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A weekly roundup of VR-Zone.com Technology News covering facebook, google, apple, baidu, social media, PC, gadget, hardware, intel, microsoft, AMD, NVIDIA, ARM, iphone, android

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VR-Zone Technology News | Stuff for the Geeks! Issue #16

  1. 1. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneVR-Zone.com | Stuff for the Geeks! Description: The version of the Colossus I received was the all VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication black version with optional blue or red LED lighting, with the covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks. controls hidden in a lockable front storage tray. On top of that, I havent even gotten to the wire management on the front of the chassis or the tool-free interior.The Daily VR-Zone News Description: Featuring the industrys largest 3TB capacity andSummary - 29 Mar 2011 third-generation SATA 6Gb/s controller interface, the SeagateSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--29- Barracuda XT is also the first product to create a Windows XP-mar-2011/11460.html safe software solution for overcoming the 2TB barrier.March 29th, 2011 Consumer Electronics and Software news Description: Visitors to the New York Times website will now be charged for access to news articles following the start of the publications new strategy yesterday, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $15 to $35.In todays news roundup: A guide to turn your Radeon 6950 Description: GIGABYTE has done quite a good job on theinto a Radeon 6970; SilverStone GF06 HTPC chassis gets Aivia M8600. The box packaging is very, very unique with areviewed ; New York Times introduces online content paywall cylinder tube that comes apart in 3 pieces - the mouse in itswith monthly subscriptions ranging from $15 to $35; Acer own section, with a bag of goodies (charger, batteries, etc) inIconia dual touch-screen notebook, now available for pre- another section.order; First DLC characters for Mortal Kombat revealed , andReview of console game WWE All Stars. Description: For those of you that took a look at the AC Ryan Playon!HD2 1TB and thought to yourself, well that looks great,Hardware news but I already have a PC full of movies, why do I need one in myDescription: Point of View is a long time specialist for GeForce lounge too? Well, that’s a good question and here to answercardsand has recently increased the highly overclocked TGT it is the Mini 2, the storage free, networking content hub thatEditions in the overclocking segment. you’ll soon want in your living room setup.Description: Swiftech has been a major name in air cooling in Description: Google Inc. is teaming up with MasterCard Inc.the past and with the Polaris 120 they are solidly throwing their and Citigroup Inc. to embed technology in Android mobilehat back in the ring. The tower style cooler is a break from their devices that would allow consumers to make purchases byHelicoid design but the performance shows they have done waving their smartphones in front of a small reader at thetheir homework. checkout counter.Description: ITShootout provides a step by step visual guide Description: Acers Iconia notebook doesnt have a keyboardon how to unlock your Radeon HD6950s latent shaders and or trackpad - instead, it features two 14-inch touchscreenturn it into a fully fledged Radeon HD6970 - a card costing displays. And its available for pre-order now.almost twice as much Description: Amazon has just entered the streaming musicDescription: The Fractal Design Define XL Full Tower business with the launch of Cloud Player, a music player thatComputer Case is the flagship offering into the U.S. market lets anyone upload their music to Amazons servers and playfrom the Swedish based manufacturer. The Fractal Design them via the web or Android.Define XL offers some very unique features and a great amount Description: The Choiix Cruiser mouse does exactly what itof flexibility in a very stylish, yet minimalist design case. is designed to do, which is provide smooth and accurateDescription: SilverStone Technologies launched a successful cursor movements on a wide variety of surfaces. That aloneline of home theater cases back in 2009 with the Grandia series makes it a great choice for traveling laptop users, and the tiny(GD04 and GD05) and this review is going to cover the new USB receiver and adjustable height round out a well-made,and improved model, the Grandia GDO6. affordable input device. Gaming news 1
  2. 2. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDescription: Mortal Kombat isnt in stores for a few more choice for anyone looking to make the most of their high-weeks, but Netherrealm has already revealed the first two performance system."characters youll be able to add to the games already The 2000MHz kits, and the entire Vengeance family of DDR3impressive roster as download content. memory, are compatible with all current Intel® and AMDDescription: The game, which is being developed by SOCOM platforms. They will initially be available in the followingstudio Slant Six, looks to be quite a departure for the Resident configurations:Evil series, with 4-player squad shootouts replacing the Size Speed # of DIMMs Part Numbertraditional slow-paced monster scares. 4GB 2000MHz 2 CMZ4GX3M2A2000CDescription: No matter the wrestling video game, it seems 6GB 2000MHz 3 CMZ6GX3M3A2000Cplayers always want to be WWE Legends like Hulk Hogan 12GB 2000MHz 3 CMZ12GX3M3A2000and the Ultimate Warrior. This hunger has been satiated inthe past with unlockable characters in the SmackDown vs. Corsair Vengeance memory kits, including the new 2000MHzRaw series and the standalone (yet lackluster) WWE Legends versions, are available immediately from Corsairs worldwideof WrestleMania. Now, the big names of yesteryear are back network of resellers and distributors.alongside some of the current headliners in WWE All Stars.Description: Today, fans of BioWares incredible intergalactic About Vengeance Memoryadventure Mass Effect 2 will get another chance to explorespace. A scene from Mass Effect 2. The studio has released anew episode, "Arrival," that is available for download on PC, The Corsair Vengeance family of DDR3 memory providesPlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. high performance, aggressive styling, and attractive pricing. Vengeance memory runs at 1.5V for maximum compatibility with all Intel and AMD platforms, including the new 2ndCorsair Releases 2000MHz generation Intel Core™ processor family (Sandy Bridge).Vengeance DDR3 Memory Kit Vengeance memory is assembled using DRAM ICs specially selected for performance potential and include heat spreadersSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/corsair-releases-2000mhz-vengeance- for improved performance. Like all Corsair DRAM modules,ddr3-memory-kit/11745.html Vengeance memory kits are tested to our exacting standardsMarch 29th, 2011 and come with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information on the Vengeance family of high-performance DDR3 memory, please visit the Corsair web site. Corsair today announced the availability of 2000MHzversions of the award-winning Vengeance™ family of DDR3memory. The new 2000MHz kits are equipped with aluminumheat spreaders anodized in Jet Black. They join the 1600MHzVengeance DDR3 memory kits, which are available in eitherJet Black or Cerulean Blue, and the 1866MHz VengeanceDDR3 kit, available in Jet Black. Corsair Vengeance memorykits, including the new 2000MHz versions, are availableimmediately from Corsairs worldwide network of resellersand distributors.FREMONT, California — March 17, 2011 — Corsair®,a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performancecomponents to the PC gaming hardware market, todayannounced the availability of 2000MHz versions of the award-winning Vengeance™ family of DDR3 memory.The new 2000MHz kits are equipped with aluminum heatspreaders anodized in Jet Black. They join the 1600MHzVengeance DDR3 memory kits, which are available in eitherJet Black or Cerulean Blue, and the 1866MHz VengeanceDDR3 kit, available in Jet Black."Our new 2000MHz Vengeance memory is perfect for PCgamers and enthusiasts, as well as systems integrators whovalue the outstanding overclockability of the Vengeancefamily, and are looking for even more speed." said Thi La,Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. "Theyre a great 2
