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  1. 1. RanjanPreamble:Highly motivated, deeply driven, Adobe Certified Expert with a successful 5 year track record in developing RichInternet Applications for clients spanning across Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, and Investment domains.Enthusiastic professional with proven ability in creative problem-solving, Presales, Team management, and conductingFlex trainings.Summary: · Strong communication skills and committed to learning new technologies. · Extensive experience in Adobe Flex, BlazeDS, and Cairngorm Architecture. · Involved in optimization and performance improvement of Flex applications. · Strong expertise in customization of OOB Flex Components, reusable components, skinning, and CSS. · Experience in various data access techniques such as HTTPService, WebServices and RemoteObjects. · Worked on Flex Data Model, Value Objects, Error Handling, and deploying Flex Applications. · In-depth knowledge of Local Connections, Flash Player Security, AIR, Modules and Runtime Shared Libraries · Experienced with Maven and Flex using FlexMojos and Israfil plugins. · Writing Flex code that is ready for automation testing using QTP. · Proven track record as a team-lead and onsite coordinator. · Experience in defect-management using HP Quality Center. · Involved in presales activities of multiple multi-million dollar engagements.Professional Experience:Goldman Sachs, Jersey City, NJ Jan’10 – Till DateRIA Architect/Flex DeveloperCompensation Recommendation System (CRS):It’s an ambitious in-house application development using Flex 4. The application will be used by the HR Executives andsenior management, to recommend the annual compensation for over 30000 employees. It leverages the power of Web2.0 to deliver an enriched UI experience to the clientele. It uses Cairngorm architecture for ease of maintenance, andparallel programming to improve the usability and performance.Responsibilities: · Involved in requirements gathering, team-management, use-case design and Flex-code reviews. · Developed a library of reusable Flex UI components that is used across various in-house applications. · Direct communication with the senior management in delivering a modernized workflow. · Making the Flex code automation enabled by writing Delegate classes. · Automation testing of the application using QTP. · Unit test cases using FlexUnit. · Member of client’s recruitment team conducting Flex interviews.Environment: Adobe Flash Builder 4, Cairngorm, Flex Unit, Blaze DS, J2EE, Spring, Sybase, JBoss, QTP,Maven, CVS, XML, HP Load Runner, and JSON.Adidas May’09 – Dec’09Flex Developer/HTML Developer
  2. 2. Re-Launch:A much awaited renovation of the public website The objective was to upgrade the usability andperformance of the existing website by using Web 2.0 standards.Responsibilities · Flex/HTML developer in a 20+ member team. · Developed some of the core components reusing in-house libraries. · Extensive use of Flex Builder and Dreamweaver IDEs.Environment: Adobe Flex Builder, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery.Fidelity Investments Limited Nov’08 – Apr’09Senior Flex DeveloperRisk Control Management System:A dashboard for the senior executives, on Cairngorm standards, which provides information regarding the health offirm’s financial entities. It provides different representations of risk-metrics in the form of heat-maps, gauges, andgraphs. This empowers the end user to look at information from a high level perspective as well as drill-down into thedetailed reports. It involves rich use of charting components, highly customized grids, and eye-catching graphical effects.It was adjudged as the “Most Valuable Project” by the client.Responsibilities · Design and development of the UI using Adobe Flex 3. · Brainstorming with the client’s technical and business teams to design an optimized workflow. · Wire-framing and code-review exercise. · Interaction with client on the deliverables and deployment. · Prompt servicing of change requests from client. · Involved in warranty and support phases to train the business users and resolve issues.Environment: Adobe Flex Builder, Cairngorm, JavaScript, Java web-services.Kmart Jul’08 – Oct’08Flex Developer/Team LeadImpact Blueprint Application:An enriched Flex-based application to automate the marketing workflow that will enable the Sears’ marketing planners,on a daily basis, to develop a booklet-based template (blueprint) for their marketing needs. It incorporates the modernWeb 2.0 concepts, heavy user-interaction, and dynamically configurable UI.Responsibilities · Led a 10+ member team during the development and testing phases. · Involved in code-reviews and user-experience exercises. · Received great feedback from the Board of Directors.Environment: Adobe Flex Builder 3, Cairngorm, REST, J2EE, Spring, UDB, JBoss, VSS, XML, and JSON.Sears Holdings Corporation Feb’08 – Jun’08Flex Developer/Offshore CoordinatorPebble Social Networking Tool:A pure Flex-based in-house desktop application with tweeter-like features for Sears employees. It runs on AIRruntime and comprises of most of the social collaboration features (post, follow/unfollow, review, etc.). The package also
  3. 3. includes an admin dashboard that helps in the statistical analysis of the desktop application. The application is was alsodeveloped parallel for mobile-devices using FlashLite. The project won Sears’ CEO’s Star Award.Responsibilities: · Leading the offshore team in delivering the desktop and dashboard applications · Involved in client-interactions and over-all project coordination from Bangalore. · Development of the presentation layer using Flex skinning, CSS, and AIR.Environment: Adobe Flex Builder, FlashLite, AIR, JavaScript, .Net web-services.Infosys Technologies Limited Aug’07 – Jan’08Flex Developer/Solution ArchitectDemand Management Portal (Research Project):A Flex dashboard framework with offline working capability that leverages the richness of Flex, efficiency of BlazeDS,and versatility of Infosys proprietary components. The framework can consume data from any enterprise data systems (BI,DB, etc.) and derive interactive and indulging data visualization interfaces. The current leadership of SI-PCC group atInfosys is using this tool for managing regular operations.Responsibilities: · Continuous research for gathering standard executive-dashboard requirements. · Regular communication with senior executives to come up with a reusable and state of the art framework. · Development of some key reusable components that still serve as a reference library for the developers.Environment: Adobe Flex Builder, BlazeDS, spring, Hibernate, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Jan’07 – Jun’07Technology Research InternContent based Image Search Engine (Academic Project):A framework for the matching and retrieval of archaeological images based on highly specific visual features. As a result,the potential users of the system (archaeologists, art historians, curators and students) will have a tool to refine the searchfor digital images. The system incorporates the identification of distinct visual feature vectors, which areextracted from each image in the database through implementation of high level image feature based algorithms such asRobust Invariant Features (RIF), Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) and low level image feature basedHierarchical Tree Matching (HTM).Responsibilities: · Research on various textures and shapes of archaeological artifacts. · Implementation of the search engine from scratch. · Worked with HoD (Comp Sc. Dept) and senior professors to brainstorm the design. · Worked closely with peers to get critical feedback on the performance and improve the efficiency of the algorithms.Environment: Visual C#.Ministry of Defense Apr’05 – Sep’05Technology Research InternRadar Simulation / Force Multipliers:A sub-module of a real-life project on weapon evaluation for Indian Naval Force. The tool will sit inside asophisticated weapon-simulation software that will help the scientists deduce the accuracy of attacks and counter-attacks
  4. 4. using their war-weapons.Responsibilities: · Implementation of graphical radar-simulation software. · Worked with senior directors and scientists to improve the efficiency of the software by using sophisticated mathematical techniques. · Demoing the software to the Senior Officers of the Indian Naval Force.Environment: Visual C++.Educational Qualification: · Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering in Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University, Noida, India