JAVA/J2EE Architect/Tech Lead-Coming out of Moody\'s


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JAVA/J2EE Architect/Tech Lead-Coming out of Moody\'s

  1. 1. Vipin DSummary· Over 11 years of hands-on experience in architecting and developing large and complex applications, total middleware and integration solutions and products - using JAVA, J2EE, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, Multi-Threading, TIBCO, C++ and Web Services; IBM MQ Series, Rational Software Architect, Rational Rose, Web sphere Application Server; Oracle databases, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, IBM Filenet, SLANG, SecDB, Oracle Integration Architecture, Web logic Server, Web logic Integration, Excel (Financial Modeling), SQL Server, Windows (All versions), UNIX – Solaris, HP-UX, Linux.· He has worked with large enterprise clients like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Thomson Financial, and Moody’s Rating Agency.· Specialization on financial services includes Investment Banking, Risk Analysis, Derivetives and Equities Trading, Bulk Trade Processing, STP, DMA, FIX, CAPITAL MARKETS, and different aspects of financial technology.· In Depth understanding of Rating Analysis Basic and advance Rules implemented in JRULES Technology.· Having in-depth specialization on Middleware Architectures, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Service Oriented Architectures, Event Driven Architectures including Complex Event Processing implemented through JMS and Tibco Messaging, JNI, Concurrent Package from Java and Multithreading.· He has strong experience on Trading of Securities in Global markets – Equity and Fixed Income Trading, Algorithmic and Electronic Trading, FIX Connectivity, Market Data Integration from data sources like Bloomberg and Reuters.· He has holistic knowledge in Investment Banking discipline including Risk Analysis, Portfolio Management and Securitization, Loans Trading, Conduit System. Has knowledge on different strategies of Algorithmic Trading like Mark To Market and Benchmarking.· He has extensive experience in Financial XML, FPML with FIX and other protocols. Performed rigorous modeling, transformation and programming with XML· Has working experience and knowledge on key Financial Technologies like real-time, high frequency messaging (RMDS), Distributed Cache (Oracle, TIBCO) and In-Memory databases (Kx System’s KDB, Goldman’s SecDB).· He has played a key role in several software solution assessments and product evaluations – particularly with Hibernate, Spring, IBM File Net, Business Objects, Cognos.· He has considerable experience with different methodologies of software development including Agile development processes and iterative methodologies like Rational Unified Process (RUP)· Implemented J2EE Patterns i.e. Factory, Abstract factory, Visitor, Singleton Pattern in all the designed solution.· Has strong exposure to Financial Regulation, particularly with FINRA and SEC’s OATS Reporting.· Has good exposure to Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation Strategies and Credit Approval, Credit Rating and Watch Rules.· Has strong exposure to end-to-end Order Management Process in Equity Trading, including Portofolio Management process, Trade processing and Compliance. Complete Trade Flow knowledge from Trade booking, Trade Matching, Contract Mapper and Settlement. Good working experience Trading and Portfolio Management products.· Has depth knowledge of Fixed Income Products Bonds (Govt, Municipal, and Corporate), Indexes, Tranches, Credit Derivatives, CDO, CDS, RMBS, and MBS.· Implemented Trade Processing, payment calculation and schedule engine, Trade Matching,
  2. 2. Trade Compression for Equities and Credit Derivatives.· He has exposure to Rating Calculation and Trade Processing through business integration, Complex Event Processing and SOA Governance.· He has very strong experience in Complex Event Processing (CEP), Business Process Management (BPM), Work Flow Modeling and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) with special focus on real time Financial and Investment Management Systems. Developed complex business events and business rules underlying the execution of business processes.Technical SkillsApplication and Web Server : BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1/7.0/6.1, Tomcat 5.5.x/5.0.xx/4.x, Websphere 9.Methodologies : Agile Methodology, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Object Oriented Application Development (OOAD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Iterative Software Development,Six Sigma Software Development Methodology, Waterfall Software Development Methodology.Programming LanguagesFrameworks :J2EE (JSP, EJB, JMS, JNDI) JDBC, Servlets, STRUTS, Web Services ,SOAP, Spring 2.5, Hibernate, Jakarta Struts, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM using JMS, IBM MQ Series), Service Oriented Architectures (SOA using Web Services, JAX RPC and JAX WS), JAXB, Unit Testing Framework using