a second PCI Express slot configuration option beyond dual x8, namely single x8 plus dual x4. This might seems utterly andWe cant help but wondering if Intel is planning to pull the completely useless, but bear in mind that PCI Express 3.0launch of its Ivy Bridge processors forward, as the kind of doubles the bandwidth of PCI Express 2.0 and until we get PCIdetailed information that is starting to leak with regards to Express 3.0 graphics cards that can take advantage of the fullthe second generation LGA-1155 platform is quite surprising, bandwidth on offer, a single x4 PCI Express 3.0 slot shouldespecially considering were still some eight months from offer the same bandwidth as a PCI Express 2.0 x8 slot. Anotherthe supposed launch. This time around were looking at the reason for this could be Intels planned PCI Express SSDs, asfull specifications of Intels upcoming 7-series chipsets and this option would allow for two graphics cards plus an SSD,although there are no huge surprises, there are one or two. all connected to the CPU for the best possible performance for the SSDs.We cant help but wondering if Intel is planning to pull the The H77 chipset on the other hand doesnt supportlaunch of its Ivy Bridge processors forward, as the kind of overclocking, just as the current H67 chipset, but oddlydetailed information that is starting to leak with regards to enough Intel has decided to add support for its Smartthe second generation LGA-1155 platform is quite surprising, Response technology here. The H77 chipset is of course limitedespecially considering were still some eight months from to a single x16 PCI Express slot as well. All three chipsetsthe supposed launch. This time around were looking at the supports Intel Rapid Storage technology 11, four USB 3.0full specifications of Intels upcoming 7-series chipsets and ports, two SATA 6Gbps ports, eight PCI Express 2.0 lanes andalthough there are no huge surprises, there are one or two. support for up to three independent displays (Ivy Bridge CPU required) and dual audio streams over HDMI or DisplayPort.We were quite curious about what the difference between theZ77 and Z75 chipsets was going to be and seemingly thereare only two, both of which are quite silly to have a secondchipset for. The Z75 chipset is the most basic model you needif you want to install a pair of graphics cards in a dual x8 PCIExpress 3.0 configuration and of course if you want to use aK series processor to overclock. However, Intel has castratedthe Z75 chipset by removing support for its Smart Responsetechnology, so in other words, no SSD caching. This seems likean outright silly move by Intel, especially as the company istrying to push the sales of its SSDs with it. 1
  2. 2. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneOn the business side of things were looking at the Q77, Q75 Paint Creek. What is clear is that were looking at the sameand B75 chipsets where all three supports four USB 3.0 ports, 40 and 80GB capacities which is a little bit disappointing, butbut only the Q77 supports two SATA 6Gbps ports whereas the wed expect that Intel has managed to boost the performanceother two have to make do with only one. Again, the Q77 is compared to the current 310 series.the only chipset that supports Intels Rapid Storage technology Moving on things get a little bit more interesting, as Intel is11 and Smart Response technology. Otherwise most of the planning a series of three PCI Express based desktop SSDs.features are similar to the consumer chipsets with the one First up we have the 330P series which will be available in 80,small addition of native PCI support. 120 or 160GB and its clearly targeting the consumer market. In terms of performance were looking at sequential readIntel SSD roadmap leaks, speeds of up to 540MB/s, a tad better than the 520 series SATA SSDs and the sequential write speed will be up to 330MB/s,several new additions this time slightly slower than the 520 series. However, whereexpected the 330P series really impresses is in IOPS, as the 4KB reads will hit as high as 78K IOPS while the 4KB writes will hit 42KSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-ssd-roadmap-leaks-several-new- IOPS. The 330P series will use dual NAND Flash controllersadditions-expected/12000.html in RAID 0 and will come as a PCI Express x4 card. No word onApril 28th, 2011 when the 330P series will land. If you thought Intels Larsen Creek was going to the onlyaddition to the 510, 320 and 310 series of SSDs this year, thenyoud be dead wrong as the company is preparing to launcha new high-end consumer series of SSDs before the end ofthe year, a new mSATA series of SSDs, not to mention a newcorporate series of SSDs and three PCI Express based familiesof SSDs. Some details are still missing, most importantlydetails of the SSD controllers used in the new products, butapart from that, we have a pretty good picture of what Intel is Next up we have the 530P series which again we dont haveplanning for the next seven months or so. any arrival date for, but this is where things get really serious in terms of performance. The 530P is just like the 330P series a PCI Express x4 card with a pair of NAND Flash controllers inIf you thought Intels Larsen Creek was going to the only RAID 0 mode, but youre looking at sizes of 240 and 480GB.addition to the 510, 320 and 310 series of SSDs this year, then Were obviously looking at different controllers here, as theyoud be dead wrong as the company is preparing to launch sequential read speed jumps up to an impressive 900MB/sa new high-end consumer series of SSDs before the end of while the write speed peaks at 640MB/s. The IOPS on thethe year, a new mSATA series of SSDs, not to mention a new other hand are down with the 4KB reads topping out at 60Kcorporate series of SSDs and three PCI Express based families IOPS and the 4KB writes managing “only” 24K IOPS.of SSDs. Some details are still missing, most importantlydetails of the SSD controllers used in the new products, but The third and final PCI Express solution is the 720P series andapart from that, we have a pretty good picture of what Intel is now were in enterprise territory as were looking at 34nm SLCplanning for the next seven months or so. NAND Flash and quad controllers with RAID 5 support. Size wise Intel will offer 96 and 192GB models according to oneFirst up we have the 520 series also known as Cherryville source, while another source suggests 200 and 400GB models.which is set to replace the 510 series which launched early Here were looking at insane speeds with the sequential readthis year. The 520 series is of course using the SATA 6Gbps speeds hitting 1.6GB/s and the write speeds not being farinterface, but it looks like Intel has changed the controller used behind at 1.45GB/s. The IOPS are equally impressive with theas the write speeds have been improved from a maximum of 4KB reads hitting 180K IOPS followed by the 4KB writes at315MB/s of the 510 series to 360MB/s for the 520 series. The 72K IOPS. The 720P series should arrive sometime in Q3.read speed remains the same at 500MB/s. The IOPS are alsoup by quite significant numbers, as the 4KB reads have gone Finally we have the 710 series which is the much rumouredfrom 20K IOPS to 30k IOPS and the 4KB writes have improved Lyndonville which has been expected for quite some time now.in a similar manner from 8K IOPS to 12K IOPS. The 520 series It uses MLC-HET NAND Flash which is extra high qualitywill be available in sizes of 64, 120, 240 and 480GB. chips that have been selected specifically for enterprise level SSD products. Capacities offered will be 100, 200 and 400GB,The 520 series should arrive sometime in Q4 alongside the all with an obviously large reserved area for when some ofIntels next generation mSATA SSD code named Paint Creek. the cells die over time. As far as performance is concerned,There doesnt appear to be any major changes here and in well, Intel actually changed from SLC to MLC-HET NANDall fairness we havent managed to dig up a lot of details on Flash and the only performance figures available are for the 2