  3. 3. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone As for the M11x R3 the CPU line-up will consist of Intels 17W ULV processors which are the Core i5-2537M, Core i7-2617M and 2657M with base clock speeds of 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6GHz respectively. In this case the 11.6-inch display remains at 1366x768 resolution, but this was expected. Drive options include a selection of 7,200rpm hard drives and the same Samsung P810 SSD as on the M14x. Once again the source doesnt have any details as to what graphics options Dell will offer, but we should see this model launch within the next couple of weeks. Both models should come with an 8-cell 63Whr battery pack which suggests that the battery life of the M14x wont be that great, whereas it should be pretty decent for the M11x considering its using ULV processors. It looks like mobileMore Alienware M14x details, gamers are going to be spoilt for choice from Dell shortly, as the company is also said to be launching an 18-inch modelrefreshed M11x R3 also which could feature CrossFireX or SLI graphics as per ourexpected earlier story from a couple of weeks back.Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/more-alienware-m14x-details-refreshed-m11x-r3-also-expected/11744.html Knowles Acoustics launches MEMS joystick for mobileMarch 29th, 2011 devices Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/knowles-acoustics-launches-mems- joystick-for-mobile-devices/11743.html March 29th, 2011Dells Alienware division is getting ready to launch a new 14-inch gaming notebook according to leaked information posedon a blog that tend to have accurate details of upcoming Dellproducts and among other things predicted the M17x R3. The Its not the world smallest joystick, but we cant imaginesame site is also saying that we can expect Dell to launch the it being far from at 9.8x9.8x1.6mm, but Knowles Acousticsupdated M11x R3 sometime early next month as well. KMJ0401IC MEMS joystick has the potential to simplify and lower the cost of a wide range of handheld mobile devices that rely on physical input for navigation. Knowles Acoustics alsoDells Alienware division is getting ready to launch a new 14- claim that its joystick can help improve battery life by beinginch gaming notebook according to leaked information posed more power efficient than other alternatives.on a blog that tend to have accurate details of upcoming Dellproducts and among other things predicted the M17x R3. Thesame site is also saying that we can expect Dell to launch the Its not the world smallest joystick, but we cant imagineupdated M11x R3 sometime early next month as well. it being far from at 9.8x9.8x1.6mm, but Knowles Acoustics KMJ0401IC MEMS joystick has the potential to simplify andThe M14x is said to come with a selection of second generation lower the cost of a wide range of handheld mobile devices thatCore i processors ranging from the Core i3-2310M all the rely on physical input for navigation. Knowles Acoustics alsoway up to the Core i7-2820QM. It will come with a range of claim that its joystick can help improve battery life by being7,200rpm hard drive options, but also with two choices of more power efficient than other alternatives.256GB SSDs, one being a Samsung P810 SATA 3Gbps modeland the other being a yet unknown SATA 3Gbps model. Some MEMS or micro electromechanical systems is a type of ICCPUs will be available with DDR3 1600MHz SO-DIMMs as the fused with mechanical functionality and is most commonlyhigher-end Core i7s support this. found in various types of sensors, such as motion sensors. The advantage of using this technology for a joystick isSadly theres no info on the graphics option, although an obviously the fact that you can create a very small, inexpensiveearlier leak suggests that there will be various Radeon HD and simple device. The KMJ0401IC replaces the need for a67x0M options as well as a potential GeForce GT 555M option. separate controller IC which would be needed if a traditionalThe really good news is that Dell will offer the M14x with a analogue joystick was used.1920x1080 display which is very rare on 14-inch notebooks,although a cheaper 1366x768 option is also available. Otherfeatures are said to include an UWB HD video streamingoption as well as optional LTE/WiMAX connectivity. 3
  4. 4. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone being the first to get new smartphones, with Europe coming in at a close second place. Unfortunately for Asian HTC fans, it seems that this status quo is not going to be changed any time soon, especially if the latest news about the new HTC EVO 3D smartphone is to be taken into consideration. While most Americans are fully aware of the fact that they will be able to get their hands on an EVO 3D "sometime this summer", Europeans were left guessing as toThe KMJ0401IC only draws a tiny 40μA in use, 25μA in idle whether the smartphone will ever make its way over to theirmode and 3μA in sleep mode and Knowles Acoustics claim that shores.this can help reduce power drain on battery powered devicesby a factor of 25 compared to optical joysticks found on manysmartphones. The joystick allows for 360 degree movementand variable scroll speeds and is meant to deliver a “trueanalog joystick feel”.As for the types of devices we can expect to see the KMJ0401ICin, well no firm partners have been announced but KnowlesAcoustics is hoping that itll make its way into smartphones,tablets, portable gaming devices and just about anything elseyou can think of that would need a small, cheap, reliablejoystick controller in.HTC EVO 3D heading for Well, the good news (for the Europeans) is that HTC hasEurope? seemingly confirmed that the EVO 3D will eventually beSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/htc-evo-3d-heading-for- available for sale in some European countries. According toeurope-/11737.html various online reports, HTC France spilled the beans about theMarch 29th, 2011 HTC EVO 3Ds availability by posting in the companys official Twitter feed that the smartphone will be available in France, and that it will even be sold under the same name.Once again, the best toys always find their way into otherplaces well before they ever show up in most parts of SouthEast Asia, and it appears that HTCs latest smartphoneis an excellent example of the aforementioned situation.Apparently, the upcoming HTC EVO 3D has been confirmedfor both an American and European launch, with no mentionabout a possible Asia-Pacific launch anytime soon. The launch date and retail price for the HTC EVO 3D in Europe has yet to be confirmed, although wed suppose European consumers would be able to take comfort in the fact that they are secure in the knowledge about a certain device having been confirmed to be (eventually) made available for sale in their region. That being said, the hardware specifications remain unchanged, so Europeans can also rest assured that their EVO 3D will be the very same 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon totting, dual-camera, glasses-free 3D smartphone that is due to start selling in the US sometime this summer.For a smartphone OEM that has its roots in Asia, HTC does not At the very least, having some knowledge about productseem to be interested in giving first dibs to the Asian markets availability is definitely much better than being keptwhen it comes to introducing new smartphones. Rather, it is completely in the dark, dont you think?usually the American markets that score bragging rights for 4
