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The Spanked Girl Syndrome Volume 1 Preview


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The Spanked Girl Syndrome Volume 1 Preview

  1. 1. The Spanked Girl Syndrome Volume 1 By Mike Winston
  2. 2. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including scanning, photocopying, or otherwise without priorwritten permission of the copyright holder. Copyright ©2012 Winston Enterprises
  3. 3. Other Books By Mike Winston Spanked Girls-A True Story The Spanked Girl Syndrome-Volume 2
  4. 4. Table of ContentsThe Life Of A HusbandLong OverdueThe CoachSecretary SecretsLessons For A Wayward MotherThe Initiation
  5. 5. The Life Of A HusbandFor the third time in less than a minute, John Hargrove glanced at theclock. Would five o’clock ever get here? John was an attorney at oneof the largest firms in the city and normally enjoyed his work but todayhe wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.Unfortunately, the clock still read ten minutes to five. John sigheddeeply and let his attention wander for a few minutes. He had justfinished creating a will for an 81 year old woman who could barely hearand smelled like mothballs. It had taken nearly two hours to explainhow a will worked. Finally, he had helped her to the door and watchedher teeter toward her car, thanking God that she would be off the roadbefore he drove home.However, that wasn’t the reason he was in such a hurry to escape. Hehad received a text from Leah, his wife of twenty-one years during lunchthat day, informing him that both of their children would be sleepingover at friends’ houses that night. He loved his 15 year old son and 12year old daughter and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them, buthe rarely got the opportunity to be alone with his wife.Spending quality time with his wife also gave him the opportunity to dosomething he seemingly never got to do anymore; spank her. Yes, hewas one of those lucky men who got to spank his wife whenever he feltthe need or desire. And he ALWAYS seemed to have the desire. Theproblem was that his house was constantly full of not only his own kids,but their friends as well. So the spankings were not very frequentanymore, to say the least.
  6. 6. When the kids were very young and could sleep through a tornado, heand Leah had enjoyed a healthy sex life with almost nightly spankings.His wife had blond hair, green eyes and had maintained her nice figureeven though she had passed the age of 40 a few years ago. Leah lovedspanking as much as John did. She had never been spanked at any timebefore her marriage and discovered the fetish quite by accident.Drifting off into a serious daydream, John thought about the night theyhad discovered spanking and changed their sex life forever. It had beena June evening in the first year of their marriage; John was gone for acouple of hours playing ping pong with his buddy and neighbor, Paul,the owner of a brand new table. There was apparently more drinkingthan playing as John had staggered into the house, completely drunk andsinging at the top of his lungs. Leah just laughed and shook her head athim as he ventured into the kitchen looking for a snack. He ate someleftovers before plopping down next to her on the couch, letting his handcaress her breast as she watched a baseball game on television.She snuggled into him and he let his hand slide down to his favoritefeature; her ample bottom. Although, she worked out faithfully, Leahhad never been able to lose the extra weight in her thighs and rear endshe had gained after having her first child. She was sensitive about herbody and was thankful that her husband seemed to enjoy it so much. Forhis part, John loved his wives large backside and made a habit of pattingit every time Leah walked by. He loved the overall thickness of herlower body and the tiny waist. Now, while rubbing his favorite target,the alcohol removed a lot of inhibitions and his courage grew.Read the rest here…
  7. 7. Long OverdueSteve Thompson was by all accounts a successful man. He had beenpresident of his high school class, a football star and honor student.After lettering all four years at a small Division 1 college as the startingquarterback, he was even invited to try out for a few professional teams.However, a bad knee convinced him that finance was his future and soona job at a prestigious Wall Street firm became a reality. At age 25, therewas a good salary, plenty of friends and a very bright future.So what could be wrong?Alex.Alexandria Wilson was a strikingly beautiful girl of Russian descentwho still spoke with an accent which may or may not have beenlegitimate. She literally could have been a famous model or on thepages of Playboy. She was in a word; stunning.Alex, as everyone called her, also happened to be the girlfriend of oneSteve Thompson. Steve had always been popular with women with histall athletic build, rugged good looks and friendly demeanor. Heseemingly had his choice of potential girlfriends. But this girl wasdifferent. He had pursued her relentlessly, even driving by herapartment once or twice a week in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. Ittook nearly 3 months to get his first date and six weeks after that beforehe finally got her into bed. She had been everything he imagined andfor the first time in his life, he was in love.The problem was that Alex could be a monumental brat. Althoughtwenty-three years old, she constantly whined, complained, and oftenacted pretentious. She would tell him what to wear, how to drive, whereto eat and even how to hold his fork. She expected him to wait on her