JUNIT and DBUNIT, MQSeries, JMS.Databases : Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SECDB( GS Propertiery DB)GUI/Scripts : HTML, XML, DTD, Schema, JavaScript, CSS, SLANG,FLEX, XSLT, GWT.Development Tools : RAD , Eclipse, Web Sphere Studio (WSAD), TOAD 7.4,Maven, Junit.System Design Tools : Rational Rose, Together-Soft, VISIOOperating Systems : HP Unix B.11.00,Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000/NTInfrastructure Tools : Visual Source Safe (VSS), CVS, Cruise Control, Win CVS, Rational RoseKey Skills · Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, FLEX, IBM FileNet, Messaging Queues. · Project Management, Agile Methodology, SDLC Implementation, RDBMS, OODB. · Equities, Derivatives, Risk Analysis, FIX Protocol, DMA Market Data Applications Business Requirements.Professional Experience:Moody’s Ratings and Analytics, NY May 2009 to PresentSenior Developer/Team LeadI am currently working on a major project as a Platform rewrite in Services team at Moody’s NY.Pyramid R&B (Rating and Billing):This framework is replacement of the multiple systems currently exists in Moody’s to run theremulti Business Lines. The main responsibility of the framework is to migrate old multiple DBschemas to one DB2 schema and then provide a feasible and easy to integrate reusablecomponents which can execute the current and future business requirements like Ratings,
  3. 3. Billing, Pricing, and Customer Management. This framework can be extended to integratewith Trading and DMA platforms as and when Business requirements arise. This is amultithreaded and multilayered distributed system which leverages the existing technologyservices if required to use. This system is primarily built using J2EE framework and has multipleintegration points developed in various middleware technologies like IBM MQ series, WebServices and HTTP protocol communication to integrate with multiple other systems in and outof the firm firewall. The user interface for this system is developed using Flex Technology.The core components are written in Core java and concurrent processing capabilities arereusable in Back end High throughput jobs or single threaded J2EE environments.Transformation APIs is multilayered content transformation API which can be plugged into anyexisting web based system with few easy steps and can transform any non-standard HTMLcontent into various formats like PDF, MS Excel, MS Word etc. This system is build using J2EEand XSL FOs, XSLT and work as multilayered XML transformation engine with input as JavaObjects and output XMP represntation by JAXB or other various formats (PDF, EXCEL) basedon the requested parameter.Responsibilities: As an Architect and Technical Lead, my responsibilities includes but not limited to: · Led a 4-10 member team that conceived and developed Pyramid framework in Java, Spring and Hibernate, back end is in DB2 and running on Web sphere Application server. · As a Primary Solution Architect, I was involved primarily on the design and building the core architecture in discussion with DB Architects who are responsible to design new Db schema on IBM DB2 which can support data from around 400 different Db schemas and last but not least it should be able to take care for future Business Requirements. · Worked with BAs who are trying to define reuirements which are going to replace existing multiple systems with one completely integrated system. · Define a multilayred architecture with latest technologies including Spring, Hibernate, Messaging, IBM Filenet, Flex and JRules. · This project is having defferent sub modules like Transaction Management, Rating, WorkFlow Management, Document Management, Billing. One major responsibility is to do a gap analysis in the contracts between the different modules based on the current schema design and follow proper escalation process to resolve it. · As a Technical Lead, I Was actively involed in the techlogy analysis for system along with the active coding for various modules. · Desing and Coding the core framework using J2EE on IBM Websphere 6.2 and the services with the integration points using J2EE, Spring 2.5, IBM MQ Series, Web Services (JAX RPC/JAX WS). · Design and Coding for the communication modules for Pyramid which involes the implementation of various communication protocols like IIOP, HTTP, SOAP. This are used for as integration points for various external system like PeopleSoft, Properitary services, Billing Core Engine with which Pyramid integrates to communicate. · Architecting and Coding the J2EE and XSLT based XML transformation engine using JXB and Xalan. · Implemented Backend Jobs for Bulk Rating Manipulation on Financial Gurantor Actions in Shell Scripts and Core Java multithreaded environment for high performance. · Design and Implemented Spring Aspect Oriented Programmming, WebServices, JTA, Hibernate ORM, Blaze DS based solutions for Alerts, Validations, Loggers and transaction management. Used Hibernate to connect around 400 DB2 highly normalized Database tables.
