HIE, HIT and Meaningful Use


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2011 Virginia Telehealth Summit presentation

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HIE, HIT and Meaningful Use

  1. 1. “Worms In A Micro-Wave!” Hypothesis:I Predict that the Fatest worm will blow up the quickest & blow up more GUTS!
  2. 2. The Road to Success…. is always under construction.• CHINs Lily Tomlin• RHIOs• Enterprise-wide HIE• Nationwide health information network – Prototype architecture – Trial implementations – Limited production – Direct• ARRA / HITECH – State HIE – REC – Meaningful use – Beacon Communities – SSA – Training grants
  3. 3. Commonwealth of Virginia
  4. 4. Organizational Purpose- Collaboration in Health IT- Clinical Data Exchange- Enhance Practice Automation Vision: “…the most electronically integrated medical community in the U.S.” 5
  5. 5. History at a Glance Successfully HIT COUNCIL First live Expanded SSAMEDVIRGINIA NHIN TRIAL demonstrate exchange on SSA / Centra New platform SOLUTION exchange for 4 CMS C-HIEP IMPLEMENTATION the NHIN with Project Direct LAUNCHED NHIN Use VLER CONTRACT SSA COVA HIE Cases 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  6. 6. Leadership in Health IT• First HIE in production on NHIN• Author and first signatory to DURSA• First HIE to connect to SSA• First SSA expansion to new communities• First HIE to connect to VA and DoD health records systems• First HIE to receive provider incentive funding from VA• One of 3 HIEs to connect to CMS• eHealth Advocate of the Year – 2010• Chair, NwHIN Coordinating Committee
  7. 7. Solution2 Clinical Portal PACS Health System Health System MedVirginia SSA SOLUTION 2 NwHIN CONNNECTFree Clinics Gateway VA (3.x) Oracle OraclePhysicians Health HTB (ConnectFx) DoD Master Clinical Person DataPhysicians Index Repository CMS Ancillary Results Delivery CENTRA Labs Other IDN’s Other Independent Physician Practices
  8. 8. No patient left behind…• Veterans• Active military• Uninsured• Minority• Rural• Mental/behavioral health• Incarcerated• Disabled
  9. 9. FREE CLINICSCurrent• CrossOver Henrico• Fan Free• Love of Jesus Hanover• Richmond HBP2Q11 Chesterfield Richmond• Powhatan• Pathways• Aylett• Tappahannock
  10. 10. Face of Disability• Almost one-third of Americans entering the work force today (3 in 10) will become disabled before they retire• Over 51 million Americans (18% of the population) classify themselves as fully or partially disabled• 8 million disabled wage earners (over 5% of U.S. workers) were receiving Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits at the end of June, 2010 Information Provided by SSA 11
  11. 11. Social Security Admin. Project Avg. disability determination:  84 days With MedVirginia:  46 days 11% in 1-2 days CCD to SSA Algorithms by SSA Replication of model
  12. 12. MedVirginia Expands with Centra Memorial Regional Richmond Community Existing Data Suppliers St. MedVirginia Francis CDR St. Mary’s Sheltering MedVirginia CONNECT Arms CONNECT Gateway Gateway Southside Community New Data Suppliers Centra Virginia CDR Baptist Lynchburg General 13
  13. 13. SSA / MedVirginia Use of MEGAHIT• Case study commissioned by SSA• Conducted by Kay Center for eHealth Research• Perspectives: – Claimant – Provider – SSA• ROI
  14. 14. Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record Presidential Directive April 2009: Provide seamless access to all electronic records for Service Members and Veterans as they transition and throughout their lives. “No one should experience delay in access to services they earned while serving their country because of red tape and paperwork.”
  15. 15. Need for VLER Private Up to 60% of Sector Care Veterans receiveservice member’s approximately healthcare is 40% of their careprovided outside outside of VA of the Military 60% 40% treatment Health System. 70 facilities. DoD DoD-VA Continuum of Care VA
  16. 16. VLER Solution
  17. 17. HIE Trust Framework Mutual trust is a shared belief that you can depend• Physicians on each other to achieve a common purpose. – Clinicians – Information managers• Framework of trust – Agreed Upon Business, Policy and Legal Requirements – Enforcement and Accountability – Transparent Oversight – Identity Assurance – Technical Requirements
  18. 18. HIE Governance
  19. 19. Let’s roll….
  20. 20. Questions ?Charlie, Almost Home SPCA, Nelson County