  3. 3. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSLC version which isnt going to launch. The 710 should be smaller, and offers high speed, reliability, and reduced poweravailable sometime between May and July judging by the consumption.roadmap. Description: Equipped with 8 expansion slots, the PC-V1020Now were not going to bet money on how things play out, will support SLI and Crossfire allowing 305mm (12") graphicssince as always specifications change and delays happen for cards, the PC-V1020 also has a removable motherboard tray,all sorts of reasons. That said, it looks like Intel has an support for lots of storage options and 3 preinstalled coolinginteresting SSD roadmap and were especially interested in fans - 120mm and 140mm.the new PCI Express based solutions. This also explains why Consumer Electronics and Software newsIntel has added support for an interesting PCI Express slotconfiguration for upcoming Z77 chipset, but more on that in a Description: The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIMs entry intoseparate story. the burgeoning tablet market that is currently dominated by Apple. It faces a stiff competition from the iPad and the various Android tablets that are just now coming to market. Does RIMThe Daily VR-Zone News have what it takes to compete at this level of consumer tablet?Summary - 28 April 2011 Description: The rumor mill is adding more fuel to the reportsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--28- that Apple is prepping its own online music and media storageapril-2011/11998.html service with news that the company allegedly purchased theApril 28th, 2011 icloud. Description: The launch of Apples iPhone 4 in a white casing generated a long line of Chinese customers outside one of the companys stores in Beijing on Thursday. Description: With their latest 5.1 USB Surround Headset featuring high build quality and near excellent audio reproduction Sandberg is going up against the best in the fieldIn todays news roundup: AMD bringing Microsoft to their but can their offering stand up to the challenge?recently announced Fusion Developer Conference makessense. ARM? The ASUS Rampage III Black Edition X58 Description: The factor that seperates out the Razer Chimaeramotherboard is ripe with overclocking features and exclusive from most other headsets is that it’s wireless. To enable thisgaming technologies ; BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet review. Razer have created a pretty fancy looking wireless transmitterDoes RIM have what it takes to compete at this level of that stands tall in an inverted T shape of glossy black plastic.consumer tablet? Apple has allegedly purchased the icloud. Is Description: When Kate Middleton and Prince William kissthe company prepping its own online music and media storage on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Friday afternoon, allservice ?. Duke Nukem Forever is coming to Singapore on 10 bloody hell could break loose online.June 2011. Get teady to kill some aliens; and Valve plans tolaunch Portal 2 DLC this summer . Gaming newsHardware news Description: It has been a 15-year wait but soon, the wait will be over. Duke Nukem Forever will be launching in SingaporeDescription: AMD bringing Microsoft to their recently on 10 June 2011 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windowsannounced Fusion Developer Conference makes sense. ARM? PC.Well, it gives a nice insight into where AMDs FusionAPU strategy could take them, powered by a heterogeneous Description: If the stellar campaign and cooperative modecompute platform: OpenCL. werent enough, players will have another reason to revisit action title Portal 2 this summer.Description: When USB 3.0 was announced it seemed naturalfor USB flash drives to take advantage of the additional Description: Its the engine thats powered some of the best ofbandwidth. Mach Extreme Technologies is a new company gaming for 20 years - so lets take a look back at the history ofthat is looking to make a name and they are doing so with their iD Tech.MX-GX USB 3.0 thumb drives.Description: The Rampage III Black Edition comes in muted ZOTAC Introduces FUSION-ITXred and mostly black colored layout but keeps the aggressiveROG styling. The Rampage III Black Edition is ripe with WiFi A-seriesoverclocking features and exclusive gaming technologies, Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/zotac-introduces-fusion-itx-wifi-a-including the ASUS Thunderbolt LAN/Audio card combo, series/11999.htmlExtreme Engine DIGI+, BCLK Enhance, QPI/PCIe Tuning, April 28th, 2011GPU DIMM Post, etc.Description: Crocus announced that they have successfullydeveloped their 2nd generation MRAM products, using SVTCTechnologies production ready tools. The company says thattheir MRAM technology can be scalable to 90nm, 65nm and 3
  4. 4. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone ZOTAC today introduces the new FUSION-ITX WiFi A- Expansion options are vast with the ZOTAC® FUSION-ITXseries featuring the AMD E-350 APU platform with dual- WiFi A-series and include a physical PCI Express x4 slot,core 1.6 GHz processor and Radeon HD 6310 graphics. eSATA, four SATA 6.0 Gb/s ports, up to six USB 2.0 and 4It comes with an open ended x4 PCIe slot, eSATA, four USB 3.0. The PCI Express x4 slot features and open-end thatSATA 6Gbps ports, 6 USB 2.0, 4 USB 3.0, 802.11n WiFi enables physical compatibility with PCI Express x16 devices onmodule, DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI video outputs, Optical the ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series.S/PDIF and 8-channel high-definition audio.Full Press Release The ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series integrates 802.11n WiFi technology for high-speed wireless network transfers while Gigabit Ethernet is available for lightning-fast wired networking. It’s time to play with the ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series mini-ITX platform.HONG KONG – Apr. 28, 2011 – ZOTAC® International,a leading innovator and the world’s largest channelmanufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and mini-PCs,today introduces the new FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series – aworld-class mainboard that combines the power of AMDRadeon™ HD graphics processing with class-leading energy-efficiency for the ultimate flexible mini-ITX form factor.The ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series features the AMDE-350 APU platform that incorporates a dual-core 1.6 GHzprocessor with Microsoft® DirectX® 11 compatible AMDRadeon™ HD 6310 graphics for the ultimate synergy of CPUand GPU performance. The combination enables flawlesshigh-definition Blu-ray and streaming Internet video playbackcapabilities for a visually rich computing experience in a mini-ITX platform.“We carefully designed our ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFiA-series to integrate as many user-requested features aspossible. The result is a mini-ITX platform that offersbest-in-class performance, energy-efficiency, features andexpansion while only relying on passive-cooling for a silentcomputing experience,” said Carsten Berger, marketingdirector, ZOTAC® International.DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI video outputs enables theZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series to connect to the latestdigital monitors and television sets with ease while an includedDVI-to-VGA adapter retains compatibility with analoguemonitors. HDMI audio bitstreaming, Optical S/PDIF and 8-channel high-definition audio capabilities deliver maximumaudio fidelity to all digital and analogue audio sources with theZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series. General details •New ZOTAC® FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series platform 4