  8. 8. hand and foot and demanded he cater to her every whim. Although hewas extremely laid back, Steve found himself getting angrier and angrierat his lovely girlfriend’s behavior and knew unless something changedquickly, the relationship was not going to survive.The final straw came on an unseasonably warm Friday evening inOctober. The couple had plans to attend a party at the home of the CFOof Steve’s company. All of the bigwigs would be there and it offered achance to not only relax with free food and drink, but an opportunity foryoung Steve to impress his bosses in a social setting.Steve left work promptly at five, went home, showered, shaved and puton a pair of Polo jeans and stylish jacket. “Casual but cool,” he thoughtto himself as he looked in the full length mirror. His clothes hung justright on his six foot four frame, and he could have passed for a J CrewModel. Surely, Alex would be happy with his appearance tonight.Hopping into his Jeep Wrangler, which of course Alex hated, he made abeeline for her exclusive condo.Unlike Steve, she had been born into money and had always enjoyed thebest of everything. Her father was a multi-millionaire land developerwho wouldn’t be satisfied until he had chopped down every tree in thestate. Her mother was a stay at home wife obsessed with youth andplastic surgery, going under the knife at least once a month for some newprocedure. Once an attractive woman, Steve thought she now resembledthe Joker from Batman fame with a face that always seemed to be frozenin a perpetual smile.And Alex was their only child. She had been to put it mildly; spoiled.She enjoyed the best private schools, fabulous clothes, vacations, and achauffeur (until she turned sixteen at which time she was allowed to pickany car she wanted). Never satisfied with anything, she continually
  9. 9. changed vehicles for one reason or the other. In a span of six months,she had owned and driven a Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, and even anAston Martin. She currently tooled about town in a Rolls Royceconvertible.Yet there was a sweetness about her that would occasionally show itselfand gave hope to her boyfriend that their relationship could take the nextstep. Steve could only long for the day when that type of behaviorwould be a constant rather than an anomaly. But what attracted everyone to her was the stunning beauty. Steve haddated a few college cheerleaders and even a state beauty contest winnerin the past, but nothing came close to Alex. She had dark hair, darkeyes, a cute turned up nose and perfect teeth. She was fanatical aboutworking out and had a body that most trainers could only dream about.For her eighteenth birthday, she had invested in some very large breastimplants which added to the already perfect curves. However, her bestfeature in Steve’s mind was that bottom.He had always been partial to a great butt and could honestly say thatAlex’s was as good as it gets. Genetics and hours of climbing on theStairmaster had guaranteed a masterpiece. It was perfectly round yetmuscular and thick. And when she put on a pair of tight jeans, it wasalmost too much to bear. Steve had always wanted to pull down thosejeans, lower her panties and blister that beautiful bottom for her badbehavior and as a warm-up to great sex, but he knew that Alex wouldnever go for it and would probably have him arrested if he tried.Just thinking about it as he drove gave him a rather sizable erection andhe turned up the radio to try to get his mind on something else. Singingalong loudly and badly with an old Marvin Gaye tune as he navigatedthe crowded Friday traffic, he envisioned the night ahead. Could this be
  10. 10. the chance to impress his superiors and start moving up in the company?One thing for sure, having Alex on his arm would certainly draw plentyof attention, which made her an integral part of the evening.He wheeled up to the guardhouse at Alex’s condo and waved at Larry,the ancient guard who bore a striking resemblance to ex-presidentJimmy Carter. Larry simply opened the gate without a word and wentback to his crossword puzzle.Steve bounded up the three steps and entered the three million dollarcondo full of energy and excitement. However, both feelings quicklyevaporated.Alex entered from the bedroom wearing skin tight jeans and a whitesleeveless shirt that perfectly showed off her tanned, toned arms. Steveestimated the shirt cost over a thousand dollars as all of her shirts did.Her final piece of the puzzle was very high heels, a brand from Francethat Steve couldn’t pronounce and didn’t want too. Her hair wasperfectly coifed and her breasts were at full attention.“Wow!” Steve exclaimed while catching his breath. “You lookfantastic!” He reached over to give her a kiss, feeling the erectioncoming to attention again until she pulled away in a huff.“No babe, you know better than to kiss me when I just had my makeupdone!”Steve felt his Johnson deflating like a tire that had just run over a nail.“Sorry,” he muttered.She did a slow twirl and asked, “Well, how do I look?”“I just told you Alex, you look fantastic!”
