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  1. 1. ROUTE MAP AADHAVAN TECHNOLOGY HANDS ON PROJECT TRAINING IN SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE TECHNOLOGIES 4 minutes walkable distance from Mambalam (T.Nagar) Railway Station and 7 minutes walkable from T.Nagar Bus Depot(Terminus). PROJECTS IN PROJECT TRAINING FOR FINAL YEAR I VLSI, FPGA and VHDL Implementation Embedded System Design PROJECTS DSP and MATLAB I Java I DotNet I Biomedical Power Electronics and Drives AADHAVAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (P) LIMITED AADHAVAN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (P) LIMITED No. 31, 1st Floor, Eswaran Koil Street, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033. No. 31, 1st Floor, Eswaran Koil Street, West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033. Tel : 044-2485 1818 Cell : 98438 59845, 98432 88922 Tel : 044-2485 1818 Cell : 98438 59845, 98432 88922 E-mail : Web : E-mail : Web :
  2. 2. INDEX INTRODUCTION: S. No. Title Page Nos ATSPL is High-End Technology Driven Company and is focused on Software, Web, Embedded, VLSI and DSP products 1. Introduction 1 development. ATSPL stands as a source of reliable and innovative products that enhance the quality of consumer's professional and personal lives. The ATSPL team is dedicated, dynamic and 2. Embedded System Design 2 motivated to face the challenges on technology demands. 3. VLSI, FPGA and VHDL Implementation 11 ATSPL's academic project and training division has state of the art facilities for Embedded systems, VLSI, DSP, Java, Dotnet, 4. DSP and MATLAB 15 Biomedical and PCB project development. ATSPL has facilities include modular classrooms and equipped with complete suite of 5. Java 23 EDA tools. The main objective of the ATSPL's academic project and training division is bridging the gap between university 6. DotNet 26 curriculum and the needs of the industry. 7. Biomedical 29 WHY ATSPL? 3 Completion On time 8. Power Electronics and Drives 32 3 Support Complete 3 Guidance Excellent 9. Route map 3 fee Affordable 3 also Design & Develop your Own Project Concepts & We will Ideas / Requirements 3 Projects can also be implemented New IEEE 0 1
  3. 3. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE IEEE EMBEDDED PROJECTS ED17 Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Nighttime for Driver-Assistance ED01 Design and Implementation of Real Time Vehicle Tracking System – 2009 Systems 2009 ED02 A Wireless Data Acquisition and Transmission System Design - 2009 ED18 A single-camera feature-based vision system for helicopter autonomous ED03 A Zigbee and Zigbee-to-IR Device Control Scheme for Single Media Multi landing - 2009 Devices – 2009 ED19 A Smart Car Control Model for Brake Comfort Based on Car Following - 2009 ED04 Application of Zigbee for Pollution Monitoring Caused by Automobile Exhaust ED20 A Single-Chip CMOS Smoke and Temperature Sensor for an Intelligent Fire Gases – 2009 Detector 2009 ED05 A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed Controller under Driver ED21 A Web Service-based Alarm Solution in a TeleCare System 2009 Fatigue – 2009 ED22 Design & Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System - 2009 ED06 A Portable Wireless Eye Movement-Controlled Human-Computer Interface for the ED23 Design and Assessment of an Online Passenger Information System for Disabled - 2009 Integrated Multimodal Trip Planning 2009 ED07 A Low-Cost Solution for an Integrated Multisensor Lane Departure Warning ED24 A Remote Compact Sensor for the Real-Time Monitoring of Human Heartbeat System – 2009 and Respiration Rate - 2009 ED08 A Robust Eye Gaze Tracking Method based on a Virtual Eyeball Model – 2009 ED25 A Path Following Control of an Unmanned Autonomous Forklift 2009 ED09 Bus Detection Device for the Blind using Passive RFID Application – 2009 ED26 A Modular Cost-Effective Mobile Robot Navigation System Using RFID ED10 Car Park System: A Review of Smart Parking System and its Technology – 2009 Technology - 2009 ED11 Research of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System based on ED27 A multi-robot coordination system based on RFID technology 2009 Microcontroller – 2009 ED28 A Fast Onboard Relative Positioning Module for Multi robot Systems 2009 ED12 The Role of Zigbee Technology in Future Data Communication System – 2009 ED29 A Low-Cost Wireless Sensor System and Its Application in Dental Retainers 2009 ED13 Boarding School Students Monitoring Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency ED30 A New Telemedicine System for the Home Monitoring of Lung Function in Identification - 2009 Patients with Obstructive Respiratory Diseases 2009 ED14 A Unified Framework of Data Exchange Mechanism in an Intelligent ED31 A Novel Discrete Dimming Ballast for Linear Fluorescent Lamps 2009 Transportation System – 2009 ED32 An Internet-Based Interactive Embedded Data-Acquisition System for Real-Time ED15 Providing Group Tour Guide by RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks – 2009 Applications - 2009 ED16 Multisensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator – 2009 2 3