  5. 5. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone•AMD E-350 APU Platform (dual-core, 1.6 GHz) TAIPEI, Taiwan, April 28, 2011 – Tick-tock, tick-tock, one generation, the next generation! The much-anticipated Intel•AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 graphics processor Z68 platform will join the party in late Q2 2011; the new•2 x DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM slots generation brings all major advances over the previous•Support up to 8GB memory platforms. In the past, if users were looking for extreme overclocking, it’s P67. If users needed integrated graphics,•DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-I & VGA (with included adapter) then it’s H67. Now, what you really need is hybrid of theoutputs two chipsets, the superb Z68, which could be the most•PCI Express x4 (open-end) expansion interesting talk this year, bringing together the P67 native OC performance, plus the H67’s support for graphics.•4 SATA 6.0 Gb/s•1 eSATA Z68 Extreme4•4 USB 3.0 ports (2 on back panel, 2 via pin header)•6 USB 2.0 ports (4 on back panel, 2 via pin headers)•Hardware accelerated Blu-ray playback ready•Dolby® TrueHD & DTS-HD™ Master Audio bitstreamcapable•Digital S/PDIF output (optical)•8-channel high-definition audio•Microsoft® DirectX® 11 compliant•Onboard 802.11n WiFi•Gigabit Ethernet•Mini-ITX form factor ASRock Inc., the global leading motherboard manufacturer isASRock Unveils 3 Z68 Boards; proud to present its latest Z68 express chipset motherboardAdds Z68 Pro3 and Pro3-M series. Commenting on the news release, James Lee, V.P. of ASRock Sales and Marketing, is with confidence. “TechSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asrock-unveils-3-z68-boards-adds-z68- generation comes one after one. It is our responsibility topro3-and-pro3-m/11996.html keep users in the know. As we always apply the world’sApril 28th, 2011 best motherboard technology to our products, we’ll have a competitive advantage.” he states. “We’re trying to make all points running on our Z68 lineup to drive performance up. We’re keen on delivering a Happy Building experience to ASRock fans!” said James Lee. “Paired with the strongest processor microarchitecture”, ASRock believes their latest Z68Earlier, we have shown you a quick preview of their express platform can deliver the best kit to users.flagship Z68 Extreme4 board and now ASRock has officiallyunveiled it along with two more Z68 boards; the Z68 Pro3 Designed for the most demanding technology, ASRock’sand Z68 Pro3-M. Both models focused on value and Pro3- brand new Z68 platform motherboard series not only takesM is mATX based. They possess basic features like dual advantages of dual personalities but also gives users thechannel DDR3 2133, USB 3.0, SATA3, D-Sub, DVI-D, performance they demand.HDMI, Display Ports, XFast USB Technology, Intel SmartResponse Technology, Lucid Virtu. ASRock also reveals someperformance figures on the Intel Smart Response Technologywhere boot time is improved by 19.4% and PCMark05 HDDtest scored a 355.5% boost over non-SSD cached system. Also, Hybrid Chipset Brings Advanced Featureswhen Lucid Virtu is employed, the video file conversion speedis improved by some 235.48%. Of course, ASRock is pushinghard on their XFast USB feature which improves USB 3.0 read Intel Smart Response Technology & Lucid Virtuperformance by 185.52%. The ASRock Z68 motherboard offerings provide a powerfulFull Press Release performance. There are two major new technologies to this hybrid platform. First one is the Intel Smart Response Technology. For users who are tempted to connect the SSD and HDD on ASRock Z68 motherboard series, the Intel Smart 5
  6. 6. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneResponse Technology can make the SSD become the "Cache ofthe HDD" to boost up the HDD access speed. ? Lucid Virtu software will dynamically assign tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource based on power, performance and features. In video file convert testing, the convert speed on the integrated Intel HD graphics is 235.48% faster than external Nvidia GTX580 graphics card on ASRock Z68 motherboard. Brilliant Software Tools To Achieve Ultimate Performance XFast USB, On/Off Play Technologies XFast USB is best known for its incredible performance boost, which allows users to enjoy the world’s fastest USB transfer speed. It can not only possibly double the USB transfer speedThe numbers are stunningly good. The performance of but also shorten the file-copy time significantly. To drivePCMark 05 HDD and boot time are increased hugely. performance up, all you have to do is just simply enable XFast USB on your ASRock Z68 motherboard series.Another technology pointed out to be part of the Z68 isLucid Virtu. It’s a software GPU virtualization technologythat will allow dynamic switching between the GPU of theSandy Bridge processors and a discrete graphics card, withoutthe need for a system reboot. It makes the switch based onwhich application is using the graphics subsystem at the sametime. Lucid is designed to work with all second-generation i3/i5/i7 processors, automatically assigns the GPU or externalgraphics card to do the jobs. USB 3.0 Performance Comparison As you can see, USB 3.0 transmission speed has improved 185.52% when comparing with other motherboards without XFast USB. 6
  7. 7. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe innovative On/Off Play Technology provides a modern Sub, DVI-D and HDMI display ports as well. Other noteworthyand convenient digital life. Even when the system is powered features include XFast USB Technology, graphical UEFI BIOS,off (in ACPI S5 mode), On/Off Play still ensures users to enjoy all-in-one AXTU tuning program and the support for 7.1 CHthe great audio experience from the portable audio devices HD audio.through the PC speaker. To facilitate computing environment,ASRock also bundles a free 3.5mm audio cable with its Z68Extreme4 motherboard package. Z68 Pro3Stupendous Build Quality Delivers The Most Reliable Z68 Pro3-M, Micro ATX form factor, supports four DDR3Computing Experience 2133 memory slots, Intel HD graphics with Built-in Visuals and comes with four VGA output options : D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort. As for software aspect, the board, likeDuraCaps & Digi Power other Intel Z68 platforms, is also equipped with XFast USB Technology, graphical UEFI, AXTU programs.In addition to the software support of Z68 boards, ASRock hasput great efforts on building its hardware components as well.The ASRock signature DuraCaps on Z68 Extreme4 are 100%Japan-made high-quality Conductive Polymer Capacitors;these solid caps represent long life and stable performance. Z68 Pro3-MAnother highlight here is the Digi Power design. Traditionalmotherboards are mostly equipped with analog Pulse-widthmodulation (PWM), which might brings users annoyingproblems that the CPU power supply is not stable enough,hence affects the computing efficiency. To improve CPU powersolution, ASRock Z68 Extreme4 adapts digital Pulse-widthmodulation, providing CPU Vcore voltage more efficientlyand smoothly. On the other hand, the advanced V8+4 powerphase design signatures tough components and smooth powerdelivery to the CPU as well.Z68 Lineup : Z68 Pro3 & Z68 Pro3-M Interestingly, the newly-launched Z68 Motherboard series has bundled with Cyberlink MediaEspresso 6.5 Trial software.Besides the flagship board Z68 Extreme4, the long-awaited It supports Intel Quick Sync Video hardware transcodingZ68 motherboard series comes with another two models – Z68 and is optimized for second generation Core i7, i5, and i3Pro3 and Z68 Pro3-M. Both two models are focused on value, processors to accelerated conversion of all your favorite mediabut that needn’t mean bargain basement. files for your favorite portable players. The added software is a fabulous piece of kit and makes your digital life so versatile.Z68 Pro3, ATX form factor, supports dual channel DDR3 2133memory, Intel HD graphics with Built-in Visuals, USB 3.0 When considered alongside Intel’s Sandy Bridge, which alsoand SATA3. Users will get onboard VGA outputs such as D- offers up integrated graphics, the landscape for processors 7
