Educ 335 Final Project


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My final project on a day in my class in the year 2017

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Educ 335 Final Project

  1. 1. A Day In VictoriaPotter’s 4th Grade Math Class
  2. 2. A Note To The Parents• Hello! My name is Miss Potter and I will be your child’s 4th grade math teacher for the coming school year.• I have created this presentation to inform you about how my classroom will work this coming year and how your child will go about learning.• There is information provided on the types of technology we will be using and how it is utilized in my classroom.• I look forward to working with your son/daughter and I know this will be a great year! If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.
  3. 3. Start of the Day• When the students come into my classroom they will sign in on there own and go to there desks to begin there day.• The students will log on to a math game site using the tablets that are provided to all students and they will begin review questions and games from the previous days material and work on those for about 20 minutes. Games are very stimulating to a child’s brain and pushes children to do well because they want to reach the next level.• After that the students will then begin work on the new math lesson for the day which will be comprised of a variety of resources to support and enhance learning from videos, to interactive math skills games, to online lessons that require teacher to student learning, peer to peer learning and the use of mobile technology to do lessons and interact with their own learning.
  4. 4. Tablets That Students Have•All students will have their own tablets to use in the classroomas a way to aide and enhance their educational learning
  5. 5. Afternoon Class Time• During the afternoon students will work individually and with other students to practice what they have learned in their morning math lesson.• They will go about doing this by joining my class specific networking site where I will post on a regular basis lessons and activities for students to do.• I will be keeping track on student’s login to our online classroom and making sure they are doing the online lessons and how well they do with their activities.• This is so I can monitor and track student progress to assure that every student is getting the help and attention needed to assure that they succeed in my classroom.
  6. 6. Educational Network•As a class we will have an online educational network site that onlypeople I approve may join, so it is secure and safe.
  7. 7. Outside the Classroom• So don’t worry parents all of this is safe and secure and you can join our group as well by making your own account and using the class code to join our group so you can see exactly what your child will be doing in their online lessons and participate with your child.• At home you can join my online wikispace and Edmodo site that I will have created and personalized just for my class with video tutorials from YouTube and other video sharing sites, worksheets and math games for them to play and interact with their lesson and their homework assignments will all be found on my wikispace and Edmodo site and will be submitted electronically.• Also a great tool with Edmodo is you or your child can post questions that you may have regarding an assignment, a particular skill or just a question about how your child is doing in my class. I will respond to posts a quickly as possible, most likely within a couple of hours.
  8. 8. Summary• So this is what a typical day in Miss Potter’s math class will be like, I hope it was informative and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.• I look forward to this year I know it will be great! And I look forward to talking with you and keeping you up to date on how your son/daughter is doing in my class.