  4. 4. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE ED33 Assessment of Changes in Upper Airway Obstruction by Automatic Identification ED51 Human Recognition using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision 2009 of Inspiratory Flow Limitation During Sleep - 2009 ED52 Humanoid tele operation system for space environments - 2009 ED34 Body Temperature and Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using an SMS-based ED53 IMM-Based Lane-Change Prediction in Highways with Low-Cost GPS/INS 2009 Telemedicine System 2009 ED54 Implantable Myoelectric Sensors (IMESs) for Intramuscular Electromyogram ED35 Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based on ARM - 2009 Recording 2009 ED36 Cost Effective GPS-GPRS based Object Tracking System 2009 ED55 Improve Communication Efficiency for the Physiological Information Monitor ED37 Design and Development of ARM Processor based Web Server 2009 System Based on Zigbee 2009 ED38 Design and Realization of Wireless Sensor Network Gateway Based on ZigBee ED56 Mobile RFID Tag Detection Influence Factors and Prediction of Tag Detectability 2009 and GPRS 2009 ED57 Mobile robots in Mine Rescue and Recovery 2009 ED39 Design of Software Services for Computer-based Infection Control and Antibiotic ED58 Mobile Health Monitoring Through Biotelemetry 2009 Management in the Intensive Care Unit 2009 ED59 Multisensor Strategies to Assist Blind People: A Clear-Path Indicator 2009 ED40 Development of Zigbee Mobile Router for Supporting Network Mobility in ED60 Monitoring of an Aeroponic Greenhouse with a Sensor Network 2009 Healthcare System 2009 ED61 Ontology Alignment in RFID Privacy Protection - 2009 ED41 Distributed Sensor for Steering Wheel Grip Force Measurement ED62 Opportunistic Medical Monitoring using Bluetooth P2P networks - 2009 in Driver Fatigue Detection 2009 ED63 Performance Analysis of Multimodal Biometric System Authentication 2009 ED42 Web-Based Caregiver Monitoring System for Assisting Visually Impaired People 2009 ED64 Multistage Waveform Coding for Voice Communication Over Zigbee Networks 2009 ED43 Wireless Medical Interface using ZigBee and Bluetooth Technology - 2009 ED65 Preliminary Infrastructure Development for Greenhouse Accounting of Malaysian ED44 Wireless communications in networked robotics 2009 Rainforest using Wireless Sensor Network 2009 ED45 The Mobile ECG Telemonitoring System based on GPRS and GPS 2009 ED66 Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based ED46 Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global on Embedded ARM Platform - 2009 positioning system data from buses 2009 ED67 Research on Embedded Data Display unit based on CAN Bus 2009 ED47 The Tire as an Intelligent Sensor 2009 ED68 RFID tag bearing estimation for mobile robot localization 2009 ED48 The integrated unit for MEMS based Pressure measurement 2009 ED69 RFID based People Management System using UHF Tags - 2009 ED49 Electronic Nose Network System for Online Monitoring of Livestock Farm Odors 2009 ED70 Robust Sensor-Based Navigation for Mobile Robots 2009 ED50 Environmental identification based on changes in sensory information - 2009 4 5
  5. 5. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE ED71 Real- Time Monitoring and Pre-alarm System for Dangerous Mountains in the ED88 Home Appliance Energy Monitoring and Controlling based on Power Line Railway Line - 2009 Communication 2009 ED72 Real-time audio-visual calls detection system for a Chicken Robot - 2009 ED89 Power Quality Monitoring Controlled Through Low-Cost Modules 2009 ED73 Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications 2009 ED90 Load Shedding based Resource Management Techniques for RFID Data 2009 ED74 Security Architecture for RFID Application in Home Environment 2009 ED91 A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier with Optimized Magnetic Utilization 2009 ED75 Security Management System for Oilfield Based on Embedded Wireless ED92 A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in a Non Inverting BuckBoost Communication - 2009 Converter 2009 ED76 Sleep and Wake Classification with ECG and Respiratory Effort Signals 2009 ED93 A Fuzzy Logic based Supervisory Hierarchical Control Scheme for Real Time ED77 Stability Of Networked Control Systems with Uncertain Time- Varying Delays 2009 Pressure Control 2009 ED78 Swarm Robot Synchronization using RFID Tags 2009 ED94 Z-Source Inverter for Power Conditioning and Utility Interface of Renewable ED79 Speed and position Control of Autonomous Mobile Robot on Variable Trajectory Energy Sources 2009 Depending on its Curvature 2009 ED95 A New PWM Strategy to Reduce the Inverter Input Current Ripples 2009 ED80 Simple sensors provide inputs for cognitive robots 2009 ED96 A Novel Low-Loss Modulation Strategy For High-Power Bi- Directional Buck - ED81 Qualitative Vision-Based Path Following 2009 Boost Converters 2009 ED82 Solar Power Generation using SPS and Wireless Power Transmission 2009 ED97 A Novel Technique of Flow Measurement for a Conducting Liquid - 2009 ED83 Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An ED98 A Practical Switching Loss Model for Buck Voltage Regulators 2009 Energy Saving Solution 2009 ED99 A Review of Non-Isolated High Step-Up DC/DC Converters in Renewable Energy ED84 Development of a Tilt Measurement Unit using Microelectromechanical System Applications 2009 Accelerometer - 2009 ED100 A Study of New Techniques of Controlled PWM Inverters 2009 ED85 Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee ED101 AI based Design of a Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Speed Control of Induction Motors Communication 2009 using SVPWM Technique 2009 ED86 Fuzzy Logic based Control of Variable Speed Induction MachineWind Generation ED102 An Interleaved Boost Converter with Zero-Voltage Transition 2009 System 2009 ED103 An Efficient Active LC Snubber for Forward Converters 2009 ED87 New Power Quality Solutions Especially Designed for Industrial Applications 2009 ED104 An introduction to I2C and SPI protocols - 2009 6 7
