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pmwares - your partner in managing your projects


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This presentation is about how an organization can identify and overcome its project management challenges. It takes Approx. 5 minutes

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pmwares - your partner in managing your projects

  1. 1. 5 Min.This presentation is about how an organization can overcome its project management challenges. It will take Approx. 5 minutes of your time. Please use left or right arrow to navigate to previous or next slide if the speed of this presentation is faster or slower than your speed. In this case presentation may take more or less time.
  2. 2. pmwares Your partner in managing your projects
  3. 3. Managing a project is complex Scope Risk Time Communication Cost Procurement Resources QualityA project managers has to manage more than 8 different dimensions ofthe project at all the time from initiation to closure
  4. 4. Most of the projects are challenged Source: 2011 ERP survey: New IT failure research and statistics - By Michael Krigsman | March 1, 2011 As per a recent survey on IT projects,  61% projects are delayed  74% Projects observe overrun  52% projects could NOT realized the project benefits
  5. 5. Another survey from IBM Source: Making Change Work – IBM Study, 2008 44% projects could not meet at least one of three (Time, Budget and Quality) objectives 15% could not meet all three.
  6. 6. Let’s look at one more study Source material – KPMG Project Management Survey 2010 KPMG survey states out various reason for project failure.
  7. 7. This story can go on and on… Not meeting project objectives is not uncommon.
  8. 8. Top challenges So what are the top challenges?
  9. 9. No.1 - Ambiguous scope definitionJust one more thing! This is not what we expected!! Oh! We just realized!!! We need this too!!!!
  10. 10. No.2 – Failing to plan…and jumping into the execution push the project into a downward spiral of Risk/Issues/Defect/Rework
  11. 11. No. 3 – Failing to identify stakeholders…and not managing stakeholders expectations can lead to disastrous results
  12. 12. No. 4 – Poor CommunicationA project manager spend more than 90% of the time on communications, Is there any doubt, it is one of the primary reasons for project failure?
  13. 13. No. 5 – Losing sight of the goal Sucked into daily transactions, lose the sight of the goal to be achieved
  14. 14. No. 6 – Failed to collect dataAs a result unable to measure real progressand end up accepting unrealistic dead lines and cost
  15. 15. No. 7 – Inefficient resource management …may lead to Over allocation Under allocation Cost overrun Delay in deliverables Attrition
  16. 16. Do you want to get rid of them??? If you see some or all patterns in your office… …And you are looking to win over them Next few slides are for you…
  17. 17. How these challenges can be addressed Challenges Categories Ambiguous scope Competency (Skills) definition Failed to plan Failed to identify stakeholder Project Management System Poor Communication Losing sight of the goal Failed to collect data Guidance
  18. 18. How these challenges can be addressed These challenges fall into three broad categories 1. Competency of the Project Manager 2. Project Management System in the organization 3. Expert’s guidance to the team
  19. 19. How pmwares addresses these categories Your needs pmwares offerings Competency Trainings Project Management Consulting System Guidance Supporting
  20. 20. Why is a competent PM important? Because only competent manager knows  What to be done  When to be done  How to be done Remember! Only competent manager can deliver Groom internal candidates as it costs 10 times more to hire a manager from outside
  21. 21. Build Competencies pmwares provides trainings  Training on Project Management Fundamentals For Project Leads & Beginner Project Managers  Advance Project Management Workshop For Practicing Project Manager and above  Microsoft Project 2010 Workshop For all project managers  Soft skills for Project Managers For all project managers
  22. 22. pmwares Trainings to Build Competencies pmwares provides trainings  Software Project Estimation For software project managers  Software Project Management For software project managers  PMP Workshop For PMP Aspirants  …And other trainings for effective delivery
  23. 23. Why Project Management System? Because only a strong system can provide right processes and platform for planning, collaboration and reporting PMO A strong project management system must have  A well defined set of processes that suit to the style of the organization  A Support Team EPM – PMO  Enterprise Project Management System to Plan and track the project Process Collaborate with stakeholders Collect data and analyze it Measure and report progress
  24. 24. Establish a Project Management System pmwares provides services to  Define a set of processes pmwares analyzes organizations requirements and helps defining a set of processes that suits to organization style of working  Establish an Enterprise Project Management System (EPM) pmwares helps in setting up an EPM system using Microsoft EPM that facilitates project planning, tracking, reporting, resource management, team collaboration, data collection & analysis  Set up a Project Management Office (PMO) pmwares helps setting up PMO that facilitates project by providing policies, procedures, guidelines & templates, measure and report progress, optimize resource utilization, share best practices We also manage outsourced PMO. Many times an outsourced PMO is much more effective than internal PMO
  25. 25. Why Support? It takes some time to imbibe the learnings and implement them in practice. Implementation of learnings in practice pose different challenges Changing current practices are not easy Project managers need support to  Overcome these challenges  Verifying their deliverables  Providing hands on help  Dealing with unforeseen situations  Initiate further improvements
  26. 26. Supporting project management team pmwares supports project management team  pmwares consultants coach and mentor project managers.  Consultants work with project management team to provide guidance and support for ensuring transformation at work place  We stand by team in difficult situation, work with them to find solutions and help sailing the boat through rough water
  27. 27. Some people with whom we have worked withSome of the companies, pmwares has worked with or havetrained their professionals
  28. 28. If you find this interesting If you find it worth spending couple of minutes to discuss how project management practices can help you manage your project better and save precious money Call us or send a SMS on +91-9405021929 Or Write to us on
  29. 29. Thank you very much for your timepmwares Pune – 411021, India  Click here to send us an email  +91-9405021929 Click here to visit our websiteLook forward to become your partner to realize goals of your projects