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A monthly roundup of news covering anime, manga, cosplay, vocaloid, hatsune miku, otaku, j-pop

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SGcafe Anime News For Otaku Jul 2013 Issue

  1. 1. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Pokemon anime XY tie-in also scheduled for October Source: october/ By Zenko on July 1st, 2013 With the games releasing October 12 worldwide, the Pokemon anime will be trying to draw viewers in only five days later on October 17. Ash (Satoshi) Ketchum will be setting off on a journey yet again this fall, this time in the new region exclusive to the X and Y games. He will start off in Luminose (Miare) City in the new Kalos region. Pikachu will also be joining him on his journey to become a Pokemon Master, a goal he has not abandoned since setting off from Pallet Town in 1997. (Check out more of our posts on Pokemon at http:// or join in on the community’s discussion at In Japan, Kalos region Pokemon have already appeared within the anime, so by the time Ash reaches the region he should be familiar with a few of the Pokemon. The one surprise we can look forward to is which starter he will pick. Here is a list of the past Pokemon he has been given or started each region with to get an idea of the variety: Kanto: Pikachu Johto: Chikorita Hoenn: Treecko Sinnoh: Turtwig Unova: Oshawott With a long history of grass Pokemon behind him and Chespin front and center in the promo, Ash’s next Pokemon could very well be Chespin. Which one would you want to see Ash kick-off his next adventure with? Source: Famitsu (More of our posts on Pokemon here at tag/pokemon. Tell us about your favourite Pokemon in the forums over at Sueisha’s Miracle Jump magazine goes on hiatus Source: hiatus/
  2. 2. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 By spartanchef on July 1st, 2013 Shueisha Publishing Co. Ltd., publishers of Weekly Shounen Jump!, Jump Square (Jump SQ) and Margaret have announced that their bi-monthly manga magazine Miracle Jump will go on temporary hiatus. This announcement comes in preparation of the magazine’s shift from a bi-monthly magazine to a monthly magazine. Most of the mangas published in the magazine will return on the revamped monthly version next spring . The mangas that will make the move to the revamped Monthly Miracle Jump will include Tiger and Bunny: The comic by Erika Yoshida and Hiroshi Ueda. The mangas that will not make the move will be the Rozen Maiden manga spin-off titled Maite wa Ikenai Rozen Maiden which is drawn by Choboraunyopomi (Ai Mai Mi) as well as the recently concluded Returners – Aka no Kikansha by Sakurako Gokurakuin. The Rozen Maiden spin-off manga will be moved to Shueisha’s manga website Tonari no Young Jump. Bi-Monthly Miracle Jump was once known as Monthly Young Jump until 2011. The magazine mainly targets the older male audience (Seinen) as opposed to the younger male audience in Shounen Jump. The announcement came via Miracle Jump No. 15 which was released last Tuesday, June 25. Source: Comic Natalie World Hobby Fair shows off more of next gen Pokemon game Source: pokemon-game/ By Zenko on July 1st, 2013 After hoard and sky battles were shown off behind closed doors during E3, Nintendo showed off some of the new battle
  3. 3. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 features of their latest Pokemon game in public during the World Hobby Fair Summer 2013. At the Makuhari Messe hall in Chiba prefecture over the weekend, the World Hobby Fair Summer 2013 was in full swing, and Nintendo was there to promote the latest installment to the Pokemon series. The booth, which will be open until July 13, was also giving away a specially themed level 100 Mewtwo from the upcoming Extremespeed Genesect movie. As with most events, they even had a Pokemon themed car showing off all the eeveelutions. The real excitement came from the CoroCoro booth which was there to focus on the X and Y games. One of the main features they showed off was the new moves that would be brought to the game. Specifically it looked at some classic moves that are returning to the new games through a set of team battles. Team A featured Noivern, Lapras, Hydreigon and Spewpa while Team B was Lucario, Talonflame, Charizard and Litleo. Noivern and Lapras provided a heavy attack assault, with the new bat Pokemon showing off the move dragon pulse and Lapras utilizing it’s signature ice beam. Hydreigon also learned a new move: fire blast, something this dragon-type was unable to learn before. To buffer their defense, Spewpa provided a boost against the fire-types of Team B with protect. Litleo and Charizard showed off the classic moves flamethrower and dragon claw. Of course, Litleo was also able to use his signature move noble roar to lower the enemies defense, lending some strategy to the battle. Talonflame heightened things farther by bringing in the move Flame Charge, a move that heightens it’s already high speed stat. Lucario brought even more speed to the team with the move Extremespeed, giving Team B quite a speed advantage. More Pokemon game news should be making it’s way public soon, as the Pokemon Company announced on Facebook that Mr. Masuda, the director of Gamefreak infamous for his Masuda method of obtaining shiny Pokemon. But just what could he be announcing to fans this time? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Source: Famitsu ‘Kenshin’ to become a trilogy with two live-action Kyoto Arc movies Source: arc-movies/ By KaleNagasaki on June 30th, 2013 Last year, the live-action film adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin was one of the highest grossing movies in Japan for 2012. Based off the manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, Rurouni Kenshin follows Himura Kenshin, an assassin from the Bakumatsu era, who wanders to repent for his sins in the new and peaceful Meiji Era. However, ghosts from his
  4. 4. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 past continue to pose danger to this present peace, and to the friends Kenshin has made along the way. In order to fight these menaces, Kenshin must once again become the Hitokiri Battousai, the legendary manslayer, and fight a two-fold battle: one to defeat his enemies, and another to defeat the killer within. With such a great story line, we really shouldn’t be all that surprised that this month’s Jump Square announced a sequel. What we can be surprised for is the fact that Kenshin is getting not one sequel, but two! The two films will collectively cover the fan-favourite Kyoto Arc, which included the Great Kyoto Fire and Legend’s End stories. Personally, I think Shishio Makoto is one of the greatest manga villains of all time, so I am so excited to see how director Keishi Otomo will portray Kenshin’s successor. The first movie is set to come out next summer, so keep a look out! Takeru Sato will return again as Himura Kenshin, along with the rest of the crew. I really enjoyed the performances of mostly everyone, although, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the live-action’s rendition of Sagara Sanosuke. While I didn’t care too much for him in the manga, for some reason Sanosuke became my favourite character when I watched the anime. I’m not saying that Munetaka Aoki did a bad acting job, because I thought he performed very well. It’s just that the live-action character of Sanosuke made him appear dumber and more for comedic relief than I think the manga and anime did. What did you think of the first Kenshin movie, and are you excited for the sequels? What do you want to see happen, and what do you think can be done better? There’s a forum that poses the question of what’s the best live-action film, so check it out, give your opinion, and see if Kenshin makes the list. Source: @manganewsjapon Ready your palates for Takumen’s ‘Silent Hill’ ramen, if you can stomach it Source: ramen-stomach/ By spartanchef on June 30th, 2013 As a chef, I was trained that food should not only taste good but also look pleasing to the eye and that very idea was drilled into my head ever since I started in culinary school. People don’t just eat with their taste buds because other senses are also in play; the aroma, the texture, the temperature and how the food looks like. When you prepare food, it has to be clean and it has to look like something the customer would want to eat. Let’s face it, food nowadays shouldn’t just please the taste buds but also the eyes.
  5. 5. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 The Japanese are known for dishes that look like little pieces of art; from sushi to mochi to even their cute and artistic bentos… but then again, there is the Silent Hill Ramen from Takumen. This black-colored miso ramen looks messy and on the center is… I don’t even want to know, they even censored it. The flavor of miso ramen depends on its color with white colored soups being very lightly flavored with only a hint of miso, red colored soups are usually those regular miso ramens you eat and those black ones have the most intense miso flavor, with how this ramen looks like however… The ‘Silent Hill’ ramen is a collaboration by Takumen and the 2012 horror movie ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D‘ which was based on Konami’s Silent Hill 3 horror video game. This ramen is most certainly not for the queasy and looks like a perfect fit for the video game and the movie. It certainly has that appeal to adventurous foodies and horror fans alike. It certainly breaks the rules on plating but it does have its certain flair. Maybe you will need to see nurses after eating this. Source: Takumen Death threat made to ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ author Hajime Isayama on blog Source: hajime-isayama-blog/ By spartanchef on June 30th, 2013 ‘Shingeki no Kyojin‘ author Hajime Isayama’s livedoor blog has been flooded by a comment over and over again recently, and that comment was anything but good. The comment stated that the now popular manga author will be beaten to death with a blunt object on June 29. The comment also added that the Japanese police are incompetent so he will never get caught. The comment was clearly meant to provoke the author as well as the police. This threatening message hasn’t been taken down yet as of this moment.
