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VR-Zone is a leading online technology news publication reporting on bleeding edge trends in PC and mobile gadgets, with in-depth reviews and commentaries. Our inquisitive team of journalists cover key international events like CES, CeBIT, MWC, Computex and local exhibitions like CommunicAsia, IT SHOW, PC SHOW, COMEX and SITEX.

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VR-Zone Tech News for the Geeks Sep 2011 Issue 2

  1. 1. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone features include redundant firmware (BIOS), consolidated voltage measurement points, and OC hard-tuning buttons apart from power and reset buttons. Google urges Gmail users in Iran to change their passwords Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-urges-gmail-users-in-iran-to- change-their-passwords/13544.html September 14th, 2011To begin with, Foxconn did some rearrangement in thebottom-half of the PCB. On the sample we saw at Computex,expansion slots were arranged (from top to bottom) as PCIe You may have read about the digital break-in at Dutchx4, PCIe x16 (electrical x16/x8), PCIe x16 (electrical x8), legacy certificate authority DigiNotar, and the subsequent revelationPCI, PCIe x16 (electrical x16/x8), and PCIe x16 (electrical x8). that an Iranian hacker who goes by the name ofWith the new version, theyre arranged as PCIe x16 (electrical "Comodohacker" having made away with fraudulent digitalx16/x8), PCIe x4, PCIe x16 (electrical x8), PCIe x16 (electical certificates for hundreds of popular Internet destinations. Thisx16/x8), legacy PCI, and PCIe x16 (electrical x8). The new ranges from websites such as Google, Yahoo, Mozilla andexpansion slot layout is a notch better, as it makes room for Skype; social networks such as Facebook, Twitter; and eventhree graphics cards that are two slots thick, to be installed. domains belonging to the CIA and Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service. It is still unclear if Comodohacker is doing it for glory or personal profit - such as by reselling the illicitly obtained email communications to the Iranian government, for example. According to Google, the perpetrator behind the attack on DigiNotar appeared to be interested in intercepting the communications of Gmail users and customers residing in Iran. With this in mind, Google has taken the offensive and is now advising its Iranian users to change their email passwordsMoving on, Foxconn didnt have the PCH (X79 chipset) to protect themselves from online attacks.heatsink design in mind when designing the older iteration. In a blog post last week, Eric Grosse, the VP Security EngineerThe new one makes room for the heatsink, pushing aside most at Google, wrote: "We learned last week that the compromisetall components. For example, the three EEPROM chips that of a Dutch company involved with verifying the authenticity ofwere arranged in a file are now pushed to the bottom-right websites could have put the Internet communications of manycorner, along with the two tall capacitors. This change doesnt Iranians at risk, including their Gmail." Emphasizing thattake away anything from the older iteration, just relocates the internal systems of the search giant itself have not beenit. Theres now a small speaker for beep diagnostics that compromised, Grosse urged all users in Iran to take "concretewasnt found on the older board, the numerical diagnostic- steps" to secure their accounts.LED display is still there. The rest are cosmetic changes, suchas certain chips being moved around. With the final revision, As expected, this includes the changing of their passwords,it is expected that the SAS (serial-attached SCSI) ports will be which will prevent harvested passwords from being used forremoved, leaving behind around 8 SATA ports. further unauthorized access. Moreover, Grosse also encourage users to preempt future problems by verifying and updatingThe Quantum Force X79 is positioned to be a high-end their account recovery options. As in the case of any hackedsocket LGA2011 motherboard. The processor is powered by email account, the changing of a password does nothinga 14-phase VRM that makes use of DirectFET MOSFETs, to protect old email messages that may already have beenwhich when backed by a good I2C-capable VRM controller pilfered by a malicious party. In the event of a suspected break-have known to provide smooth voltage control. Such FETs in, however, changing ones password would at least be usefulhave been used on older Quantum Force motherboards and to foil ongoing snooping.BIOSTARs TPower series models. Other overclocker-friendly 17
  2. 2. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone reads and 490 MB/s writes; and just one set of random access throughput, up to 40,000 IOPS read and 45,000 IOPS write. These figures are known to vary between the different variants,Intel SSD 520 Cherryville The and so well have to wait for the final specifications that areFaster, Tougher Successor of specific to variants.SSD 510 Available in the 2.5-inch SATA form-factor, the drives will make use of 25 nm multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memorySource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-ssd-520-cherryville-the-faster- made by Intel. Its controller will be compliant will the latesttougher-successor-of-ssd-510/13542.html in client SSD technologies. To begin with, there are bareSeptember 14th, 2011 essentials such as SMART, that reports if the drive is failing, TRIM, that works to minimize write performance degradation, and NCQ, which queues commands on the drives cache. The drive supports native 256-bit AES data encryption, and end- to-end data protection. Its physical durability is characterized by 1.2 million hoursAs an established player in the solid state drive (SSD) industry, MTBF (mean time before failure) rating, an operatingIntel has at its disposal a market which it can address temperature range of 0 to 70 oC, and 2.7 G (rms) vibrationwith the same breakneck product-cycle as its much larger tolerance.x86 processor product lines. The most recent roadmap slideand accompanying information we scored suggests that a Intel is expected to begin production of the SSD 520 series insuccessor is already around the corner for Intels well-received the fourth quarter of 2011.SSD 510 series high-performance client SSDs that use theSATA 6 Gbps interface. ASUS ROG Maximus IV GENE-As an established player in the solid state drive (SSD) industry,Intel has at its disposal a market which it can address Z Review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-rog-maximus-iv-gene-z-with the same breakneck product-cycle as its much larger review/13491.htmlx86 processor product lines. The most recent roadmap slide September 14th, 2011and accompanying information we scored suggests that asuccessor is already around the corner for Intels well-receivedSSD 510 series high-performance client SSDs that use theSATA 6 Gbps interface. Probably one of the most anticipated ROG boards ever, the ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z has hit the market right in time to bring users all the benefits the Z68 chipset has to offer, as well as a plethora of overclocking features and connectivity in a micro-ATX form factor. Today we take a look at one of the best priced Sandy Bridge boards to date, the ASUS ROG Maximus IV Gene-Z, a powerful overclocking board in a tiny package. To begin we would like to show you a block diagram provided by Intel, of how the Z68 PCH(platform controller hub) connects to the rest of the system.Codenamed "Cherryville", Intels new high-end client SSDseries is called SSD 520. Its main design goals look to be tospread the series in capacities both higher and lower than whatthe SSD 510 series could address. While SSD 510 is availableonly in 120 GB and 250 GB variants, the new SSD 520 will adda higher capacity variant, 480 GB, and a lower capacity one,60 GB. A new 160 GB variant is added in the middle, and 250GB is replaced by 240 GB.With client SSDs and client environment in general, sequentialtransfer speeds are the king, Intel gave out just one set ofsequential transfer rates for the SSD 520 series, 530 MB/s 18