  11. 11. She gave him a pouty look and actually said, “Well, I was expecting alittle more enthusiasm. I spent the entire day at the spa getting ready forthis night because you said it was important.”Steve sighed deeply. More enthusiasm?Alex moved on to her next complaint. “You aren’t wearing that jacket tothe party are you?”“Of course I am wearing it,” Steve snapped.“Well, it is a little old fashioned, don’t you think?”Steve closed his eyes and tried to take a deep breath.She continued, “Are you going for the Miami Vice look?”Thoughts of putting a gag or other objects in her mouth suddenly enteredhis head, but he quickly pushed them aside.“Look babe, I am wearing this and it is time to go, so just drop it okay?”“Fine, if you want to look like an 80’s reject, then more power to you,”she said dismissively while walking to the front door.Steve watched her walk toward the door and was amazed at how theheels made her perfect bottom sway from side to side. For the third timein less than an hour, he felt the familiar feeling of blood rushing to hisgroin.Read the rest here…
  12. 12. The CoachLivingston College was an elite, female only, liberal arts school locatedin a remote portion of Vermont. The admission process was stringentbut could be relaxed for a big enough donation. The school hadjumpstarted many successful women’s careers over the years, includingsenators, CEO’s, authors, educators and more.Sports were limited to soccer and volleyball, with the latter havingexperienced surprising success.In fact, the program had become an unlikely powerhouse in Division 3.Five straight national championships had made Livingston THE place togo for young girls looking to get the best education the U.S. had to offerwhile playing for a championship program.Most of the school’s success could be attributed to one man: CoachWesley Carr.Coach Carr (as he was called), was a former heavily decorated soldierwho actually did two tours of duty in Vietnam. He was now in his midsixties but looked much younger. He worked out for two hours a dayand had a lean hard body that younger men would kill for. His hair,which had held up nicely, was now silver and provided the only clue tohis age.He was what was referred to as “old school.” From a different era, hebelieved in no nonsense, hard work and discipline. Plenty of discipline.Coach Carr had played volleyball himself at Stanford University longbefore the sport became mainstream. He had also done well for a timeon the beach volleyball circuit. The president of Livingston was actuallyan ex lover of the coach and one day out of the blue had called to offer
  13. 13. him the job of volleyball coach. Retired and bored with the laid-backlifestyle, the ex marine accepted the position under one condition; hewould do things HIS way.And so began the rise to prominence of the program. It took only twoyears to reach the national tournament and three to win a title. CoachCarr became a semi-celebrity and his players became known for theirincredible work ethic, toughness, and sportsmanship.His coaching style was all business. He believed in showing up early,staying late and doing all the right things. If a player messed up, hebelieved in discipline as a consequence.Now, while most coaches use tactics such as running wind-sprints orsuspending players for a game, Coach Carr still used older, more triedand true techniques: he spanked his players.It had not taken long to get his players attention. During the firstpractice, he showed up with a wooden paddle in the back pocket of hissweat pants. The girls thought he was crazy as he put them through drillafter drill, popping them hard on the bottom with his thick paddle whenhe didn’t feel the effort was good enough. On the second day, one of theseniors cursed loudly after missing a spike. He immediately stoppedpractice, instructed her to grab her ankles and proceeded to give herthree swats that reverberated throughout the entire gym. He thenlectured the entire team about language while the senior rubbed herbottom and tried not to cry.The players came to accept the old coach’s form of discipline after thewinning started. Long considered a laughingstock, suddenly the teamwas feared and respected by opponents.