  5. 5. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone goes into full gear attempting to arrest such troublemakers,US Government developing the Panic Button, when activated, will not only wipe out youra Panic Button for mobile personal data such as contact details and messages, but also send out a message to like-minded activists over various socialphones networks to let others know that someone has gotten intoSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/us-government-developing-a-panic- serious trouble with the long arm of the law, and that they facebutton-for-mobile-phones/11735.html the possibility of being targeted.March 29th, 2011 Of course, the feature is still currently under development, but its potential cannot be denied. After all, there is nothing more selfless than offering oneself up to law-enforcement agents as a scapegoat while protecting the larger community by ensuring that they remain un-harassed to campaign for another day. At the same time, there is also a very high possibility of the feature being misused for other not-so-noble purposes, suchDo you fancy owning a mobile phone which comes with a built- as terrorists using it to mask their tracks. But we shall see, no?in feature that allows users to immediately delete all availabledata stored on it, all with the press on a single button? Well,the good news is that such a feature is currently in the works Aston Martin CPT002as a joint project by the US Department of State and "a groupof unspecified technology providers". The bad news? You got luxurious transparentto be in a real political pinch to be able to use it. touchscreen phone leakedPicture this situation: you are an activist who happens Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/aston-martin-cpt002-luxurious-to be involved in staging some rather spectacular political transparent-touchscreen-phone-leaked/11736.htmlprotests in order to bring about change to a certain regime. March 29th, 2011Unfortunately for you, the regimes secret police catches windof your involvement, and sends down a task force with theobjective to throw you behind bars and confiscate your mobilephone. Which, ever so conveniently, happens to have thecontact details of countless other activists stored within.Naturally, the most logical course of action would be to destroy Aston Martin may be renowned for their luxury cars, especiallymost of the data stored in the mobile phones memory to in the popular British secret agent 007, James Bond, movies,protect your fellow activists from coming to harm. However, but it seems like the car manufacturer is also going to come upmanually going through SMSs and phone book contacts is with their smartphone, in the form of CPT002.definitely not the fastest way to get rid of incriminatingdata, especially if you are already fighting against time. Thesolution? Simple: a US Department of State-developed featureknown as the Panic Button, which is designed to protect anactivists fellow companions in the event of a crackdown.. Recently, another concept phone has come up on the web and the design features a stylish transparent display that looks elegant. Aston Martin, a British car maker, is collaborating with Canadian mobile phone manufacturer Mobiado to launch a Aston Martin branded phone, model CPT002. The CPT002 concept phone isnt the first to sport a transparent design;According to a report published by Reuters, the so-called Panic LG has launched the GD900 Crystal in 2009 which offers aButton was designed primary for use by democratic activists transparent keypad. However, it may well be the first to havewho might be targeted by foreign law-enforcement officials a transparent touchscreen. As a luxury phone, the CPT002 isover their involvement in various protests or demonstrations. adorned with sapphire crystals, while the sides are made ofWhen such demonstrations get broken up and the riot police platinum. The internal will hold the battery and SIM card 5
  6. 6. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe phone will also function as the key to your Aston Martin rangefinder cameras of the past? Well, it turns out that thecar. It als features various social network apps including short period of disruption caused to Fujifilms production linesFaceBook and Twitter, and you can also use the vehicles GPS have been resolved, and the camera should be making its wayto show your current location, friends location and places of to US shores soon.interests on FourSquare. According to an official announcement posted by FujifilmMore details of the Aston Martin CPT002 concept phone will Japan, the companys production plants and factories werebe revealed in May. indeed affected by the recent earthquake which levelled much of North East Japan. However, the report also goes on to claim that Fujifilm has been able to recover its production lines, and that the manufacturing and assembly of the X100 cameras will resume, with a shipment slated to arrive in US in the first week of April. UPDATED: AMD Radeon HD 6790 Specifications Revealed Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/updated-amd-radeon-hd-6790- specifications-revealed/11733.html March 29th, 2011Fujifilm X100 production toresumeSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/fujifilm-x100-production-to-resume/11732.html Not long after AMDs upcoming Radeon HD 6790 was firstMarch 29th, 2011 revealed, Nordichardware is reporting the final specifications for the HD 6790. It is indeed a Barts derivative, codenamed Barts LE and it is to the HD 6850 much like the HD 5830 was to the HD 5850. The HD 6790 disables a further 2 SIMDs from the Barts die, now left with 800 SP and 40 TMU. The GPU is clocked at 840 MHz, so thus far, it looks much like a HD 5770. However, the HD 6790 thankfully retains all 256-bitDid the recently-announced X100 camera from Fujifilm memory bus with surprisingly the same memory bandwidth ascapture your attention? If it did, chances are you might have the HD 6870 - more than twice than the HD 5770. All 32 ROPsbeen disappointed to find out that the cameras production are retained too - once again, twice that of the HD 5770. Thewould be delayed due to Fujiflims factories being affected by HD 6790 also features the enhanced Barts architecture withthe recent earthquake in Japan. However, it seems that good improved tessellation, and this along with far superior pixelthings come to those who wait: Fujifilm has released a report fillrate and memory bandwidth are the areas where the HDclaiming that they have been able to resume production of the 6790 will gain a significant advantage over the HD 5770 (andcamera recently. also the GTX 550 Ti). Its not all rosy however, as the HD 6790 suffers from one of the same crippling flaws of the HD 5830 - high power consumption for the performance. As the HD 6790 is built around salvage dies, it requires a higher voltage than the regular Barts products to keep its clock speeds high sufficiently. The result is a 150W power consumption and requirement for 2x6-pin. For buyers in this segment, that can be a big decisive factor, and the GTX 550 Ti and even the faster HD 6850 offers a clear advantage in that regard - requiring only a single 6-pin PCIe connector. Perhaps moreso than the HD 5830, this can be a fatal flaw of the HD 6790. However, the HD 6790 also succeeds in avoiding HD 5830s biggest flaw - pricing. At $130, the HD 6790 will provide very impressive bang-for-the-buck.Does anyone remember the Fujifilm X100 camera? You know,the recently-launched compact camera that features an APS-C sensor and bears an uncanny resemblance to the old 35mm 6