  6. 6. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 Isayama has also received A LOT of threatening messages on June 28 as can be seen in this screen shot of a comment in his blog. This message was posted multiple times on Isayama’s blog and was clearly provoking the author. The comment stated that Isayama should just commit suicide and continued to insult him by saying he is a “shitty guy” and that he is just a “dirty piece of trash”. The other commentators reactions after his posts were mixed with some taken by surprise by the message while some just treated him just like any other internet troll. Isayama hasn’t commented on the issue so far and no news hasn’t been released about the police’s action on this matter as of the moment. Source: Rocket News Japan Anime One’s ‘Most Popular Male Voice Actor for the first half of 2013′ Source: actor-2013/ By spartanchef on June 29th, 2013 Female Japanese voice actors are now treated like idols. Some like Nana Mizuki have a hit single with TM revolution titled ‘Preserved Roses’ while some like Kana Hanazawa have legions of adoring fans. Some were even caught up in a big scandal like Aya Hirano. The thing is the girls get a lot of attention, but what about the guys? Japanese anime website Anime One has recently conducted a survey and asked people who their favorite male voice actors are. The voting ended last June 27 and the results are now in. With a total of 9162 votes counted and everyone (including people outside Japan) allowed to vote, here are your most popular male voice actors for the first half of 2013: #21- Nobuhiko Okamoto- 242 votes (Accelerator from ‘To Aru Majutsu no Index’ and Usui Takumi from ‘Kaichou wa Maid-sama!’) #20- Kenichi Suzumura- 248 votes (Shinn Asuka from ‘Gundam Seed Destiny’ and Ash Roller from ‘Accel World’) #19- Takahiro Sakurai- 282 votes (Suzaku Kururugi from ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’ and Bit Cloud from ‘Zoids New Century’) #18- Sugita Tomokazu- 297 votes (Gintoki Sakata from ’Gintama’ and Switch from ‘Sket Dance’) #17- Hiroaki Hirata- 323 votes (Sanji from ‘One Piece’ and Kotetsu T. “Wild Tiger” Kaburagi from ‘Tiger & Bunny’) #15/16- Mamoru Miyano- 330 votes
  7. 7. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 (Rintarou Okabe from ‘Steins; Gate’ and Setsuna F. Seiei from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00’) #15/16- Kazuya Nakai- 330 votes (Zoro Roronoa from ‘One Piece’ and Date Masamune from ‘Sengoku no Basara’) #14- Kōji Yusa- 338 votes (Sanosuke Harada from ‘Hakuouki’ and Jolly from ‘Arcana Famiglia’) #13- Junichi Suwabe- 343 votes (Grimjow from ‘Bleach’, Archer from ‘Fate/ Stay Night’ and Ren Jinguuji from ‘Uta no☆Prince-sama☆ Maji Love 1000%’) #12- Ryohei Kimura- 361 votes (Kodaka Hasegawa from ‘Haganai’, Ryouta Kise from ‘Kuroko no Basket’ and L-Elf from ‘Valvrave the Liberator’) #11- Yoshimasa Hosoya- 401 votes (Arata Wataya from ‘Chihayaruru’ and Masrur from ‘Magi’)’ #10- Akira Ishida – 446 votes (Athrun Zala from ‘Gundam Seed’, Gaara from ‘Naruto’ and Chrno from ‘Chrno Crusade’) #9- Yuichi Nakamura- 447 votes (Gray Fullbuster from ‘Fairy Tail’, Kyousuke Kousaka from ‘Oreimo’ and Graham Aker from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00’) #8- Ryōta Ōsaka- 455 votes (Haruto Tokishima from ‘Valvrave the Liberator’ and Maou Sadao from ‘Hataraku Maou-Sama!’) #7- Yuuki Ono- 524 votes (Alsiel from ‘Hataraku Maou-Sama!’ and Taiga Kagami from ‘Kuroko no Basket’) #6- Jun Fukuyama- 525 votes (Lelouch Vi Britannia from ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’ and Mariandale from ‘Ixion Saga DT’) #5- Hiro Shimono- 561 votes (Akihisa Yoshii from ‘Bakatest‘, Shu Kurusu from ‘Uta no☆Prince-sama☆ Maji Love 1000%‘ and Keima Katsuragi from ‘The World God Only Knows‘)
  8. 8. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 #4- Daisuke Ono- 628 votes (Shizuo Heiwajima from ‘Durarara!’, Kuroh Yatogami from ‘K’ and Yuuya Bridges from ‘Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse‘) #3 Yuki Kaji- 639 votes (Issei Hyoudo from ‘High School DXD’, Alibaba Saluja from ‘Magi’ and Haruyuki Arita from ‘Accel World‘) #2 Takehito Koyasu- 683 votes (Kururu from ‘Sargent Keroro’, Mu La Flaga from ‘Gundam Seed‘ and Zechs Marquise from ‘Gundam Wing’) #1 Kamiya Hiroshi- 759 votes (Yuuta Takemoto from ‘Honey and Clover‘, Yuzuru Otonashi from ‘Angel Beats!’, Izaya Orihara from ‘Durarara!’ and Tieria Erde from ‘Gundam 00′) Do you agree? Do you think someone else should be included in the list? Macross: The Museum now open in Hyogo Source: By spartanchef on June 29th, 2013 1982 marked the debut of the classic science fiction mecha anime ‘The Super Dimension Fortress Macross’. The series was created by Shoji Kawamori and sparked multiple
  9. 9. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 sequels, mangas, spin-off TV series, video games, OVAs and even a musical. The most recent TV series so far is 2008′s Macross Frontier which in itself has gathered a cult following. Now, 31 years after the very first series aired in 1982, a museum dedicated to the Macross franchise has now opened. The museum opened yesterday, June 28 at the second floor of the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum which can be found in Takarazuka City, Hyogo. The museum will be available from June 28 until October 28. 2013, however, the museum will be closed every Wednesday. One of the highlights of the museum is the life-size cockpit of VF-1. The exhibit also includes photo albums like ”the Legendary Diva Lynn Minmay’s photo album” as well as the costumes and props of Macross characters like Lynn Minmai, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee. Also displayed are several 1/60 scale Valkyrie models as well as other Macross mechs. And of course, what museum can be complete without some artwork? They also had several souvenir items up for sale like T-shirts, flags and other Macross merchandise.
  10. 10. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 There is a 700 yen entrance fee for adults, 400 yen for middle-schoolers and 100 yen for elementary kids. There is also a 1300 yen special ticket with art card available. Macross: The museum is part of the 30th anniversary of Macross. Sources: Macross World and Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum Galileo Galilei to release theme for Anohana animated film Source: anohana-animated-film/ By SkerryK on June 29th, 2013 It’s official: Hit Hokkaido-grown rock band Galileo Galilei will release “Circle Club Game,” the theme song for upcoming animated film Anohana, on July 21. This tune has served as the new opening theme for the Anohana anime series since August to commemorate the film’s theatrical release. ”Circle Club Game” isn’t the only thing building hype among fans. Go ahead and check out the Anohana trailer on Youtube. It’s intense, exciting, and just a peek at what’s in store! Fans are gushing about it. Some say they already have
  11. 11. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 goosebumps, while others claim that the preview alone has brought them to tears. If you’re planning on buying Galileo Galilei’s new single, you might want to do it quickly. For a limited time, the “Circle Club Game” CD will also include “Aoi Shiori,” Anohana’s original opening theme. Both the extended version and the television version of each song will be included. If that doesn’t sound like enough, don’t worry. The opening movie’s storyboard, as well as preliminary illustrations, will also be enclosed. Limited-edition copies of the CD will cost about 1,600 yen. Regular copies, which will include two other songs in addition to the single, will be priced at 1, 223 yen. Don’t think about the price, though. Think about how you’ll remember Anohana— a riveting story of friendship, loss, and love —every time you play the “Circle Game.” Worth it, right? Source: New cast, characters, and PV for ‘Senki Zessho Symphogear G’ Source: symphogear-g/ By KaleNagasaki on June 29th, 2013 The official website for Senki Zessho Symphogear G has been updated with more characters and cast members, and the additions are making the second season of Symphogear look very promising. While we previously covered a few of the main characters and their respective voice actors, now we have character designs to put the pieces together. Thus, I hope this article will be a great overview for those of you wondering whether or not Senki Zessho Symphogear G should be on your watch list. First we have the principle antagonist, Maria Cadenzavna Eve. As a pop princess, she has legions of fans around
  12. 12. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 the globe. After fusing with a Symphogear outside of the jurisdiction of the Japanese government, she becomes an enemy despite her enchanting voice. Yoko Hikasa (K-ON!‘s Mio Akiyama, Kore wa Zombie desu ka?‘s Seraphim) voices this dangerous diva. In contrast to her older sister, Serena Cadenzavna Eve is of a gentler nature. Although she too has fused with Symphogear, she does not know how to use it in battle. Instead, Serena is more likely to be seen living up to her name by soothing her older sister’s spirited heart. Serena is the reason behind Maria’s dogged perseverance. She is played by Yui Horie (Fairy Tail’s Carla, Dog Days‘ Millhiore Biscotti). Despite her appearance, Shirabe Tsukuyomi is one of Maria’s warriors. Cold and calculating, Shirabe does whatever is necessary to complete an objective. She finds Hibiki Tachibana, the so called hero of the world, to be hypocritical. Shirabe is voiced by Yoshino Nanjou, a main vocalist of FripSide. Next we have Kiriki Akatsuki, another one of Maria’s fighters. Although she possesses the personality you’d expect a young girl to have, Kiriki, like her comrades, was once a test subject in a research lab and labeled a “Receptor Child”. Because of this, she will do anything to protect her friends. Ai Kayano (Guilty Crown’s Inori, Aquarion EVOL’s Mikono) plays Kiriki. Dr. Ver is a part of the American Holy Relic Research Facility’s 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps. As a biologist, he works to uncover the truth behind the holy relics and analyzes Ryoko Sakurai’s theories. He admires Tsubasa, Chris, and Hibiki for saving the world, and dreams to do the same. Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama‘s Gintoki, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi‘s Kyon) will voice the scientist.
  13. 13. July 1st, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 13 Professor Natassja is the technician behind Maria and her team. Her knowledge of the holy relics is formidable, and while she can be friendly with her partners, she can also quickly turn harsh for the sake of her objectives. Professor Natassja is voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Ah! My Goddess‘s Belldandy, Ikki Tousen‘s Goei). Lastly, we have Masahito Shibata, the vice-minister of the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He aims to protect the Symphogear system as it is of national interest, and is one of the few people who understands Genjuro. Masahito works with the Mobile Disaster Response Corps. He is played by Hidekatsu Shibata, whose other roles include Naruto‘s Sarutobi and Mazinger Z‘s Baron Ashura. The opening theme song ,”Vitalization”, will be sung by Nana Mizuki, the voice of Tsubasa. The ending theme song, “Next Destination”, will be sung by Ayahi Takagaki, the voice of Chris Yukine. A CD is also in the making to be released on July 17, and will feature the song “Fushidori no Flamme” and a character song duet featuring Tsubasa and Maria. A few staff members have changed for the second season. Katsumi Ono (Hataraki Man) is replacing Tatsufumi Ito as diretor, and Satoru Fujimoto, the chief animation director, will also take the position of character designer from Satoshi Koike. Hopefully these changes are for the better! Senki Zessho Symphogear G premiers July 4, but until then, check out the first official promo below.