  3. 3. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Dual Channel Memory Architecture Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) * Hyper DIMM support is subject to the physical characteristics of individual CPUs. * Refer to www.asus.com or user manual for the Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists). * Due to CPU behavior, DDR3 2200/2000/1800 MHz memory module will run at DDR3 2133/1866/1600 MHz frequency as default.Compared to the earlier P67, the Z68 chipset adds Intel Multi-GPU Support Supports NVIDIA® SLI™HD Graphics support, as well as Intel Smart Responce TechnologyTechnology(SSD Caching). Intel probably should have skipped Supports AMD CrossFireX™P67 and just come out with the Z68 PCH. We see that ASUS Technologyhas taken the better route and used the more expensive IntelPHY for LAN connectivity, and avoided the cheaper Realtek Supports LucidLogix®chipsets we see on other boards. This motherboard also has Virtu™ TechnologyLucid Virtu technology which allows for switchable graphics, Expansion Slots 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x16 or dualbut only a HDMI port is used, so maximum resolution will be x8)1920x1080 for those of you who want to use i-Mode Virtu to 1 x PCIe 2.0 x4save power. Storage Intel® Z68 chipset : 2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), redASUS ROG Maximus IVGENE-Z 4 x SATA 3Gb/s port(s), grayCPU Support Intel® Socket 1155 for 2nd Generation Core™ Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10 i7/Core™ i5/Core™ i3 Processors Support Intel® Smart Supports Intel® 32 nm CPU Response Technology on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ Supports Intel® Turbo Boost processor family Technology 2.0 JMicron® JMB362 * The Intel® Turbo Boost controller : *1 Technology 2.0 support 2 x eSATA 3Gb/s port(s), red depends on the CPU types. LAN Intel®, 1 x Gigabit LANChipset Intel Z68 ControllerGraphics Integrated Graphics Audio SupremeFX X-Fi 2 built-in Processor 8-Channel High Definition VGA output support : HDMI Audio CODEC port - Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel - Supports HDMI with max. Jack-retasking resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz Audio Feature : - X-Fi® Xtreme Fidelity™Memory 4 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)/2133(O.C.)/1866(O.C.)/1600/1333 - EAX® Advanced™ HD 5.0 Hz Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory - THX® TruStudio PRO™ 19
  4. 4. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Mem TweakIt - Creative ALchemy ROG Extreme OC kit : - Debug LED - Blu-ray audio layer Content Protection ProbeIt UEFI BIOS features : - Optical S/PDIF out port(s) - ROG BIOS Print at back panelUSB ASMedia® USB 3.0 - GPU.DIMM Post controller : 4 x USB 3.0 port(s) (2 at back GameFirst panel, blue, 2 at mid-board) iROG Extreme Tweaker Intel® Z68 chipset : Loadline Calibration 12 x USB 2.0 port(s) (8 at Overclocking Protection : back panel, black, 4 at mid- - COP EX (Component board) Overheat Protection - EX)FireWire - ASUS C.P.R.(CPUASUS Unique Features ASUS TurboV EVO : Parameter Recall) - CPU Level Up Back Panel I/O Ports 1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse ASUS Exclusive Features : combo port(s) - MemOK! 1 x HDMI - Onboard Button : Power/ 2 x eSATA 3Gb/s Reset/Clr CMOS (at back IO) 1 x LAN (RJ45) port(s) ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution : 2 x USB 3.0 - ASUS Fan Xpert 8 x USB 2.0 (white port can ASUS EZ DIY : be switched to ROG Connect) - ASUS Q-Shield 1 x Optical S/PDIF out - ASUS O.C. Profile 6 x Audio jack(s) - ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 1 x Clear CMOS button(s) - ASUS EZ Flash 2 Internal I/O Connectors 1 x USB 3.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 2 USB - ASUS MyLogo 2 3.0 port(s) 2 x USB 2.0 connector(s) ASUS Q-Design : support(s) additional 4 USB - ASUS Q-LED (CPU, DRAM, 2.0 port(s) VGA, Boot Device LED) 2 x SATA 6Gb/s connector(s) - ASUS Q-Slot 4 x SATA 3Gb/s connector(s) - ASUS Q-DIMM 2 x CPU Fan connector(s) - ASUS Q-Connector)Overclocking Features ROG Connect 3 x Chassis Fan connector(s) Extreme Engine Digi+ : - 8 -phase CPU power design 1 x S/PDIF out header(s) + 4 -phase iGPU power design 1 x 24-pin EATX Power connector(s) - 2 -phase Memory power design 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector(s) 20
  5. 5. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone 1 x Front panel audio * Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 1- connector(s) (AAFP) year license Form Factor uATX Form Factor 1 x System panel(s) 9.6 inch x 9.6 inch ( 24.4 cm x 24.4 cm ) 6 x ProbeIt Measurement As you can obviously see the laundry list of features is longer Points than that of most full sized ATX boards. For a sub $200 motheboard, this has to be one of the most feature packed 1 x Power-on button(s) and value for money product in the market. Of course this only applies if you are on the Intel side of things, as AMD 1 x Reset button(s) motherboards generally run cheaper. 1 x ROG Connect switch(es) Sony introduces new VAIO S 1 x Go Button(s) series notebook with larger 1 x Clear CMOS jumper(s) displayAccessories Users manual Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sony-introduces-new-vaio-s-series- I/O Shield notebook-with-larger-display/13541.html September 14th, 2011 2 x SATA 3Gb/s cable(s) 1 x SATA 6Gb/s cable(s) 1 x SLI bridge(s) 1 x Q-connector(s) (2 in 1) With the success of their VAIO S series laptops, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has announed their new line-up for 1 x ROG Connect cable(s) the series with slimmer form factor, higher performance and a larger display. According to the manufacturer, the new VAIO 1 x Cable ties pack(s) S will be available this month. 1 x ROG theme label(s) 1 x 12 in 1 ROG Cable Label(s)BIOS 64Mb Flash ROM, EFI AMI BIOS, PnP, DMI2.0, WfM2.0, SM BIOS 2.5, ACPI2.0a Multi-Language BIOSManageability WfM2.0, DMI2.0, WOL by PME, WOR by PME, PXESupport Disc Support DVD: - Drivers and applications * ASUS AI Suite II Sony has announced a new slim, power-packed 15.5-inch notebook to their VAIO S Series. The new model incorporate * ROG CPU-Z Intel Core i7 processor and AMD Radeon HD 6630M GPU with 1GB VRAM and claims to offer superb performance for * ROG GameFirst Utility both work and play. It features a Performance Switch that supports Dynamic Hybrid Graphic System which allows users * Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 to choose between "Speed" and "Stamina" mode for fastest Utility performance or longer battery life respectively. The VAIO S Series 15.5-inch offers approximately five hours of battery life * ROG Mem TweakIt Utility and with an optional Sheet Battery, that can double to 10 hours. * ASUS AI Charger+ The VAIO S has a 15.5-inch wide screen of 1920x1080 full * DAEMON Tools Pro high definition VAIO Display Plus with anti-reflective glossy Standard finish, weighs 1.96kg, and comes with aluminium palm rest 21
