Social Business and Social Media Marketing


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Social Business and Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing An Insight on why your business needs to adopt web2.0 advantage
  2. 2. Over all Social Media Objectives Reach Engage Convert Establish a Web presence – Be where clients are talking Identify new contacts – Use social media as a constant resource for new contacts Stay connected with clients – Reinforce ‘offline’ interactions with online connections Enrich client relationships – Learn about clients, strengthen relationships Build the brand – Build your personal brand and strengthen the Name of company brand Build individual eminence – Supports Name of company’s overall eminence, reputation and brand - we are the sum of our people
  3. 3. Service Objective• Set up Social Media as a strategic communication channel to achieve various business goals towards better Marketing & Corporate branding & its distinguished services.• To monitor online reputation on a 24/7 basis.• Partner Business objectives and implement Social Media across organization or a specific section of business.• Lay a roadmap and foundation to enable quicker ROI from Social Media.• Make Social Media as a Lead Generation channel.
  4. 4. USP of TheSocialPeople• Not a Creative or Digital Marketing or Advertising firm. – We specialize and equip ourselves only on Social Media Strategies to enable Business on Monetization and faster ROI.• Provide real-time Analytics as a Value Added Service. – Our Social Media Experts real-time monitor your Brand, Brand Sentiment and partner with our proprietary tools & help you to achieve short term and long term goals with utmost emphasis on ROI.• Not an Outsourcing Mindset but a Outside Partner Philosophy. – Our Social Media Experts work hand in hand with Unique solutions that suite your business needs with complete ownership of what is stake at Business.
  5. 5. Top social marketing challenges: Resources & ROIB2B Marketers are still grappling with how to get sufficient resources andthen best measure the return on their social marketing investment. %age of respondents This may indicate a disconnect and stalemate between the different Managing and growing social… levels of an organization. 42% Measuring ROI 58% Lack of sufficient resources 77% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
  6. 6. Whats next?Leverage Social Media to Deliver value to Capture Foster lasting empowered value, measure connections customers results
  7. 7. Swimming, treading water or drowning?The digital revolution istransforming the marketplace.Empowered customers can see-andsay-more about the organizationsthat serve them than ever before.But this revolution has also leftCMOs struggling to respond.
  8. 8. Changes are happening – Are you in the Race? Successful CMOs are now under prepared because of growing Social 68% The Rising Force of Media wings Social Networking now has more than 750 million active users and the With social average user posts 90 pieces of content a month media, anyone can become a registered users send about publisher, broa 140 million tweets a day dcaster and critic. 490 million users upload more video content in a 60-day period than the three major U.S. television networks created in 60 years
  9. 9. Deliver value to empowered customersThe most effective CMOs focus ongetting to know individuals, not justmarkets. They mine new digitalinformation sources. And they usecustomer analytics to turn data intoinsights on which theirorganizations can act.
  10. 10. Opportunities That We would help you capitalize 2012-2015, the investment bubble will burst for social networks in Business – Gartner Successful CMOs have started measuring the 58% Marketing ROI on the basis of Social Media engagement with customer CMOs have already budgeted the Social Media 62% activities; worth in average at 15% of their total Marketing BudgetSocial Media industry is about to touch the worth $7 billion in 2012 - eMarketer
  11. 11. Factors that supports Social Media in Social Business Think Big! Followers are selective in brands 79% Brand followers interacting with brands more this year than last 33% People follow brands to receive exclusivity, promotions, and be “in 64% the know” Followers recommend a brand to a friend after following 60% Are likely to buy the Business Service after following 50%
  12. 12. FutureSocial Media Monetization Monitoring
  13. 13. We can help youSocial Media Strategy Expert Workforce
  14. 14. Social Media as a Business Ecosystem Manage Stronger Relationship with Customers by hearing what they say 24*7*365.4 support (Yes! Even in Social CRM Hire best of the Talent Pool and Leap year) engage potential hires Customer Recruitment Service Social Engage and Train employees in an Media Interactive & Collaborative wayShare your out of the box thoughts Ecosystem and research material Thought Employee Leadership Engagement Communication Marketing / PR A powerful channel for all official Engage customers for various marketing communication for Customers, Stake objectives – Marcom, PR, Intelligence Holders and Employees
  15. 15. Our Services• Social Media Marketing (SMM)• Social Media Employee Engagement• Social Media HR & Recruitment• Social Media Content Development & Curation• Social Media CRM• Social Media Monitoring (Reputation Management)• Social Media Analytics• Social Business
  16. 16. Say Hello! TheSocialPeople Inc.,