  14. 14. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Neptunia and Go Go Curry add moe to your diet Source: By Zenko on July 3rd, 2013 To help promote the upcoming anime adaptation of the Neptunia games, the girls are teaming up with Akiba’s Go Go Curry! for a tasty experience. Neptunia is building up a lot of anticipation for fans of the series, which features popular gaming consoles turned into fantastic moe girls. They have been going strong in their own game series for some time, and the popularity peeked enough to garnish an anime this summer (more on Neptunia at SGCafe here). To help make sure that as many people as possible not only know about the show, but get a healthy dose of moe in their diet, Akihabara’s Go Go Curry! is collaborating with the Planeptune girls starting July 7. Go! Go! Curry may draw attention to those walking by it for the gorilla on the sign daring you to enter, but it is most famous for it’s katsu curry. Not only that, but they know how to draw in the otaku crowd at their Akiba location; Neptunia isn’t the first anime to collaborate. Cutie Honey and Nyarko- san have also promoted the curry rice chain. As part of the collaboration, when you order the Roast Katsu Curry, you have the opportunity to receive a clearfile with the collaborative illustration on it. If you’ve ever wanted or needed Neptune and Nepgear offering you a plate of curry rice covering your school work, nows your chance. You’ll have to be fast, though, as only 555 are available. Read even more about Neptunia on SGCafe! Love games? Join in the discussion here! Source: News Dengeki HTT decides to go SNK for a day Source: By Zenko on July 3rd, 2013 The girls of Houkagou Tea Time were seen flighting off Titans with their very own 3D maneuver gear on Monday. At least, their figures were. Mugi, Azusa and Mio figmas were all geared up to fight Titans, and with a little papercraft magic and velcro they looked like they could join the ranks of the 104th. Yui and
  15. 15. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 Ri-chan most likely made it as well, though as one fan in the comments put it “they were probably eaten.” Even Azusa’s twintails were put to use, donning drills that looked as if they could pierce the heavens to help her swing around, and backing up her already impressive arsenal of a candy red apple Mustang ’69. Mugi, most likely seeing something that set her fujoushi heart ablaze, faces down a Colossal Titan with some makeshift duct tape blades. She’s so battle ready, that as poster 289 remarks, she seems like she could fit right into the show. Even if she looses her blades she’s willing to improvise, using a folding chair as a weapon. (Read more about K-On on SGCafe here). Even Mio trades in her signature jazz bass for a pair of blades as the three remaining HKK members make their final stand. Who will survive? Who will find themselves a snack for a Titan? That much isn’t clear, but they will certainly look as cool as possible doing it. Other commentators on the pictures were quick to point out some other humorous things. 281 points out that they wish they had a butt like Azunyan’s, while another, commentator 292, encourages Mugi to go for the weak-point at the neck. Read more on Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) right here on SGCafe! Also feel free to join in community discussions in the forums! Source: Otanews Adorable key chains for ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’, ‘Gintama x Mamebashi’ crossover Source: gintama-mamebashi-crossover/ By KaleNagasaki on July 3rd, 2013 With all the lovely merchandise featuring Shingeki no Kyojin that’s been pouring out lately, there’s little surprise that key chains and cell phone charms will arrive as well. However, Cospa is bringing a little humour by creating a “pinched series”. We become the titans as we dangle Eren, Mikasa, and Levi from their precarious posts upon our keys and phones. These key holders and cell phone charms are six-hundred and thirty yen each, and the back of them shows the wings of freedom design of the Survey Corps. Personally, after the epicness of episode thirteen (I’m referring to when Corporal Levi came in at the end like a BOSS), I really want the Levi one! Although I am sure that if we really had him in this position, he’d still find a way to slice his way out. If you’re a little behind on your Shingeki no Kyojin, and if you are, you should be ashamed, catch up here with our other posts at SGCafe.
  16. 16. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 In related news, Gintama has teamed up with an unlikely partner for some more adorable anime trinkets. In commemoration of the upcoming movie Gekijōban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare (Gintama the Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya) that will hit theaters July 6, I give you Gintama x Mameshiba key chains. Cute, aren’t they? Which one is your favorite, and are you planning on seeing the new movie? If you aren’t in the loop, for more on Gintama from us here at SGCafe, click here. Don’t forget to check out SGCafe for more on Attack on Titan and Gintama. Also join in on the community’s discussions at Source: Famitsu New LovePlus+ announced for 3DS; will not feature 4th heroine Akira Yukino Source: feature-4th-heroine-akira-yukino/ By KarbyP on July 3rd, 2013 In the pages of Weekly Famitsu magazine this week Konami announced New LovePlus+ for the 3DS, a new entry in the popular dating simulation game franchise that’s appeared on the DS, 3DS, arcade and mobile social game platforms.
  17. 17. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 The new title is said to be a return to the series’ roots, and will once again feature only three heroines that the player can select to date - Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa, and Nene Anegasaki. The story scenarios for each of these three heroines will be greatly expanded on in this sequel to 2012′s New Love Plus (also on the 3DS; more of SGCafe’s 3DS games coverage over here). A fourth heroine, Akira Yukino, was introduced last month as a potential date in LovePlus Collection, Konami’s smartphone/feature phone mobile social game that’s based on the dating game franchise. Unfortunately, according to an interview with New LovePlus +’s developers in Weekly Famitsu, the devs currently do not have plans to include Yukino as a fourth heroine in the new 3DS title; although she might appear as a side-character. Apart from greatly expanded story scenarios for all three heroines, New LovePlus+ will also feature a number of new play elements. One of the biggest new additions here are school excursions or field trips where you’ll be able to visit some place faraway with your selected girlfriend in the game. The developers say that these excusions or field trips “will not be like any you’ve experienced before”. In New LovePlus for the 3DS, a number of system interfaces were changed that led to the menus being less intuitive or harder to navigate over the ones in the DS versions. New LovePlus+ will revert those changes back to the way they were in the DS versions of the game – a direct result of feedback developers received from fans. There are tons of other changes and new elements as well, but details on those are scarce at the moment. As for the game’s release date, although nothing is concrete at the moment, the developers hope to bring it out at a time “after the weather has started to get cold, before it begins to get warm again” – so sometime at the end of Winter in Japan, but before Spring arrives in 2014. Hungry for more? Check out more of SGCafe’s game news coverage here: Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: Famitsu, Image MapleSEA’s 8th anniversary birthday celebration in Singapore [Photos and Video] Source: in-singapore/ By KarbyP on July 2nd, 2013 This past weekend, Asiasoft kicked off MapleSEA’s 8th anniversary celebrations with the first round of its Maple Party Bus promotional tour, which brought the party (and exclusive sale items) to their fans in several heartland locations, as well as smiles and cheers to shoppers along downtown Singapore when the party bus pass through the area with the vivacious MapleSEA girls (pictured above) in tow. Apart from roving around the island over the weekend, the party bus made stops at sports stadium caparks in Bukit Gombak, Yishun, and Woodlands, where fans showed up in troves – many had been waiting at the venues before the party bus even arrived - to purchase limited-edition celebratory goods, as well as interact and take pictures with the MapleSEA girls and various mascot cardboard cut-outs.