  8. 8. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonehas shifted. Stunning performance with the added bonus of for all of the key DirectX 11 level features includingIntel technologies, the ASRock Z68 motherboard series will DirectCompute 11 instructions, hardware Tessellation anddefinitely serve pretty much all your needs! multi-threaded communications with the system CPU. They also support AMD APP Acceleration, - using Stream processing to accelerate supported applications such as browsing, video transcoding and rendering tasks by executingSAPPHIRE Adds More Models instructions on the GPU architecture rather than the system CPU.to HD 6000 SeriesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sapphire-adds-more-models-to-hd-6000-series/11997.html Duke Nukem Forever to reachApril 28th, 2011 Singapore on 10 June 2011 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/duke-nukem-forever-to-reach- singapore-on-10-june-2011/11995.html April 28th, 2011SAPPHIRE Technology has just strengthened its current rangeof graphics cards with the introduction of several new modelsin the HD 6700 series aimed at users wanting to benefitfrom the latest features including multi-screen displays andstereoscopic 3D output. Several models will be introduced in It has been a 15-year wait but soon, the wait will be over. Dukethe HD 6700 series offering a choice of memory configurations Nukem Forever will be launching in Singapore on 10 Juneand outputs. All of them... 2011 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. This afternoon, VR-Zone was one of the media who was invited for a special preview of this highly-anticipated game....feature DX 11 engines from AMD and on-board hardwarevideo decoding with the AMD UVD (universal Video Decoder)supporting Blu-Ray 3D for stereoscopic 3D over HDMI1.4a. They all support AMD APP Acceleration with Streamprocessing as well as AMD Eyefinity multi-screen technology.Eyefinity gives users the ability not only to play games onmultiple monitors, but also to work across three or moremonitors as though it were one large monitor, bringing hugeproductivity benefits to applications such as photo editing,music creation and document creation.The SAPPHIRE HD 6770 family includes two models with800 Stream processors and core clocks of 850MHz witheither 1GB or 512MB of GDRR5 memory and DVI, HDMIand DisplayPort outputs. There is also an overclocked modelwith SAPPHIRE’s award winning Vapor-X cooler for quiet and Randy Pitchford, president and CEO of Gearbox Software,efficient operation with the output configuration of Dual DVI, said that before he founded the company, the first job as aHDMI and DisplayPort outputs. professional game maker in the industry was with 3D Realms and working on Duke Nukem 3D.At the top of the range is the HD 6770 1GB FleX Edition, whichadditionally incorporates the SAPPHIRE exclusive feature to "First announced in 1997, we saw screenshots and trailers inallow three DVI monitors to be connected in Eyefinity mode, 1998, then we were told that the game was going to be delayed,without the need to use the DisplayPort output or active changing engine and we started to question whether we wouldadapters, and allows up to four monitors to be enabled if the ever going to see the game again. Then there was a trailer inDisplayPort output is used. 2001, and it was incredible and we believed again. And later, more time went on and we were like whats wrong with you There will also be two models in the SAPPHIRE HD 6750 people? You cant even finish this thing. And it seems to takefamily, which has the slightly smaller configuration of 720 forever. Its like we want the game, but its not going to comeStream processors, with 700MHz clock speeds and again out."including 1GB and 512MB memory options with DVI, HDMIand DisplayPort. In addition there will be an HD 6750 1GB "In fact, Duke Nukem Forever is now in the history of all videoVapor-X model, overclocked and with Dual DVI, HDMI and games, the longest in development. There is no story like it. ItDisplayPort outputs. is a crazy story, not just the game itself but the development of it. We thought there is going to be a sad ending. It was May The SAPPHIRE HD 6000 series is supported by AMDs 2009, you probably heard the news, that 3D Realms have runCatalyst DirectX 11 WHQL certified graphics driver which out of funding and they have to close their studio and lay off alltogether with this generation of hardware delivers support 8
  9. 9. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe development team. And that the game was over and thatDuke Nukem was dead. That was the story. It was a terriblestory. It needs a better ending. Duke Nukem was one of thegreatest games ever made. And when Duke needed us, I calledup my old friends, George Broussard and Scott Miller, the guysthat own 3D Realms, and offer our help. They agreed to sellDuke Nukem to me. Gearbox was able to acquire Duke Nukemand we took over the development of Duke Nukem Forever."Pitchford later goes on and talk abt the hero, the king, DukeNukem and also the plot of the upcoming game."This game, the story takes place twelve years after DukeNukem saved the world. And he is living the life of a hero. Notonly is he famous in his universe, but he is very successful.He takes the Duke Nukem name and make a brand out ofit, merchandizes himself. Duke has restaurants called Duke MSI Provides Support for 3TBBurger, whole line of apparels. The guy has also lived a wild lifedoing things none of us ever have the chance to do - walk on the Hard Drives Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/msi-provides-support-for-3tb-hard-moon, won world series of Poker with huge stacks of money, drives/11994.htmlclimbed Mount Everest etc. With all his fame and success, hes April 28th, 2011enjoying himself. Hes built a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thelargest and most luxurious casino and Duke lives on the topfloor, the penthouse suite. It is in this apartment we rejoinDuke twelve years after he saved the world. And Duke, in hisapartment, is finally playing his own video game. It took twelveyears to get his own video game! And when Duke is enjoying MSI has officially launched 3TB+ Infinity technology tohis life, playing his own video game that the aliens come back. support hard drives larger than 3TB and can use the 3TBDuke has to single-handedly, once again, save the world." hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system. From now on, all users who buy or own MSI mainboards are able to download and update the latest BIOS via the official website. Then you can easily experience complete support for any 3TB hard drive with the 3TB+ Infinity technology. MSI mainboards with support for 3TB+ Infinity (and corresponding products): MSI has officially launched 3TB+ Infinity technology to support hard drives larger than 3TB and can use the 3TB hard drive as boot disk when installing a 64-bit operating system. From now on, all users who buy or own MSI mainboards are able to download and update the latest BIOS via the official website. Then you can easily experience complete support for any 3TB hard drive with the 3TB+There was hands-on session for the media on the game (beta) Infinity technology. MSI mainboards with support for 3TB+though unfortunately, we werent able to take photos on this. Infinity (and corresponding products):We can only say that the game play and visuals are great. DukeNukem Forever will go on retail in Singapore on 10 June onXbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles, and Windows PC.The standard edition is priced at S$84.90 for the PlayStation3, S$71.90 for the Xbox 360, and S$61.90 for the PC. TheBalls of Steel Limited Edition is priced at S$128 for boththe Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and S$108 for the PC. Youcan check out the official Duke Nukem Forever website at -www.dukenukemforever.com 9