  6. 6. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneand magnesium body. It also has backlit keyboard, whichmakes it easier to type in dim lit rooms. The new line-up ofVAIO S Series notebooks will be available in Singapore fromSeptember 2011. Pricing details to be announced closer tolaunch date.AMD FX-Series prices revealed- listed for pre-orderSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-fx-series-prices-revealed--listed-for-pre-order/13540.htmlSeptember 14th, 2011 If you are the owner of the stylish Apple iPod Nano, you would probably want this cool watch kit to make the portable mediaThe first AMD FX CPUs have shown up for pre-order at player into a watch. Launched at the recent COMEX ShowShopblt.com. The three SKUs listed are FX-8150, FX-8120 and in Singapore, and carried by Tat Chuan Acoustic Pte Ltd inFX-6100 priced at $266, $222 and $189 respectively. The good Singapore, the LunaTik is a premium conversion kit designednews is that the pricing is lower than expected - previously for those want to convert their iPod Nano as a wristwatch. Therumoured to be in the $300 to $320 range for the top CPU. The product comes with a tool kit that lets you screw in the nanobad news is that such pricing suggests the FX-8150 is unlikely into the wristband. The LunaTik case is forged from aircraft-to beat Core i7 2600 in many situations. grade aluminium with great durability and the straps are madeThe first AMD FX CPUs have shown up for pre-order at from compression moulded high-grade silicone rubber withShopblt.com. The three SKUs listed are FX-8150, FX-8120 and anti-dust coating while the hardware is made from stainlessFX-6100 priced at $266, $222 and $189 respectively. The good steel. Available in silver, black and red, the LunaTik is retailingnews is that the pricing is lower than expected - previously at S$129 (with GST).rumoured to be in the $300 to $320 range for the top CPU. Thebad news is that such pricing suggests the FX-8150 is unlikelyto beat Core i7 2600 in many situations.As always, pre-order prices are normally higher than launchprices. Hence, we can expect the FX CPUs to sell for evenlesser.The three CPUs are much the same as revealed by Gigabyteearlier. FX-6100 and FX-8150 have a TDP of 95W and 125Wrespectively. However, FX-8120 has a TDP of 125W at launch,while a future revision will drop the TDP of FX-8120 down to95W. Theres no indication of shipping dates as of now.LunaTik lets you wear youriPod Nano on your wristSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lunatik-lets-you-wear-your-ipod-nano-on-your-wrist/13539.html The other model, which is called TikTok, has a simpleSeptember 14th, 2011 snap-in design that allows the user to quickly and securely snap the iPod Nano in and out of the wrist dock. It integrates the media player and transforms it into a modern multi-function timepiece. TikTok is designed for those who want to easily transition from clip mode to watch mode. Moulded from reinforced PC/ABS, the straps are made from compression moulded high-grade silicone rubber with anti-With LunaTiks creative watch-kit, you can transform your dust coating and the hardware is stainless steel. The TikTokApple iPod Nano into the worlds coolest multi-touch wrist is available in black or white at S$69 (with GST).watch. Distributed by Tat Chuan Acoustic in Singapore, twomodels of LunaTik are available now - TikTok and LunaTik. 22
  7. 7. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMicrosoft Comfort Mouse 6000Review: Affordable mousethat can track on almost allsurfacesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/microsoft-comfort-mouse-6000-review-affordable-mouse-that-can-track-on-almost-all-surfaces/13054.htmlSeptember 14th, 2011Microsoft has recently released a new mouse, the ComfortMouse 6000, which features the software giants Bluetracksensor that can track on almost any surface. So how good is theComfort Mouse 6000? Find out in the next pages.Specification:- Right-handed control- BlueTrack Technology- Five customizable buttons- Detent scroll wheelFirst look:Out of the box, the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000 looks likethe Razer DeathAdder (except without the Razer logo) but infact iti s actually designed after its Intellimouse Explorer 3.0older sibling. The mouse features a smooth black plastic bodywith rubberized side grips and comes with five customizablebuttons - left, right, two on the side and the scroll wheel. Itfeels very lightweight as though it is hollow. 23
  8. 8. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone The Comfort Mouse 6000 has two well-positioned side buttons which you can use to go back and forward through webpages and document with ease. Sharp launches AQUOS SH8298U glasses-free 3D smartphone Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/sharp-launches-aquos-sh8298u- glasses-free-3d-smartphone/13538.html September 14th, 2011Inside the box, we also find a start guide, a product guide and Sharp has announced their new AQUOS SH8298U glasses-technical specifications. free 3D smartphone which looks to compete with the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D. The AQUOS SH8298U will soon retail in Japan though there is no word as to whether it will be available in other parts of the world. 24
  9. 9. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone It started from Cupcake (1.5) and then Donut (1.6), Eclair (2.0/2.1), Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), Honeycomb (3.0)Sharp has recently launched a press conference to announce to the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich. And yes, these are thetheir new Android smartphones, and all eyes were on the codenames of the popular Google Android operating systemAQUOS SH8298U which not only features glasses-free 3D and it looks like the next version could well be called "Jellytechnology, but it also has two rear built-in 8-megapixle Bean". According to a reliable source from ThisIsMyNext, thatcameras to capture images and videos in 3D. The AQUOS would be the name of the next version and that it could beSH8298U sports a 4.2-inch qHD touchscreen display and available to both smartphone and tablet. However, Google hasincorporates 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, 512MB yet to finalize the naming convention, although the choice withRAM, 2GB storage and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. the letter "J" is limited and that Jellybean is most likely to beAccording to sources, the Sharp AQUOS SH8298U would be selected.available in red or white and retail at approximately US$705.It should be arriving in Japan soon, though theres no word as Meantime, the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich claims to offerto whether it will be available in other countries. some "game-changing" features, though we would have to wait