Negotiating and Branding Your Professional Organizing Business


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A few simple steps to success brought to you by Sheba Khodadad and Victoria Pynchon

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  • Introductions
  • Women are bad at claiming credit. We negotiate every bit as well as men when we negotiate for someone else.Why don’t you negotiate?(raise of hands; write down reasons)ASK, ANCHOR, LEARN INTERESTS, INVENT OPTIONS, TRADE ACROSS ISSUES, CLOSE
  • We tend to underestimate our own value.Research shows that we work 22% longer and 10% faster than men before we women ask for the same reward. We’ve internalized the wage gap.But wages aren’t the only thing we fail to ask for. What else would make your business thrive? What if you charged twice as much as you’re charging now? What could you do with that money that you’re not able to do to grow your business now?
  • This is you. No one questions the price of this vehicle? And yet we get “gender blow back” – subtle social sanctions – when we price ourselves according to our true value. We’re going to talk about how to avoid those social sanctions in a moment, but first, a commercial for branding You, Inc.
  • The power of branding. Maybe discussion of BRAND VALUE here? Strong brands = demand a premium fee, Across all categories 12-15% more we pay for a brand we know and trust.A branded relationship = loyalty
  • It takes a village to launch, nurture and grow a business. Who are your natural allies?The value of weak connections (Sheba address this)How do you create a network of natural allies and weak connections?
  • Questions to entire group.You’ve crash landed on a desert island. Everyone survived. There are a couple of people with broken bones, bruises and cuts but no one with life-threatening injuries. You’re on a beach with a jungle behind you.You have some food and drink from the galley. How do you distribute what you’ve got and assign jobs to the group?
  • Open-ended questions calculated to reveal what your bargaining partner values, desires, needs, fears, etc.Are there any questions you haven’t asked your desert island allies that could unlock their value?
  • This is the problem What else?Work flow?Juggling work and life?
  • How you show up. What you represent.
  • Sheba . . .
  • Packages of services – bronze, silver, goldThe more options on the table, the better able each party is able to get what they want, need, desireTrade across issues – flat fee may be better for some people than hourly rate
  • Negotiating and Branding Your Professional Organizing Business

    1. 1. Negotiation and Marketing NAPO Presentation Victoria Pynchon, She Negotiates Consulting and Training Sheba Khodadad, 6 Degrees Deep
    2. 2. WHAT IS A BRAND?
    3. 3. Job #4 Framing