  14. 14. However, changing the athletic culture had not been without a fewbumps in the road. Near the end of the first season for instance, twoplayers attended a booze and drug filled off-campus party and on a dare,ran around the block completely naked. Unfortunately for them, theywere seen by a policeman who happened to be driving home, and thepair was arrested.Coach Carr had been asleep for several hours when he received the callfrom the police chief who had become a personal friend. The coach wasat the jail in less than thirty minutes, and using his persuasive style andthe promise of free season tickets to the chief, had all charges dropped.The girls walked out of the back, wearing orange jumpsuits and sadfaces. When they saw Coach Carr, both began sniffling and droppedtheir heads.The coach looked at the girls and said, “I want to see both of you at 8 inthe morning dressed in your uniform.”The girls both said, “Yes sir!” in unison as they followed him to histruck. He dropped them off at their dormitory without another word.The girls were near hysteria. They were fearful that not only would hekick them off the team, but would report their arrest to the academicdean which meant automatic expulsion from the university.The players, Angie Warren and Lisa Torres were best friends androommates. Both were 19 and sophomores starters on the volleyballteam. Angie was white, affluent, and born in upstate New York. Shehad been the homecoming queen in her high school and was verypopular with the boys. She was nearly six feet tall with legs that seemedto last forever and a bottom that was perfectly shaped. Her smallishbreasts were just the right size. She had strawberry blond hair that she
  15. 15. normally kept in a ponytail, blue eyes and large smile for anyone shemet.Lisa on the other hand, was from a blue collar family of Cuban descentwho had grown up in Miami. Her grandfather had come over on theoriginal flotilla back in the 1980’s. She was an exotic beauty with herdark hair and simmering eyes. A hint of a slight Spanish accent onlyadded to her attractiveness. She was much shorter than her best friend,barely reaching five foot six but was rife with athleticism. She hadimpressive breasts and an extemely large, round bottom that so manyCuban girls are blessed with.The morning came quickly with little sleep, yet the girls were wideawake, dressed and ready an hour before it was time to leave. Nervousenergy was rampant as they walked aimlessly around their dorm room,making small talk. Each was dressed in their game uniform, whichconsisted of a sleeveless shirt and the incredibly short spandex shortswith nothing underneath that all volleyball teams wear.At seven-thirty, the girls headed toward the gym. It was Saturdaymorning and the campus was deserted. They found the coach standingat the front door waiting for them. They attempted a good morning buthe simply pointed to his office and locked the door from the insidebefore following them.Both girls stood anxiously in the coach’s office until he entered. Hemotioned for them to sit down.“Girls,” he said, getting right to the point, “You have embarrassedyourselves, your team, and your university.” His voice and gaze wassteely as he continued, “You know that this type of behavior won’t betolerated, so here is what we will do.”
