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Using CI for continuous delivery Part 4


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This is part 4 of "Using CI for continuous delivery" in which we test drive Jenkins. More details can be found at

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Using CI for continuous delivery Part 4

  1. 1. Jenkins
  2. 2. With Jenkin’s plugin based architecture- we need plugins for building pipelines We found two and we used “Build pipeline plugin” for demonstrating the concept
  3. 3. A sample pipeline from the plugin page
  4. 4. BuildPipeline is available as a view in Jenkins – so let’s add that And let’s configure one test job. The job has configurations to attach it to a build pipeline
  5. 5. As a result of above steps- we get a very basic pipeline – now let’s add some real material to it
  6. 6. Each individual unit of work will be a job in Jenkins. So we have build-deploy-test jobs for Dev and QA How to connect them to form a pipeline we will see next
  7. 7. Post build actions -If we want next job to be triggered automatically (Above) and if the next job will be kicked off manually (Below) but is part of pipeline
  8. 8. We have Build, Deploy and Test for Dev triggered automatically one after another But QA Deploy has a manual “Click” needed. So we can configure the way we want it. They are part of same “pipeline” And we kicked off the QA Deploy manuallysubsequent jobs are auto triggered
  9. 9. One caution though: If you trigger jobs from job page and not from pipeline view – that won’t be recorded by pipeline I triggered #3 through pipeline then 4,5 through job page and next run (#7) through pipeline view. Pipeline view only cares for what it manages!
  10. 10. A history of pipeline
  11. 11. Jenkins - Concluding thoughts • Basic support for CD pipelines • Very high number of plugins available and heavy customizations • The semantic was still CI oriented • Still a very good open source option • Can be heavily customized to achieve what is needed for a CD pipeline