  18. 18. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 Two members from MapleSEA developer Nexon Korea (check back tomorrow for SGCafe’s exclusive interview with them) also made their way down to sunny Singapore to join in the weekend’s festivities, which culminated with a cake-cutting ceremony at the Woodlands venue. But the highlight of the party bus tour had to be a special appearance by the Yeti from MapleSEA, who took “great pains” to come out here and interact with fans, just for the occasion. What do we mean when we say “great pains”? We’ll let you see for yourself:
  19. 19. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 More highlight photos can also be viewed at the official MapleSEA Facebook fan page here. This coming weekend, the party bus will once again be roving around our island-nation, and stopping at the venues and timings listed below to meet and greet MapleSEA fans. If you weren’t able to make it to the pasty last weekend, don’t miss it this time! 6 July 2013 Clementi Stadium Carpark (1030am to 1230pm) Yishun Stadium Carpark (3pm to 5pm) 7 July 2013 Serangoon Stadium Carpark (1030am – 1230pm) Jurong Stadium Carpark (3pm to 5pm) Read more stories about MMO games here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Cherry Credits launches new auction house for Avatar Star Source: house-avatar-star/ By spartanchef on July 2nd, 2013 Free-to-play MMO operator Cherry Credits, who runs MMOs like Dragon Nest and SD Gundam Capsule Fighter in South-east Asia, have announced today that they will be launching a new auction house for their Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter game Avatar Star. A new content update which is widely anticipated by the players will be released and it will add features like a daily sign-in gift system and the auction house. (More on MMO games here at SGCafe through this link). With the new auction house, players can now bid on valuable items such as weapons and other items by using in-game money as the trading currency. Non-cash players can now keep up with players who use real money as they will be able to attain cash items by using hard-earned gold they’ve accumulated by playing. In a statement by Addison Kang, CEO of Cherry Credits, he said: The introduction of an Auction system has a dramatic impact on the game economy. On one hand, the game becomes more affordable at the expense of lower revenues for the publisher. Securing the safety of the game economy and auction system also increases the cost of operating the game. In return, however, the game attracts and retains more active players. This is what Cherry Credits and Pearl Digital aims to do. We believe in providing both paying and non-paying players with different benefits, giving them valuable returns on items they hold.” Avatar Star’s daily gifting system also gives players more incentives to enhance their gameplay. Players will not only receive daily gifts (which include consumable cash items)
  20. 20. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 but also additional special gift packs when they sign in for the 7th, 14th, 20th and 25th consecutive day in a month. Avatar Star has a large emphasis on character customization so these new changes will really enhance the game play. So, are you ready for a really personalized gaming experience with lots of cuteness and even more pew pew pew? Read more stories about MMO games here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Cloud Strife’s uniform and buster sword are pre- order bonuses for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Source: pre-order-bonuses-lightning-returns-final-fantasy-xiii/ By KarbyP on July 2nd, 2013 Final Fantasy XIII series heroine Lightning has often been described to be like a female Cloud Strife (from FF7) of sorts. Both are always cool, calm and composed – even when the going gets tough. And now, thanks to a very special pre-order campaign, you’ll actually be able to make Lightning cosplay as everyone’s favoruite spiky-haired hero from Final Fantasy VII. (More posts about Final Fantasy here on SGCafe) With this special limted time pre-order DLC offer, you’ll receive with your copy of the game a code to download: • Cloud Strife’s Soldier 1st Class Uniform • Soldier’s Band (equipment) • Buster Sword (weapon) Just in case you haven’t quite been following up on your Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news, in this game there are no pre-defined classes or “paradigms” (as they were called in previous FF13 games). Instead, you create your own “styles” of play this time around by combining a costume, a weapon, various equipment, and that will determine which attack and support skills you can use. As the video demonstrates, when you have all three pre- order items equipped on Lightning at the same time, the game will also end each fight with a special finishing animation and victory fanfare that should be familiar to anyone who’s played Final Fantasy VII. And that’s about as close as we’ll ever get to a remake of Final Fantasy VII for current-generation consoles. Better luck next generation, I suppose! Read more stories about Final Fantasy games here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// New anime ‘Gundam Build Fighters’ announced, begins airing on Japanese TV October 2013 [Updated w/ PV] Source: announced-begins-airing-japanese-tv-october-2013/
  21. 21. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 By KarbyP on July 2nd, 2013 The next big Gundam anime series will not actually be about giant robots fighting in space. Instead, the new series will feature mobile suits that may physically be small in stature, but are nevertheless a a huge deal to fans; we’re talking the world of 1/144 scale Gundam plastic models, also known simply as “Gunpla”. Entitled Gundam Build Fighters, the new series was announced this morning at a press conference held in Odaba’s Gundam Front Tokyo entertainment complex. The new show will begin airing on Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo, as well as all of its affiliates all over Japan, this October. (More anime news here on SGCafe via this link) Set in a near future where Gunpla models can be pit against one another in Gunpla Battles, Gundam Build Fighters tells the story of Sei Iori, a first-year middle school/junior high student, and the only child to the family who runs Iori Hobby Figure Shop, a mom-and-pop shop that deals in 1/144 scale Gunpla figures. Sei possesses remarkable Gunpla construction skills, possibly due to his parents’ influence. However, when he enters his first Gunpla Battle tournament, he is elminated from the competition right from his very first match. That’s when Sei meets Reiji, a mysterious teenage boy who displays extraordinary skill in remote-operating Gunpla mobile suits. The two decide to form a duo and aim towards qualifying for the worldwide Gunpla Battle championships. As it’s themed around Gunpla, Gundam Build Fighters will feature mobile suit units both old and new. For instance, the original Gunpla unit that Sei puts together – Build Strike Gundam – is a unit that uses parts from Strike Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed) as a base. Other such “remixed” versions of past mobile suits include new suits based on parts from Zaku-II (called the Zaku Amazing), Wing Gundam, and Gundam X (Gundam X Maoh/Devil King). Official Gunpla kits for Build Strike Gundam, Zaku Amazing, and Gundam X Maoh will be sold in stores beginning October. One of the key concepts for Gundam Build Fighters is the phrase “All Gundam”, meaning fans can expect to see some of their favourite mobile suit units from past Gundam anime shows make an appearance here as a mobile Gunpla unit.
  22. 22. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 Read more Gundam stories here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: Mainichi JP, Otanews, Gundam BF official site Kyary’s new characters make way to iOS app store Source:
  23. 23. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 By Zenko on July 2nd, 2013 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu continues to show up in appearances in commercials for a variety of goods, and this time with Glico’s Ice Fruits she is also making her way to mobile phones. Kyary may have stumped fans when she released a preview of her new song Mi, but Glico provided the solution when she appeared alongside a group of dancers dressed fittingly like fruits. Coming from the same school Tempura Kidz graduated from, their dancing might seem very familiar. The commercial is below, and Kyary’s new character design that started the Mi infection can be seen below. With the commercial out and Glico trying to promote the renewal of their ice fruit as much as possible, they have released a free app on Japan’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It features a Mi free talk feature, where Kyary will listen to your best mi-ing to the commercial’s song. There is a minigame for it as well, where you may even have to mi up to one hundred times as quickly as you can. If seeing Kyary’s encouraging smile isn’t enough for you to run out and buy as many frozen fruit treats as possible, Glico is also holding a barcode collection lottery. When you send in three barcodes for an ice fruit and one of their other popular treats you are entered to win a special edition QUO card worth 3000 yen which 3000 people have a chance of winning. For five barcodes you can enter the lottery for a Mi dispenser, as seen in the commercial backgrounds, though the chances are smaller at only 300 people. With a new character image introduced, will we be seeing more of the little Mi’s running about in her other videos in the future? Or are they just too weird? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments, or join in the discussion of whether everyone’s favorite harujuku girl’s songs are really all that great in the forums. Source: Mantan Web RX-78-2 Gundam marble statue to be unveiled in Odaiba Source: unveiled-odaiba/ By spartanchef on July 2nd, 2013 Many of the greatest statues in the art world are made of marble; masterpieces like Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne, Alexandros of Antioch’s Venus de Milo and of course, Michelangelo’s David. What the statue should look like when finished Now, another marble statue of an icon is about to be unveiled, and this time, it’s a statue of the legendary and iconic RX-78-2 Gundam (more on Gundam here at SGCafe through this link). This piece is sculpted by the people over at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music for the TOKYO Gundam project 2013 summer Festa which will be held from July
  24. 24. July 3rd, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 30 until August 22, 2013. The statue was carefully and painstakingly sculpted over a period of six months by the university’s sculpture department. The statue alone measures approximately 1.5 meters tall on its own and 2.7 meters if the base is included. The 1/12 scale statue was made as a symbol to promote sports. This comes as Tokyo is preparing to present its bid for the 2020 Olympic Summer and Paralympic games. According to the official Gundam website, the Gundam statue is purposely posed like an Olympian warrior ready to “start”. Japan is one of the host candidates for the 2020 Olympics alongside Istanbul, Turkey and Madrid, Spain. The announcement for the winning candidate will be made on September 7, 2013. The statue will go alongside the life-sized model of the RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba. Read more Gundam stories here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source:
  25. 25. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Now you can visit Free! with these real life town setting locations Source: locations/ By spartanchef on July 5th, 2013 With all this Free! mania all over the place, it’s really difficult to ignore this anime about male swimmers with rock hard abs. Yes, the anime is really hard to ignore since social media sites like tumblr and facebook have been bombarded with images and screenshots (as well as legions of screaming and nose bleeding fan girls… and boys) of the premiere episode of Kyoto Animation’s sports anime. Free! is everywhere on the internet right now, but what about this certain town in Japan called Iwami where you can say that it’s literally everywhere? (More anime here on SGCafe via this link) Several pictures have surfaced from Iwami town in Tottori prefecture, Japan showing several scenes from the anime as well as several images from the town itself. Both look VERY familiar, don’t you think?
  26. 26. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2
  27. 27. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 Looks like the people over at Kyoto Animation have painstakingly captured Iwami town’s beauty with such wonderful detail (yes fan girls, I know that’s not the only thing they captured in detail). Iwami town is a small fishing town in Tottori prefecture known for its seafood, rice patties and hot springs. The town is a 30-minute train ride from Tottori city and it’s main source of income is squid fishing as well as the tourism generated from their well-renowned hot springs. From the looks of things, this town is also going to be known for something else too. Well, it’s already official, Free! Mania has begun! Read more on Free! here at SGCafe here Join the SGCafe forum community here Source: Etesuke Lightning and FF13 cosplay items to appear in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Source: fantasy-xiv-realm-reborn/ By KarbyP on July 4th, 2013 At a Final Fantasy Conference presentation in France’s Japan Expo, Square Enix revealed that Lightning from the Final Fantasy XIII games will make an appearance (as an NPC) in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Costumes and weapons from Final Fantasy XIII will also be made available in FF14: A Realm Reborn, allowing players’ in-game avatars to cosplay as their favourite FF13 characters… … Yes, I’m using the word “cosplay” very loosely. (More posts on Final Fantasy here at SGCafe) Hailed as an MMORPG that celebrates Final Fantasy’s 25 years of history, A Realm Reborn will also incorporate many other elements of past FF games, including summons such as Behemoth, Titan, Garuda, and Moogle.