  16. 16. Both girls looked at each other with a glimmer of hope as it didn’t soundlike they were going to be kicked off the team and out of school.“We will start both of you on a behavior modification plan, effectiveimmediately. You will be expected to report to my office every Saturdayat 8 am in full uniform for the next four weeks. Your program willinclude cleaning the entire gym along with my office and a punishmentspanking that will definitely get your attention. If you abide by yourplan, you may rejoin the team in four weeks.”The best friends looked at each other and nearly smiled. They would beallowed to stay on the team! And best of all, no one would ever knowwhat they had done.Their excitement was short-lived however as they saw Coach Carrpulling his well-used wooden paddle from the desk. They became evenmore crestfallen when he pulled a thick leather strap from the samedrawer. Finally the coach reached behind his bathroom door and pulledout a rather large cane and laid it on the desk next to the other twoimplements.Read the rest here…
  17. 17. Secretary SecretsMiss Chambers shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Despite theluxurious, leather office chair, she was having difficulty sitting down asa result of a long session with the hairbrush after work yesterday.Her full name was Kristen Chambers, but her boss never called heranything but Miss Chambers. She wasn’t even sure he knew her fullname. She was a recent graduate from Georgetown University with adegree in sociology. Unfortunately, the degree had proven to be all butworthless and she had been forced to move back in with her mother andfather at age 21. She began a frantic job search with the hope that shecould soon begin the next chapter in her life.One day out of desperation, she had answered an ad in the local paperfor a secretary position at a successful law firm, and to her surprise, hadbeen hired on the spot. Her boss, Mr. Morris was bright, articulate,funny, and handsome. He was one of three partners who had foundedthe firm nearly twenty years ago. She guessed his age to be around 50.He had a wife that Kristen thought was obnoxious and two children incollege whom she had never met.Mr. Morris treated Kristen very well and paid even better. The firm wasextremely successful and the partners believed in sharing the wealth.She loved her job and worked hard, determined to keep her wonderfulboss happy.Unfortunately, her perfect bubble was about to burst. One sunny Fridaymorning that dawned with a hint of spring in the air, she was called toMr. Morris’s office. Upon arrival, she noticed that the ever present smilewas nowhere to be seen. In fact, he appeared exceptionally angry.
  18. 18. He asked, “Miss Chambers, do you remember making an appointmentwith a client for me last week? We were supposed to meet at the Hiltonfor lunch?”“Yes sir,” she replied not sure where the conversation was heading.“Well, you forgot to inform ME of this appointment and now we havelost this client to another firm!”Kristen froze. How could she have done something so stupid? A newthought suddenly crept in her mind; was he going to fire her?She stammered, “I am so sorry Mr. Morris, there is no excuse. I musthave forgotten to put it on your calendar.”“Sorry?” he said angrily. “Are you going to make up the lost revenuethat you have cost us?”Kristen began to cry and sat there speechless. She wondered where shewould ever find another job like this one.“You may plan on working late tonight Miss Chambers, and possiblyevery night for the next week.”“Yes sir, I am so sorry”Mr. Morris seemed to soften just a little, and then gruffly said, “Now getback to work.”Kristen hurried to her desk, relieved that she hadn’t been fired anddetermined to make up for the terrible mistake.At five pm on a Friday, it never took the other employees long to vacatethe office. A couple of other girls invited Kristen to go have a drink, butshe declined, truthfully telling them she had to work.