  10. 10. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Display OptionsDell Launches Alienware 14.0 inch WLED HD (720p) display (1366X768) (Standard)Concept Store, Unveils New 14.0 inch WLED HD+ (900p) display (1600X900)Laptops Color OptionsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/dell-launches-alienware-concept-store-unveils-new-laptops/11992.html Stealth Black with Soft Touch FinishApril 28th, 2011 Nebula Red with Soft Touch Finish System Dimensions Height: 37.8 mm (1.49 inches) Depth: 258.34 mm (10.17 inches)It is a great day for Dell Singapore as the company unveils Width: 337.00 mm (13.27 inches)their first Alienware Concept Store in Singapore. Along with Starting at Weight* : 2.92 kg (6.45lbs)that, Dell is reinforcing its Alienware brand of laptops with Battery Detailsnew hardware as well as a new model, the 14-inch M14x. Hopon to find out more High Capacity 8-cell Lithium Ion (63whr) Integrated Camera Details 2.0 Megapixel HD Video and Picture Camera with dual digital microphones Keyboard 4-Zone, multi-color RGB, 82 key keyboard with AlienFX lighting controls Customized Features Laser-Engraved Nameplate External Chassis ConnectionsCelebrating its fifth anniversary with Dell, the company (1x) RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernetunveiled the brand new M14x laptop, a 14-inch model packed (2x) SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Portswith some awesome hardware. (1x) Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port with PowerShare Technology (1x) Mini-Display Port (1x) HDMI 1.4 Audio and Video Output (1x) VGA Port (1x) 9-in-1 Media Card Reader (2x) Audio Out 1/8" Ports (1x) Audio In / Microphone 1/8" Port (retaskable for 5.1 audio) (1x) Security Lock portAlienware M14xWeighing less than 6.5lbs (2.94kg), the M14x will be poweredby the Intels second generation Core i processors, alsoknown as Sandy Bridge. Quad-core or a dual-core options areavailable for customization.The new model will also feature NVIDIAs GeForce GT 555Mgraphics processing unit with up to 3GB of VRAM. runningat WLED HD standard at 1366x768 resolution. Consumers canopt for a 1600x900 display option.Here is a general specification sheet of the M14x 10
  11. 11. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe M11x and M17 models were not negelected however, bothmodels will be refreshed with the latest Intel Sandy Bridgeprocessors. The new M11x will get a updated NVIDIA GeForceGT540M while the M17x will be getting a GT460M or a Radeon6970M option. To add on, the new M11x also features a softtouch finish with a new Nebua Red option.The M17x is also the only model in the Alienware laptop lineupto feature a 120Hz full HD 3D display with HDMI-in supportfor Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 connectivity. Arthur Huang, vice president of sales and marketing, LG Electronics Singapore says that the companys newly launched Cinema 3D features the first flicker-free 3D technology which gives the most comfortable experience without batteries. "In addition, the LG Smart TV offers consumers access to movies, applications, premium content and web all on their TV. This is made easier with a wave of the hand; with the magic motion control developed by LG, we will also in the next few months be announcing the exciting partnerships with local content providers. They will also further enhance thePricing and Availability entertainment experience to all consumers here in Singapore,"The new Alienware products will be available in Singapore Huang said.beginning today at Alienware Concept Store located in SuntecCity Mall Level 2.Prices of the models are:Alienware M11x - Starting From S$1,999Alienware M14x - Starting From S$2,299Alienware M17x - Starting From S$3,699LG unveils new televisionswith Cinema 3D and Smart TVtechnologiesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-unveils-new-televisions-with-cinema-3d-and-smart-tv-technologies/11990.html Clive Chia, director of retail sales, LG Electronics Singapore,April 28th, 2011 introduced 16 new products which consist of plasma TVs, LCD and LED TVs with combinations of Smart and Cinema 3D TVs. Chia also explained Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology the company is incorporating and compared the advantages to conventional 3D TV technology including flicker-free, comfort, flexible viewing angles and price.This morning, LG Singapore held a media event to showcasetheir new televisions that incorporated the companysproprietary Cinema 3D and Smart TV technologies. Read onfor the coverage. 11
  12. 12. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneWith the Smart Shares Media Link feature, you can accesscontent information such as the plot summary, casts, director,viewer ratings and other information according to the contentyou have stored on your devices such as tablets, phones andlaptops. However, you need to install the PLEX app on yourPC, tablet or smartphone to use the Media Link. Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are a step closer to absolute zero. At absolute zero, atoms will posses zero energy, meaning they come to a standstill, as the atom approaches absolute zero, it might exhibit previously unobserved properties which might improve our understanding of matter. Sodium gas was cooled to just half-a-billionth of a degree above absolute zero, it is the first time that a gas was cooled below 1 nanokelvin. This record was achieved by cooling the atoms with a series of magnets. At such low temperatures, the atoms cannot be confined within a physical container as they will stick to the walls.The LG Smart TV also offers full range of apps, web browsing Hence, the MIT team has come up with a "Gravito-magnetic"capabilities as well as premium content such as ESPN, CNBC trap. Atoms are confined within a magnetic field andand Stuff to the users. With the Magic Motion remote control, "compressed" until the record breaking temperature wasyou can simply point to the screen, move the cursor to your reached.desired option and click to make a selection. The LG App storeis scheduled to launch later this year, and the company is A view into the vacuum chamber where sodium atomspartnering local content providers to launch premium content were cooled down to 500 picokelvin. The atoms whereby Q3 this year. magnetically confined by the coil in the center which is 1 cm in diameter. The atoms were "levitated" 0.5 cm above the coil. Images: COURTESY KETTERLE LAB VR-Zone Giveaway #10 - Silverstone RV02-E White Chassis! Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/vr-zone-giveaway-10--silverstone-rv02- e-white-chassis-/11991.html April 28th, 2011A quick comparison between convention 3D glasses and LGCinema 3D glasses in terms of design and weight.The Worlds Coldest Freezer Follow four easy steps and stand a chance to win different prizes every week. This week..we are giving away:Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-world-s-coldest-freezer/11987.html 1 x Silverstone RV02-E White Chassis Check out http://April 28th, 2011 launch.vr-zone.com and find out how you can win these prizes! The worlds coldest freezer does not resemble an averagepersons mental image of a freezer at all. Instead, its made upof magnets. Read On. 12
