Reframing Law Librarian Careers and Re-anchoring Promotion and Pay


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With a note on implicit bias and sponsorship

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Reframing Law Librarian Careers and Re-anchoring Promotion and Pay

  1. 1. Reframing Law Librarian Careers Re-anchoring Promotion and Pay Victoria Pynchon, Esq. She Negotiates Consulting and Training
  2. 2. Physicality
  3. 3. • The Performer: Mick Jagger -- "This is a classic expression of feeling powerful in the moment-it causes you to physically expand." • The CEO: Oprah Winfrey--"The body language naturally projects dominance. It's unusual to see a woman in this position." • The Classic: Wonder Woman-- "She's really opening up. The feet spread, the hands on the hips. She's taking up space." • The Loomer: Lyndon Johnson-- "Johnson was 6'4", and he used his stature very thoughtfully-to both intimidate and seduce."
  4. 4. POWER • What are your super powers • What is your authority • What resources can you deploy • What punishments can you employ • How willing are you to use your power • Is it power-over or power- to and power-with • Where is the power in your firm • How can you accrete some of that power to yourself?
  5. 5. Who or What Will Replace the Image of Women as Clerical Workers?
  6. 6. Why Are These Images All Male?
  7. 7. Why Is CEO Barbie Pink and Sexualized?
  8. 8. Identical Resumes • “Obvious” African- American Name vs. “White” Name • Woman’s Name vs. Man’s Name
  9. 9. framing © Victoria Pynchon ‘07 a means of influencing another’s perception by narrowing the ways in which an item or an idea can be characterized what if you had to measure the size of something by using two frames? what if you could only use one?
  10. 10. • Research Librarian • Associate Director Records Management Electronic Resources/Systems Librarian • Web Services Librarian • Legal Information Librarian • Director of the Law Library • Knowledge Management Attorney • Legal Management Consulting Director • Senior Knowledge Services Manager • Knowledge Management Manager • Chief Information Officer • Knowledge Officer
  11. 11. 2012 ALM Tech Survey Comp + Bonus for Top Tech Executive $500K+ $400-$499K $300-$399 $250-$299 $200-$249 $150-$199 $100-$149
  12. 12. Chief Information Officer
  13. 13. Knowledge Officer
  14. 14. 2013 Law Library Survey Average Compensation Director Deputy Director Branch Office
  15. 15. How Happy With Money? Happy Mostly Happy Ambivalent Unhappy Really Unhappy
  16. 16. How Happy With Job? Happy Mostly happy Ambivalent Unhappy Really Unhappy
  17. 17. anchoring we tend to be influenced by any number that enters the negotiation environment
  18. 18. Create The Future of Your Profession – And Your Place In It - Sponsor and Be Sponsored