  6. 6. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE ED105 Applications of Short-Range Wireless Technologies to Industrial Automation: ED123 Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Ground Navigation in GPS-Challenged A Zigbee Approach - 2009 Environments 2008 ED106 Zero-Voltage Transition Current-Fed Full-Bridge PWM Converter- 2009 ED124 Interactive Object Acquisition based on Robot Technology Middleware (RTM) for ED107 CAN- Based Synchronized Motion Control for Induction Motors - 2009 3 Axis Robot 2008 ED108 Breathing Detection: Towards a Miniaturized, Wearable, Battery- Operated ED125 Location-based System for Mobile Devices using RFID 2008 Monitoring System -2008 ED126 Networked sensor monitoring using the universal IEEE 1451 Standard 2008 ED109 Centralized Monitoring System for Call Taxies (ARM based) - 2008 ED127 Micro-Controller based Remote Monitoring using Mobile through Spoken ED110 Coal Mine Detect and Rescue Robot Design and Research 2008 Commands 2008 ED111 Automated Phone Capture of Diabetes Patients Readings Consultant Monitoring ED128 Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using MEMS Sensor - 2008 via the Web - 2008 ED129 Mobile Hacking Prevention and Theft Detection using GSM & GPS Technology - 2008 ED112 Context-Aware Wireless Sensor Networks for Assisted-Living and Residential ED130 Mobile Messaging Services based personal Electrocardiogram Monitoring 2008 Monitoring System 2008 ED113 GPS-based Vehicle Tracking System-on-Chip 2008 ED131 Mobile Web Server for Elderly People Monitoring - 2008 ED114 GSM based Secured ATM Banking - 2008 ED132 Networked Wireless Meter Reading System based on Zigbee Technology - 2008 ED115 GSM-based Notification Speed Detection for Monitoring Purposes - 2008 ED133 Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger Using IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Protocol - 2008 ED116 GPS-Based Path Following Control for a Car-Like Wheeled Mobile Robot With ED134 The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued RFID based Skidding and Slipping - 2008 Identification 2007 ED117 GSM / GPRS based Wireless Motion Detection System using PIR Sensor 2008 ED135 RF Controller Development and Its Application in Intelligent Transport system 2007 ED118 Hydraulic Simulation and Remote Control System of Field Robot 2008 ED136 A RFID System to Help Visually Impaired People in Mobility 2007 ED119 Implementation Of a CAN-Based Multi Controller Digital Driving System for a ED137 Voice Command Control for Mobile Robots 2007 Vehicle - 2008 ED138 An RFID based Pilgrim Identification System 2007 ED120 Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and ZigBee Control Functions for Omni ED139 Adaptive Car Safety System 2007 Directional Mobile Robot - 2008 ED140 Wearable Physiological Monitoring System using 2.4Ghz RF Transceiver 2007 ED121 Indoor Autonomous Navigation of Blind Persons using RFID Sensing Robots 2008 ED141 An autonomous surveillance and security robot team - 2007 ED122 Integration of RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks 2008 ED142 An Infant Monitoring System Using CO / sub 2 / Sensors 2007 8 9
  7. 7. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE ED143 An Electronic Meter for Measuring the Saving in Electrical power 2007 IEEE VLSI PROJECTS ED144 A Sensor for urban Driving Assistance Systems based on Dense Stereovision 2007 VL01 An Area-Efficient Universal Cryptography Processor for Smart Cards 2009 ED145 Develop a Multiple Interface Based Fire Fighting Robot 2007 VL02 The CSI Multimedia Architecture 2009 ED146 Development of Autonomous Robotic Wheelchair Controller Using Embedded 2007 VL03 FPGA Based Power Efficient Channelizer for Software Defined Radio 2009 ED147 Development of a Person Following Mobile Robot in Complicated Background VL04 Improvement of the Orthogonal Code Convolution Capabilities using FPGA by Using Distance and Color Information - 2007 Implementation 2009 ED148 Extended Health Visibility in the Hospital Environment 2007 VL05 A VHDL Model of a IEEE1451.2 Smart Sensor: Characterizationand Applications 2008 ED149 Face Detection using PCA and Skin-Tone Extraction for Drowsy Driver Application 2007 VL06 Fuzzy based PID Controller using VHDL/VERILOG for Transportation Application 2008 ED150 A Wireless Sensor Network Prototype for Environmental Monitoring in VL07 Implementation of IEEE 802.11 a WLAN baseband Processor 2008 Greenhouses 2007 VL08 A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Algorithm and its Hardware ED151 Processor Customization for Wearable Bio-Monitoring Platforms 2007 Architecture 2008 ED152 Parking Guidance System using RFID and Image Processing Techniques in VL09 A Verilog Implementation of UART Design with Bist Capability 2008 WSN Environment 2007 VL10 A Robust Uart Architecture based on Recursive Running Sum Filter for Better ED153 Methods and Techniques for Intelligent Navigation and Manipulation for Bomb Noise Performance 2008 Disposal and Rescue Operations 2007 VL11 FPGA Implementation of USB Transceiver Macrocell Interface with Usb2.0 Specifications ED154 Using AC Motors in Robotics 2007 VL12 A VLSI Architecture for Visible Watermarking In A Secure Still Digital Camera ED156 Solar Energy Conversion System using Power Electronics 2007 (S2dc) Design (Corrected) ED157 The design and implementation of an autonomous campus patrol robot - 2007 VL13 A Low-Power Multiplier with the Spurious Power Suppression Technique ED158 The Design of Vehicle emergent calling system based on GPRS - 2007 VL14 Design of Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Communication Systems ED159 Shopping Path Analysis and Transaction mining based on RFID Technology 2007 VL15 Block-Based Multiperiod Dynamic Memory Design for Low Data- Retention Power ED160 Robust on-Vehicle Real-Time Visual Detection of American and European Speed VL16 A Symbol-Rate Timing Synchronization Method for Low Power Wireless OFDM Systems Limit Signs, with a Modular Traffic Signs Recognition System - 2007 VL17 On the Design of a Multi-Mode Receive Digital-Front-End for Cellular Terminal RFICS VL18 Design Exploration of a Spurious Power Suppression Technique (SPST) and its Applications VL19 Implementation of a Multi-Channel UART Controller based on FIFO Technique and FPGA VL20 Compliant Digital Baseband Transmitter on a Digital Signal Processor 10 11