till it is available to know, which could be fairly soon. And by them, Microsoft may have also launched their Windows PhoneCould the next version after "Mango" and Apple, their iOS 5.Android Ice Cream Sandwichbe Jellybean? Thermaltake Challenger ProSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/could-the-next-version-after-android- Gaming Keyboard & Blackice-cream-sandwich-be-jellybean-/13537.htmlSeptember 14th, 2011 Gaming Mouse review Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/thermaltake-challenger-pro-gaming- keyboard--black-gaming-mouse-review/13536.html September 14th, 2011Google is known for using sweet treats as codenames for thevarious versions of theiir popular Android mobile operatingsystem. And while many of us are anticipating the upcoming"Ice Cream Sandwich" which claims to offer the best of Tt eSPORTS is a relatively newly found subsidiary company ofHoneycomb, the Android tablet OS, and make them useable Thermaltake, aiming to develop, manufacture and ultimatelyon smartphones, it seems that the search engine giant has provide gamers with high quality gaming peripherals. Thealready started work on their new version which could be company currently has a long list of high performancecalled "Jellybean". keyboards, mice, headsets and other parts. Today we are having a close look on two of their more popular products, the Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard and the Black Gaming Mouse. Tt eSPORTS is a relatively newly found subsidiary company of Thermaltake, aiming to develop, manufacture and ultimately provide gamers with high quality gaming peripherals. The company currently has a long list of high performance 25
  10. 10. September 14th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonekeyboards, mice, headsets and other parts. Today we are • Body Dimension: 120mm (length) x 70mm (width) xhaving a close look on two of their more popular products, 40mm (height).the Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard and the Black GamingMouse.Manufacturer features and specificationsChallenger Pro Gaming keyboard • Red illumination back light • 2 x USB 2.0 ports • User Interface • Macro Keys • Multimedia Keys • 64KB On Board Memory • On Board Profile Switch • Backlight switch • Fan Device • Windows Dummy Keycaps • 8 additional removable keycaps • Tt. Breakaway Gold-Plated USB Connection Cable(2 Meters in Length) • Tt eSPORTS Dragon-Red key backlighting • 6 Easy Access Multimedia Keys • 10 Customizable Macro Keys • 10 Million Keystroke Lifespan • Body dimensions (LxWxH): 505x 195x 27mm • 6,000 RPM Tt. Breeze Hand Cooling Fan (Life Expectancy of 50,000 hours)Black Gaming mouse • Model: BLACK Gaming Mouse (MO-BLK002DT) • Dominating Gaming Laser Sensor 4000 DPI Engine (400/800/2000/4000 DPI Adjustable), with Visual Indicator. • Ideal for FPS or MMORPG Game Genres, equipped with Philips 4000 Laser Engine for Optimal Precision & Accuracy. • 1.8 meters Braided USB Cable with Gold-Plated Connector. • Teflon Material Feet as Extra Layer of Durability and High Degree of Mouse Handling. • Superb Customizable Graphical UI for Macro Keys, Advanced Performance, and Lighting-Effect Options. • Industrial Grade Rubber-Coating Finish for better Hand Grip. • On-Board 64kb Memory Storage for 18 Macro Keys in 3 Game Profiles. • Weight-In Design for Perfect Handling Mouse Movement: (5 x 4.5g, up to 22.5g max) 26
  11. 11. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.Nikon to launch a newmirrorless standard thisweek?Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nikon-to-launch-a-new-mirrorless-standard-this-week-/13591.htmlSeptember 19th, 2011 Internally we should expect to see Nikon’s Expeed 3 processor capable of processing 600 Megapixels per second. Both models are said to shoot video at 1080i60, 1080p30, 720p60,Several rumours are suggesting that Nikon is about to unveil as well as 640x240 at 400fps and 320x120 at a crazy 1200fps.its first mirrorless cameras on Wednesday, although so far we Around the back we have a 3in LCD screen with unknowndon’t have a complete picture of what to expect. What is clear resolution and the V1 will also sport an EVF (Electronic Viewis that the expected two new camera bodies not will feature an Finder). Neither model will support Nikon’s standard FlashAPS-C size sensor, instead we can expect something that ends hotshoe, but the V1 is said to have some kind of accessory port,up somewhere between compact digital cameras and the 4/3 whereas the J1 will feature a built in flash.format. Four new lenses are said to launch alongside the new cameras system, a 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens, a 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens, a 10-110mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens and a 30-110mm VR lens.Several rumours are suggesting that Nikon is about to unveil There will also be an adapter for Nikon’s F-mount lenses.its first mirrorless cameras on Wednesday, although so far wedon’t have a complete picture of what to expect. What is clear Both models are said to come in several colour options, withis that the expected two new camera bodies not will feature an the V1 being available in black or white and the J1 in red,APS-C size sensor, instead we can expect something that ends pink, silver, black and white. We shouldn’t have to wait longup somewhere between compact digital cameras and the 4/3 to see how this plays out, but it’s getting a little bit annoyingformat. with all these new lens mount systems, as they’re anything but interchangeable. In as much as the m4/3 standard hasThe first two cameras in what is likely to be called the Nikon CX its flaws, it’s at least a standard supported by more than oneline of cameras should simply be called the V1 and J1. The new company and we’d really like to see the camera manufacturerscameras are rumoured to have a crop factor of 2.6x compared work towards more common standards, especially consideringto the 4/3 formats 2x crop factor. Nikon hasn’t gone crazy the cost of lenses which is the only investment that’ll last youwith the Megapixel count either, as the new cameras get to through several camera bodies.make do with 10.1 Megapixels, which is probably a good thingconsidering the relatively small sensor. What isn’t clear is ifwe’ll see a CCD or CMOS sensor, so that’s something we’re Gears of War 3 Singaporegoing to have to wait and find out about. Launch Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/gears-of-war-3-singapore- launch/13590.html September 19th, 2011 1