  4. 4. · Follow Agile Methodology in development and progress monitoring. Design and Implement Aspects, Custom Aspect handlers by using BeanFactory classes in Spring. · Involved in writing and reviewing Maven Scripts and JUnit test cases for building, testing the Application.Environment: Java 5, Spring 2.5, IBM MQ Series, Web services using JAX RPC/JAX WS,XSL FO, HTML, JDBC, JMS, Web Sphere 6.2, EXT-JS, JSP, JSTL, Custom Tags, HTML,CSS, XML, AJAX, DB2, PL/SQL, DB Objects like Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views,Functions etc, Maven Script, Log4J, IBM Filenet, JRules, FLEX. IBM RAD 7.0, PVCS,TOAD, SOAP UI, ERWin, MS Project, Rational Rose.Goldman Sachs, NY Apr 2007 to May 2009Technical Lead/Senior DeveloperResponsible for delivery of New Feature development and maintain existing Front officeEquities and Derivetives trading application and components for Mortgage Backed derivativestrading. System has been implemented in GS specific system called SECDB (Backend DB) andSLANG (Development interpreted language). Development involved core java server sidecomponents implemted with high performance Mutithreaded and Concurrent Programmingand integration with SLANG code. Work with offshore team for develop and manage newproducts implementation, new features development like credit events processing, PaymentGeneration (Aging Process), Trade Cpompression, Trade Reporting and Gross Creditprocessing engines. Requirements are provided by the products group discussed and analyzed inreference with other involved system components. Participate in technical discussion for optimaldesign and implementation strategies. Responsibility includes management of available resourcesfor high standards of deliverables with in tight schedule.Responsibilities: As an Senior Software Engineer, my responsibilities includes but not limited to: · I was responsible for the detailed design of the system. This include high leve design and low level desing of each module using UML along with the integration model. · Coordinate with onsite Team in India for development of new Fixed Income instrument Trading Requirements and Change Requests for Existing Fix Income Products trading and Trade Processing components. · Design and Implementation Payments, Aging, Auto Gen Processes componentsfor Derivative and Equity Trades in core java by using Threading, Sockets and File IO server side. · Implement Fixed Income Products ABACUS, CDO booking Components in SECDB and Core Java. REF OBs Rate and Payment Schedule calculation in Core Java. · Design and implement Decision Engine for Conduit Mortgage Trading System in J2EE, Servlets, WebServies and Business Objects. · Shell Scripting and Code integration with SLANG on Solaris. · Developed processing engine to compress the trade volume by Using In-memory Caching and Distributed Clustered Data sources in SLANG and SecDB. Integrated Engine with Flex based UI and Java Servlet technologies for Report generation and Monitoring. · Design and Imlemneted Risk Analysis Rules and Query Generation module to convert SecDb Queries in to RDMS query using XML, JAXB, and Core Java. · Implement Trade Matching and Trade Reconciliation processes in Core Java with Concurrency Management and inmemory DB usage..
  5. 5. · Developed and integrated monitoring and notification shell scripts on Solaris.Environment: Web logic 8.1, Sun Solaris, Shell Scripts, J2EE, Ant1.5, J2SE, Core Java,Sockets, Multi-Threading, J2EE, Struts, XML, XSLT, CSS, Log4j, Hibernate, AJAX,CVS,Eclipse, GWT, SQL Server and Sybase, SECDB, SLANG, Concurrency Management andSQL performance tuning.Lehman Brothers, NY Jun 2006 to Apr 2007Senior DeveloperCmetrtics is an effort from management to leverage the knowledge of finalcial analysts for othergroups to do fixed income analysys and created models for Risk analysis.Fixed income analysts provide number of mathmatical formulas to apply on the fundamentaldata and generate future prediction fopr interest values and performamce of equities. Thesefoumulas can be used to analyse Equites and Market Data. Technical Development involved thedesign and implementation of layered architecture as model and front end with java backgroundprocesses to calculate data and stored in Sybase DB as pre calculated values. Responsible for thedesign and development of the model which is in core java with OOPS and different designpatterns to calculate on request or through back end processes and values will be presented to theuser. Web based front end has been implemented in JSP, Servlets with Struts, AJAX andhibernate with Web logic 8.1 on Solaris server. Database is used as Sybase to fetch the input dataand calculated results are stored in the SQL Server.Responsibilities: As an Senior Software Engineer, my responsibilities includes but not limited to: · Involved in requirement gathering from the business Group that included the high-level design, low-level design, and contributed to the technical architecture of the system. · Designed and implemented the middle layer model for formula generation and data processing with background job to retrieve the fundamental date from Sybase, process