  28. 28. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently in beta test. The full version of the MMO is expected to go into service on the PC on August 27, 2013. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will also be released for the PlayStation 3 on August 27. A PlayStation 4 version will also be launched after the system has been released. Read more stories about MMO games here on SGCafe! Also, more Final Fantasy stories here! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: Japan Expo livestream via Hachima Ragnarok Online 2 update today adds the ‘Noel’ race Source: adds-noel-race/ By KarbyP on July 4th, 2013 A new update for Asiasoft Online and Gravity Co’s Ragnarok Online 2 MMO has just went live earlier today. (More on MMO games here at SGCafe through this link). Today’s update adds a brand new race – the Noels, who are a race of elves that have developed black wings and tails on their backs, as well as horns on their heads, due to their ability to absorb demon spells - for RO2 players to start their adventures as. All Noel characters will begin their journey in RO2 from the Garden of Yggdrasil, which is the starting town for this race (characters level 1 to 7 can also visit this location). On top of all that, today’s update also brings new monsters, NPCs and quests specific to the Noel race. The introduction of the Noel character race is said to be a major update to Ragnarok Online 2, and to celebrate the occasion Asiasoft is providing players with an additional incentive to play: the first 5,000 players to create Noel characters between now (July 4) and August 5 will stand a chance to win up to 100,000 credits’ worth of RO2Cash. Full details from the press release:
  29. 29. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 The History of Noels Noels came about during the time of the Midgard battles. They were once Elves who battled alongside the Human Race against the Goddess Freyja, in which they emerged victorious. However, after that, the Elves began to disappear after they absorbed the demon spells that were casted during the battle. The Elves could only survive by absorbing spells and thus they started to grow black wings and tails on their backs, and the symbol of the demon, horns, also appeared from their heads. Due to the transformation, the Human Race started calling them Noels. The Noel race was saved from extinction by a piece of Ymir, which contain pure and infinite spells, preventing the Noels from transforming into demons when they absorbed demon spells. Even though they would grow into adulthood, they spent their lives as children to reduce the need to consume more spells. New Map: Yggdrasil Garden The Yggdrasil Garden, located on the top of the world tree Yggdrasil, is the home of the Noels. The Noels started building the small town Elenas, and lived there happily and peacefully until one day, the peace was shattered by the Freyjas. The Freyjas’ mission was to destroy the pendant made from Ymir, and the Noels fought bravely to protect it. The Noels won the battle eventually after a long and hard fight and they marked this victory with a celebration. However, it was abruptly ended when a wounded traveler showed up in Elenas town and the story of Noel began. The Journey Begins The Noel starts its journey as an Alter. Upon reaching Level 25, the Noel can choose to continue the path as a Crecentia or a Soul Maker. Each job has their unique support and attack skills that could prove essential and useful for any situation. Visit to find out more about the Noel race. “We are very excited to launch the new Noel race in the world’s first English service for Ragnarok Online 2!” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman for Asiasoft.”We hope that players will be able to explore new experiences and enjoy themselves with the launch of the new content and we look forward to the players’ support as we continue to work closely with the developers to bring in more new content for their enjoyment in the near future.” A Rewarding Gameplay with Ragnarok Online 2 Introduced since April 2013, two new in-game reward systems had been implemented within the game, namely the Daily Attendance Systemand the Hourly Giveaway. For those who had taken a break from the game before then, now would be a wonderful time to make a comeback. With every day of login, the Daily Attendance System will reward the player with an in-game item, and the rewards will get more attractive for each consecutive day of login. Players will start off with a seedling and the seedling will grown into a full bloom after five consecutive days of login, rewarding the player with a rare in-game item which would assist players with their raids and game. Also, players will be rewarded for staying in the game. The Hourly Giveaway promises attractive in- game cash items such as explorer potions and repair spinels. Upon login, the hourly timer is activated and for every hour, the player will receive the reward by clicking on the giftbox that appears on the top right hand corner. Upon reaching the 3rd hour mark, players will be rewarded with a much sought after item that is rare within the game. Players already familiar with both systems would be pleased to know that the top tier rewards will be updated with new items regularly. From 4th July 2013 onwards, the 5th day reward for the Daily Attendance System will be a Special Card Synthesis Stone and for the Hourly Giveaway,they stand to receive one Mysterious Crystal upon reaching the 3rd hour mark. In addition, to mark the launch of Noel race, Ragnarok Online 2 is also giving a chance for players to win RO2Cash! From 4th July to 5th August 2013, the first 5,000 players who create their Noel characters in the game in July and in August will stand a chance to win 100,000 worth of RO2Cash each! Head over to now for more details and be part of the ever-growing Ragnarok Online 2 community at PlayRO2! Read more stories about MMO games here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Attack on Mami-san Source: By hittokiri on July 4th, 2013
  30. 30. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 Following Monday’s amusing K-on cross over with Attack on Titan, fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica has jumped in on the act by re-enacting an iconic scene from Attack on Titan. Humans were reminded that day The terror of Mami-san’s domination… The humiliation when confronted by their largeness… She made a hole in the wall…!? Mami-san has gotten in!! Mami-san has caught us!! Kya~!! Ah~! Sayaka-chan has fallen prey to Mami-san!!
  31. 31. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 Read more Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) on SGCafe here. Join the SGCafe forum community here Source : Otanews Sadako goes 4D for latest movie Source: By Zenko on July 4th, 2013 The Sadako movie series is still going strong after several sequels, and this time it’s not just going 3D, it’s breaking through to the fourth dimension. Smartphone users that love to be scared are in for a treat with the latest instalment to the Sadako films. If the series doesn’t sound too familiar to you, it was remade overseas as The Ring, with Sadako being the name of the wonderfully creepy little girl that crawls out of the TV after giving you a phone call. Last summer a flash mob of Sadako’s strutted around Tokyo to promote 2012′s Sadako 3D. This summer, with Sadako 3D2 coming out, a promotion is going on in theatres. (For more on horror on SGCafe, click here). Users that download the free app and leave their phone on throughout the film will experience added effects to the already 3D film. This includes things like vibrating, flashing, and even the titular Sadako appearing on your smartphone screen. All of this ties into the previous installment to the film, where a character became trapped within a smartphone. The film will be hitting theatres in Japan on August 30, though there’s no word yet on an international release or if it will also use the smartphone app. If it does, though, it could start a trend in 4D films for smartphone users, much the same way the WiiU set off the tablet integration trend. If you love movies, read about more here on SGCafe! Feel free to join in the community discussions here. Source: High School DxD brings fanservice and demons to the 3DS Source: demons-3ds/ By hikarucon on July 4th, 2013 It looks like popular ecchi anime and light novel High School DxD will be getting its own game on the 3DS.
  32. 32. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 Gamplay:The gameplay for High School DxD for the 3ds will be split up into two parts, a traditional visual novel style and actual fighting that will follow the story of the anime. In the former part, you’ll be conversing with the various girls in the game and racking up affection points to enter relationships with them. As per typical visual novel conventions, players will be offered several choices of what to say during a conversation with a girl at certain points in order to appeal to them and increase your chances of a relationship with them. Going through the routes and accumulating “lust power” will be the key to the battle parts of the game. Within the game, you will do battle with many different types of enemies. To have an easier time in the battle, you will want to save up as much “lust power” as you can. When certain conditions are met the lust power that you have accumulated can be released and used. When released, you’ll be able to do some heavy damage High School DxD style (i.e. destroying their clothes with Issei’s Dress Break move). The rest of the battle is turn based meaning that you’ll select what you want to do once per turn in order to defeat your enemy. You win once you deplete your enemy’s life gauge and conversely lose when yours is depleted. Story:Hyoudou Issei is a second year high school student whose mind is constantly filled with perverted fantasies and desires. He wouldn’t want anything more than for his life to be turned into one where he was surrounded by pretty women all the time. One day he loses his life to a demon who he thought was his girlfriend and is saved by Rias Gremory, the president of the Occult Research Club. In order to save his life, Rias reincarnates Issei into a demon under her control and takes him into the Occult Research Club, a club where every member is secretly a demon and a servant for Rias who is actually a demon of noble birth.
  33. 33. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 Issei is on one hand now a demon who must fight for Rias but is also surrounded by beautiful girls. Could death actually have been the best thing for Issei? The 3DS game releases November 28th, 2013 for 6300 yen, but don’t forget that there’s a second season for High School DxD coming out as well. Read more on High School DxD here on SGCafe Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: Famitsu Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero [Movie Review] Source: By Kageshi on July 4th, 2013 Never will you see another movie that features as much groin-and-muscle-grinding action as Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero. This latest Japanese flick to hit movie theatres in Singapore (exclusively at Filmgarde cineplexes) will leave your jaw dropping as you laugh along to the many special attacks uniquely possible only with Hentai Kamen himself. For those who follow the manga series, do not feel deterred from watching as it is just as hilarious with a few new twists of its own here and there. Throughout the movie’s 105-minute runtime you’ll find yourself laughing and being in shock over many of the scenes (pro tip: we’d advise viewers to refrain from consuming a soft drink when you’re watching this movie). Another pro tip, this one provided to us at the start of the film courtesy of the movie’s producers and local film distributor Encore Films: also be advised that when you are watching this movie, do refrain from succumbing to the urge to strip and become Hentai Kamen as that would goes against the rules and regulations of Filmgarde Cineplex. Now that you are sufficiently warned, let’s dive into what the show is all about. A journey to discover one’s inner perverse… for the sake of saving the world! Hentai Kamen follows the story of a young boy by the name of Kyōsuke Shikijō (played by Ryohei Suzuki) who is by far one of the weakest student in his school – or so everybody thought. Everything changes one day, however, when he has to infiltrate a building where Aiko Himeno (played by Fumika Shimizu, whom you might recognise as Yuki Jojima from Kamen Rider Fourze) a newly transferred girl and Kyosuke’s love interest in the movie, and a bunch of office employees are being held hostage by armed robbers on the top-most floor. “Get us a helicopter!” one of the robbers yells to the crowd of passers-by and policemen who have assembled at the base of the building. When Kyosuke urges the police to give in to the armed robbers’ demands, the police chief tells him that it was a stupid demand – the building was not equipped with a helipad. There was nothing that the police could do, even if they very much wanted to do something to calm the robbers down. That’s when Kyosuke decides to take matters into his own hands, and infiltrates the building. Not wanting to be recognised by the robbers, Kyosuke decides to look for something that he could use to disguise himself as one of the masked robbers. Purely by accident, Kyosuke grabs a pair of used woman’s panties, and wears it on his head thinking it was a mask. By the time he realises his mistake, for some
  34. 34. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 reason Kyosuke was unable to remove the pair of panties on his head at will. With that single moment of folly, the genes within Kyosuke – the masochistic senses of his policeman father, and the sadistic tendencies of his hostess mom – are rudely awakened, unlocking 100% of the power that laid dormant within his muscles, transforming the mild-mannered high school student into the not-so-mild-mannered forbidden superhero, Hentai Kamen. With the ability to catch bullets with his bare hands, and movement speeds so fast that to the untrained eye, Hentai Kamen appears to be teleporting from point to point, Kyosuke manages to resolve the hostage situation with ease, and secures Aiko’s safety. Aiko is grateful for Hentai Kamen’s help. However, as HK is, after all, a pervert, initially Aiko is reluctant to adore the man who saved her (she does not know that it is actually Kyosuke in disguise), for she is ashamed of thinking that a pervert – who wears women’s stockings and panties for a mask, and who everyone is making fun of – to be chivalrous ally of justice. However, through a string of hilarious incidents both within and outside of the school that Kyosuke and Aiko attends, our female heroine gradually warms up to the forbidden superhero. Part of the movie’s appeal has to do with getting us, the audience, to realise through Aiko’s vantage point that, just like Hentai Kamen, there are plenty of people in our lives who are really superheroes in their own regard – like, say, your own father – but who we are ashamed to acknowledge our respect and adoration for, because they’re just so lame or embarrassing in front of your friends. There’s definitely a meaningful message in Hentai Kamen somewhere. Hidden behind all the nutsack jokes, and the hilariously obscene action. But let’s not kid ourselves: this movie is 95% about watching Kyosuke ponder over ridiculous (read: hilarious) dilemmas like having to steal somebody’s panties just so he can transform into Hentai Kamen and save the world. Although at some point the movie gets a little too serious for its own good – specifically, right after Hentai Kamen meets his arch-nemesis Fake Hentai Kamen who is so powerful that he succeeds in robbing Kyosuke of his power to transform – there are just so many laugh-inducing moments in the flick that it is hard not to recommend this to anyone and everyone who appreciates slapstick comedy or toilet humour. If you like funny shows, this one-of-a-kind flick will certainly burst your gut. There’s even a bit of fanservice for both male and female viewers alike! Both the lead actor and actress, Ryohei Suzuki and Fumika Shimizu, appear in swimwear at some point in the movie. Ryohei Suzuki, with his rock-hard abs and astounding built, are especially a treat to female viewers – he trained about a year for this role! So do follow through the hilarious adventures of Kyōsuke Shikijō, as he comes to terms with his “cursed” blood (as it turns out, he is a pervert, of sorts) and work behind the scenes to save the world one grind at a time!