  8. 8. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE VL21 An FPGA-Based Architecture for Real Time Image Feature Extraction VL44 Designing of Programmable Timer Interface (Pti) using Verilog Hdl VL22 FPGA based Generation of High Frequency Carrier for Pulse Compression Using VL45 Designing of Universal Sync / Async Receiver and Transmitter VHDL Cordic Algorithm VL46 VLSI Design & Implementation of Electronic Automation using VHDL VL23 VLSI Architecture and FPGA Prototyping of a Digital Camera for Image Security VL47 VLSI Design and Implementation of Encryption & Decryption using VHDL and Authentication VL48 VLSI Design and Implementation of Water Pump Controller using VHDL VL24 VLSI Design & Implementation of Cellphone Controller using VHDL VL49 A Fast Hardware Approach for Approximate, Efficient Logarithm and Antilogarithm VL25 VLSI Design & Implementation of Code Converters using VHDL Computations - 2009 VL26 VLSI Design & Implementation of Electronic Automation using VHDL VL50 VLSI Design of Diminished-One Modulo 2n + 1 Adder using Circular Carry VL27 VLSI Design & Implementation of Arithmetic Logic Unit using VHDL Selection - 2009 VL28 VLSI Design & Implementation of Basic RSA Encryption Engine VL51 The Design and FPGA Implementation of Gf(2^128 ) Multiplier for Ghash - 2009 VL29 VLSI Design & Implementation of Basic Des Crypto Core VL52 Bz-Fad: A Low-Power Low-Area Multiplier Based On Shift-and- Add Architecture - 2009 VL30 VLSI Design & Implementation of Fuzzy Controller Design VL53 Novel Area-Efficient FPGA Architectures for Fir Filtering with Symmetric Signal VL31 Optimized Software Implementation of a Full-Rate IEEE 802.11a Extension - 2009 VL32 VLSI Design & Implementation of Fir & Lir Designing VL54 Spread Spectrum Image Watermarking with Digital Design - 2009 VL33 VLSI Design & Implementation of Home Appliances Control Designing VL55 A Generalization of a Fast RNS Conversion for a New 4-Modulus Base - 2009 VL34 VLSI Design & Implementation of Electronic Voting Machine VL56 Left to Right Serial Multiplier for Large Numbers on FPGA - 2009 VL35 VLSI Design & Implementation of Security System VL57 A Compact AES Encryption Core on Xilinx FPGA - 2009 VL36 VLSI Design & Implementation of Robot Controller VL58 A Fast VLSI Design of Sms4 Cipher Based On Twisted BDD SBox Architecture - 2009 VL37 VLSI Design & Implementation of Solar Panel Control VL59 An improved RC6 algorithm with the same structure of encryption and decryption - 2009 VL38 VLSI Based Temperature Controller Implementation VL60 Design and Synthesis of Programmable Logic Block with Mixed Lut and Macrogate - 2009 VL39 VLSI Based Motor Speed Controller VL61 Improving Error Tolerance for Multithreaded Register Files - 2008 VL40 Designing of Risc Controller using Verilog Hdl VL62 Area-Efficient Arithmetic Expression Evaluation using Deeply Pipelined Floating VL41 Designing of I2c Master Core / Spi Master Core using Verilog Hdl Point Cores Using VHDL - 2008 VL42 Designing of Pc Printer Port / Serial Port using Verilog Hdl VL63 Design Of Reversible Finite Field Arithmetic Circuits with Error Detection 2008 VL43 Designing of Programmable Peripheral Interface (Ppi) using Verilog Hdl VL64 BZ-Fad: A Low-Power Low-Area Multiplier Based on Shift-and- Add Architecture - 2009 12 13
  9. 9. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE VL65 The Arise Approach for Extending Embedded Processors with Arbitrary Hardware VL83 VLSI Design of Des(Data Encryption Standard) Algorithm Accelerators - 2009 VL84 Implementation Five - Stage Pipelined RISC Processor for VL66 Variation-Aware Low-Power Synthesis Methodology for Fixed- Point Fir Filters - 2009 VL85 Parallel Processing VL67 Low Power Design of Precomputation-Based Content- Addressable Memory - 2008 VL86 Design of MPLS Router and Opitmization of MPLS Path Restoration Technique VL68 L-Cbf: A Low-Power, Fast Counting Bloom Filter Architecture using VHDL - 2008 using VLSI VL69 Low-Power Leading-Zero Counting and Anticipation Logic for High-Speed VL87 Implementation Huffman Coding For Bit Stream Compression In Mpeg - 2 Floating Point Units 2008 VL88 Implementation of Hash Algorithm Used for Cryptography And Security VL70 Low Power Hardware Architecture for Vbsme using Pixel Truncation - 2009 VL89 Implementation of Content Addressable Memory for Atm Applications VL71 Asynchronous Protocol Converters for Two-Phase Delay- Insensitive Global VL90 Implementation of Scramblers and Descramblers in Fiber Optic Communication Communication - 2009 Systems Sonet and Otn VL72 FPGA Implementation(S) of a Scalable Encryption Algorithm - 2008 VL91 Implementation of Matched Filters Frequency Spectrum in Code Division Multiple VL73 Design Of Advanced Encryption Standard Using VHDL - 2008 Access (Cdma) System and its Implementation VL74 Bit-Swapping LFSR and Scan-Chain Ordering: A Novel Technique for Peak- and VL92 VLSI Design Of Two Wire Serial EEPROM for Embedded Microcontrollers Specification Average-Power Reduction In Scan- Based BIST - 2009 VL93 High Definition (Hd) Tv Data Encoding and Decoding using Reed Solomon Code VL75 Low-Power Scan Testing for Test Data Compression Using A Routing-Driven IEEE DSP & MATLAB PROJECTS Scan Architecture - 2009 DSP01 Efficient Surface Reconstruction From Noisy Data using Regularized Membrane VL76 Enhancement Of Fault Injection Techniques Based On The Modification Of VHDL Potentials - 2009 Code 2008 DSP02 An Entropy Interpretation of The Logarithmic Image Processing Model with VL77 A Full-Adder-Based Methodology for the Design of Scaling Operation In Residue Application To Contrast Enhancement - 2009 Number System - 2008 DSP03 Sparse Image Reconstruction for Molecular Imaging - 2009 VL78 FPGA Implementation of Low Power Parallel Multiplier - 2008 DSP04 Phase Adaptive Super Resolution of Mammography Images using Complex VL79 Designing Efficient Online Testable Reversible Adders with New Reversible Gate 2008 Wavelets - 2009 VL80 Cost-Efficient SHA Hardware Accelerators - 2008 DSP05 A Robust Hidden Markov Gauss Mixture Vector Quantizer for A Noisy Source - 2009 VL81 System Architecture and Implementation of MIMO Sphere Decoders On FPGA 2008 DSP06 Composition of A De-warped and Enhanced Document Image From Two View VL82 Design of GPS-GSM Mobile Navigator Images - 2009 14 15