  7. 7. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneThe HD 6790 is set to release on March 31st. We can only hopeAMD has worked on the power requirements as apart fromthat, the HD 6790 looks like great value for money.LG Optimus Big surfaces inonline photosSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-optimus-big-surfaces-in-online-photos/11731.htmlMarch 29th, 2011 Details about the phone are scarce, but the device has been reportedly dubbed the Optimus Big by netizens due to the size of its display, especially when placed in comparison withSo LG has got the Optimus One, the Optimus 2X and the most typical smartphones available on the market today.Optimus Black smartphones to cater to a wide variety of Additional leaked hardware specifications seem to indicateaudiences seeking to purchase a smartphone, along with an that the Optimus Big will utilize a 4.3-inch NOVA display,Optimus 3D for those who simply have to be ahead of the which puts it near the five-inch Dell Streak in terms of size.times. That is fine and all, but it seems that these are notthe only Android-based smartphones that LG has in store Last but not least, the Big will reportedly come standard withfor consumers, and leaked pictures appear to indicate that a 1GHz single-core processor and a built-in T-DMB TV tuner,the Korean OEM has got one more product up its sleeve: a which supposedly allows users to watch broadcast televisionsmartphone with a larger display. programs on their smartphones. No other information about the smartphone has been released yet though, so do check back for updates. Amazon may launch Online Media Locker Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/amazon-may-launch-online-media- locker-/11729.html March 29th, 2011With smartphones getting more and more popular with eachpassing day, it should probably be a given that manufacturersand OEMs are scrambling to design a wide range of productswhich will cater to multiple target market segments. After all,the concept of a one size fits all design does not always workwhen it comes to something as personal as mobile phones: Amazon is intending to introduce a new service that lets userssome people might prefer to have their devices as small as store music and video online and access it from various digitalpossible, while others may require a larger display to make the devices, which could come as early as next week. The movetask of handling their smartphones a little easier on the eyes. could well be seen as competing against Google and Apple,That being said, if you happen to fall into the second group of whereby both are also working on similar offerings.users as listed above (or if you are just an Android smartphoneaficionado), this bit of information might just be enough tobrighten up your Tuesday. Apparently, LG has a new Optimussmartphone in the works, and this one is going to feature alarger display, as shown in the leaked image below, courtesyof Korean website XportsNews: Amazon.com is planning to offer a service for users to store music and video online (not necessarily purchased from Amazon.com) and access it from various digital devices. The 7
  8. 8. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonecompany is currently still ironing out legal issues as well promote their brand in the APAC region. A series of productsas securing content licenses from major record labels and like USB flash drives, memory cards and even HyperX DDR3movie studios. But if everything works out, the service could memory modules have been announced using Dream Girls asbe launched as early as next week. the advertisement covers. Would you get one?The online retailer seems to be competing against Apple andGoogle, both which are also working on similar offerings,known as "locker" or "cloud" services. The services wouldcreate an online music or video collection identical to the oneon a users computer hard drive, and user can choose to accessthe collection from anywhere he or she may be.Amazon has also mentioned that users could also choose toupload their personal videos via the new service. However,it is unclear how the company would implement controlover the upload of actual personal video footage from moviesthat are ripped from DVD or even Bluray discs withoutpermission.While Intel has SNSD,Kingston has Dream GirlsSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/while-intel-has-snsd-kingston-has-dream-girls/11730.htmlMarch 29th, 2011 It seems more tech companies are getting female celebritiesand models as their brand ambassadors in Asia recently.During CES, Intel has engaged SNSD, a famous Korean popgroup to promote their brand in Asia and now Kingston toohas also engaged a new girl group known as the Dream Girls topromote their brand in the APAC region. A series of productslike USB flash drives, memory cards and even HyperX DDR3memory modules have been announced using Dream Girls asthe advertisement covers. Would you get one? Additional photos are available hereIt seems more tech companies are getting female celebritiesand models as their brand ambassadors in Asia recently.During CES, Intel has engaged SNSD, a famous Korean pop Below is a press release :group to promote their brand in Asia and now Kingston toohas also engaged a new girl group known as the Dream Girls to 8
  9. 9. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneAll of us might have dreams since childhood and most of time March 29th, 2011we can not make it to go after our dreams, due to the lack ofcourage and determination. To encourage everyone to pursuedreams, Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independentworld leader in memory products, today announced thatDream Girls will be the 2011 Kingston brand spokespersonsin APAC region. Partnering with Kingston, in 2011 DorianInternational Entertainment Corporation presents “Dream If you like cute puzzle games, then you probably would wantGirls,” the new girl group in the limelight. The three dream to try out Ilomilo. Developed by SouthEnd Interactive andgirls, Tia Li, Puff Kuo, and Emily Song, have been worked Microsoft Game Studios, this Xbox Live arcade game is alsohard for realizing their dreams since childhood. How they have available on Windows Phone 7 for AT&T customers in US.done and achieved shows the Kingston spirits, such as being Read on for the full review.determined to pursue dreams and never giving up. Kingstonconsiders Dream Girls the best brand spokesperson for 2011to show the “Only Kingston Can” corporate spirits. A seriesof “Dream Girls” special edition products will be launched atthe 2nd quarter of 2011. It is expected to inspire more dreamholders to persist in going after their dreams as well as makingtheir dreams come true!Listed by Fortune Magazine as "100 Best Companies to WorkFor" for five consecutive years, Kingston was founded bytwo dreamers, John Tu and David Sun. They persisted intheir beliefs even when bankruptcy, and eventually led theenterprise to be the world’s largest independent memory Its a colourful kaldeiscope world of cutesy cubes and cuddlymodule manufacturer. Many people are impressed by this characterssuccessful legend as well as by the Kingston’s image, “OnlyKingston Can”. This game is best summarised in two words: ‘Cute’ and ‘cubes’. Ilomilo is a puzzle game of sorts where you have to guide cutesy best friends, Ilo and Milo — no prizes for spotting where theIn 2011, “Kingston + Dream Girls” delivers the below name of the game comes from — to meet each other. Thesemessages: ‘Safkas’ forever need your help to meet each other. While this may seem like a simple fable, there is always the hint of a biggerPursuing dreams and then realizing dreams; story and the essence of lost memories.Don’t wait, just go for your dreams; But what will steal your breath away is a whimsical, wondrousBravely, confidently, passionately; world of many platforms, built out of interlocking cubesFor those who have dreams; that extend into different directions and form all sorts of dimensions-defying structures. It’s like living in a world madeOnly Kingston Can! up of the same rules that govern a rainbow Rubik’s Cube – or you can think of it as a pastel-lined blanket quilt universe.“Dream Girls” special edition products include “Dream Girls”Limited-Edition Album Version USB Flash drives, customizedSD cards, USB drives, memory cards, and etc. It’s time to goafter your dreams with Kingston and Dream Girls now!For detailed information please visit the Kingston Web site atwww.kingston.com/asia.Xbox 360 Game Review:ilomiloSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/xbox-360-game-review- How to meet up if you see me no up?ilomilo/11722.html There are twists and turns aplenty: Both Ilo and Milo often have to walk all around the cubes to the point of defying gravity in some cases. That’s right, you get to control both Ilo and Milo one at a time, as both characters need to make their own way 9
