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  1. 1. Oleksandr Shtypula
  2. 2. Preview Introduction to Pop culture Sports start Euro 2012 Bomb explosion
  3. 3. Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko
  4. 4. Vitali He was born on July 19,1971. First he started he career successful as kick boxer, he become six times kickboxing champion. In 1996 Vitali left stage behind and his professional record. He had 38 fight he won 36 with 35 Kos. Vitali won his first important title on October 24th 1998. In a fight for the European championship he defeated Mario Schießer by TKO in Round 2
  5. 5.  Vitali Klitschko is a man with visions. One of these visions is to help his home country Ukraine toward a better future. Because of that he is pursuing a political career outside the ring in Ukraine. In Kiev he ran for mayor twice and as the party leader of UDAR a member of the city parliament.
  6. 6. Vladimir Vladimir Klitchko was born on March 25, 1976. He is Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer. His greatest achievement was Olympic gold medal in 1996, after that he decided to move into professional boxing. He won 134 fights of 140. He is currently WBA/IBF/IBO world heavyweight champion.
  7. 7.  Also he was fights for democracy in the Ukraine. When the movement started off in 2004, Vladimir flew over to Kiev to support the "Orange Revolution" in their peaceful campaign.
  8. 8. Euro 2012
  9. 9.  The 2012 UEFA European football championship, commonly referred as Euro 2012, it will be 14th European championship for national football teams selected by UEFA. The tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine
  10. 10. Stadiums
  11. 11. Ukraine bomb blasts injure dozens ahead of Euro 2012
  12. 12.  The bomb explosions in Ukrainian in Dnepropetrovsk. There were four bomb explosions and 29 people were injured series of explosions. The explosions were 150 miles from host city Donetsk where England meet France on June 11. President Viktor Yanukovych condemned the terror attacks, which raise concerns for the safety of the England team and fans.