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Blog posts and e portfolios

  1. 1. Blog Posts
  2. 2. • to make regular updates about assignments, events, and anything going on in class • To engage students in their learning and extend collaboration with classmates and even people all over the world
  3. 3. Blog Reflections *Students can be required to post a short (a few sentences or a short paragraph) synopsis of each reading in the student’s blog. Students can be requested to create • a short dialog between the authors of each week’s texts • list ways in which the subject of the texts could affect the student’s life or society • reflect on the implications of the texts for life online in the future • answer their own key questions from their own perspective
  4. 4. ePortfolios
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Sample pages • • • • • • • • • • Awards/Scholarships Coursework Digital stories Description of community activities Goals Links to relevant websites Plans for career development Resume Videos Special skills / knowledge, technical skills, etc.
  7. 7. Navigational tabs
  8. 8. Decide what pages you want included I use this as a template for my class. I show them this picture so that they know how to set-up their ePortfolio pages.
  9. 9. New individual and collaborative skills are emerging.
  10. 10. Weebly for Education is Perfect for You and Your Students • Use it for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. • Their drag & drop website editor is simple to use, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. • Weebly enables your students to express themselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment that you control. • No HTML or technical skills required! • Weebly was named one of TIME's 50 Best Websites of the year.
  11. 11. Weebly is easy to manipulate Add / Edit text Change text fonts Create links Add PDFs and other documents Alter page layouts with multiple columns • Upload Images – create a gallery • Create a slideshow • • • • •
  12. 12. VIP links Referral code to use for 10 extra student accounts • - go here to create your account Weebly's resources • My Weebly sites • My ePortfolios - • My sample student site
  13. 13. Contact me if you need me I am an English Language Arts teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana who looks for all opportunities to integrate technology into my classroom. I blog. I tweet. I share. Need to contact me? or (504) 298-9764 – myself – my class
  14. 14. Any Questions ? ? ?