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Know more, raise more

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  • Jack Grayson made a $100 contribution to the school for Homeless Children. He could have given 1 million. But the School didn’t know Jack very well and didn’t know Jack is a millionaire.GoodWorks is leveling the playing field for the 600,000 small to mid-sized charitable organizations that do not have access to the same tools as large institutions. When you know more, you raise more – but most non-profits have been priced out of the market. GoodWorks offers an affordable suite of tools for planning, project management and analytics. Our solution moves more money to mission – meeting real needs and solving social problems.The premise of our product is that by having deeper insights into each donor’s means and motivations, fundraisers can more effectively target and cultivate  Problem: Non-profits do not have sufficient information to maximize their fundraising potential and achieve social impact.Opportunity: Virtually every non-profit recognizestheir donor’s contributions by name in their annual reports, however the data is too unstructured and disparate to be useful when performing donor analytics.
  • Value Proposition: GoodWorksRevenueRaiser maps out the goals to put your organization on the path to success, and our DonorDiscovery service uncovers the buried treasure in your donor base.[Tell an anecdotal story]“By aggregating, synthesizing and correlating publicly-available data about donor behavior, DonorDiscovery provides valuable insights aboutindividual giving patterns and priorities. By understanding a donor’s motivations, areas of emphasis, and capacity for giving, your non-profit can be more strategic and maximize results when targeting both prospects and existing donors.”For a few cents a day, small to medium-sizenon-profits can achieve so much more towards accomplishing their mission. We give access to tools that the big players have at a better price point thanks to our lightweight process solution. Lightweight set of tools that provides targeted access to specific areas of revenue growth.
  • On Saturday morning, our team had an epiphany: we realized the information that fundraising professionals would want to know about their donors is already in the public domain – but it’s not readily available in a structured and usable form.Solution: Our GoodWorksDonor Discovery aggregates this disparate data and synthesizes it into a comprehensive profile of each individuals charitable giving -- providing valuable insights into their giving patterns and priorities.
  • Most donor database systems track contributions over time and allow the fundraising team to analyze and report on their own members and prospects. What they can’t see, however, is the total picture of that individual’s contributions to other organizations. And that’s where we come in …
  • Remember Jack Grayson?? Well, Jack was a loyal donor, and gave $100 a year to the school for many years. Imagine if the school had known that he was making million dollar pledges to a homeless shelter . They could have had the new building they needed so badly.
  • Competition: Our solution allows us to capture the data, and provide access at a much lower cost.Wealth Engine (donor and corporate match) – price point is prohibitive. Donor Perfect (just donor – database. No project management or fundraiser plan).Raiser’s Edge (information services).E-Tapestry (strictly donor database, low ease of use, no event management).
  • We conducted surveys with 30 non-profitsWe held 5 face-to-face interviews with non-profit representativesWe vetted our proposed business model and pricing structure with the customers we interviewed.Invited 3 fundraising professionals to participate in our concept refinement and validation (in person and by Skype).
  • “Is it worth $240 a year to you to find your Jack Grayson?”Monetization Statement: Subscription based, low price point for basic service, donor analytics is an affordable upgrade. Revenue projects are based on the assumption that we will capture 1% of the small to mid-sized non-provides (600,000 organizations) by the end of year 1.Basic service @ $10/month is $720,000
  • Go To Market Strategy: Partnering with Non-Profit Professional Associations, National Orgs with local Chapters, Tech Support providers for Non-Profits, Universities and Schools of Philanthropy, Non-Profit Resources, Online Non-Profit Newsletters, Trade Shows, Reseller Network for IT or Fundraisers who work with non-profits, reciprocal cross-marketing with donor database engine.
  • Think of it as crowdsourcing for low-cost data conversion and data quality. Intend to use's "Mechanical Turk" service, which is great for tasks you can divide into tiny chunks. Amazon finds people -- real humans! -- to tackle as many as they like for pennies a piece. In our case, it means using TURK to aggregate content from the thousands of PDF Annual Reports into structured, usable data.As we move into each community, we’ll rely on crowdsourcing to seed the database using Amazon Mechanical Turk.Think of it as crowdsourcing for low-cost data conversion and data quality. We intend to use's "Mechanical Turk" service, which is great for tasks you can divide into tiny chunks. Amazon finds people to tackle as many as they like for pennies a piece. In our case, it means using TURK to aggregate content from tens of thousands of PDF Annual Reports into structured, usable data.
  • If they’re fundraising effectively, they engage and interact with their supporters on a regular basis. Even so, they only have visibility to what each donor is contributing to their own organization.Your best source for future donations, may be your current donors! We aggregate your donor information with our database of other organizations’ donors, returning an in-depth analysis of those with whom you already have a working relationship. Learn who has more capacity to give, more tendency to give, and what causes they tend to care about and support, and what other organizations they are involved in.
  • GoodWorks Draft Pitch Deck

    1. 1. OUR TEAM:<br /><ul><li>Jeri Alcock
    2. 2. Mark Bates
    3. 3. Paul DeBruicker
    4. 4. Lindsey Epstein
    5. 5. Chansik Im
    6. 6. Joey Petelle
    7. 7. Vince Ready
    8. 8. Navin Vemuri</li></ul>know more, raise more. ™ <br />
    9. 9. Value Proposition<br />RevenueRaiser<br />DonorDiscovery<br />
    10. 10. Revenue Raiser<br />
    11. 11. Clarity for CHARITIES<br />
    12. 12. What NON-Profits Know now<br />
    13. 13. Donor Discovery INSIGHTS<br />
    14. 14. Competitors<br />
    15. 15. Customer Validation<br />
    16. 16. Monetization Model<br />Subscription-based with premium upgrade<br />Modular pricing for RevenueRazor planning tool<br />“One click free” option to try the Discovery tool<br />
    17. 17. Summary<br />Outcomes and next steps going forward<br />What would we do with add’l funding?<br />Transformations coming out of the weekend<br />Reinforce how it’s “remarkable”<br />Tell the story of the epiphany / pivot<br />“How will it bloom?”<br />
    18. 18. GO-TO-MARKET<br />GOAL: Capture 1% of the small to mid-sized non-profits by the end of year one.<br />STRATEGIES:Partner with professional associations, tech support providers, non-profit resources, industry newsletters, trade shows and reciprocal cross-marketing with donordatabase solution providers.<br />
    19. 19. CROWDSOURCING THE CONTENT<br />As we move into each community, we’ll rely on crowdsourcing to seed the database using Amazon “Mechanical Turk”.<br />Turk is a marketplace for human workers who perform human intervention tasks for pay.<br />
    20. 20. Product Roadmap – V2<br />
    21. 21. Product Roadmap – V1<br />[insert screenshot of WordPress screenshot]<br />
    22. 22. What NON-PROFITS know now<br />