  10. 10. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE DSP07 Image Quality Assessment Based On Multi-scale Geometric Analysis - 2009 DSP26 Approximate signal reconstruction using non-uniform samples in fractional Fourier DSP08 Tomographic imaging of dynamic objects with the ensemble Kalman filter - 2009 and linear canonical transform domains - 2009 DSP09 Clustering-based de-noising with Locally learned dictionaries - 2009 DSP27 DSP for coherent single-carrier receivers - 2009 DSP10 Interactive natural image segmentation Via Spline regression - 2009 DSP28 Efficient Convex Relaxation Methods for Robust Target Localization by a Sensor DSP11 A fast optimization transfer algorithm for image In-painting in wavelet domains - 2009 Network using Time Differences of Arrivals - 2009 DSP12 Automatic Segmentation of Pulmonary Segments From Volumetric Chest CT Scans - 2009 DSP29 Late reverberant spectral variance estimation based on a statistical model - 2009 DSP13 A hybrid geometric–statistical deformable model for automated 3-D segmentation DSP30 A new delay less sub-band Adaptive filtering algorithm for active noise control in brain MRI - 2009 systems - 2009 DSP14 Intelligent Thermo graphic diagnostic applied to Surge arresters: a new approach - 2009 DSP31 An ensemble Speaker and speaking environment modeling approach to robust DSP15 Cost-Effective Hidden Markov-Based Image Segmentation - 2009 speech recognition - 2009 DSP16 A Fast Multilevel Algorithm for Wavelet-Regularized Image Restoration - 2009 DSP32 Observer-controller based digital PLL - 2009 DSP17 Low Bit-Rate Image Compression Via Adaptive Down- sampling and Constrained DSP33 A 99-dB DR fourth-order delta–sigma modulator for 20-khz bandwidth sensor Least Squares Up- Conversion - 2009 applications - 2009 DSP18 Morphological Background Detection and Enhancement of Images with Poor DSP34 Illumination sensing in led lighting systems based on frequency division Lighting - 2009 multiplexing - 2009 DSP19 High-Fidelity Data Embedding for Image Annotation - 2009 DSP35 Dual-band band-pass filter design using a novel feed scheme - 2009 DSP20 Gradient Estimation using Wide Support Operators - 2009 DSP36 Instantaneous frequency rate estimation for high-order polynomial-phase signals - 2009 DSP21 Beam forming with a Maximum Negentropy Criterion - 2009 DSP37 Performance bound approximation for bearing estimation with bias correction - 2009 DSP22 A Comparison of the Squared Energy and Teager-Kaiser Operators for Short-Term DSP38 A Blind I/Q Imbalance Compensation Technique for Direct- Conversion Digital Energy Estimation in Additive Noise - 2009 Radio Transceivers contiguous spectrums - 2009 DSP23 Nonlinear Minimum Variance Estimation for Discrete-Time Multi-Channel Systems - 2009 DSP39 Sampling theorems for signals from the union of finitedimensional linear subspaces - 2009 DSP24 Idiolect extraction and generation for personalized speaking style modeling - 2009 DSP40 Reversible Re-sampling of integer signals - 2009 DSP25 Analysis of Emotionally Salient Aspects of Fundamental Frequency for Emotion DSP41 Communication Coverage In Wireless Passive Sensor Networks - 2009 Detection - 2009 DSP42 Rayleigh Fading Networks: A Cross-Layer Way - 2009 16 17
  11. 11. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE DSP43 Channel coding for high-speed links: a systematic Look at code performance DSP59 Three-Level AC–DC–AC Z-Source Converter using Reduced Passive Component and system simulation - 2009 Count - 2009 DSP44 Finite-precision analysis of de-mappers and decoders for DPCcoded m-QAM DSP60 Digital Combination of Buck and Boost Converters to Control a Positive systems - 2009 Buck–Boost Converter and Improve the Output Transients - 2009 DSP45 Spectral correlation of a digital pulse stream modulated by a Cyclo-stationary DSP61 Simulation of Optimal Medium-Term Hydro-Thermal System Operation by Grid sequence in the presence of timing jitter - 2009 Computing - 2009 DSP46 Training design for repetitive-slot-based CFO estimation in OFDM - 2009 DSP62 An Integrated Approach for Optimizing Dynamic Transfer Limits at Hydro-Quebec - 2009 DSP47 Efficient detection ordering scheme for MIMO Transmission using power control - 2009 DSP63 A Filtering Technique for Three-Phase Power Systems - 2009 DSP48 Novel probabilistic bounds on power level profile of Spectrallyencoded spread- DSP64 An Adaptive Controller for the Shunt Active Filter Considering a Dynamic Load time CDMA signals - 2009 and the Line Impedance - 2009 DSP49 Near-space wide-swath radar imaging with Multi-aperture antenna - 2009 DSP65 Selection of Optimal Location and Size of Multiple Distributed Generations by DSP50 Semi-analytic BER for PSK – 2009 using Kalman Filter Algorithm - 2009 DSP51 A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier with Optimized Magnetic Utilization - 2009 DSP66 Bewley Diagrams Revisited via Visualization - 2009 DSP52 Analysis and Implementation of a Hybrid High-Power-Factor Three-Phase DSP67 An Improved