  19. 19. She began organizing all the files as it was a task she had been puttingoff for a couple of weeks.She stayed busy for an hour or so and completely forgot her boss wasstill in the building. Suddenly his voice startled her from the office door.“Miss Chambers, come in here please.”“Yes sir,” Kristen said as she dropped what she was doing and hurriedinto his office.He was standing near his desk with a stern look on his face. “MissChambers, you have cost this firm a great deal of money andembarrassed me in front of my partners. Since you can’t possibly paywhat was lost, I intend to collect in another way.”Confused, Kristen blurted out, “How?”Without saying a word, Mr. Morris reached into his desk drawer andbrought out a hairbrush with a circular wooden back. He motioned forher to come to his desk.Read the rest here…
  20. 20. Lessons For A Wayward Mother“ASSHOLE!” Wanda Fulks screamed as she hung up the phone. Thatidiot principal from his daughter’s school had just called again andrelayed the news that her 16 year old daughter Katie had been caughtwith drugs in her purse. He informed Wanda that a parent meetingwould be required to discuss options.She had no time for pricks like Arthur Black, that idiot principal wholiked to pick on his daughter. Katie was a good girl; she just enjoyedbeing social. And what was wrong with that?Wanda was a single mother. Her husband had left when Katie was anewborn and it had been a struggle ever since. She managed to get herrealtors license and now worked 12 hours a day scratching out a livingby selling homes in a town that nobody wanted to live in. How had shegotten to this dump in Texas anyway?She had been born in Tennessee and loved the mountains and the freshair that made you feel alive. In high school, she had been anunderachiever with little interest in grades but a huge interest in boys.She was considered “hot” but trashy by the other students as she wasn’tshy about kissing on the first date. Not surprisingly, when she was 17,she became pregnant with Katie and despite her mother’s protests,moved to Texas where the good-for-nothing father went to work on anoil rig. Six months later, he was gone. Wanda had heard rumors that hewas now working at Wal-Mart back in their home town. She had no
  21. 21. desire to return to find out and settled into her new life in Trenton,Texas, a one horse town if there ever was one.As Katie had grown, Wanda had made it a point to be a “cool” mom.She let her daughter stay up as late as she wanted and never said no toany requests. They had gotten along great until Katie had turned 13.Suddenly, mom could do nothing right and her daughter had no interestin spending time with her. Katie began staying out until 3 am andoccasionally didn’t make it home at all. High school hadn’t gone well sofar with Katie making poor grades (despite being very smart) andchronic discipline problems. And now that asshole principal wanted herto come in to a meeting? Wanda had informed him in no uncertain termsthat she would come after quitting work for the day, be it at 5 or 7 pm,she wasn’t going to hurry. He could just wait, she thought with asnicker.Around 6 that evening, she finally made her way to the school. Theparking lot was deserted with the exception of two cars, one of whichwas parked in the “Reserved for Principal” spot. What a dick, shethought to herself. Giving himself his own parking place?She sauntered in the unlocked front door and entered the administrativeoffices. No one seemed to be around so she called out loudly, “wherethe hell is everybody?”A smallish lady with dark hair stuck her head out of a door near the endof the hallway.“May I help you?” She said pleasantly.Wanda snapped in her rudest voice, “I am supposed to meet that asshole,Mr. Black about my daughter supposedly doing something wrong.”
  22. 22. Ignoring the profanity, the lady responded pleasantly, “Oh, you must beMrs. Fulks; I will let Mr. Black know you are here.”Rather than saying thank you, Wanda just snorted in disgust. She hadbeen here ten seconds and was already sick of this place.The small lady was clip clopping down the hall in high heels with a bigsmile on her face.“Hello Mrs. Fulks, I am Martha Hinckley, the principal’s secretary. Mr.Black can see you now.”Wanda almost yelled, “It is Ms. Fulks!”The diminutive Mrs. Hinckley apologized profusely and began leadingWanda down the hall toward the last door. Once inside, Wanda noticedwhat she assumed was the secretary desk and then an open door to amuch larger office where dumbass Arthur Black was waiting for herwith a smile on his face.He spoke first with a great deal of enthusiasm while sticking out hishand, “Hello Mrs. Fulks, it is a pleasure to meet you!”She snapped, “Look, asshole (her favorite word), I don’t want to be hereand I don’t want to shake your hand. AND IT IS MS. FULKS!”The big smile disappeared from his face and the handshake wasforgotten. An apology was made for the salutation mistake.He motioned her to a chair in front of his desk, “Have a seat please.”She sat and glared at the principal, waiting for him to speak first.Finally, the asshole began, “Ms. Fulks, I am sure that you are aware yourdaughter had been in trouble several times this year and this morning,our resource officer caught her with a bag of marijuana in her purse. We
  23. 23. didn’t have her arrested because I wanted to speak to you first in hopesthat together we could figure out a way to change Katie’s behav...”Wanda cut him off before he could finish. “What I am aware of is thatyou and your teachers have picked on my daughter since the day she gother, just like in middle school. I am sick of your attitude, and franklyI’m sick of your ugly face at this moment.”She continued, “My daughter is a great girl. I believe you probably putthe drugs in her purse just to get her in trouble which is why I think youare such an asshole. Well, one of the reasons anyway. I have a goodmind to sue you, the resource officer, the school board and any othercorrupt bitches that work here.”She began to get louder, “Why don’t you pick on some of those rich,preppie kids? Oh, I know, because their parents have more money than Ido? Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Black ass, I work hard for aliving, nobody handed me anything. But because I am not rich, you pickon my daughter?Remarkably, Arthur Black kept his composure as she continued to rant.He must be a real pussy to sit there and take it like that, she thought toherself as she continued to curse and yell at him.After another minute or so, Mr. Black interjected, “Now Ms. Fulks, If Ima…”“No you may NOT,” she interrupted, “and you had better knoc…”“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Mr. Black yelled loudly. “I HAVE LET YOUTALK AND NOW IT IS MY TURN, SO BE QUIET AND LISTEN!”Wanda was shocked into silence. She had never been spoken to that wayin her life. Truthfully, she wasn’t sure what to do.
