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Next genaration endpoint security solution dubai


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Next genaration endpoint security solution dubai

  1. 1. Endpoint security solution as a yardstick to counter the cyber threat BY VRSTECH
  2. 2. Endpoint security solution has been considered a pivotal entity in preventing the early setback of a presumptive cyber setback as there seems to be a profound increase in the usage of devices and data across the network and more particularly onto the wireless network paradigms.
  3. 3. The problems even gets compounded with the changing demographics of the employees with reference to their network usage and moving further it has become a critical component for organizations to constantly safeguard the network systems and the associated assets for a security lapse.
  4. 4. Next-gen endpoint security solution As the technology space keeps evolving in the enterprise ecosystem, the cloud-computing has become a kind of deployment where the endpoint security solutions are completely governed.
  5. 5. Endpoint security solutions have been the most debated strategy among the enterprise organization and in this particular horizon; VRS tech have always fostered itself towards bringing about new dimensions for the end point security in the premises various channels such as cloud computing and firewall security solutions.
  6. 6. Perception of detection technology Believes Detection of APT/ATAs is Possible with Currently Existing Technology •Yes83% •No17%
  7. 7. Qualifications for consideration • Non-reliant on Signature/pattern-based Enforcement or Detection • Proactive • Centrally Manageable and Scalable • Granular Policy-based Control
  8. 8. Capabilities Prevention •Must stop the execution of malware. Detection •Do not attempt to stop execution, but rather rely on their ability to identify activities and changes.
  9. 9. Response •incident alerting •isolate infected host •remove malware •ticket/workflow integrations
  10. 10. Why should you choose us- VRS tech? Our client’s satisfaction is our asset and so we always deliver the best solutions according to our client requirements. Our happy clients are the core possessions that embellish our business to skies and of course, it’s because of the apt service given by us to our customers.
  11. 11. CONTACT US VRS Tech 3rd Floor, Suk Al Kabir Building, Al Raffa Police Station Road, Bur-Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. Call: 971-55-1683152