UPFC Control for Oscillation Damping - 2009 Unidirectional Rectifier - 2009 DSP68 A Wide-Band Multi-Port System Equivalent for Real-Time Digital Power System DSP53 Identification of Feasible Topologies for Multiple-Input DC–DC Converters - 2009 Simulators - 2009 DSP54 Three-Mode Dual-Frequency Two-Edge Modulation Scheme for Four-Switch DSP69 Frequency - Adaptive Power System Modeling for Multi – scale Simulation of Buck–Boost Converter - 2009 Transients - 2009 DSP55 A Novel Self-Powered Supply for GCT Gate Drivers - 2009 DSP70 A PSO Method with Nonlinear Time-Varying Evolution for Optimal Design of DSP56 A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in a Noninverting Buck–Boost Harmonic Filters – 2009 Converter - 2009 DSP71 A Study on Gait-Based Gender Classification - 2009 DSP57 Impact of EMC Filters on the Power Density of Modern Three- Phase PWM DSP72 Subjective Evaluation of Spatial Resolution and Quantization Noise Tradeoffs - 2009 Converters - 2009 DSP73 A No –Reference Objective Im Age Sharpness Metric Based on the Notion Of DSP58 Multiple-Load–Source Integration in a Multilevel Modular Capacitor-Clamped Just Noticeable Blur (Jnb) - 2009 DC–DC Converter Featuring Fault Tolerant Capability - 2009 DSP74 Histogram Thresholding Using Fuzzy Aad Rough Measures Of Association Error - 2009 18 19
  12. 12. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE DSP75 On Color Texture Normalization for Active Appearance Models - 2009 DSP94 Speech Recognition - ADPCM Implementation DSP76 Local Features for Enhancement And Minutiae Extraction In Fingerprints - 2008 DSP95 Spread Spectrum Analysis DSP77 A Fast Method for Automated Detection Of Blood Vessels And Lesions In Retinal DSP96 Speech Compression & Decompression using Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation Images - 2009 DSP97 Exploring Sound Effects System in DSP Application DSP78 Segmentation by Fusion Of Histogram-Based K-Means Clusters In Different Color DSP98 Coding & Compressing of Speech Signals using Linear Predictive Coding Spaces - 2009 DSP99 Compression of Image using Windowing Technique using Wavelet System DSP79 Estimation Of Multiple, Time-Varying Motions Using Time- Frequency DSP100 Verification & Identification in Biometric Application Representations And Moving-Objects Segmentation- 2009 DSP101 Concealing and Recovering a Text File from an Image DSP80 Joint Exact Histogram Specification and Image Enhancement Through The DSP102 Segmenting and storing .WAV File format Wavelet Transform - 2009 DSP103 Compressing an Image by varying the Degree of Lossiness DSP81 Optic Disc Detection from Normalized Digitial Fundus Image by Means Of Vessels DSP104 Implementation of Fourier Wavelet in Image Compression Direction Matched Filter - 2009 DSP105 Image Compression using Wavelet Transforms DSP82 Demosaicing of Color Filter Array Captured Images using Gradient Edge Detection DSP106 Time Frequency Analysis Masks and Adaptive Heterogeneity- Projection - 2009 DSP107 Doppler Effect for a Moving Observer Verification & Analysis DSP83 Enhancement of Color Images By Scaling the DCT Coefficients – 2008 DSP108 Edge Detection, Thresholding and Extracting Color from an Image DSP84 Fingerprint enhancement and recognition using Back Propagation Algorithm - 2008 DSP109 Implementation of Adaptive Channel Equalizer using LMS DSP85 Design of Digital Bilateral Filter for Image Diffusion - 2008 DSP110 Algorithm DSP86 Digital Image Steganography in Spatial & Frequency Domain - 2008 DSP111 Extracting target from an Image, Blurring and Beblurring the Target DSP87 Upper surface of the diaphragm estimate using 3D CT Images - 2008 DSP112 Image Reconstruction using Neural Networks DSP88 Digital Image Watermarking & recovery of the secret image - 2008 DSP113 Detection of Colors in the Corner of an Image and Conversion of a Color Image to DSP89 Partial Volume Segmentation in the MR image of Brain - 2008 Grayscale Image DSP90 Automatic Exudates Detection from the eyes of Diabetic Patients - 2008 DSP114 A Novel Approach To Speech Signal Synthesis DSP91 Image retrieval using Color, Texture and Shape - 2008 DSP115 Voice Speech and Music Features Extraction and Classification System and DSP92 Face Detection using Adaboost algorithm - 2008 Spectral Analysis DSP93 Color Image Segmentation – 2008 DSP116 Significant Chord Classification System in a Static And Dynamic Audio Signal 20 21
  13. 13. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE DSP117 Realization of Room Acoustical Sound and Vibration IEEE JAVA PROJECTS DSP118 Sequential Jpeg Codec JE01 Node Isolation Model and Age-Based Neighbor Selection in Unstructured P2P DSP119 Median Filtering In Constant Time Networks – 2009 DSP120 3D Image Processing & Compression JE02 A Novel Approach for Computation-Efficient Rekeying for Multicast Key Distribution-2009 DSP121 DSP based Audio Signal Processing JE03 Collusive Piracy Prevention in P2P Content Delivery Networks - 2009 DSP122 DSP based Number Plate Recognition JE04 Dynamic Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks - 2009 DSP123 DSP based Power Spectrum Estimation JE05 Multipath Dissemination in Regular Mesh Topologies - 2009 DSP124 DTMF Generation & Detection – Adaptive Channel Equalizer JE06 Opportunistic Scheduling with Reliability Guarantees in Cognitive Radio Networks - 2009 DSP125 ECG Monitoring & Analysis JE07 Generalized Sequence-Based and Reverse Sequence-Based Models for DSP126 Estimation of Energy using Subband Coding Broadcasting Hot Videos – 2009 DSP127 Face Recognition using Eigen Images JE08 Charmy: A Framework for Designing and VerifyingArchitectural Specifications DSP128 Fetal Heart Rate Estimation using Intrauterine ECG Signal Patrizio Pelliccione, Paola inverardi, and Henry Muccini - 2009 DSP129 Finger Print Time