  24. 24. Mr. Black was now talking and had returned to his usual calm tone.Wanda opened her mouth to interrupt again, but he raised his eyebrowsand she immediately closed her mouth.“Ms. Fulks, we have a serious problem and it has nothing to do with meor the other teachers. The problem is your daughter doesn’t know howto behave and frankly, it is easy to see why. Your behavior today is rudeand juvenile and won’t be tolerated any more than I tolerate Katie’s badbehavior.”Still silent, Wanda wondered what that meant.He continued, “Here is the situation. Your daughter has been caughtwith drugs. According to the code of conduct, this means automaticexpulsion. In addition, she can never return to this school again.”Wanda’s mouth dropped. “But there isn’t another school within 75 milesof here! What would she do?”“That is not my concern at the moment,” he lectured. “My concern isher behavior and your behavior, both of which need to be corrected. Iwill offer you a solution. You have one opportunity to accept it or weshall withdraw Katie right now while you are here.”Wanda felt a glimmer of hope. She couldn’t drive her daughter all theway to the next town every day, and there was no other option. She wasall ears.“What is the solution?” she asked.Mr. Asshole spoke in his calm voice, “We will begin a behavior plan foryour daughter and for you. There will be specific outcomes that will beexpected, such as speaking without cursing for example. If theseoutcomes are not reached, the result will be corporal punishment.”
  25. 25. “Corporal punishment?” she asked with an incredulous look on her face.“You mean school paddling?”“Among other methods,” he replied.Read the rest here…
  26. 26. The InitiationThe reporter stopped reading and wearily rubbed her eyes. She had beenat it for at least three hours without a break and was getting nowhere.Research was never fun, but if there was the chance of a huge story, shewould put in the time. And she wanted to believe that there was aHUGE story here just waiting for the right reporter to break it to theworld.It was funny how things worked. Yesterday had been a regular day atwork, a minor fender bender, a bon fire at the high school pep rally, andthe usual grind of boredom. Obviously there was nothing that wouldwin her a Pulitzer Prize or any kind of prize for that matter.Amy Moss had ambition. Still only 28 years old, she had alwayswanted to be a journalist. When she was in kindergarten, she was theonly kid in her class that knew (or cared) who Katie Couric was. Shehad been the editor of her high school paper, “The Blooming Onion”,and had tried to transform it into a serious publication. Alas, the onlyfeature that was popular was the fashion page where the good lookinggirls modeled the latest clothes from a local boutique.Intent on a career as a famous journalist, she majored in journalism atFlorida State University and graduated on time unlike so many othersthat just wanted to party. However, she was unable to duplicate her highschool success in becoming editor of the school paper and had insteadbeen relegated to a lowly reporter all four years.