  12. 12. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneGood news for fans of the Xbox 360 Gears of War series. This The fans turned up in full-swing, and it was even moreevening, at Funan DigitaLife Mall in Singapore, marked the amazing to see the number of people who didn’t pre-order thelaunch of the highly anticipated third-person shooter game, game lining up to get it” said Ben Tan, general manager ofwhich is also the last of the trilogy. So, have you ordered your Microsoft’s retail sales and marketing division, Asia Pacific,copy? presenting the Epic Edition box to Ten. A look at the Gears of War 3 babes:-At the Funan DigitaLife Mall in Singapore, over 1,000fans stood in line at the main atrium for the highly anticipatedXbox 360 game, Gears of War 3. Apparently, the queue beganto form on 3pm Sunday, 18 September with hardcore fans Canon PowerShot SX150 ISwaiting to be the first to get their hands on the game, whichofficially launched at 8pm today. On top of that, fans also selling for $369 Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/canon-powershot-sx150-is-selling-get a first-look at the game, hands-on gameplay and on-stage for-369/13589.htmlactivities including a special appearance by Marcus Fenix. September 19th, 2011Heres a video of the countdown of the Gears of War 3 launch:- Canon PowerShot SX150 IS, Canons latest addition to the family of long-zoom PowerShot cameras. The 14.1 megapixel PowerShot SX150 IS is an affordable all-rounder camera that delivers high zoom shooting with 12x optical zoom capabilities, HD movie recording and offers you creative freedom with Full Manual controls. The SX150 IS is priced at $369, and is currently available for retail.22-year old William Ten was the first person in Singapore toreceive the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition from Marcus Fenixand Microsoft representatives. Ten also get the survivor kit, anautographed poster and a “Gears of War 3” hoodie, worth closeto S$200. An additional 50 fans who were amongst the firstin queue also walked away with an autographed poster and a“Gears of War 3” hoodie."While Gears of War 3 was one of the most anticipated gamesof the year, the turnout today far surpassed all expectations. 2
  13. 13. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone September 19th, 2011 Another Optimus smartphone has emerged from Korean manufacturer LG, and this time it is the Optimus Q2. The Optimus Q2 is based on Googles Android operating system and features Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.Canon PowerShot SX150 IS, Canons latest addition to thefamily of long-zoom PowerShot cameras. The 14.1 megapixelPowerShot SX150 IS is an affordable all-rounder camera thatdelivers high zoom shooting with 12x optical zoom capabilities,HD movie recording and offers you creative freedom with FullManual controls. Today, LG has unveiled their latest Optimus Q2 high-end • 12x optical zoom Android smartphone with a slide-out keyboard. The new • 14.1 megapixels member in their LG Optimus line of smartphones features 1.2GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 4-inch IPS • Intelligent IS touchscreen display. The 4-inch IPS screen boasts 700 nits brightness which offers a clear view even under sunlight.The SX150 IS is priced at $369, and is currently available for The smartphone also incorporates a 5-megapixel rear andretail. More information here. VGA front cameras, Wi-Fi Direct capabilities that allow Wi-Fi devices to talk to each other without the need for access points.LG unveils Optimus Q2 The LG Optimus Q2 is reported to launch soon in USA and carried by Sprint.Android phone with QWERTYkeyboardSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-unveils-optimus-q2-android-phone-with-qwerty-keyboard/13588.html 3
  14. 14. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone on sale in the US on the AT&T network last week on 14th September, and the company said that the Xperia PLAY will launch in Japan with NTT DOCOMO in Autumn 2011. Canon Singapore launches PowerShot SX150 IS compact camera Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/canon-singapore-launches-powershot- sx150-is-compact-camera/13586.html September 19th, 2011Lode Runner X to be exclusiveon Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY,and other Xperia devices Canon Singapore has announced the new PowerShot SX150Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lode-runner-x-to-be-exclusive-on-sony- IS compact digital camera that features one-touch highericsson-xperia-play-and-other-xperia-devices/13587.html definition (HD) movie button and long-zoom capabilities at anSeptember 19th, 2011 affordable price. The PowerShot SX150 IS is available now at all Canon authorized dealers.Owners of Sony Ericsson Xperia range of Android phoneswould be pleased to know that the Lode Runner X game fromTozai Games will be exclusive on the smartphones. The LodeRunner X game is scheduled to be available from Novemberthis year. Canon Singapore has unveiled the PowerShot SX150 IS compact camera which claims to offer 14.1-megapixel sensor, 12x optical zoom (28-336mm), and has a dedicated Movie Button to record 720p high definition (HD) movies. With a powerful 12x zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, it lets users shoot landscapes, building and people easily. The digital cameraLode Runner is a popular 1983 platform game which was first also incorporates electronic wind filter that can suppress windpublished by Brøderbund. It is one of the first early games noise that muffles or distorts sound, and built-in Intelligent ISto be released with a level editor which supports keyboard (Image Stabilizer) for minimized camera shake.and joystick controls. (Tozai Games and Lode Runner are The Powershot SX150 IS comes with 32-Smart Auto Scenetrademarks of Tozai, Inc. registered or protected in the US and detection options including sunset, clear skies, and backlitother countries). that provide optimized camera settings for best results.Sony Ericsson has announced their collaboration with Tozai Photographers can also enhance their images using the eightGames to bring the critically acclaimed console hit and gaming in-camera Creative Filters to add effect to the original images -franchise “Lode Runner” to Android devices, for the first time, Toy Camera, Monochrome, Miniature, Fish-eye, Super Vivid,and helps to build the Xperia PLAYs list of over 150 optimized Poster, Color Swap and Color Accent. There is also the newtitles. The Lode Runner X will be available from November Photo Book function that allows users to pre-select their2011 and exclusive on the Xperia PLAY and other Xperia favorite shots in-camera to facilitate the easy creation of photodevices. The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has recently gone books. The new Canon PowerShot SX150 IS also operates 4
  15. 15. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zoneon AA batteries for added convenience and comes with the updated graphics and multimedia processing hardware in theoptional high power flash HF-DC2 slim and portable slave upcoming Ivy Bridge series of processors, expected to hit theflash with enhanced sync performance and a wider flash shelves about half a year from now.coverage of up to 24mm (with attached wide panel). It wasnt the fact that the new chip will have graphics farThe Canon PowerShot SX150 IS is now available at all faster - some expect at least double, and much more in someauthorized Canon retail stores at the recommended retail operations - than the Sandy Bridge, or the full DirectX 11selling price of S$369. Pricing and availability of the optional and DirectCompute capability, with an OpenCL port to follow.high power flash HF-DC2 will be confirmed at a later date. Neither was it the much tighter connection to the L3 cache for more usability in graphics tasks.LG to introduce Street FighterIV on upcoming high definitionsmartphonesSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-to-introduce-street-fighter-iv-on-upcoming-high-definition-smartphones/13585.htmlSeptember 19th, 2011LG Korea has announced that it has entered into an exclusivedeal with Japanese