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PBworks presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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PBworks presentation

  1. 1. P L N b l o g : r e s e n t a t I o n s i t e: e C a r d :
  2. 2. PBworks is aneasy-to-use free web page thatmultiple people can edit, it’s based on wiki technology. WYSIWYG
  3. 3. Use PBworks tocommunicate withAdministrators, Faculty,Parents and Students
  4. 4. Host and share information between students, faculty and staff. Encourage staff development and shared resources across schools.Make distance learning more interactive andcollaborative, support research teams, and improve inter-departmental coordination.
  5. 5. In the classroom,PBworks is a free tool that empowers every student to participate in group projects.
  6. 6. Great way to communicate with students Create Publish Comment Converse Post Ideas Respond Share Edit Collaborate Engage
  7. 7. You have assigned a team research project. What can you do to encourage the students to worktogether, share resources and create high quality work?
  8. 8. Its so easy tocreate a site tohelp guide studentsalong with projects.Its a good way tomake handoutsavailable tostudents.I post links to mysite so that parentscan access projectguidelines as well.
  9. 9. With PBworks,you have a history of every edit You are notified of every change
  10. 10. No more “dog ate my homework”Edits are time stamped. You know who made changes and when they were made.
  11. 11. Encourage student-centered learning. Even youngstudents can build web pages, embed images & video, and post documents.Provide access to information sources, book lists, and links to good articles
  12. 12. Set it up and it worksjust like typing in Microsoft Word
  13. 13. Just click edit and work on the pages
  14. 14. Easy to add things onto the wikipages
  15. 15. Post a picture or a video Wikis can house all of the resources that you want to share
  16. 16. Easy to create pagesPBworks allows you to use templates to make projects easier. Use their templates orcreate your own.
  17. 17. Create folders to organize student work
  18. 18. PBworks is free, fast and easy to use. Create one now at
  19. 19.
  20. 20. PBworks Basic EditionCreate a Free Online Workspace forYour ClassBasic Edition is free forinstructional use.PBworks Classroom EditionPremium Security and AccessControls for $99/yearClassroom Edition offers morecontrol over who can see and editthe content on your workspace. Youalso get branding with your schoollogo and colors, 20X the storage,and more, for just $99 per year.
  21. 21. PBworks hosts over 300,000 educational workspaces, and has helped transformteaching and learning for millions of students, parents and teachers.
  22. 22. As teachers, we want to be sure students are protected from the wider internet.YOU control who sees your workspace You invite your studentsEach student has a unique login and password
  23. 23. Pbworks Sites for Educators are free and never NO ADS display advertisements
  24. 24. We want to make certain our students act appropriately on line.Will our students writeoffensive comments?How can we monitor our students activity?
  25. 25. PBworks is Free and Easy to set up No IT department is needed!
  26. 26. Simply create an account, a site name and begin
  27. 27. For Classroom Teachers For Librarians For School/District Technologies For University Users Education WebinarsEducation Case Studies Educators’ Wiki PBworks Resources