Attendance cum Access Control System JE09 Computation-Efficient Multicast Key Distribution - 2009 DSP130 FIR Filter Design and Implementation JE10 An Efficient Clustering Scheme to Exploit Hierarchical Data in Network Traffic Analysis DSP131 FSK Modulation & Demodulation JE11 A Survey of Learning-Based Techniques of Email Spam Filtering – 2008 DSP132 Heart Beat Analysis using Wavelet Transform JE12 Botminer: Clustering Analysis of Network Traffic for Protocol- and Structure- DSP133 Image Compression using Back Propagation Algorithm – ANN independent Botnet Detection- 2008 DSP134 Information - Hiding System using Images – STEGNOGRAPHY JE13 Dual-Link Failure Resiliency Through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion DSP135 Wavelets - Real Time Identification of Power System Transients JE14 Adaptive Neural Network Tracking Control of Mimo Nonlinear Systems with DSP136 Radio Telemetry Design & Implementation Unknown Dead Zones and Control Directions DSP137 Speech Encryption and Decryption JE15 A Framework for the Capacity Evaluation of Multihop Wireless Networks, 2009 JE16 Continuous Flow Wireless Data Broadcasting for High-Speed Environments JE17 Dynamic and Auto Responsive Solution for Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Detection in Isp Network, 2009 22 23
  14. 14. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE JE18 Efficient Multi-Party Digital Signature Using Adaptive Secret Sharing for Low- JE35 Using the Conceptual Cohesion of Classes for Fault Prediction in Object-Oriented Power Devices in Wireless Networks Systems -2007 JE19 Guaranteed Delivery for Geographical Anycasting in Wireless Multi-Sink Sensor JE36 A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation and Sensor-Actor Networks – 2008 Mobile Networks– 2008 JE20 Offline Loop Investigation for Handwriting Analysis– 2008 JE37 A Near-Optimal Multicast Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Hybrid JE21 High Performance Cooperative Transmission Protocols Based on Multiuser Genetic Algorithm. – 2008 Detection and Network Coding– 2008 JE38 A Novel Secure Communication Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks [Scp]. – 2008 JE22 Novel Packet-Level Resource Allocation with Effective Qos Provisioning for JE39 An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in Wireless Mesh Networks– 2008 Manets. – 2008 JE23 A Signature-Based indexing Method for Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of JE40 An Adaptive Programming Model for Fault-tolerant Distributed Computing. – 2008 Relative Temporal Patterns. – 2008 JE41 An Agent Based intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking Using Signature JE24 Bandwidth Estimation for IEEE 802.11-Based Ad Hoc Networks. – 2008 Method in Active Networks. – 2008 JE25 Controlling IP Spoofing Through inter-Domain Packet Filters. – 2008 JE42 Application of Bpcs Steganography to Wavelet Compressed Video. – 2008 JE26 Intrusion Detection in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor JE43 Distributed Cache Updating for the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol– 2008 Networks. – 2008 JE44 Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces. – 2007 JE27 Location-Based Spatial Query Processing in Wireless Broadcast Environments. – 2008 JE45 Hybrid intrusion Detection with Weighted Signature Generation Over Anomalous JE28 Modeling and Automated Containment of Worms. – 2008 internet Episodes. – 2008 JE29 Performance of A Speculative Transmission Scheme for Scheduling-Latency JE46 ITP: An Image Transport Protocol for the internet. – 2008 Reduction. – 2007 JE47 Incremental Service Deployment Using the Hop-by-Hop Multicast Routing JE30 Protection of Database Security Via Collaborative inference Detection. – 2007 Protocol. – 2008 JE31 Quiver: Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services. – 2008 JE48 Network Border Patrol: Preventing Congestion Collapse and Promoting Fairness JE32 Rate and Delay Guarantees Provided by Clos Packet Switches with Load Balancing. in the internet. – 2008 JE33 Truth Discovery with Multiple Conflicting information Providers on the Web- 2007 JE49 Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering. – 2007 JE34 Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths.-2007 JE50 ODAM: An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm. – 2008 24 25
  15. 15. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE JE51 Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System Using Parallel Genetic DN13 Efficient Multi-Party Digital Signature Using Adaptive Secret Sharing for Low-Power Algorithm. – 2007 Devices in Wireless Networks- 2009 JE52 Structure and Texture Filling-in of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission DN14 Guaranteed Delivery for Geographical Anycasting in Wireless Multi-Sink Sensor and Compression Applications. – 2008 and Sensor-Actor Networks - 2009 JE53 A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement. DN15 Hierarchical Bayesian Sparse Image Reconstruction with Application to Mrfm -2008 JE54 A Precise Termination Condition of the Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm. DN16 offline Loop investigation for Handwriting Analysis - 2008 DOT NET PROJECTS DN17 High Performance Cooperative Transmission Protocols Based On DN01 A Flexible Privacy-Enhanced Location-Based Services System Framework and Multiuser Detection and Network Coding - 2008 Practice –2009 DN18 Novel Packet-Level Resource Allocation with Effective Qos Provisioning for DN02 Opportunistic Scheduling with Reliability Guarantees in Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks -2008 Networks –2009 DN19 Multi-Service Load Sharing for Resource Management in The Cellular/Wlan DN03 Contention-Aware Performance Analysis