game developer Capcom to introducetheir popular Street Fighter IV game on their high definitionAndroid smartphone. Details inside. Its the vastly improved display capability, and associated ultra high resolution video processing, of the new chip - in fact, so high it stands on an equal footing with the fastest high end discrete GPUs in this particular measurement: the 4K display resolution. Take a look at their Multi Format Codec or MFX engine, capable of playing multiple 4K videos at the same time, even a wall of them, as Intel says.Today, LG Korea announced that it has entered into anexclusive deal with Japanese game developer Capcom thatgives LG the exclusive rights to their popular Street Fighter IVgame on their first high definition (HD) Android smartphonefor three months after its launch. Debuted in 1987, theStreet Fighter series is found on millions of game consolesand in arcades all over the word, though it has not beenoffered on the Android platform yet. Street Fighter IV willmake its Android smartphone debut on LG’s global apps site(www.lgworld.com) in the fourth quarter this year.Post-IDF bites: Ivy Bridge GPUto support 4Kx4K displays!Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/post-idf-bites-ivy-bridge-gpu-to- Not only can the MFX engine display up to 4096 x 4096 pixelssupport-4kx4k-displays-/13584.html on a single monitor, but it can also handle video processingSeptember 19th, 2011 for 4K QuadHD video as well. Remember when, two years ago,With all the hustle and bustle of IDF, one piece of news, gently Jen Hsun Huang at Nvidia for the first time encouraged 4Kunveiled in one of side technical sessions at the conference, resolution - at that time 3840x2400 or as he called it XHD2,mostly passed unnoticed. It was a particular detail about the for ultra realistic gaming too, to use the extra pixels to justify 5
  16. 16. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethe high end card need? Now, what a fate, Intel is making it real • Dual 12cm viper yellow fanson the - integrated graphics platform, of all. Now, can we haveback those 16:10 3840x2400 or, better, 4096x2560 monitors? Socket type Intel LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366 & LGA2011 AMD Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3 & FM1 Cooler dimensions 131 (W) x 129.5 (D) x 163.5 (H) mm Heatsink material High grade aluminium fins, copper heatpipes Weight 1065g Installation Screws and backplate (Intel & AMD) Fan dimension 120 x 120 x 25mm Fan speed 600-1900 RPM (PWM controlled) Max airflow 83.63 CFM Max air pressure 2.98 mm H2O Noise level 6.9 - 28.9 dB(A) Voltage rating 12V DC Bearing type HDB (Hydro Dynamic)Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Fan life expectancy 50,000 hoursCooler Review Fan connector 4pin PWMSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/akasa-venom-voodoo-cpu-cooler- Product code AK-CC4008HP01review/13583.htmlSeptember 19th, 2011 Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse Review: With interchangeable grips and weight-tuning Adept PC users are rarely satisfied with the factory optionsbundled CPU cooler, being it because of the performance, Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/logitech-g9x-gaming-mouse-review-noise and/or aesthetics, creating a great demand for good with-interchangeable-grips-and-weight-tuning-options/13233.htmlaftermarket cooling solutions. Out of the many products September 19th, 2011currently available, today we are having a close look at thelatest offering from Akasa, the Venom Voodoo CPU cooler,which is boasting exceptional performance and socket LGA2011 support.Adept PC users are rarely satisfied with the factory bundled Logitech, one of worlds largest manufacturers of computerCPU cooler, being it because of the performance, noise and/ peripherals from mice to multimedia speakers, is knownor aesthetics, creating a great demand for good aftermarket for their line of "G-series" gaming peripherals. What wecooling solutions. Out of the many products currently have today is the not-so-new Logitech G9x which featuresavailable, today we are having a close look at the latest offering interchangeable grips, weight-tuning options and more. Letsfrom Akasa, the Venom Voodoo CPU cooler, which is boasting go into the details.exceptional performance and socket LGA 2011 support. Introduction: The gaming market is booming, and it is no wonderManufacturer features and specifications peripherals makers like Logitech is coming up with more gaming products for the hardcore gamers. Their G series mice • Performance 12cm PWM fan in killer Viper yellow are widely received and this year, the company has given their • 6 high capacity heatpipes with direct CPU contact G9 an upgraded sensor and called it the G9x. The G9x claims to have sensitity of up to 5700 dots per inch (DPI). The • Award winning S-FLOW fan blades provide 30% more Logitech G9x comes packed in fancy green and orange box airflow with a large transparent area that displays the mouse and 6
  17. 17. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonefor users to get a feel of how the mouse feels like. Openingthe flap revealed an additional grip and an explanation of thedifference and main features of the mouse. Features and Specification : Interchangeable grip Next-generation gaming laser Onboard memory Weight-tuning system Custom-colour LEDs On-the-fly adjustable DPI Resolution 200-5700 DPI Image processing 12 Megapixels/second Maximum acceleration 30G Maximum speed Up to 165 inches (4.19m)/ second Polling rate 1000 Hz Dynamic coefficient of 0.09 friction Static coefficient of friction 0.14 Tuning weight Up to 28 grams Button durability (Left/Right) 8 Million clicks Mousefeet durability 250 Kilometres Inside the packaging, there is a small tin box and an envelope containing a users guide, a Logitech Setpoint disc, a quick guide, a USB usage and Logitech contact leaflets. 7
  18. 18. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU Memory Type DDR3 GDDR5Silent Review Memory 1GBSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/asus-engts450-directcu-silent- Sizereview/13157.html The full specifications of the ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCU SilentSeptember 19th, 2011 are as follows:Nearly all modern GPUs are designed for use with active Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450cooling systems, in order to allow for desirable levels of Bus Standard PCI Express 2.0performance within a reasonable form factor. To take a GPU Video Memory GDDR3 1GBintended for active cooling and cool it passively would entail acompromise in performance, size, or both. Engine Clock 594 MHz Shader Clock 1189 MHzThe passive graphics card were looking at today is ASUS Memory Clock 1.6 GHz ( 800 MHz GDDR3 )ENGTS450 DirectCU Silent. While the GeForce GTS 450 isby no means the fastest GPU around, its relatively low TDP Memory Interface 128-bitof 106W (for NVIDIAs reference design) makes it a good Interface D-Sub Output : Yes x 1candidate for passive cooling. DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I) HDMI Output : Yes x 1 Software ASUS Utilities & Driver / AIWI software ASUS Features DirectCU Silent Series Dimensions 5.936 " x 4.375 " Inch Note This card doesnt need extra power supply, its the best choice for user to upgrade Qualcomm reveals future plans, we give you