  35. 35. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero (R21, for mature content and sexual references) is now screening at Filmgarde Cinemas at Bugis+ and Leisure Park Kallang, for a limited time only. Tickets can be booked online here. ‘Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku’ SO-04E smartphone to launch in Japan late September Source: docomo/ By KarbyP on July 4th, 2013 Crypton Future Media, NTT DoCoMo and Sony Mobile Communications are teaming up to offer a Hatsune Miku- themed Sony Xperia smartphone that will launch in Japan in late September, 2013. Only 39,000 of the smartphones will be sold. The docomo XperiaTM feat. HATSUNE MIKU SO-04E (or simply, “Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku”) smartphone will run Android 4.2 on a quad-core CPU rated at 1.5GHz, paired with 2GB’s worth of RAM. Its dimensions are 131 x 67 x 10.5mm, and the device is fairly light, weighing in at 141g. The smartphone’s touchscreen is a 4.6″ 720×1280 HD display, and it comes with 32GB of internal storage so there’s enough space for loading all your favourite Vocaloid tunes. There’s a 1.3-megapixel camera mounted on the back of the phone. The device is waterproof and shockproof, and supports NFC, 1seg, and Wi-Fi tethering. For the full specs and more details on the Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku smartphone, head over to this page here. The Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku smartphone was officially unveiled just moments ago on the teaser site Since it went live on June 16, had been teasing some sort of Hatsune Miku announcement by putting up messages and original sound clips composed by various renowned Vocaloid music producers – including livetune and sasakure.UK – on a daily basis. Today the site revealed that all of the original sound clips uploaded thus far will come pre-installed on the Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku smartphone. But that’s not all; the professional Vocaloid producers’ sound clips are just the beginning. Starting from today, those professional Vocaloid music producers are passing on the baton to you, Miku fans. NTT DoCoMo along with Piapro are organising a “Find Your MIKU Project” contest where they’re currently soliciting Hatsune Miku-themed “sound logos” (message tones, basically) and background illustrations for use with the Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku smartphone.
  36. 36. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 Miku fans who are inclined to participate in the project can find all the details on what they need to submit over here (instructions are in Japanese). Read more Hatsune Miku stories here on SGCafe: http:// Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: Tatsuya Fujiwara to play the infamous Shishio Makoto in the new ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ live action movie Source: shishio-makoto-rurouni-kenshin-live-action-movie/ By KaleNagasaki on July 3rd, 2013 Previously, we let you in on Jump Square’s announcement for a Rurouni Kenshin live-action trilogy covering the Great Kyoto Fire and Legend’s End arcs. Now, the man chosen to play the infamous assassin of Kyoto has been revealed. Tatsuya Fujiwara will take on the role of Shishio Makoto, one of the most iconic villains in manga history. No pun intended, but Shishio Makoto is the truth when it comes to top level evil, and he is definitely one of the reasons Kenshin became as popular as it did. These are high expectations to live up to, but I don’t believe a better man could have been chosen for the job. Tatsuya Fujiwara’s first major achievement came through his role in the Battle Royale movies as Wild Seven leader Shuya Nanahara. Although’s he starred in numerous movies since then, most people probably remember his stellar acting from the Death Note live-action movies, where he played Light Yagami. Tatsuya Fujiwara is no newbie when it comes to bringing manga characters to life, and I strongly think we can count on him and Takeru Sato to take the Kenshin movies to the next level. For more on Kenshin from us here at SGCafe, click here. And it seems that Tatsuya Fujiwara is just as excited as his fans. Recently, he commented that, as part of the Kenshin generation, he had been watching the show since his childhood and really cannot believe that he got the chance to be in the movie. Not only is Shishio Makoto a primary character in the film, but he is one of the most popular characters in the series. Knowing this, Tatsuya acknowledges that there will be many different opinions about his performance, but he will continue to work hard and not disappoint. Read more about Rurouni Kenshin here, and don’t forget to join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: ComicNatalie
  37. 37. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 13 New Yoshiyuki Tomino anime and ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin’ anime announced by Bandai Source: anime-2014-2015/ By spartanchef on July 3rd, 2013 In 1979, Yoshiyuki Tomino created a phenomenon; it was known as Mobile Suit Gundam. The legendary director known for killing off beloved characters (hence the nickname “Kill’em all Tomino“) is announced to return at the helm of a new project some time between 2014 and 2015. This highly anticipated new work by Tomino was revealed in a teaser image presented by Bandai president Kazunori Ueno. The most likely candidate for this new work is codenamed ‘G-Reko‘ which was reported in the October 2012 issue of Gundam Ace. According to the magazine, the Tomino project will be “entering full-fledged production” soon. No further information about the new Tomino series has been further announced. (more on Gundam here at SGCafe through this link) THE Yoshiyuki Tomino is the legendary director who helmed the original Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979 as well as Space Runaway Ideon in 1980. He has then moved on with other legendary Gundam projects like Gundam Zeta, Turn A Gundam and Char’s Counter Attack. He has become the inspiration for other anime directors like RahXephon‘s Yutaka Izubuchi and Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s Hideaki Anno. Another great news is that the anime adaptation of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga will also be set for release some time between 2014 and 2015. Rumors of the manga’s anime adaptation have been circulating online but were later debunked by Sunrise in an issue of Gundam Ace. With the official announcement however, fans of the manga as well as fans of the Universal Century timeline can now celebrate. Kazunori Ueno announced that the legendary director’s return as well as the anime adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin will be part of the franchise’s 35th anniversary celebrations. Also part of the 35th anniversary celebrations are the previously announced ‘Gundam Build Fighters‘ which is slated for October 2013 and the conclusion to the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam UC‘ series which will be released in Spring 2014.
  38. 38. July 5th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 14 Read more Gundam stories here on SGCafe! Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Source: mynavi news
  39. 39. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture Summer Anime 2013 returning series & reboot first impressions Source: series-reboot-impressions/ By spartanchef on July 8th, 2013 The red hot summer anime season is here and that means new anime like Free! and Danganronpa, but what about the ones returning for a new season? What about the rebooted Rozen Maiden series? Let’s take a look at some of the impressions left by these returning anime. Let’s begin with the highly anticipated 2013 reboot of Peach Pit’s hit manga series Rozen Maiden. The reboot fired on all cylinders and according to some Japanese blog reviews of the first episode, it was like watching the two entire seasons of the previous series. Right from the opening, it is clear that the anime wants to catch up with the manga as they have revealed the [SPOILER] college Jun Sakurada. Episiode 1 basically felt like a recap episode for both previous seasons and begs the question, is it a remake or just a new season? (More anime here on SGCafe via this link) Compared to to the 2004 anime, the 2013 version looks better from a visual standpoint.
  40. 40. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 From Peach Pit’s Rozen Maiden to the first part of NisiOisin’s Monogatari Series second season titled Nekomonogatari: Shiro. According to some Japanese anime blogs, it was as what you would expect from a NisiOisin work; lots of symbolism, thought provoking dialogue, and a lot of character development… and fan service, definitely some fan service. The episode shows a lot of Hitagi and Hanekawa and a little bit of Mayoi at the beginning. The visuals look nice and definitely still has the Monogatari and NisiOisin feel to it. Now we go to the return of the loli basketball-fest titled Ro- Kyu Bu SS. As expected, this show will definitely induce some HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG! with the actions of the main female cast. The new season picks up from where the
  41. 41. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 3 first season left off and introduces some new characters including a pair of twin little sisters , a rival team (Lolicons rejoice) and Tomoka’s father. As expected, there is still fan service, some shipping and some major trouble brewing ahead (uh-oh).