  10. 10. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonethrough the mazes to meet each other somewhere in the — graphics cards. Representing Titanium, the cards boasting themetaphorical, not always literal — middle. moniker were renowned to be popular, hence Nvidia bringing the name back. The GTX560 is set to succeed the GTX460Of course, the path to friendship does not run smooth. There but not replace it based on their differing price points. Atare obstacles like big gaps, strange creatures that block you or $249/£200, it is meant to fit in between AMD’s HD6870 andeven steal your blocks. You can’t jump over these obstacles, HD6950.sadly. However, all is not lost — although you might often be. Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer DDR3 PC3-12800 Memory KitHeres a short trailer of the Ilomilo game:- Review @ Madshrimps Description: The Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer DDR3The Daily VR-Zone News PC3-12800 BL2KIT25664ST1608OB memory kit comes with two interesting features: fully customizable lighting system,Summary - 28 Mar 2011 along with thermal sensors that can be monitored via theSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/the-daily-vr-zone-news-summary--28- M.O.D. software utility.mar-2011/11726.html Thermalright Shaman VGA Cooler Review @ TweaknewsMarch 29th, 2011 Description: Thermalright has continued their success with the Shaman. This oversized aftermarket cooler has taken the performance charts by storm and easily claimed the top spot in our VGA testing and it is evident that Thermalrights Shaman is aimed directly at power hungry that produce equal amounts of heat.In todays news roundup: Intels latest line of SSDs, known as Swiftech Polaris 120 High Performance CPU Cooler Reviewthe 320 series, get reviewed; Crucials m4 SSD, which has been Description: It looks like a few things have changed over attouted to be one of the most highly anticipated SSD launches Swiftech since the last time I visited their site and had thefor 2011, get a little preview; Dell releases new notebooks pleasure of testing, and still using to this day, the H20-320in the US with a Spanish keyboard; Gateway has announced kit they introduced back in November of last year. A couple ofa new line of entry-level notebooks based off AMDs Fusion weeks ago I started getting correspondence of this new cooler(Brazos) platform; The Sony vs Hotz drama gets a new twist in the works from Swiftech, and to my first surprise, it’s an airin the form of Hotzs defense counsel claiming that much cooler. Now I’m not positive you all remember the MCX seriesof Sonys evidence against him are factually inaccurate, and of air coolers from a few years ago. While the idea was veryValves Steam service might eventually be extended to the different, and the thinking was outside of the box in its design,mobile platform, especially for iOS and Android. the cooler had limited success, and I don’t remember it beingHardware news highly recommended as were the other leaders in that day of air cooling.Enermax T.B. Fan-Series Review on Technic3D (German)Description: (Machine Translation) The Enermax T.B. Fan Xigmatek Durin D982 Review @Hi Tech LegionSeries arrived Technic3D. Seven 80,- 120,- and 140mm Fans Description: Weighing in at only 200gr, the Xigmatek Durinfor your Case or CPU-Cooling can you see in the following D982 is certainly no heavyweight, but small size certainlyReview on Technic3D. The new Fan Series better than the doesn’t stop the Durin from packing a punch. The XigmatekSilence or Apollish? Durin D982 is a low profile Heat Pipe Direct Touch CPU cooler, which is a very unusual combination. With two 8mmIntel 320 Series 300GB SSD Review w/ 25nm Flash @ Legit pipes directly touching the CPU and running through a 90mmReviews aluminum fin array, the Durin D982 is capable of heatDescription: As a follow-up to their very successful X25-M dissipation typically reserved for larger coolers.series of drives, Intel has launched their 320 Series driveswhich feature a host of new features while being driven by their Consumer Electronics and Software newsown proprietary controller. With the SATA 3Gbps SSD market Apple Announces June 6 Start Date for WWDC 2011being so crowded, can Intel tempt consumers to look their Description: Apple’s annual Worldwide Developersway? See the outcome of the testing and judge for yourself. Conference will be held beginning June 6 this year at MosconeCrucial m4 256GB SATA 6G SSD Preview and Next Gen 2x0+ West in San Francisco. While Apple makes no mention of itGB Shootout in its press release, the company typically unveils its annualDescription: The Crucial m4 needs little introduction since it is iPhone hardware refresh at the keynote for WWDC.one of the two most anticipated SSDs of 2011. The truth is that Fujitsu AH572 15.6" 3D laptop now shipping for $1,399most of you are planning on skipping the next handful of pages Description: Fujitsus Lifebook AH572 3D laptop is nowto get right to the benchmarks. Dont do that! Take everything shipping in the US for $1,399. The AH572 has a 15.6" passiveyouve already read about the Micron C400 / Crucial m4 and 3D display (it comes bundled with one pair of polarizedtoss it out of your mind, because mumble - mumble - mumble glasses) and also a dual-lens 3D camera and a 3D blu-rayisnt exactly accurate. Let me explain with swollen tongue. drive. Other specs include Core i5-2410 (2.3Ghz) processorInno3D GTX560 Ti 1GB OC Review @ Vortez and an Intel HD 3000 graphics GPU. It runs Windows 7 HomeDescription: Some may remember Nvidia first using "Ti" on Premium 64bit.the GeForce 2 cards until its demise on their 4th generations of 10
  11. 11. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneDell freshens up Inspiron M5030 with Spanish-languagekeyboard, claims its first of its kind in US NVIDIA Releases 267.91 WHQLDescription: The Athlon-powered M5030 from Dell hardly Drivers for GeForce GTX 590looked like a machine that would be bearing an "industry first" Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/nvidia-releases-267.91-whql-drivers-label when it launched in September of last year, but now its for-geforce-gtx-590/11728.htmldoing exactly that thanks to an intriguing new mod from its March 29th, 2011maker. The 15.6-incher is being released with its keyboardand Windows 7 installation customized in Spanish, neither ofwhich would be unusual were it not for the fact that its goingto be on sale in the US. Its not exactly a vast overhaul, as onlya couple of physical keys are swapped out and switching Win 7into and out of Spanish mode can be done in the time it takesto click a mouse... NVIDIA has released a new driver today specifically forGateways New Notebooks for the Extreme Budget: 15.6" with GeForce GTX 590 but not much information has beenAMD Fusion revealed. However, we suspect that it might somehow relate toDescription: Gateway announced this past Moday that theyre the recent incidents of their flagship cards going up in smoke.releasing to the market a trio of value-oriented desktop (well, NVIDIA has urged their partners to dump their few days oldreally nettop) replacement notebooks built around AMDs driver CD loaded with version 267.84 with this updated 267.92Fusion platform. Brazos has been a big hit with OEMs as WHQL.nearly every major manufacturer is producing machines basedaround it, particularly the extremely popular E-350 APU.MobileMe to become cheaperDescription: It remains to be seen whether Apple wouldexperience more people flocking to their MobileMe service if itwere free, and perhaps Apple is testing this ground by loweringthe current $99 price point to just $20 annually, at leastaccording to the latest rumors concerning the cloud-basedservice. MobileMe will not stream songs like other services,instead, it will perform back-ups of individual songs that havebeen downloaded from iTunes, which means on paper, theycan be downloaded again in the future for free to individualiDevices without having to go through the synchronizationprocess. NVIDIA has released a new driver today specifically forGaming news GeForce GTX 590 but not much information has beenSony