the details Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/qualcomm-reveals-future-plans-we- give-you-the-details/13581.html September 19th, 2011In the case of the ENGTS450 DirectCU Silent, ASUS has Earlier this week Qualcomm hosted its Innovation Qualcommdecided to sacrifice performance instead of size. The core event in Istanbul where the company unveiled details of someclock on this card is ~25% slower than NVIDIAs reference of its upcoming products, including a 2.5GHz next generationspeed. ASUS has also opted to use DDR3 memory, which has Snapdragon SoC. However, a lot of details were left out, butlower power consumption but also much lower bandwidth VR-Zone is here to help fill in the blanks as to what to expectthan GDDR5 memory. from Qualcomm over the next couple of years.In terms of performance, the reference GTS 450 sits roughlyin between AMDs HD 5770 and HD 5750 (now renamed the From the event we know that Qualcomm is getting ready toHD 6770 and HD 6750 respectively). launch a 28nm SoC with clock speeds of up to 2.5GHz in ASUS NVIDIA Gainward single, dual and quad core versions, all with next gen Adreno ENGTS 450 GeForce GeForce dual or quad core graphics. However, the company didnt say DirectCU GTS 450 GTS 450 GS much more and some publications made the assumption that Silent GLH Qualcomm would have a quad core solution for phones out byCore Clock 594MHz 783MHz 930MHz early next year. Well, sadly this isnt the case for those of you that are longing to get your hands on a quad core phone, butShader 1188MHz 1566MHz 1860MHz lets not get ahead of ourselves, instead, lets start from the top.ClockMemory 800MHz 902MHz 1000MHz The current series of Snapdragon SoCs from Qualcomm areClock (1600MHz) (3608MHz) (2000MHz) known as the S3 class, also known as Scorpion and here were(effective) talking about chips like the current MSM8660 and MSM8260 as well as the APQ8060 which lacks baseband support. TheseMemory Bus 128-bit 8
  19. 19. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSoCs can be found in a wide range of devices from HPs now where theres room for additional chips that will handle thedefunct TouchPad to HTCs Sensation and EVO 3D. Theyre connectivity. The APQ8064 is similar to the MSM8960, as itsall 45nm dual core parts with Adreno 220 graphics and a core a 1.5 to 1.7GHz SoC, although with a pair of additional coresclock speed of between 1.2 and 1.5GHz. and 2MB L2 cache. It features Adreno 320 graphics, but it also offers SATA and PCI Express connectivity, something the MSM chips lack. Things brings us to the 2.5GHz monster, well, it might in fact be even faster as its not expected to arrive until the second half of 2013. The model in question is the APQ8094 and itll support either 800MHz dual channel LPDDR3 memory, or dual channel 1333MHz PCDDR4 memory, or in other words, standard desktop DDR4 memory. Apparently by then, desktop memory will be so low power that it will be just as good to use in a tablet as low power mobile memory. Here were looking at an Adreno 420 GPU which is said to be capable of 400 million triangles per second. Beyond that we dont have too many details about this upcoming chip, but itll offer SATA connectivity just like its predecessor and apparently itll do 3D video at 60fps in 1080p.The next generation of Snapdragon chips will be the S4 class, Well be following up this article with a closer look atas Qualcomm are keeping things simple when it comes to its Qualcomms more affordable options next week, although asnaming schemes, although these chips are more commonly always when were diving into roadmaps, things are likelyknown as Krait. The first new Krait SoCs to arrive is the going to change before most of these products arrive and weveMSM8260A, MSM8660A and the MSM8960, all of which are already seen that some of the models covered here have had28nm dual core parts with a clock speed of 1.5 or 1.7GHz and their specs changed from earlier roadmaps. That said, it looks1MB of L2 cache. All three models sports support for dual like Qualcomm has some interesting products coming over thechannel 500MHz LPDDR2, faster Adreno 225 graphics said to next couple of years, but the real question is, is it going tobe good for 125 million triangles per second. The MSM8960 be good enough, as the company is getting more and moreshould also come in a version with a faster Adreno 330 GPU competitors and none of them are resting on their laurels.capable of some 200 million triangles. Image courtesy of Pocket-LintThe main difference between the MSM8260A andMSM8660A is that the 8260A supports dual-cell HSPA+ andTD-SCDMA, whereas the 8660A supports HSPA+ and various IDF Day 3: Multi Core, ManyEV-DO standards mostly used in the US. The MSM8690sports LET in addition to the connectivity options on the Core and Many More Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/idf-day-3-multi-core-many-core-and-other two models and will be available with either CDMA or many-more/13580.htmlUMTS in addition to LTE. All three models should enter mass September 19th, 2011production next quarter, although devices based on these dualcore SoCs arent expected until the second quarter of nextyear.As far as phones are concerned, this is as much as we get forall of 2012, but in early 2013 Qualcomm is expecting to launchits first quad core phone SoC, the MSM8974. This isnt the More apps coming, according to Intels Justin Rattner. Look2.5GHz chip the company has been talking about, but instead at China Mobile LTE 4G base station in a multi-core PC, anda slightly slower 2GHz part with 2MB L2 cache. It will support Pentium-class mini PC running off a small solar celldual channel 800MHz LPDDR3 memory and comes with a The last day of every IDF is usually reserved for a morefaster Adreno 330 GPU core which is capable of 200 million relaxed future looking keynote, delivered as usual by Intelstriangles per second. It will support the latest LTE and CD- CTO Justin Rattner - a happy research bloke whose cheerfulHSPA+ MIMO standards and itll be Qualcomms first phone disposition, enormous breadth of knowledge, and oh so slightSoC to sport USB 3.0 connectivity. Some of the more crazy facial similarity to the actor doing the Senator Palpatine rolefeatures Qualcomm is planning to add is 4K x 2K video at in early Star Wars movies, gives him regular following at IDF.24fps, 1080p video at 120fps or 1080p 3D video at 60fps.If youre still waiting for the 2.5GHz part, then please bearwith us a little bit longer, as well get there in just asecond. Qualcomms first quad core SoC will be the APQ8064and as you may or may not know, the APQ models dontfeature any built in baseband technology. As such, the APQchips tend to be used in many devices that dont requireinternet connectivity, or more commonly as of lately, in tablets 9