  42. 42. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 4 Finally, we go to the latest season of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G. Even with it just being episode one, the series has already established that “This is Symphogear” simply by the sheer number of transformation sequences, the over- the-top action sequences, and the playfulness that you will find on every Symphogear episode. The fast-paced action which is predominant in the episode can never be possible without somebody our heroines can fight against; Enter Maria Cadenzavna Eve. The introduction of this musical new villain guarantees that this new season will definitely pack in the action. Expect a lot of BOOM and pew pew pew in this one… … Oh, and the music is nice too.
  43. 43. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 5 Read more about Anime here at SGCafe. Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Godly magical girls offered as preticket promos Source: preticket-promos/ By Zenko on July 8th, 2013 With preorder tickets on sale for next Madoka movie in October, preorder goods are being released and this time it’s not just Madoka that’s a goddess. Madoka’s goddess form has proven to be popular enough that she’s received several figures just of that. With ticket orders opened recently, she won’t be the only one with a goddess state anymore. Instead, each of the main girls will be receiving their own god form in the preorder bonus posters. (For more on Madoka Magica at SGCafe click here). Homura of course looks rather shy in her elevated form. She’s using the same weapon she uses in the series, rather than the black bow she has been seen with in promos for the latest film. Mami is head-over-heals lovely, hiding her signature rifle in the background day lillies. Her hair is tinted slightly green to match the color scheme of the card. Sayaka give fans a delicate yandere smile as she brandishes her sword. Like Mami, her hair is a slight gradient to yellow to match the colors of the flowers in the background. Kyoko is also on board, holding her chain-spear close in a pensive look. There’s no food present in this poster scene, though, only clouds. The October 26 movie Madoka Magica The Rebellion Story promises to wrap up the trilogy and give fans a new story, something they’ve asked for since the original finale of the show. For more on movies at SGCafe, check out our selection here. Feel free to join in the community discussion here! Source: Yaraon! Check out fantastic Naruto rice field artwork in Okayama Source: artwork-okayama/
  44. 44. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 6 By KaleNagasaki on July 8th, 2013 Artists tend to use a diverse variety of tools to bring their fandom to life. Some use Photoshop, others ink, and some prefer plain paper and pencil. However, I think we all can agree that using a rice field as a creative outlet is something different altogether. The men here are working on what will eventually become an enormous Naruto rice field artwork. This isn’t as random as it sounds, though. Before Okayama prefecture was Okayama prefecture, it was Mimasaka province. To commemorate the one thousand and three hundred years of Mimasaka, this contest was formed. The work of these numerous participants paid off, because this Naruto art piece is phenomenal. (For more on Naruto from SGCafe, click here). If you’re in the area, you better come see this before it disappears. July and August are the best months to see this, although the Naruto work will be there until it is harvested in November. During the summer vacation, you can visit this in style. Not only has Okayama provided us with the amazing artwork, but also with some classy transportation to fulfill all of your fangirl/fanboy needs. Are you on board the Naruto crave-train? Read more about Naruto here at SGCafe. Don’t forget to also check out and join in on the community’s discussions at Source: Otakumode Brace yourselves with these new PVs from ‘Kuroko no Basket 2′, ‘Knights of Sidonia’ & the really cute ‘Fate/Zero cafe’ Source: sidonia-cute-fatezero-cafe/ By spartanchef on July 8th, 2013 The Spring season has ended and summer has now officially begun. While the sizzling hot summer animes like Free!, Danganronpa, Love Lab, Rozen Maiden and others are slowly making their way, let us look ahead to the future with these latest promo videos.
  45. 45. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 7 Let’s start off with the return of one of our favorite sports anime, ‘Kuroko no Basket’. The gang from Seirin High’s Basketball Club (as well as the others from the fabled ‘generation of miracles’) are back and with their latest PV and it’s no surprise that screaming girls can be heard all throughout the video. Kuroko no Basket’s “2nd Quarter” begins this October. (More anime here on SGCafe via this link) The latest PV from the futuristic mecha anime ‘Knights of Sidonia‘ has been released via their official website. The anime is based on Tsutomu Nihei’s manga which is serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine. The series is Polygon Pictures’ 30th anniversary commemorative work and is directed by Kobun Shizuno (Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea). We then go from giant mechs to cute, super deformed servants trying to run a cafe as a brand new PV for Fate/Zero Cafe has been released by the Fate/Zero official website. The new Fate/Zero cafe film is based on the 4-panel manga serialized by Newtype magazine. It basically re imagines the Fate/Zero characters as super deformed characters who try to open up a cafe with Saber being the manager. The film will premiere along with the Kara no Kyoukai 3D movie at the ufotable restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo on July 13. A second series of joint screenings will also be held on August 8 with a new menu inspired by Fate/Zero cafe. Read more about Anime here at SGCafe. Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Creator of Hatsune Miku designs two girls for new wine: meet Meu and Yurisu! Source: wine-meet-meu-yurisu/ By KaleNagasaki on July 8th, 2013 If you happen to stop by the Japanese convenience store Lawson any time soon, why not put in a pre-order for two new wines? Besides the fact that these wines seem delicious – one of them being a plum wine that’s fourteen percent alcohol, and the other a yuzu wine that’s seven percent alcohol – they also feature two bishoujo girls designed by KEI, the creator of the extremely adorable and popular Hatsune Miku (For more on Hatsune Miku, click here.) The first girl, named Meu, will promote the ume or plum wine. In a cute and sparkling kimono, she’s every bit as lovable as what we’d expect of KEI. She reminds me of a dragonfly. The second girl, Yurisu promotes the yuzu wine. She reminds me a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, but what do you think? Do you like the designs of Meu and Yurisu?
  46. 46. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 8 Both wines are brewed by the Nakano Sake Brewery in Handa city located in the prefecture of Aichi. The 720 mL bottles cost 1680 yen each, and will be shipped between August 6 and September 5. Personally, I like plum wine better, and I think that Meu is a more endearing character than Yurisu. However, try out both (responsibly, of course!) and let us know which one you like better. But before you go, one final question: If Hatsune Miku were to become a wine, what flavor would she be? Click here to check out more news on Hatsune Miku from SGCafe. Also join in on the community’s discussions at Source: Crunchyroll ‘Danganronpa’ and ‘Demon Gaze’ to be released in English Source: english/ By SunSoftware on July 8th, 2013 Courtesy of NIS America, the murder mystery game Danganronpa and RPG Demon Gaze are both coming to North America and Europe, for those of you who prefer to read English. The Danganronpa series from Spike Chunsoft has been a hot topic lately, due to the anime airing this season and the newly announced remake of the two PSP games (read about them here on SGCafe). At first glance, Danganronpa may look like a normal visual novel, but it’s not just any visual novel — it’s a mystery game with quick-time events where one mistake can get almost everyone killed. Hence, people who can’t read Japanese very well may have been too scared to try the games. But now, those people will finally get to enjoy the first game along with everyone else. The English version, titled Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, will be an enhanced version of the first Danganronpa game to be released for the PS Vita. NISA hasn’t elaborated how the game will be enhanced, but since it is being ported from the PSP, it will presumably have improved graphics. So far, we don’t know if it will have the School Mode like 1 & 2 Reload. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Danganronpa is centered around 15 incredibly talented high school students who are trapped inside Kibougamine Academy, where the only way to escape is to kill someone without getting caught. Each time someone is killed, the rest of the students hold a trial where they must find the culprit — or else, the rest of them will be killed! To get a better idea of Danganronpa, you can watch this trailer, featuring the sadistic Monokuma, voiced by Nobuyo Oyama (the voice actress of Doraemon): The other game being localized, Demon Gaze, is a dungeon- crawling RPG developed by Experience and first released in January. The game is centered around a boy named Oz who is a Demon Gazer, a warrior with a magic eye that gives him the power to capture half-machine demons and summon them in battle. Along with the demons, you can create your own characters and customize them by choosing between five races, seven classes, and 45 designs. For a better look at the game, you can read our previous article and watch the trailer below,
  47. 47. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 9 featuring the theme song, Kakeru Hitomi, performed by the Vocaloid IA. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Demon Gaze are scheduled to be released in early 2014. Are you excited to add these to your Vita library? To see more PS Vita and 3DS news, click here. Also join the community’s discussions at Source: Sega Forums Futuristic crime anime ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ gets second season Source: season/ By SunSoftware on July 7th, 2013 The thrilling crime anime Psycho-Pass was a hit when it aired last fall. Now, thanks to its psychological insights and cyberpunk, dystopian world, the anime is going to make a comeback. At the Anime Expo convention taking place this weekend in Los Angeles, the president and CEO of Production I.G, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, revealed that a second season of Psycho-Pass is in production. No further details have been announced yet (find out more anime news on SGCafe). The futuristic crime anime is set in the near future, in a country where a supercomputer called the Sibyl System is able to measure every person’s personality and mental state. As part of this society, each person carries a Psycho-Pass that indicates how likely the person will commit a crime. The streets are lined with scanners that detect a potential criminal on sight, and the police use hi-tech firearms that automatically regulate themselves depending on the target. The protagonist of the story is Akane Tsunemori, a model citizen who joins the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. As part of her job, she works with Enforcers, foot soldiers whose Psycho-Passes are permanently tainted. When Akane gets engulfed in a battle against the criminal mastermind Shougo Makishima, she eventually discovers the truth of the peaceful, yet dystopian society governed by the Sibyl System. The power of science finally uncovered the secret of souls, and this society changed dramatically. However, people’s wills are not part of that assessment. I wonder just what sort of criteria you use to divide people into good and evil. With a script by Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero) and cast including Kana Hanazawa and Tomokazu Seki, Psycho-Pass gained widely positive reception thanks to its psychological and societal themes. Along with the second season, Production I.G. will hold an all-night screening event on September 6, where they will screen all 22 episodes and make an important announcement concerning the future of the anime. Fans have speculated that they will announce the second season, but since it has already been announced, what else could be in store? To see all of SGCafe’s anime news, click here. Also join in on the community’s discussions at Source: Crunchyroll, Psycho-Pass HP