  13. 13. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone In addition, the Eon 17-S is also capable of supporting up toOrigin starts selling worlds 32GB of memory thanks to the availability of four DIMM slots,fastest notebook so intensive gaming or multi-tasking is definitely not going toSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/origin-starts-selling-world-s-fastest- be a problem on a souped-up Eon 17-S.notebook/11989.htmlApril 28th, 2011How fast can a top-end notebook based off Intels new SandyBridge platform run? Say, 3.2GHz under TurboBoost? Well,leave it to Origin to go off the charts with its latest lineup offactory-overclocked notebooks that are reportedly being soldwith clock speeds of 4.5GHz, along with other major hardwaregoodies not found in most run-of-the-mill notebooks. Of course, this just leaves the all-important question aboutWhen it comes to notebooks, the average consumer can be cost. Unfortunately for penny-pinchers, the EON 17-S is notsome of the most demanding shoppers at times. Because of the going to be the cheapest notebook available; in fact, the worldsinherently higher costs incurred when purchasing a notebook fastest notebook may well be the worlds most expensiveover a desktop PC, most people are not willing to splurge on notebook as well. This is because the cost for a fully maxed-a machine that will be quickly outclassed by newer, faster out Eon 17-S is going to set one back by as much as USmachines in a matter of months. Indeed, some of the most $12,302. But hey, you get exactly what you are paying for;common demands made by consumers over laptops include a high-performance notebook with specifications that aresmaller sizes, performance that is good enough for most daily futureproof for at least two to three years down the road. Andneeds and more importantly, specifications that can only be on top of that, you get bragging rights for having a notebookdescribed as futureproof. that boasts two "worlds most" qualities in a single package, no?Needless to say, there is no known notebook in the markettoday that is capable of satisfying all of the aforementioneddemands. However, if consumers are willing to strikeportability off from their lists, we are fairly sure Originslatest Eon17-S is perfectly capable of fulfilling the other twodemands...as long as they are willing to pay a premium, ofcourse. New Tegra 2-powered tablet shows up in Korea, courtesyAccording to a report published by Xbit Labs, Origins Eon17- of TriGemS notebooks feature a "quad-core Intel microprocessor", along Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/new-tegra-2-powered-tablet-shows-up-with NVIDIAs recently-released GeForce GTX 485M graphics in-korea-courtesy-of-trigem/11988.htmlcard. Now, these features in itself may not attract much April 28th, 2011attention, but the fact that Origin has apparently seen it fitto overclock the processor used in its notebooks is. Indeed,the most powerful configuration available for the Eon17-Snotebooks mentions the use of an i7-2920XM processor thathas been overclocked to 4.0GHz, and is capable of up to4.5GHz under TurboBoost. 13
  14. 14. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThink that the Optimus 2X is the only Korean Android- would seem that the Tabit is slated for an early May launch inpowered device to come bundled with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Korea (no mention of global availability, if at all), and can besystem-on-a-chip (SoC)? Think again: yet another Android purchased for 399,000 won (approximately US$372).device is getting the Tegra 2 treatment, and it comes in theform of a tablet known as the Tabit, and produced by TriGem.Sometimes, technological trends can move so fast that what PSU Review - Enermax NAXNwas previously considered as bleeding-edge technology can 82+ 750Wquickly be reduced to mere meh status in only a matter Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/psu-review--enermax-of months. Usually, such situations are often considered to naxn-82-750w/11986.htmlbe good news for both users and OEMs, simply because April 28th, 2011most consumers will be able to feed their desires to havethe fastest, meanest, highest-performing device possible inorder to maintain their up-to-date and sophisticated image.As for OEMs...well, new products almost always results in yetanother avenue of income from consumers.In this case, consumers who have been complaining aboutthe lack of a decent, high-performance tablet will finally have Today we are going to have a look at a product from their latestsomething to look forward to, for something good is about to series of power supplies, called NAXN, the NAXN 82+ 750Whead their way. This is because a Korean OEM by the name unit. How Enermax chose such a strange name for their newof TriGem has just announced the proposal of a new tablet series of PSUs we will never know; what we do know is that thedevice known as the Tabit that comes bundled wiith...yes, you NANX series consists of the most aggressively priced productsguessed it: NVIDIAs Tegra 2 System-on-a-chip (SoC). the company currently offers and they are obviously designed to appeal to budget-minded enthusiasts. Enermax is one of the most well known and reputable computer PSU manufacturers. The company has diversified into other areas of the market but they did not lose their original focus, being designing and producing high performance power supplies for enthusiasts and professional users. Today we are going to have a look at a product from their latest series of power supplies, called NAXN, the NAXN 82+ 750W unit. How Enermax chose such a strange name for their new series of PSUs we will never know; what we do know is that the NANX series consists of the most aggressively priced products the company currently offers and they are obviously designed to appeal to budget-minded enthusiasts.Not much detail about TriGems Tabit tablet has been • ErP Lot 6 ready! - Help systems to meet EU eco-designreleased, but what we do know is that, in addition to directive ErP/EuP Lot 6 (<1W in standby mode) duethe impressive SoC used to power the Tabit, the tablet to improved, high-efficient 5V standby (+5Vsb) circuitrywill reportedly feature a 10-inch display that is capable of (except ENM750AWT and ENM850EWT).resolutions of up to 1024 x 600, and will be pre-loaded with • Intel ATX 12V v2.3 Compliant with the latest desktopversion 2.2 of the Android operating system. However, there power supply design guide. Full support of most currentwas completely no mention about the possibility for future CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo™/ Quad™/ Extreme™ / i7™ /firmware updates, which means that consumers will not be i5™ / i3™ and AMD® Athlon™ 64X2/X4 or Phenom™getting any Gingerbread love from Trigem any time soon. X3/X4.However, if the idea of using a previous-gen operating system • Multi-Rail Design - Stable and reliable power supply withis not going to be a liability, it would appear that there are a few up to four powerful 12V rails.features of the Tabit which might appeal to heavy consumersof digital multimedia content. For one, the Tabit reportedly • AirGuard - Patented air-intake with optimal aero-features a HDMI-out port, so consumers can easily load up dynamical design reduces noisy air turbulences.the Tabit with their favourite movies and play them back on • Silent Cooling - Ultra quiet fan with intelligentthe big screen. In addition, a machine-translated report made RPM control guarantees cool performance and silentby NewsKorea has claimed that the Tabit will allow users to operation.access up to two million eBooks, while the tablets battery issupposedly capable of providing up to six hours of continuous • SafeGuard - Multiple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP,video playback on a single charge. UVP, SCP, OPP and SIP.Last but definitely not least, the Tabit will also sport various • Active PFC - Excellent active Power Factor Correctionstandard connectivity features such as WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, a (PFC) with up to 0.99 to minimize power waste.MicroSD card reader and a USB port. As for availability, it 14
