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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION SCIENCE has achievedwonders. One of the thing thatscience has given us is “CYBORG”
  2. 2. • CYBORG is a combination between man and machine• Different from a robot• Used to repair or overcome physical and mental constraints
  3. 3. KEVIN WARWICK has taken the first steps onthis path.MANFRED CLYNES coined the term cyborg.
  4. 4. CYBORG-TYPES INDIVIDUAL CYBORG.It is used to refer to ahuman with bionic, orrobotic.Artificial objects such asprosthesis are so closelyattached human bodiesas to be considered as apart of one’s body
  5. 5. Today the C-Leg system developed by Otto Bock HealthCare is used to replace a human leg that has been amputated because of injury or illness.In 2004, a British andcompletely colorblindartist, Neil Harbisson,started wearing aneyeborg on his head inorder to hear colors
  6. 6. SOCIAL CYBORGMore broadly, the full term"cybernetic organism is used todescribe larger networks ofcommunication and control A corporation can beconsidered as an artificialintelligence that makes useof replaceable humancomponents to function
  7. 7. Application of Cyborg Technology Militarymedicine Art Application of cyborg technologyMARINE POPULAR CULTURE DEAF STUDIES
  8. 8. Medicines There are 2 types of cyborgs-1. Restorative-retore lost functions, organs & limbs.2. Enhanced-follows a principle,& it is the principle of optimal performance.
  9. 9. MilitaryCyborg Animal- tactical advantage.DAPRA has announced its interest in developing “CYBORG INTERSECTS”.
  10. 10. Art The concept of art is often associated with science fiction. Stelarc –from 1976 to 1988 he completed 25 body suspension performance with hook into the skin. Waffa Bilal- an iraqi- american performance artist.
  11. 11. MARINE CYBORGSCyborg DolphinSea CyborgCyborg Jellyfish
  12. 12. CYBORGIZATION IN CRITICAL DEAF STUDIES“Cyborgization" is an attempt to codify"normalization“.Hearing aids are widely used and can helpassist individuals that are hard of hearing.
  13. 13. CYBORGS IN POPULAR CULTURECyborgs have become a well-known part of science, fictionliterature and other media.Examples of fictional biologicallybased cyborgs include IronMan, Robo Cop etc.
  14. 14. Advantages anddisadvantages of Cyborgs
  15. 15. Advantages• Enables to lead a normal life• Gives artificial sight to blind people.• Long life of the mechanical parts.• Gives a part of the body back.
  16. 16. Disadvantages• Cyborgs have physical limitations.• Cyborgs do not heal Body damage normally• Cyborgs are very expensive.• Requires maintenance• The risk of rejection/infection.
  17. 17. JesseSullivan
  18. 18. Kevin Warwick
  19. 19. Rob Spence
  20. 20. CYBROGS FOUNDATION The Cyborg Foundation is a nonprofit organization created in 2010 by cyborg activist and artist Neil Harbisson The mission of the foundation is to help humans become cyborgs, to promote the use of cybernetics as part of the human body and to defend cyborg rights.
  21. 21. DIFFERENCE CYBROGS ROBOT Cyborgs are a combination of a  A robot is basically a machine living organism and a machine. that is very advanced . It is It doesn’t necessarily have to be often automated and requires human; it can be a dog, a bird, very little interaction with or any other living thing. humans. A cyborg is a combination of an organism with a machine.Its a  A robot is an automated part of living beings. machine.Its not alive. Cyborgs are typically very  Robots can be simple or very complex. complex.
  22. 22. CONCLUSION• It seems that in future we may have more and more artificial body parts like eyes,nose,hands and legs.• It act as a boom to human body by improving the quality and the life .• But it also act as a curse.
  23. 23.  Manmeet Saini Ramya Kata Neeta Ghule Shivalalitha pillai Tanvi Shetty Vriddhee Goel Jasmeetkaur Jolly