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  1. 1. Veterans’ Health Action Plan Breakout Session 1
  2. 2. Veterans’ Health Breakout Session Outline• Group Action Plan Exercise• Leadership & Execution Foundations – Whirlwind vs. Organizational Goals• Road Map to Achieve Highest Priorities – Time Matrix, – Productivity Pyramid, – Planning System• Change Management Principles 2
  3. 3. Leadership & Execution Foundations***2 Conflicting Forces exerted on Organizations*** Whirlwind vs Organizational GoalsThe Real Work Moves the Organization forwardExecute organizational goals in the midst of the whirlwind!
  4. 4. Leadership & Execution FoundationsFocus on the Wildly Important Goals Restrict to only 2 -3 goalsAct on Lead Measures Influenceable & PredicitiveKeep a Compelling Scoreboard Keep it Simple and VisibleCreate a Cadence of Accountability Hold WIG Meetings – 1-3 most important things you can do to impact SCOREBOARD
  5. 5. Leadership & Execution Foundations HOLD WEEKLY MEETING1) Report on Last Week’s Commitments2) Review the SCOREBOARD3) Make Commitments for the Next Week
  6. 6. Leadership & Execution Foundations 3 OUTCOMES1) Clarifies the Organization’s Priorities2) Engages every member of the Team Belief that team is involved in WINNABLE GAME3) Allows Organizations to Achieve their WILDLY IMPORTANT GOALS (in the midst of the whirlwind)
  7. 7. Road Map for Achieving Your Highest Priorities• Time Matrix - Quadrants I - IV• Productivity Pyramid - Identify Values, Set Goals, Plan Weekly & Daily• Planning System - Integrated, Mobile & Personalized - Tasks, Appointments, Notes, Contacts
  8. 8. Road Map for Achieving Your Highest Priorities• The Time Matrix – Live North of the Line!!! Urgent Not Urgent I Necessity Productivity & Balance M P O R Crises, Deadline-driven Planning, Preparation T A N T I II N Deception Waste & Excess O T Needless interruption, Emails, Calls Trivia, TV, Internet I M P III IV
  9. 9. Productivity Pyramid Plan Daily Check today’s appts., Realistic List, Prioritize Plan Weekly Review Roles, Choose Big Rocks(Schedule 1st), Schedule the Week Set GoalsWrite it down, Give it a deadline, Break it down/Commit Identify Values Standards, Ideals, Highest Prioritize
  10. 10. Planning System• Integrated (connected)• Mobile (portable)• Personalized• Contain - The CORE FOUR – Tasks – Appointments – Notes – Contacts
  11. 11. Change Management Principles• Change is a process, NOT a single event.• Change happens one person at a time.• Organizations don’t change; PEOPLE CHANGE.• Employees want & need a case for change.• Value systems & culture affect how organizations introduce and receive change.
  12. 12. Group Action Plan Exercise• Your Program’s budget has been reduced by 15% and staff reduced by 50%.• Create an Action Plan to ensure your Program’s future viability.• Action Plan Handout
  13. 13. Group Presentations Groups present Action Plans  Support Network  Areas to Improve  Problems to Overcome  Detailed Specific Actions of Process
  14. 14. Discussion• Group Discussion• Key Learnings• Best Practices• Constraints• Wrap-up 14