  15. 15. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone • Worldwide Compatibility - 100-240V AC input and a HDD connected to the chipset. However, SSDs do not with automatic adjustment for global usage (except really come in small capacities and neither are they cheap. ENP350AGT and ENP450AGT). Now, it appears that Intel will be launching a cost-effective • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 150 x 86 x 140mm Solid-State Drive 311 Series, codenamed Larsen Creek (ENM750AWT/ENM850EWT: 150 x 86 x 160mm). together with its Z68 Express chipset on May 11, so that users can make good use of its new storage technology. • Warranty - 3 years vendor warranty. • 80 PLUS® efficiency - Up to 86% efficiency at 230V and 20-100% load. 80 PLUS® certified. • HeatGuard - Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime. • Non-Stop @ 40°C - Non-stop industrial class performance at 40°C/104°F ambient. • ENERGY STAR 5.0 ready! - Support computer system to meet ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard. • 80 PLUS® Bronze efficiency - Up to 88% efficiency at 230V and 20-100% load. 80 PLUS® Bronze certified. • Future ready and flexible - All-round modular cable According to NordicHardware, the SSD 311 Series will be a management. 10/12P sockets for possible connector 20GB drive, which is sufficient to store Microsofts Windows changes of upcoming high-performance CPU and 7 operating system, if not acting as a really big (and speedy) graphics card generations. cache. When paired with the Z68 Express chipset and Intel • DXXI ready! - Full support of most current DX11 Smart Response Technology enabled, internal tests have graphics cards due to min. four 6+2P (8P) connectors. shown that performance can increase up to 355%, depending • Full graphics power - Supports SLI™ systems and on the application. CrossFireX™ systems. While no further specifications are available, it is believed the • HeatGuard - Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds SSD 311 Series is essentially a cut-down version of the SSD 320 after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat Series where the same controller is used, but with lesser NAND and prolonging system lifetime. flash onboard. The exact price is unknown, but is expected to be about US$49 to US$59. • Non-Stop @ 40°C - Non-stop industrial class performance at 40°C/104°F ambient. • ENERGY STAR 5.0 ready! - Support computer system to Source: NordicHardware meet ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard.Intel to launch SSD 311 Series The Daily VR-Zone Newstogether with Z68 Express Summary - 27 April 2011 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--27-Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-to-launch-ssd-311-series- april-2011/11983.htmltogether-with-z68-express/11985.html April 28th, 2011April 28th, 2011It appears that Intel will be launching a cost-effective Solid- In todays news roundup: LG has signed an agreement withState Drive 311 Series, codenamed Larsen Creek together with ARM that will see the Korean OEM obtaining the rightsits Z68 Express chipset on May 11, so that consumers can make to develop its own microprocessors based off the ARMgood use of its Intel Smart Response Technology. Cortex A15 processor and Mali-T604 GPU; Additional details about Intels upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors have beenA new feature on Intels Z68 Express chipset is the Intel Smart revealed in Intels roadmaps; Dell has quietly dated itsResponse Technology, which automatically monitors usage upcoming Precision M4600 and M6600 notebooks for Maypatterns and stores more commonly used files on a solid state 10 this year; Apple is finally set to release its elusive whitedrive (like a large cache) and leave the less accessed ones on iPhone 4 for sale tomorrow; Sega is reportedly planning athe slower mechanical hard disk drive. Of course, in order for new Hatsune Miku project that will most likely be known asSmart Response to work, one will need to have both an SSD Project Diva ver2.5, and Sony has announced that the week- 15
  16. 16. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonelong downtime of its PlayStation Network service has resulted Description: Over the weekend, Google emailed those whoin unauthorized personnel may have made off with personal are hosting videos on Google Video that they are going to beinformation stored on its servers. removing all the videos on Google Video for good.Hardware news Dell quietly dates Precision M4600, M6600 for May 10LG Licenses Latest ARM Cortex-A15 Processor, Mali-T604 Description: The new Dell Precision mobile workstations, the M4600 and M6600, have been quietly dated and priced. TheGraphics Technologies notebooks which had their specs recently leaked, will arriveDescription: ARM, a leading designer of microprocessorand graphics technologies, and LG Electronics, a major May 10, with the 15.6-inch M4600 priced from $1,678 while the 17.3-inch M6600 is priced from $2,158. Both will runconsumer electronics companies, on Monday said that they a choice of Intel’s second-generation Core i5 and Core i7had signed agreements under which LG will be able to processors.develop microprocessors, graphics processors and system-on-chip solutions based on ARM Cortex-A15 and Mali-T604 White iPhone 4 releases tomorrow, finallytechnologies. Description: The rare albino iPhone 4 has been spotted numerous times in the wild, skulking through the trees inAdditional Details on Sandy Bridge-E Processors, X79, and the magical United Kingdom, cavorting across the mysteriousLGA2011 lands of Vietnam, and most recently standing in formationDescription: The latest Intel roadmap has come out, and its in Belgium. Now its coming somewhere rather less exotic:already being discussed elsewhere, so were going to weigh the Apple Store. Apple has finally announced it will releasein with our own analysis of the content as theres plenty of the white iPhone 4 tomorrow around the world. Here in theinteresting bits of information to sift through. We’ll be looking US itll come in both AT&T and Verizon flavors, warming theat other areas over the coming days, but today we’re going to hearts and minds of those who like a little less pigment on theirstart with the Sandy Bridge-E (SNB-E) processors. handsets.Intel series 320 SSD review Oracle May Cease Support of Popular Linux Distributives TooDescription: We review the Intel series 320 SSD. Armed Description: In a bid to further consolidate its server businesswith cheaper NAND flash memory this drive competes at the in general and mission-critical server in particular, Oracle maymiddle segment tagged with a decent price. But will it be in future cease support of popular Red Hat and SUSE Linuxenough to compete with the competition ? operating systems, according to an analyst. This currentlyThermaltakes Level 10 GT enclosure seems to be a problem for a lot of customers using Intel Corp.sDescription: If you care the slightest bit about computer cases, Itanium-based systems from HP, who are unsure about theodds are youre aware of Thermaltakes Level 10. Co-designed future of Itanium in general and HP-UX in particular.with BMW Group DesignworksUSA and shaped like a cross Gaming newsbetween the monolith in Stanley Kubricks 2001: A SpaceOdyssey and some sort of sci-fi skyscraper, the Level 10 dazes Sega Has a New Miku Project, Might Call It Project Diva Ver.and amazes. No other computer enclosure looks quite like it. 2.5 Description: Sega has a new Hatsune Miku project in theLancool PC-K57 Case Review works and we will see light of it tomorrow. Siliconera reportedDescription: Lancool is a brand that belongs to Lian Li, a information that the game will be titled “Project Diva Ver2.5″manufacturer that is famous for its top-notch aluminum cases. as quoted from Famitsu magazine. A teaser site has been putThe new PC-K57, however, is completely manufactured in up as well.steel, helping it to reach a very affordable price tag of USD70, while still coming with lots of features only found on more The Interrogation Room: Resistance 3expensive models. Is the PC-K57 a good product? Let’s check Description: We recently had the chance to go hands-onit out. with the third installment of Insomniac Games PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person shooter franchise. Check out whatConsumer Electronics and Software news we learned about (and thought of) Resistance 3s story,Samsung announces a new 17.3" 3D laptop in Korea characters, setting, and weapons!Description: Samsung announced a new 3D laptop, the SENS- PlayStation Network Account Data CompromisedRF712. Its a 17.3" laptop with active-shutter 3D support. The Description: After nearly a week of downtime for thedisplay is a super-bright LCD offering up to 400nits brightness PlayStation Network, Sony announced today some alarming(even on 3D). Other features include a 2nd generation quad- news: It believes users personal information -- includingcore Intel CPUS, an AMD HD6650M GPU (2GB VRAM). The name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address,laptop inclues Samsungs Fast Start feature (boot up in 3 birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login,seconds) and a PowerPlus battery (can last up to 3 times longer and PSN online ID -- has been obtained by an "unauthorizedthan a conventional battery). person."Buffalo reveals sleek design for powerful portable DVD driveDescription: Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design,development, and manufacturing of storage and wirelessnetworking solutions, is today announcing a stylish andconvenient design for its optical storage range.Google Video To Be Search Only 16
