Creating e portfolios using Weebly 4 classroom 20


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Here is my presentation to demonstrate how to use Weebly to create ePortfolios

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Creating e portfolios using Weebly 4 classroom 20

  1. 1. By Valerie Burton@MsBisOnline
  2. 2.  students have an opportunity to take ownership of their learning content can be selected by the student (with teacher guidance) they allow for self-reflection by the student feedback can be given by the teacher and/or parent
  3. 3.  Go to Enter a username, password and email address.
  4. 4.  Now you need to personalize it for your needs ◦ Cute and whimsical ◦ Project oriented ◦ Professional and mature
  5. 5.  Click on the “Designs” tab. Weebly has many different designs to choose from. Just hover your mouse over one of the designs, and Weebly will show you what it would look like.
  6. 6.  Create a New Page Create Sub-Pages Hide Pages from the Navigation Password Protect Pages Copy / Delete Pages Reorder Pages Redirect / Link a New Page to Another Site
  7. 7.  Awards / Scholarships Learning Log Coursework Digital Story of a particular artifact Description of community activities participated Emails / letters / cards from teachers / classmates / peers Goals (short & long term) Links to websites relevant to your purpose Photos Plans for career development Reflection Resume Special skills / knowledge, e.g. technology Video
  8. 8.  My Education ◦ Education Summary ◦ Transcripts ◦ Test Scores ◦ Possible College Choices ◦ Possible College Majors My Career ◦ Research possible career choices ◦ Results from Aptitude Tests ◦ Resume My Goals ◦ Short/Long term personal, educational or professional goals
  9. 9.  If there is an essay or paper to showcase you have two options: you can type the essay directly on the webpage or you can embed it …. Create a brief description of the assignment. If you wrote a research paper you can drag a “File” element and upload your assignment. The “File” element is located in the Multimedia section of the Elements tab. Below the assignment, drag in a paragraph element in which to put reflective writing about this assignment.
  10. 10.  Cater your template to reflect your curriculum and assignments. Showcase a variety of things
  11. 11.  Make sure you have the “Elements” tab selected. The basic elements that you’ll frequently use are listed first. Other elements are grouped under these categories. Grab a paragraph with title element, drag it down to the content area, and then let go. You now have a text window within which to write. There is a ribbon of standard word processing tools whenever you click in the text window.
  12. 12. Elements that can be added to your new site
  13. 13.  Add / Edit Text Change Text Fonts Create Links Add PDFs and Other Docs to a Site Alter a Page Layout w/ the Multiple Column Element Upload an Image Create a Slideshow Upload a Gallery of Images
  14. 14.  Create a Contact Form Collect Form Submissions Edit the Contact Form Address Add an Email Newsletter / Auto-Responder Form Start a New Blog Add an RSS Feed Create a Forum
  15. 15.  Add a Calendar Add a Google Map Add a Facebook Like Button Add a Twitter Feed Add a Search Field Add an Email Newsletter or Auto-Responder Form Add a Poll Add Other Embeddable Content Edit the HTML / CSS of a Theme
  16. 16.  English Teacher, West Jefferson High School in New Orleans, Louisiana Twitter - @MsBisOnline Den StarWeebly Sites