  48. 48. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 10 Link Start baits fans with interesting Asuna merchandise & Nerve Gear eye mask Source: asuna-merchandise-nerve-gear-eye-mask/ By spartanchef on July 7th, 2013 Asuna Yuuki is called many names; “The Flash”, the “Berserk Healer:, the “Sandwich Queen” and the “Ultimate Waifu”. Now, get ready for these new Asuna themed merchandise. Cospa’s Asuna ball cap is completely reversible with one side sporting grey the Nerve Gear gaming system and the other sporting the lovely Asuna theme. This cap is 100% polyester and has a diameter of 48-50 cm and the size is adjustable. (For more stories on Sword Art Online here at SGCafe, click here) Cospa has also released this Asuna themed neck tie. This new neck tie bathed in the colors of Asuna’s guild, The Knights of Blood looks normal at first, but if you take a closer look at the tip…
  49. 49. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 11 Feeling sleepy and ready to sleep? Link start with this Nerve Gear eye mask. On front is the Nerve Gear used by Kirito and the rest to enter the deadly game and at the back are the words “Sword Art Online Connected”. Like the Asuna cap, this eye mask is also reversible. Read more about anime merchandise here on SGCafe
  50. 50. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 12 Join the SGCafe forum community here Sources: Cospa and Yaraon Dead or Alive to make arcade return after 13 years; New collector’s edition packs announced Source: collectors-edition-packs-announced/ By spartanchef on July 7th, 2013 Is it just me or is it getting a little bit hotter in here?! It’s official, Tecmo Koei’s sizzling hot fighting game known for being full of hot, sexy women is coming back to arcades after 13 years. Yes ladies and gents, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is coming to arcades soon. This would be the first time the franchise will be having an arcade version since 2000′s Dead or Alive 2 Millennium. They have announced that the Arcade edition will be using Sega’s ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 2 platform. (For more on gaming here at SGCafe, click here) This historic announcement was made by Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi. He said that “DOA is coming back to the place where it was born”. Of course, he was referring to the original Dead or Alive which was first released in arcades way back in 1996. Since then, the series known for fast-paced 3D fighting and um… bouncing breasts has sold over 860 million copies worldwide. The new arcade version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is slated for release Winter 2013. Besides the arcade version, DOA 5 Ultimate will also release some hot special edition packages for their PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases. And yes, it won’t be Dead or Alive without the FAN SERVICE and these new special edition packages amp it up big time. The first special edition packs have two variations; Kasumi Blue and Momiji Red. The two editions cost about 16,590 yen each and each include: • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate game • THE Ultimate sexy costume download code • 3D Oppai Mouse pad (Depends which package you chose, Momiji or Kasumi) • “I’m a Fighter” B2 Poster Set (of 12) • Bath poster • Special Cards • Life-sized tapestry (Depends which package you chose, Momiji or Kasumi) • Dead or Alive 5 original soundtrack CD Vol. 3 And if that wasn’t hot enough for you here’s some images of THE ultimate costume download (which is included in the special edition packages)
  51. 51. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 13 Now, is that hot enough? The New Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate special edition packs will be released in September 3, 2013 Read more on Dead or Alive here on SGCafe Also join in on the community’s discussions at http:// Sources: 4gamer, Game city Japan and Team Ninja Twitter account Gundam Breaker, Toukiden debut tops of Japan’s weekly video game sales Source: top-japans-weekly-video-game-sales/ By spartanchef on July 6th, 2013 June 27, 2013 marked the release of games like Bandai Namco’s Gundam Breaker and Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, Compile Heart’s Date A Live: Rinne Utopia, and Tecmo Koei’s Toukiden in Japan. While it is usually expected for new games to debut on the weekly sales top 10, two video games have stood out by selling more than 100,000 copies each in a period of 4 days; Toukiden which was recently announced to have sold out and Gundam Breaker. The weekly software sales rankings were done by ASCII Media Works which examined the Japanese software sales for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Wii and Wii U. These rankings were done from June 24 until June 30. (For more on gaming here at SGCafe, click here)
  52. 52. July 8th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 14 PlayStation 3′s Gundam Breaker debuts at the top spot of the sales rankings. It was released last June 27 and sold an estimate of 196,963 units for a period of 4 days. This third person action romp by Bandai Namco allows you to customize your Gunpla and use them in battle. So you want a mobile suit with a Zaku II head on top of a Freedom body with Wing Zero’s angel wings and 00 Gundam’s legs? No problem! Tecmo Koei’s highly rated monster hunting game, Toukiden debuts at the #2 (PS Vita version) and the #4 spot (PSP version). The game which was also released last June 27 sold an estimate of 124,200 for the PS Vita and 68,800 for the PSP. This game has a Monster Hunter kind of feel but looks like Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors game. Meanwhile, the 3DS remake of Etrian Odyssey titled Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu: Millennium no Shoujo) debuts at #3 with an estimated 84,213 units sold. The remake was announced to focus on the story and that a pre-set party of named characters will be used over the player-customized party from the original DS game. Gust RPG game Asha no Atorie Tasogare no Daichi no Renkinjutsushi also made its debut last June 27. The game sold an estimate of 61,120 units and makes it to the list at #5. Meanwhile, 3DS’s Tomodachi Collection : Shin Seikatsu which was released last April, drops from #3 to #6 with an estimate of 39,378 units sold. Bandai Namco’s Digimon-based 3DS game, Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode debuts at #7 in the list with 34,528 while PS3 hit The Last of Us falls from the top spot to #8 with 32,872 units sold. Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Returns 3D is at the #9 spot with 28,750 units sold and Date A Live: Rinne Utopia makes its debut at #10 with 26,275 units sold. Read more stories about video games here on SGCafe! Also more Gundam stories here and more rankings here. Also join the discussions on the forum: http:// Source: Dengeki News
  53. 53. July 10th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture ‘Little Witch Academia 2′ Kickstarter project reaches $150,000 in 1 day Source: project-reaches-150000-day/ By SunSoftware on July 10th, 2013 Earlier this year, Studio Trigger (a studio formed by former Gainax members) released the hit animation Little Witch Academia worldwide through YouTube. Now, they’re out to make a sequel, and this time they’d like to involve their fans so as to be able to deliver a better finished product. (Read more anime news on SGCafe). On July 9, Studio Trigger started a project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where they started collecting pledges towards Little Witch Academia 2. Studio Trigger already had funds to create a 20-minute sequel. However, the 20-minute runtime feels a little on the short side, and so Studio Trigger is hoping to use additional money gathered from fans through Kickstarter to expand the episode by 15 minutes longer. The studio had aimed to raise US$150,000 in 30 days. Like with every project on Kickstarter, you can pledge a small amount of money towards the anime, and if the project reaches its goal, your money will be sent to the studio. If 30 days pass and the project hasn’t gathered $150,000, your money stays in your bank account. If you’re a fan of Little Witch Academia, you may want to rush over to their Kickstarter page and pledge money right now. But before you do – They exceeded their goal in less than five hours! Over 15,000 fans have pledged money! Of course, this screenshot was taken yesterday. How about when this article is written? The project is only two days in and they’ve almost reached double their goal! If you aren’t familiar with Little Witch Academia, you might be wondering how in the world the anime has so many fans. Little Witch Academia was produced by Studio Trigger as part of Anime Mirai 2013. The story is centered around a girl named Akko who aspires to become a witch like the famous Shiny Chariot. Following her dreams, Akko enrolls in the prestigious witch academy Luna Nova. However, she can’t ride a broom, often falls asleep during lectures, and is looked down upon for admiring Chariot. Despite all the hardships, Akko finds an opportunity to become a hero. The anime is available on YouTube, where it has received over 700,000 views. You can watch the entire 25-minute anime with subtitles below. Studio Trigger was formed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka, who both formerly worked at Gainax and worked on titles like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  54. 54. July 10th, 2013 Published by: VR-Zone 2 Currently, they are producing their first anime series, Kill la Kill, scheduled to air this fall. As for Little Witch Academia 2, the sequel is scheduled to premiere in the winter of 2014. Although the Kickstarter project has already met its goal, you can still pledge money until August 7. As a reward, you can get an artbook, Blu-ray Disc, or even exclusive items straight from the studio. For more details, check the Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter page, where you can watch an introduction video, see pre-production artwork, see all reward tiers, and pledge money. To see all of SGCafe’s anime news, click here. Also join in on the community’s discussions at Source: Kickstarter Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd — these are what the 1st 5 new modules/costumes look like Source: diva-2nd-1st-5-modulescostumes/ By KarbyP on July 10th, 2013 Yesterday news broke on the Web that Sega is announcing this week on Thursday, via Weekly Famitsu magazine, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd for the PS3 and PS Vita, a new instalment in the popular Vocaloid rhythm game series that will feature songs that previously appeared in earlier Project Diva games along with brand new ones. Today, an image of Weekly Famitsu’s scoop on the game has appeared online, giving us a first look at the first five modules (costumes for the Vocaloid stars) revealed for Project Diva F 2nd. (More Project Diva news on SGCafe here; also check out our Hatsune Miku posts) Akatsuki Arrival modules On the left page, that’s Hatsune Miku Avant Garde and Megurine Luka Succesor you’re looking at. Both modules/costumes are designed by the illustrator Kuuma (空空) who was also the illustrator Sega enlisted to work on Akatsuki Arrival’s PV in the game. According to Famitsu, the concept behind these two costumes is to make Miku and Luka evoka a “forward- looking” or “ambitious” vibe. To that end, the costume’s characteristics also give the two Vocaloid stars a form that better accentuate their cool dance. Colorful X Melody modules On the right page you’re looking at Colorful Drop (Hatsune Miku) and Cheerful Candy (Kagamine Rin), designed by