  17. 17. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSony launches new Blu-Rayhome theater system andplayerSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-launches-new-blu-ray-home-theater-system-and-player/11977.htmlApril 28th, 2011 Sony has also taken high definition to a new level with theSony has recently launched their new Blu-Ray home theatre BDP-S380 thanks to a sleeker design and BRAVIA Internetsystem (BDV-E380) and Blu-Ray player with wireless LAN Video (Wi-Fi ready). In addition to their favorite Blu-ray and(BDP-S380), designed to offer immersive online cinematic DVD films, users can also play videos and music directly offexperience to users. Both are available now at all Sony a flash drive connected via the USB port, and the new Mediaauthorised stores. Remote turns any iPhone/iPad or Android device into an easy- to-use remote control. The BDP-S380 is available now for S $269 at all Sony authorised stores. Apple white iPhone 4 arrives in Singapore tomorrow, followed by iPad 2 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-white-iphone-4-arrives-in- singapore-tomorrow-followed-by-ipad-2/11984.html April 28th, 2011Sony unveiled its home theater lineup with the new 3D Blu-ray Apple has said that the iPad 2 will be available in SingaporeHome Theatre System (BDV-E380), and Blu-ray player with in April. And till now, the product is yet to be on sale. Today,Wireless LAN Ready (BDP-S380). the company has issued a release that indicates that the iPad 2 will be retailing this Friday. Better yet, the white version ofWith Ethernet connectivity, a Wi-Fi ready Internet browser, the iPhone 4 will be selling tomorrow. Read on.and more than 15 Free Internet Video channels, the BDV-E380 puts your TV on the Internet, allowing you to watcha wide range of content for a richer viewing experience. Italso features a sleek monolithic design with aluminum hairlinefinish and touch panel that complements any Sony BRAVIAHDTV, a built-in 3D-capable Bl u-ray player, and 1000WRMS 5.1-channel 3D surround sound for clear highs and wall-shaking bass.The BDV-E380 is available now for just S$699 at all Sonyauthorised stores. Customers who purchase any 32-inchBRAVIA TV or larger can add on the BDV-380 for only S Today, Apple announced that the iPad 2 will arrive in Japan$499. Free Highspeed HDMI Cable, DCAC Calibration Mic on Thursday, 28 April and Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore andand iPod/iPhone Dock are included. eight additional countries on Friday, 29 April. The iPad 2 will be available in Singapore at select Apple Authorised Resellers, and online through the Apple Store (www.apple.com/sg) beginning at 1am local time. The Apple iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad, while maintaining the same stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. It features Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor for superb performance and stunning graphics and two cameras, a front-facing VGA camera for FaceTime and Photo Booth, and a rear-facing 17
  18. 18. April 28th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecamera that captures 720p HD video. The Apple iPad 2 alsoboasts up to 10 hours of battery life.Pricing & AvailabilityIn Singapore, the Apple iPad 2 will be available at a suggestedretail price of S$668 for the 16GB model, S$798 for the 32GBmodel and S$928 for the 64GB model. The iPad 2 with Wi-Fi+ 3G will be available in Singapore for a suggested retail priceof S$848 for the 16GB model, S$978 for the 32GB model andS$1,108 for the 64GB model.iMovie and GarageBand for iPad apps are available forUS$4.99 each from the App Store? on iPad or http://www.itunes.com/appstore. The Smart Cover is available in arange of colors in vibrant polyurethane for S$54 or rich leather We are pleased to check out two upcoming boards fromfor S$98. ASRock which Chris Lee, marketing director of ASRock is proudly holding.White iPhone 4 On the right is the ASRock Z68 Extreme4 board which isApple today announced that the white iPhone 4 will be unveiled recently and sports nice features like three x16 PCIeavailable beginning tomorrow. White iPhone 4 models will be slots, two SATA 6Gbps ports, on-board power and resetavailable from Apple’s online store (www.apple.com/sg/) and buttons, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports for theselect Apple Authorised Resellers. front and two at the back. Apart from the heavily toutedPricing & Availability XFast USB feature that boosts your USB performance, anotherWhite models of iPhone 4 will be available in Austria, key feature highlighted is that this board comes bundledAustralia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, with the LucidLogix Virtu software that intelligently switchFinland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, between Sandy Bridge iGPU and discrete graphics dependingLuxembourg, Macau, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, on applications usage.Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, On the left is the ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Performance board, aThailand, UK and the US, beginning Thursday, April 28 and cheaper counterpart to the P67 Fatal1ty Professional board.in many more countries around the world soon. The white As you can see, this board design is pretty different from theiPhone 4 will be available for a recommended retail price of Professional and chipset cooler is less elaborated. The CPUS$888 for the 16GB model and S$1,048 for the 32GB model VRM area is noticeably step down and has only one PCIe x16through the Apple Store (www.apple.com/sg/), and select slot instead of 3 on the Professional as well as two SATA3 portsApple Authorised Resellers. instead of 6. Instead, it has three PCI slots and three PCIe x1 slots. On the rear IO panel, it has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a single LANASRock Z68 Extreme4 and port, and of course a Fatal1ty mouse port. ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Performance is great for gamer who wants a relatively cheapP67 Fatal1ty Performance solution with decent features that looks good.Previewed Last but not least, ASRock is planning the Z68 Fatal1tySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asrock-z68-extreme4-and-p67-fatal1ty- Professional too and you should see it later in May.performance-previewed/11982.htmlApril 28th, 2011 Sony Confirms Personal Data Obtained By PSN Hacker Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-confirms-personal-data-obtained- by-psn-hacker/11993.html April 28th, 2011 We are pleased to check out two upcoming boards fromASRock which Chris Lee, marketing director of ASRockis proudly holding. On the right is the ASRock Z68Extreme4 board which is unveiled recently and on the leftis the ASRock P67 Fatal1ty Performance board, a cheapercounterpart to the P67 Fatal1ty Professional board. Last but If you have a PSN account, now its the time to change yournot least, ASRock is planning the Z68 Fatal1ty Professional too passwords and be alert of suspicious activity and/or e-mails.and you should see it later in May. Sony officially confirmed everyones worst fears... If you have a PSN account, now its the time to change your passwords and be alert of suspicious activity and/or e- mails. Sony confirmed everyones worst fears; sensitive user 18