  27. 27. After graduation, the only job she could find was at a small daily paperin Northern Florida. She packed her bags and moved a hundred mileseast to begin her path to stardom.Single and prepared to dedicate her life to her job, Amy was assigned asa beat reporter to cover local stories only. After a few months ofcovering bake sales and PTA meetings, it became apparent that hercareer was going nowhere.Until yesterday. She had been sitting at her desk writing an obituarybecause the regular obit writer was on vacation making his annualpilgrimage to Graceland, when the phone rang.She answered on the first ring happy to have a reprieve, “Hello, this isAmy!”After a few seconds of silence on the other end, Amy started to hang upwhen she heard a muffled voice, “Hello is this Amy Moss the reporter?”Strange. “Yes, it is, how may I help you?”The female voice still barely audible said, “I think I have a story that youcould use.”Amy rolled her eyes. She constantly had quacks calling and telling herabout the latest Bigfoot sighting or giant Feral Hog that had been shot.She responded without enthusiasm, “OK, what is it?”The voice hesitated and Amy grew impatient.“Look, I am really busy here so unless you have something to tell me, Iam need to go.”“Have you heard of Dakota College in Georgia?” said the voice.
  28. 28. Of course Amy had heard of it. One of the finest schools in the nationand extremely hard to get into.“Yes,” she said into the phone.“Well, the sororities there do some really bad things; hazing I mean.”Amy grew impatient. “Go on.”The voice sounded sad. “Well, I was a pledge and I know firsthand whatthey do. And I want it stopped.”Amy stopped typing the obituary and paused; this sounded legitimate.The voice continued, “The sorority I pledged, Sigma Sigma Sigma is thebest one on campus, but I had no idea what you had to do to be accepted.I refused to play their games and actually quit school to get away fromthem.”Amy was all ears now and asked the voice for her name. Her phonepartner refused and said emphatically that there would be no names.Amy was taking notes now. “Okay then, tell me what their hazingincluded?”“I don’t have to tell you, I have it on tape.” The phone went dead.24 hours later, Amy was ready to give up. She had desperately tried tofind the mysterious caller even asking the police to check cell phonerecords with the excuse that the caller had threatened suicide. Thesergeant at the desk tried hard not to laugh as she explained what sheneeded. So she had spent the last 3 hours researching Dakota Collegeand the sorority hazing connection. So far she had exactly nothing.That had never been a published complaint of hazing and the Tri-Sigs asthey were called were admired and canonized throughout the state fortheir tireless charity work.
  29. 29. She slammed her fist against the table. Damn! Was this some kind ofhoax?“Screw it!” she said out loud oblivious to her coworkers giving herstrange looks.Amy stopped on the way home at a local watering hole called the DewDrop Inn. She downed two beers in less than 10 minutes and began tofeel a little better. A couple of stoners tried to hit on her and she toldthem to get lost.Two more beers and some stimulating conversation with a man whoclaimed to have three nipples finished off her night. She staggeredslightly to her car and headed home. Stumbling up the steps to the frontdoor, she noticed a small envelope resting on her door knob.She snatched it, fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door. Sheimmediately went to the bathroom, urinated at least two beers worth, andbrushed her teeth as the lingering taste of beer was something she hated.She remembered the envelope and walked back to the kitchen. Sheopened it with her letter opener shaped like a penis (a gag gift from afriend), and poured out the contents. A single item spilled out onto thecounter. It was a DVD, the kind that you buy at Kmart and then recordyour favorite music or TV shows. Curious, she looked closer. It was notan audio disc, definitely a video. She walked to her computer, insertedthe disc and began watching what would change her life forever. It was a very clear DVD, almost HD quality. She scooted her chaircloser. It appeared to be the inside of a HUGE sorority house and therewere twenty or thirty young college aged girls in the massive room. Allwere wearing Tri-Sigma shirts and all appeared to be stunninglybeautiful.
  30. 30. “I want some of what they have been eating,” Amy said out loudcompletely jealous.The girls were festive, drinking heavily, and doing chants that were sillyand somewhat annoying to Amy, who had never been in a sorority andthought all of them were snooty. Suddenly a door at the top of thescreen opened and another attractive young lady entered the roomfollowed in a straight line by 6 completely nude girls.Read the rest here…