v. Hotz: mismatched serial numbers and sealed manuals revealed. However, we suspect that it might somehow relate toDescription: The case of Sony Computer Entertainment LLC the recent incidents of their flagship cards going up in smoke.vs. George Hotz et al is the gift that keeps on giving when NVIDIA has urged their partners to dump their few days oldit comes to bizarre filings and odd claims. Hotzs attorneys driver CD loaded with version 267.84 with this updated 267.92claim that he couldnt have known that Sony Computer WHQL.Entertainment of America existed, since the manuals for his Heres the drivers information :new PlayStation 3 remained sealed and the box only mentions This driver adds support for the new GeForce GTX 590 dual-Japan. GPU graphics card, including support for Quad SLI whenValves Steam Coming to Apple iOS and Android? paired with a second GeForce GTX 590 card. For 3D VisionDescription: The company is reportedly looking at possibilities support, you will also need to install the NVIDIA 3D Visionin extending Steam to the iOS and Android platforms. A Controller Driver v266.21.gaming service like Steam has done wonders on the PC andMac; and with mobile gaming already having solid ground onthe phones, PMPs and tablets, it seems only natural. OtherSome Nintendo 3DS users face black screen of death crashesDescription: Early Nintendo 3DS buyers in the US and Europe Installs HD Audio driver version reported encountering sometimes serious crashing bugs.Nicknamed the "black screen of death" for the error message Installs PhysX System Software to version 9.10.0514it brings, it simply says that an "error has occurred" and forces Users without US English operating systems can select theira hard reset. Some have only had it happen periodically, but language and download the International driver here.others have been caught in a permanent loop that gives themno choice but to swap out the 3DS for a replacement. 11
  12. 12. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone SSD technology. Whether its a consumer or corporate IT looking to upgrade from a hard disk drive, or an enterprise seeking to deploy SSDs in their data centers, the new Intel SSD3rd Gen Intel SSD 320 Series 320 Series will continue to build on our reputation of highLaunched quality and dependability over the life of the SSD."Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/3rd-gen-intel-ssd-320-series-launched/11727.html The Intel SSD 320 is the next generation of Intels clientMarch 29th, 2011 product line for use on desktop and notebook PCs. It is targeted for mainstream consumers, corporate IT or PC enthusiasts who would like a substantial performance boost over conventional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). An SSD is more rugged, uses less power and reduces the HDD bottleneck to speed PC processes such as boot up and the opening of files and favorite applications. In fact, an upgrade Intel announced today third-generation SSD the Intel Solid- from an HDD to an Intel SSD can give users one of the single-State Drive 320 Series. Based on 25-nm NAND flash memory, best performance boosts, providing an up to 66 percent gainthe Intel SSD 320 replaces and builds on its high-performing in overall system responsiveness.1Intel X25-M SATA SSD. The Intel SSD 320 Series comes in40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 300GB and 600GB versions.Intel SSD 320 produces up to 39,500 IOPS random reads and The Intel SSD 320 Series comes in 40 gigabyte (GB), 80GB,23,000 IOPS random writes, 220 MB/s sequential writes and 120GB, 160GB and new higher capacity 300GB and 600GB270 MB/s sequential reads. Intel SSD 320 prices, based on versions. It uses the 3 gigabit-per-second (3gbps) SATA II1,000-unit quantities, are as follows: 40GB at $89; 80GB at interface to support an SSD upgrade for the more than 1 billion$159; 120GB at $209; 160GB at $289; 300GB at $529 and SATA II PCs installed throughout the world. Continuing to600GB at $1,069. offer high-performing random read and write speeds, which most affect a users daily computing experience, the Intel SSD 320 produces up to 39,500 input/output operations per second (IOPS) random reads and 23,000 IOPS random writes on its highest-capacity drives. In addition, the company has more than doubled sequential write speeds from its second generation to 220 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) sequential writes and still maintains one of the highest read throughputs at up to 270 MB/s sequential reads. This greatly improves a users multitasking capabilities. For example, a user can easily play background music or download a video, while working on a document with no perceivable slow down. Already one of the most solid-performing SSDs over time, Intel continues to raise the bar on SSD reliability in the way it has architected its third generation, using proprietary firmwareSANTA CLARA, Calif., March 28, 2011 – Intel Corporation and controller, to further demonstrate that not all solid-stateannounced today its highly anticipated third-generation solid- drives are created equal. In this rendition, Intel creatively usesstate drive (SSD) the Intel® Solid-State Drive 320 Series spare area to deploy added redundancies that will help keep(Intel® SSD 320 Series). Based on its industry-leading 25- user data protected, even in the event of a power loss. It alsonanometer (nm) NAND flash memory, the Intel SSD 320 includes 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard capabilitiesreplaces and builds on its high-performing Intel® X25- on every drive, to help protect personal data in the event ofM SATA SSD. Delivering more performance and uniquely theft or loss.architected reliability features, the new Intel SSD 320 offersnew higher capacity models, while taking advantage of costbenefits from its#25nm process with an up to 30 percent price "Solid-state drives continue to be one of the hottest trends inreduction over its current generation. computing," said Bernard Luthi, vice president of marketing, Web management and customer service at leading e-retailer Newegg.com. "Intel remains a top brand because of its"Intel designed new quality and reliability features into our consistent performance and extremely low return rate. We areSSDs to take advantage of the latest 25nm silicon, so we could sure customers will welcome the new higher capacity drives,deliver cost advantages to our customers," said Pete Hazen, and now is a great time for consumers to upgrade their PC todirector of marketing for the Intel Non-Volatile Memory a fast new SSD."(NVM) Solutions Group. "Intels third generation of SSDs addsenhanced data security features, power-loss management andinnovative data redundancy features to once again advance 12
  13. 13. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zone Kingston Advises SSDNow V100 Users To Upgrade Firmware Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/kingston-advises-ssdnow-v100-users- to-upgrade-firmware/11725.html March 29th, 2011 Kingston has learned that a small percentage of their SSDNowIntel SSD 320 prices, based on 1,000-unit quantities, are as V100 sold in the past has experienced a technical issuefollows: 40GB at $89; 80GB at $159; 120GB at $209; 160GB at on the firmware. Kingston strongly recommends that a$289; 300GB at $529 and 600GB at $1,069. Check retailers/ firmware update be applied to all SSDNow V100 drivese-tailers for consumer pricing. All models include a limited 3- to prevent possible data loss. The firmware update canyear warranty from Intel. be downloaded from www.kingston.com/support/ssdnow/ v100_firmware.asp"With recent announcements, we have expanded our SSDproduct line and now offer both consumers and computerOEMs more SSD choices," said Tom Rampone, vice presidentand general manager, Intel NVM Solutions Group. "We see theIntel SSD 320 as a solid advancement to our SSD roadmap,and will continue to upgrade and refresh our SSD product lineas we add more enterprise options for our business customersthroughout the year."Another benefit for Intel SSD purchasers is the Intel® SSDToolbox with Intel® SSD Optimizer, a free utility