  20. 20. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Finally, they are pushing the generic multi-core PC CPU infrastructure into almost any app - here you see the joint effort with China Mobile to program the complete LTE 4G mobile base station software stack into a standard 4-core Sandy Bridge PC, using the SSE and AVX extensions as a kind of DSP feature, and reducing the cost of LTE deployment substantially. On the other side of the story, Intel was also rapidly updating their Sandy Bridge GPU drivers to extract maximumHe covered quite a lot on the multi-core evolution at Intel performance, and they recommend the users downloadingever since the 2005 Core 2 Duo CPU. Interestingly, he omitted the freshest version with substantial performance increases.those infamous Netburst generation dual die Pentium 4- Same applies to the OpenGL professional application 3-generation Presler processors in 2004, which at least had some D for apps like Pro/E or CATIA being certified for thelovely clock frequency records for a while and yes, were seen Xeon version of Sandy Bridge, the E3-1275, providingas dual core CPUs from the system point of view. The multi- inexpensive competition to Nvidia and ATI cards in thecore general purpose desktop, mobile and server CPUs were OpenGL workstation space, where often just lots of polygonscovered, as well as the many-core MIC add-on card approach and simple texturing, but with guaranteed error free display,for supercomputing, where the stated goal is to bring the MIC wins over fancy effects of the 3-D gaming world.many core approach from the HPC niche to the mainstream.Note that AMD and Nvidia already do that in the mainstream- partially only, due to incompatible underlying instruction set Overall, a good event with lots of new things, but theand need for programming in OpenCL or CUDA, rather than next major launches - the Sandy Bridge E & EP high-endin-line X86 - with their GPUs for a while already. processors, followed by Ivy Bridge, will be the focus over the next two quarters. Intel seems happy with their clear long term performance advantage in the mainstream and high end, and seems to devote quite a bit of their focus now to the emerging phone and tablet markets, and attempting an aggressive X86- based entry there. Canon unveils PowerShot S100 and PowerShot SX40 HS with new DIGIC 5 image processor Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/canon-unveils-powershot-s100-and- powershot-sx40-hs-with-new-digic-5-image-processor/13579.htmlOn the other end of the spectrum, their Extreme Computing September 19th, 2011team, going beyond all this, showed experiments like very lowvoltage threshold transistor usage to create a Pentium-class(yes, the old P55 MMX Pentium from year 1998 or so, withmatching 13 year old mainboard) processor that takes only 10mW (miliwatts!) and runs of a single credit card sized solarcell. The thing ran Windows XP with moving dancing kittenJPG, but could go up in clock by 10X too, if allowed for the Canon has recently announced two new members in theirvoltage to reach the normal level. This all, however, would popular PowerShot series of digital cameras - the PowerShotneed new system infra running at such low voltages too. S100 and SX40. Both cameras incorporate the latest DIGIC 5 image processor that provides enhanced resolution and fast shooting speeds to photographer enthusiasts. 10
  21. 21. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneCanon has announced the feature-packed PowerShot S100 The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS is the camera you need toand PowerShot SX40 HS, which comes equipped with the ensure high quality images, be it shooting at a football gamenew DIGIC 5 image processor for superb performance and or at the local zoo.shooting speed. Both cameras also feature HS SYSTEM, Full Some features of the include:HD video capture, High-speed Burst HQ and Intelligent IS forclearer smoother images. - 35x optical zoom range (24mm-840mm) with image stabilizer and a 12.1-megapixel CMOS image sensor; theThe Canon PowerShot S100, successor to the hugely received camera can capture low-light images of enhanced imagePowerShot S95, has improved features such as 4-120mm wide quality up to ISO 3200.angle lens with 5x optical zoom, GPS functionality and is - 2.7-inch wide vari-angle LCD for easy viewing of images andcapable of achieving improved low-light performance of up menus from almost any angle.to ISO 6400, and comes with a 12.1-megapixel CMOS imagesensor. - Improved Smart AUTO settings to ensure the settings areAvailable in either black or silver, the estimated selling price intelligently selected based upon the cameras 32 predefinedof the Canon PowerShot S100 is US$429.99 and is scheduled shooting situations.to be available in early November. - Zoom Framing Assist button helps the user steady the cameraSome features of this camera:- when tracking a moving subject at extreme telephoto settings- 3-inch wide LCD screen for easy viewing of images and menu keeping it in focus.options. The estimated selling price of the PowerShot SX40 HS Digital- GPS capabilities where satellites collect data of the latitude, camera is US$429.99 and is scheduled to be available in latelongitude and altitude of an images location, which is then September.stored to the images EXIF data. Map utility software isincluded with the camera to view the locations where imageswere captured.- A full range of shooting and recording modes including RAW Thermalright Silver Arrow CPU+ JPEG and a control ring on the front of the camera for quick,manual adjustment of key functions such as ISO, zoom and Cooler Review - Dual 140mmfocus. of Air Cooling Greatness Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/thermalright-silver-arrow-cpu-cooler-- compatibility with the HF-DC2 High-Power Flash, which review--dual-140mm-of-air-cooling-greatness/10000.htmlis an optional flash accessory that operates wirelessly and September 19th, 2011increases the effective flash range up to approximately 9metres. We at VR-Zone test many combinations of motherboards and CPU platforms throughout the year, often demanding quick assembly/disassembly of heatsinks and decent air cooling performance in order to maximize overclocks in the shortest possible time. One CPU cooler (among many on our shelves) that we prefer to use in particular, is the Thermalright Silver Arrow. 11
  22. 22. September 19th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneIntroductionQuick run through of the greatest hits from Thermalright- SK-6, SLK-900, SP-94/97, Ultra-90, Ultra-120 Extreme,Venomous X, AXP-140, HR02, Archon (review coming soon). Measuring 147mm x 122.6mm x 162mm (L x B x H), the Silver Arrow takes up a huge amount of real estate. Google Nexus Prime with dual- core processor to launch end October? Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/google-nexus-prime-with-dual-core- processor-to-launch-end-october-/13578.html September 19th, 2011 It was Nexus One, followed by the Nexus S, and it looks like the next official Google phone could come in the form of Google Nexus Prime. If online sources are right, we may see the new Google Nexus Prime smartphone to launch end October or early November.Unpacking the contents of the box, we have: • the Silver Arrow heatsink, • two TY-140 fans, • a few installation leaflets, and • a sealed accessories pack which includes the mounting kit and fan clips. According to TheDroidGuy, the upcoming Google Nexus Prime smartphone which is manufactured by Samsung, would be first carried by U.S telco operator Verizon in late October or early November, and then to other carriers. At a recent Verizon Developer’s conference in Las Vegas, a Samsung executive showcased the Nexus Prime, though he forbid attendees to have a closer look at the Android smartphone, nor allow others to take picture of it. According to sources, the Nexus Prime is 12