Integrating oralhealth


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Integrating oralhealth

  1. 1. Integrating Oral Health into Overall Health in Virginia Katherine Libby November 2013
  2. 2. Today: • • • • Oral health access in Virginia Oral health and overall health Medical and dental collaboration in Virginia Opportunities moving forward
  3. 3. Oral Health Access in Virginia • Private practice dentists • Dental safety net – Free Clinics – Community Health Centers – VDH Clinics** • VDH programs – School-based sealant programs • Mobile clinics • MOM projects/Give Kids a Smile • Primary care providers
  4. 4. Oral Health and Overall Health Associations: – Failure to Thrive – Diabetes – Premature Birth – Heart Disease – Osteoporosis – Stroke – Alzheimer’s
  5. 5. Skating to where the puck is going…
  6. 6. Virginia Oral Health Coalition Integrating oral health into all aspects of health care – striving to improve oral health and overall health outcomes “Make no little plans. They have no Magic to stir Men's blood.” - - Daniel H Burnham
  7. 7. ORAL HEALTH IN VIRGINIA A SYSTEMS CHANGE APPROACH Provider Collaboration Public Awareness Medical and Dental providers and educators understand the links between oral health and overall health and work together to ensure oral health is considered part of a patient’s overall health Virginians know that oral health is essential to overall health OPTIMAL ORAL HEALTH Patient Care Payment & Reimbursement The prevalence of dental disease is reduced in Virginia through prevention activities and early diagnosis and treatment Virginians have access to quality, affordable, comprehensive dental coverage
  8. 8. Medical and Dental Collaboration
  9. 9. What’s Really Going On? • Professional Education and Training – Future providers • Oral health curriculum (Smiles for Life, VT/Carilion) • Interprofessional learning opportunities for students
  10. 10. What’s Really Going On? • Professional Education and Training – Existing providers • Oral health continuing education at professional association conferences • In-office trainings for pcps and staff to incorporate oral health prevention services and dental referrals into practice • Virginia Dental Home Initiative – Age one dental visit – Pregnant women – Individuals with developmental disabilities
  11. 11. What’s Really Going On? • Practice Environment – Referrals – Health IT – Oral heath in patient centered care • Webinar: How medical professionals can better address adult oral health – Oral health and chronic disease management • VCC, Daily Planet • Data
  12. 12. What’s Really Going On? • Teledentistry • Long-Term Care • Policy Initiative – Dental benefits for pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid, FAMIS, FAMIS MOMs
  13. 13. What Does This Really Mean? • Emergent health care workforce that has knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive care that includes oral health – Jefferson College of Health Sciences PA Program • Early oral health prevention services and dental referrals provided to children visiting pcp – Avg. 5-8 opportunities in first three years of life • Policy to improve access to oral health services for pregnant women – 17,023
  14. 14. What Do You Know About? What’s next? How do you learn? Who do you share info with? What are you doing?
  15. 15. Things To Share… • Virginia Dental Home Initiative Trainings – Age one dental visit – Pregnant women – Individuals with developmental disabilities • Legislative Day – TBD • VDA webinar – March 2014