the formulas and store result in SQL Server DB. · Designed and implemented the web based front end with Struts, JSP, AJSX, HTML and CSS. · Actively involved in DB Schema design, SQL and Stored Procedures implementation and writing related documentation. · Designed and developed multithreaded back en d job to process the multi companies’ data and group’s Data. · Designed and developed web services to retrieve processed data with the restricted access control, pagination and caching to improve performance. · Designed the messaging based interface module to store logging and usage information in SQL server. · Wrote middle ware core JAVA code to process and stored data in the DB. These jobs are scheduled to run via Shell Scripts on daily basis on Solaris.Environment: Web logic 8.1, Sun Solaris, Shell Scripts, J2EE, Ant1.5, J2SE, Core Java,Sockets, Multi-Threading, J2EE, Struts, XML, XSLT, CSS, Log4j, Hibernate, AJAX,CVS,Eclipse, GWT, SQL Server and Sybase.Thomson Financial Corporation, NY Jun 2004 to Apr 2007Senior Developer
  6. 6. Thomson ONE Banker Deals, QAPI ( Jun 2004 - Jun 2006 )The project involved the development of business components for investment bankingproduct. This component is supposed to enable the user to retrieve and analyze the deals relatedinformation about the public companies from Thomson’s database. This involved the design andimplementation of JSP pages and business rules need to be implemented in Servlets with Patternsand use of Hibernate. Backend is in Oracle 8.1 and we have developed a XML bases data accesslayer called as QAPI, which accepts in XML format and returns result in XML or name of theresult table. · Involved in requirement gathering from the Business Group that included the high-level design, low-level design, and contributed to the technical architecture of the system. · Responsible for the implementation of various J2EE design patterns like Business Delegate, Session Façade and Factory Pattern. · Developed the XML based API which involved Multi-Threaded, Sockets programming with SAX API for XML parsing and response generation. · SVN is used as Source Control and Silk Radar is used to trace the bug activity and productivity metrics. · Involved in Development of XSLT files to convert XML response from the Processing Component and generate the HTML, EXCEL and TXT output depends on the request. · Involved in multithreaded Core Java designing and implementation of final Report generation module by retrieving different types of reports from multiple sources (Databases and File Systems). · Involved in implementation with C# and .NET for selected Deals functionalities in aspx, asmx pages as Thomlets (Thomson’s MVC components) to integrate in to the TRA (Thomson Reference architecture) a .NET based framework. · Involved in the implementation and maintenance of Meta Data Driven XML based QAPI. QAPI acts as data access layer for Investment Banking Products to access Public Companies related data. Implemented in core java with OOPS and design patterns with Multi Threaded process capabilities. · Development of Thomlets for TRA framework, Web portal components plugged in to customized Framework for Thomson Products. · Shell Scripting on Solaris for Scheduling, Tracing, logging and health check of the processesEnvironment: I Planet 6.5, web logic 8.1, Sun Solaris, J2EE, Ant1.5, JAVA, J2EE, JMS,Struts, XML, XSLT, CSS, Log4j, Hibernate, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Sun Solaris, ShellScripting, TRA Framework, Thomlets(Portlets).Project: Venture Expert, SECAPIVX (VentureExpert) is repository of US private company’s data from TF database, ICCmodule is extension of similar data for Private UK Companies. This involved fundamental,ownership and financial status data about the available company records. · Responsible for developing and deploying the ICC module from scratch on Iplanet 6.5 setup with Struts Framework. · Involved in Layered architecture and componentization of the module and writing related documentation. · Integrate developed modules with existing product with Third party (ICC) API calling mechanism with failover mechanism by health check logic implementation. · Develop XSLT scripts to convert XML response from the Processing Component and generate the HTML, EXCEL and TXT output depends on the request.
  7. 7. · Enhancement in the existing HTTP based SECAPI to support for retrieval of Securities document of different format (HTML, PDF, TXT, XML, Encoded format). · Involved in to designing and implementation of multithreaded server which accepts requests from client and start a separate thread containing communication sockets information for each client to connect to actual production server to serve the requests in the form of sequence of NEWSYS commands. · Implementation of Monitoring and Controlling Shell Scripts on Solaris Platform.Environment: IPlanet 6.5, Sun ONE, Sun Solaris, J2EE, JAVA, J2EE, Struts, XML, XSLT,CSS, Log4j, ANT, Sun Solaris, Shell ScriptingEducation · Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, SLIET, PTU Jalandhar, Punjab, India · Diploma in Instrumentation and Control BTE UP