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Connecting educators worksheet


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Connecting educators worksheet

  1. 1. Become a Connected Educator presented by Valerie R. Burton, West Jefferson High SchoolDescription: This session will help you create a Personal Learning Network that you can rely onfor resources and advice. During this session you will explore: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs,ePortfolios, online business cards, online storage and Do It Yourself Professional Development.LACUE2012 Our assignments for today:Create a Twitter account: and follow some TweepleMyNotes link:Create a Facebook FanPage: and check out other pages My Notes link:Create a blog using Edublogs and check out other blogs My Notes link:Create an ePortfolio using Weebly– and an eCard using About.Me –http://About.MeMy Notes link:Create an account on PBWorks wiki, Dropbox and Delicious MyNotes link:Investigate Do-It-Yourself Professional Development My Notes link: Resources