whichprovides Microsoft Windows* users with a powerful setof management, information and diagnostic tools to help Kingston has learned that a small percentage of their SSDNowmaintain the health and out-of-box performance of the drive. V100 sold in the past has experienced a technical issue onTo help ease the installation process, all Intel SSD users can the firmware. Kingston strongly recommends that a firmwaredownload the free Intel® Data Migration Software to help update be applied to all SSDNow V100 drives to preventclone the entire content of a previous storage drive (SSD or possible data loss. The firmware update can be downloadedHDD) to any Intel SSD. from their dedicated support page: www.kingston.com/ support/ssdnow/v100_firmware.aspIntel SSDs can be purchased in the United States from suchretailers as Best Buy or Frys Electronics, plus a variety of Description of issue:resellers, retailers or Internet e-tailers such as Newegg.com or We have discovered a technical issue with ourAmazon.com worldwide. To download the multimedia press SSDNow V100 which could result in drive failure.kit go to Intel® Solid-State Drives (SSD). A special enterprise While we have observed this issue in only a smalladdendum for data center customers and more information percentage of drives, Kingston strongly recommendson Intel SSDs can be found at www.intel.com/go/ssd. Follow that a firmware update be applied to all V100 drivesIntel SSDs on Twitter: @intelssd, Facebook: Intel Solid State to prevent possible failure.Drive (Official) or communities.intel.com. Customers can also contact their customer service hotline at 800-8861042 (toll free) or more information. Affected Part Numbers are: SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, SV100S2N/64GZ SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, SV100S2N/128GZ 13
  14. 14. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneSV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ Due to Intel’s chipset problem the new ThinkPad Edge models got delayed after having been initially announced back at CES in January, but the E420s has gone on sale in the US todayIt is important to note that none of Kingston’s other SSDNow with the smaller, lighter E220s model expected to follow earlyproducts -- with part numbers beginning with SNE, SNM, SS, next month. The E420s will come with a selection of Core i3,SNV, SNVP and SVP -- are affected by this potential issue. i5 and i7 processors while the E220s will feature a selection of ULV Core i5 and i7 processors.Lenovo finally launches the As the name suggests, the E420s is a 14-inch model, although at 1.88kg it’s as light as most 13.3-inch notebooks if only aThinkPad Edge E420s, E220s smidgen wider at 349x236x31.2mm (WxDxH) at its thickestcoming soon part. That’s pretty impressive if you take into account that the E420s has a built in slot-loaded optical drive, as well asSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lenovo-finally-launches-the-thinkpad- a space for both a 2.5-inch hard drive and a mSATA SSD.edge-e420s-e220s-coming-soon/11724.html Lenovo is offering configurations in some markets where youMarch 29th, 2011 can get an 80GB mSATA SSD as well as a hard drive fitted for a combination of speed and storage space. As far as notebooks go, Lenovo’s ThinkPad range isconsidered the most reliable and hard wearing out there, butfar from the best looking notebooks. The ThinkPad Edge triedto change this perception but didn’t really go far enough. NowLenovo has announced its latest addition to the ThinkPadEdge series, the E420s and the soon to launch E220s and thecompany has taken things to the next level in business casualnotebooks. In the US it appears that the E420s will only be available withAs far as notebooks go, Lenovo’s ThinkPad range is considered Intel’s integrated HD 3000 series graphics, but we noticed thatthe most reliable and hard wearing out there, but far from the in Taiwan Lenovo will offer it with switchable graphics in thebest looking notebooks. The ThinkPad Edge tried to change shape of an AMD Radeon HD 6630M with 2GB of dedicatedthis perception but didn’t really go far enough. Now Lenovo graphics memory. As for other markets we’ll just have to waithas announced its latest addition to the ThinkPad Edge series, and see until Lenovo introduces the E420s as Lenovo alwaysthe E420s and the soon to launch E220s and the company has tend to offer different SKUs in various markets.taken things to the next level in business casual notebooks. Other features include up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, 802.11a/ b/g/n, WiMAX option, Bluetooth 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI and D-sub connectivity, a standard USB 2.0 port, an always powered USB 2.0 port and an eSATAp (powered eSATA/ USB combo) port, a memory card reader, a biometric security fingerprint scanner, a combo headphone/mic jack and a 720p capable webcam. The only really disappointing feature is the comparatively small 4-cell 48.8Whr battery pack, although Lenovo claims that it’s good for up to 5.4h of usage. Rumour: AMD Radeon HD 6790 releasing March 31st Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/rumour-amd-radeon-hd-6790- releasing-march-31st/11723.html 14
  15. 15. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneMarch 29th, 2011The release of NVIDIAs GeForce GTX 550 Ti promptedseveral rumours regarding AMDs response. DonanimHaberis now reporting that AMD is all prepared to release a directcompetitor - Radeon HD 6790 - later this week, on March 31st.The Radeon HD 6790 will be taking on the GeForce GTX550 Ti, potentially replacing the now ancient HD 5770.Considering the GTX 550 Ti only barely edged out the HD 5770 At look at the rearon average, a tweaked and overclocked Juniper chip was muchrumoured. However, the Radeon HD 6790 is said to be a Bartscard, a heavily crippled and underclocked version of the HD6850. If that is so, perhaps a HD 6830 nomenclature will bemore accurate?Very little else is known about the HD 6790, except the price- $130. With performance almost certainly well ahead of theGTX 550 Ti, and such an aggressive pricing, the HD 6790 mayturn out to be an excellent value. If this is true, NVIDIA will beforced to sharply cut GTX 550 Ti prices in order to compete.Crysis 2 PC ReviewSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/crysis-2-pc-review/11713.html In the box, we find the manual and the discMarch 29th, 2011 If you purchased the game with the word “Limited Edition” on it, there is a special key to unlock some lovely bonuses such as in-game dog-tags, weapon attachment, skins and you begin on the multi-player at level 5. Installation of the game is straightforward though I did encounter a problem with the installer.Crysis. The game that made mainstream rigs come to acripple back in 2007. Its lush graphics and physics that boast The installer forces some kind of detection mechanism on your"realism" remains as a visual and performance benchmark for C drive for free space, it will not proceed if it has less than 9GBtodays games and hardware. We find out if Crysis 2 is worth of space. Not really a good thing for folks who partition theirthe bang for the buck for the hardcore gamer in you. drives and allocate limited space for their operating system. Do bear in mind however, you are still able to choose where you can install the game after the initial detection. After installation, you will be prompted with a one-time activation with your serial key before you enter the game. You will then need another one-time activation for multi-player in- game. And finally, get ready to rock and bust some alien butts.A look at the front of the box 15
  16. 16. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-ZoneStory Apple posts job openingsCrysis began as a sci-fiction first person shooter developedby Crytek, the story took place in 2020 in Lingshan islands for iOS mapping applicationwhere a team of supersoldiers equipped with a Nanosuits wereordered to save a team of archaeologists. The team, led by developers Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/apple-posts-job-openings-for-ios-Prophet, uncovered an alien structure and this was where it mapping-application-developers/11718.htmlbegan. March 29th, 2011Moving forward to 2023 in Crysis 2, the developers took a boldstep forward and puts the player right in the thick of urbanwarfare and alien invasion right at The Big Apple.A huge contrast to the predecessor’s jungle warfare. Well, it seems like the whole Apple vs Google saga is aboutThe aliens have returned and they bring with them a full scale to enter the next stage, especially after both companies haveinvasion bent on destroying mankind and all that we stand for. been reported to be attempting to foil each others businessNew York City is in shambles, its populace almost decimated acquisitions through various methods. And with Apple postingand buildings in ruin. To put things in a better perspective, a of job openings for iOS map application developers, could thisplague is spreading amid the survivors and the town is under be a sign that the Cupertino company is attempting to breaka brutal military scrutiny, CELL, a funded private military away from its reliance on Googles various online services,company under the control and part of Crynet Systems. especially Google Maps?You are "Alcatraz", a soldier who will inherit the strength,speed and stealth of the Nanosuit from the original game’s"Prophet". You will play the last stand against the fury andmight of the alien invasion force and CELL, both who arehappy to put you down. Do you happen to have experience in developing apps for the iOS platform? Or more specifically, apps that deal with digital maps? If so, you might want to head down to Apples website and try our luck out at employment opportunities: this is because the Cupertino giant has postedtwo job openings for an iOS mapping application developer and software engineer. Both openings feature identical descriptions: essentially, the companys iOS map team is seeking out software engineers who are not only proactive and hardworking, but are also equipped with "excellent skills in object- oriented software design and programming", with real-world experience developing sophisticated user interfaces being another pre-requisite. The job description also goes on to stateCrysis 2 did a great job in portraying a city under a mass- that the candidate must also possess excellent communicationscale invasion and hats off for Richard Morgan who does the skills, as he or she will be required to liaise with Apples humanstoryboard for the game. Plenty of small details in the story interface team to ensure consistency in the delivery of newwere given the attention it deserve and the right to keeps the features.adrenaline pumping and to keep going. Needless to say, the job openings have fueled speculationsPlot development is gradual with a few twists that lead to an that this is Apples latest attempt to break away from itsunexpected ending, I will not say what but my advice is to dependence on Googles online service, a claim which doeskeep exploring in the game. Several plot details were unveiled have some degree of credibility to it. After all, Apple haseven in enemy’s radio communication chatter or tell-tale signs recently acquired a couple of companies which specialize inon the walls. The story is long unlike some popular first- the creation and implementation of digital maps on mobileperson shooters and once you completed the game, you would consumer devices, and chances are that Apple will want towant to recall some awesome firefight scenes that you had make use of the acquired technology to build a suitableexperienced. alternative to Googles mapping service. Furthermore, Apple is already well behind the curve in thethe launch trailer for Crysis 2 implementation of digital maps on mobile devices such as smartphones, considering that its iPhone is not known to be able to function like a GPS navigational device, a feature which is available in certain Android-based smartphones. And 16
  17. 17. March 29th, 2011 Published by: VR-Zonebeing behind the curve is a position which innovation-centriccompanies like Apple are known to loathe being situated in.Of course, there is also a possibility that these job openingsare nothing more than the typical recruitment drives, and thatthe rumour mill is reading too much into what might just be amundane move from Apple. But we shall wait and see.That being said, what do you think? Could this be a sign thatmajor things are about to take place in the way future versionsof iOS will handle digital maps?Source: Apple via ZDNetLenovo announces new According to Lenovo, the new ThinkCentre M91 and M91pThinkCentre desktop PCs for desktop PCs for businesses are available in three form factors: tower,small form factor and eco small form factor. Thisbusinesses means that users can choose between the aforementionedSource: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lenovo-announces-new-thinkcentre- form factors in order to ensure that their PCs come in sizesdesktop-pcs-for-businesses/11715.html that maximize the amount of real estate available in an officeMarch 29th, 2011 cubicle. In addition to offering customizable form factors, Lenovo claims that the new ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktop PCs, being the fastest ThinkCentre PCs ever, have the capability to speed up daily tasks, due to the usage of Intels Core i3, i5 and i7 processors (pre-Sandy Bridge), while vPro technology allows various security feature to be hard programmed intoMost people will probably get on fine with their office work the processors themselves. Further performance boosts to theon a simple desktop PC that comes equipped with a dual-core PCs come in the form of support for up to 16GB of memory, asprocessor and decent amounts of RAM. However, for those well as the inclusion of SATA III and USB 3.0 technology, bothwho work in environments which demands that only the latest, of which are capable of data read/write speeds significantlygreatest and fastest PCs be used at all times, Lenovo might just greater than that of their predecessors.have the answer for your office computing needs. How wouldsupport for SATA3, USB 3.0 and multiple displays sound like Those who crave expandability in the form of external storagefor an office PC? devices will probably feel right at home with the new M91 and M91p, as both desktop PCs come standard with eight USB ports. Alternatively, users who need their PCs to come bundled with more options for upgrades can also choose to customize their machines to come with an additional hard disk, two PCI slots and an eSATA port. Last but not least, customers will also have the option toWhat is the average hardware configuration of a PC commonly upgrade the M91 and M91ps graphics processing capabilitiesfound in an office environment? For the most part, a dual-core by opting for a discreet graphics card which is capable ofprocessor, probably up to 2GB of memory and onboard Intel supporting up to four discreet displays, instead of using thegraphics would probably sound a lot like a typical office PC processors built-in GPU coreissued to employees in order to facilitate the accomplishmentof various standard tasks such as word processing, handling The ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktops (tower andemails and the occasional image editing. small form factor) will be available on April 11 through business partners and www.lenovo.com/sg. Models for theHowever, not all careers are created equal, and it goes without ThinkCentre M91 and M91p desktops will start at S$1,035.saying that for certain jobs, a PC with the aforementionedhardware specifications just will not cut it. And if your jobrequires that all employees be fitted out with nothing but the LG Optimus Pad Android tabletbest, fastest and most powerful PCs that money can buy, youmight want to start making friends with the staff at the IT to retail in Japan end Marchdepartment, and in the process suggest that they upgrade your Source: http://vr-zone.com/articles/lg-optimus-pad-android-tablet-to-PC to one of Lenovos recently launched ThinkCentre PCs: the retail-in-japan-end-march/11717.htmlM91 or the M91p. 17