of Mobility-Assisted Routing –2009 integrated Network-2008 DN04 Watermarking Relational Databases Using Optimization Based Techniques DN20 Sobie:A Novel Super-Node P2p Overlay Based On information Exchange-2008 DN05 Quiver: Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services –2008 DN21 Optimal Backpressure Routing for Wireless Networks with Multi-Receiver Diversity -2008 DN06 Location-Based Spatial Queries with Data Sharing in Wireless Broadcast Environments DN22 Randomcast: An Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc DN07 Randomcast: An Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks -2008 Networks –2009 DN23 Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed Images and Videos -2008 DN08 Entropy Based Adaptive Flow Aggregation –2009 DN24 A New Reliable Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -2008 DN09 Adaptive Neural Network Tracking Control of Mimo Nonlinear Systems with DN25 An Xml-Based Adl Framework for Automatic Generation of Multithreaded Unknown Dead Zones and Control Directions 2009 Computer Architecture Simulators -2008 DN10 A Framework for The Capacity Evaluation of Multihop Wireless Networks, 2009 DN26 Clone Detection and Removal for Erlang/Otp within A Refactoring Environment DN11 Continuous Flow Wireless Data Broadcasting for High-Speed Environments 2009 DN27 A Relation-Based Page Rank Algorithm for Semantic Web Search Engines DN12 Dynamic and Auto Responsive Solution for Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks DN28 Dynamics of Multiple-Seller and Multiplebuyer Spectrum Trading in Cognitive Detection in Isp Network, 2009 Radio Networks: A Game-Theoretic Modeling Approach - IEEE DN29 Energy–Robustness Tradeoff in Cellular Network Power Control 26 27
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  17. 17. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE BM06 Bedside Patient Monitoring system with Wireless sensor Network BM31 A Continuous glucose monitoring system in critical cardiac patients in the BM07 Smart Bio Medical Cloth - Wearable Health Monitoring, Bio Coat Intensive Care Unit BM08 Zigbee based Bio Med Coat with ECG and Heart Beat Monitoring BM32 Wearable Biomedical Systems: Research to Reality BM09 Path planning for Blind Person using Ultrasonic BM33 Design and implementation of Wireless Biomedical Sensor Networks for ECG BM10 Anesthesia Control system using Infusion Pump with Heart Beat monitoring home health monitoring BM11 Wireless ECG Monitoring BM34 A sleep apnoea keeper in a wearable device for Continuous detection and BM12 Wireless Heart Beat Monitoring screening during daily life BM13 External ECG Defibrillator BM35 Ambulatory blood pressure recording; principles and practice BM14 RFID based Health Card System BM36 Color Identifier Device Design for partially Blind / People with a Problem of BM15 RFID based Medicine Expiry Date Verification Chromates BM16 RFID based Medical Equipments Location Finding & Maintenance BM37 Bio sensing Head / Neck / Eye Movement based Driver Alert System BM17 Wheel Chair Robot with Vital Parameters Monitoring BM38 A Hand Gesture system for controlling Wheel Chair BM18 Blood Pressure Monitoring System BM39 Wireless Telemetry for line data transmission on a Mobile Unit BM19 Zigbee based Health Monitoring System BM40 Robotic Assisted Operation Theatre BM20 Human Radiation Sensing and Live Human Monitoring System BM41 Robotic Assisted automatic Drug Dispenser BM21 Advanced Body Temperature / ECG / Hearth Beat Monitoring BM42 Automatic Time based Drug Delivery Robot BM22 Home Care Medi Kit for Elderly Person BM43 Wearable EDA Sensor Gloves using Conducting Fabric and Embedded System BM23 Head Movement based Wheel Chair Control System for Paralyzed Patients BM44 Design of a bionic electro location sensor for coronary diagnostics BM24 Voice controlled Wheel Chair System fabrication BM45 Pulse Oxygen sensor BM25 Blood Gas Analyzer BM46 Cough Monitoring System BM26 Assist, Automated system for Surgical Instrumental and Sponge Tracking BM47 Acoustic Height Gauge BM27 An RFID Application for the disabled, Path Finder BM48 Head tracking for driver assistance BM28 Galvanic Skin Response System BM49 Integrated Biochip for Clinical Disease detection BM29 Volumetric Infusion Pump Design and Implementation BM50 Motorized Automatic Exercise System BM30 Medical signal processing in the ICU 30 31
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  19. 19. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE PE30 Direct Yaw Moment Control of an In-Wheel-Motored Electric Vehicle based on PE45 High-efficiency module-integrated photovoltaic power conditioning system - 2009 Body Slip Angle Fuzzy Observer – 2009 PE46 Light-Load Efficiency Improvement for Buck Voltage Regulators - 2009 PE31 Fuzzy Multi-State Allocation of the Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System – 2009 PE47 Single-Stage Offline SEPIC Converter with Power Factor Correction to Drive PE32 Single-Stage Fly back Converter for Constant Current Output LED Driver with High Brightness LEDs - 2009 Power Factor Correction - 2009 PE48 Single-Stage Single-Switch Switched-Capacitor Buck/Buck-Boost-Type Converter - 2009 PE33 A Modified SEPIC Converter for High Power Factor Rectifier and Universal- PE49 Stability analysis of two-cell buck converter driven DC motor with a Discrete- Input Voltage Applications - 2009 Time closed Loop - 2009 PE34 A Compensation Technique for Smooth Transitions in Non-inverting Buck- PE50 Three-Switch Active-Clamp Forward Converter with Low Switch Voltage Stress - 2009 Boost Converter - 2009 PE51 Topology and analysis of Voltage-lift-type Cuk converters: - 2009 PE35 A Novel Hybrid Operational Mode Wide Range Input ZVS Front-end Dc-Dc PE52 CAN based Synchronized Motion Control for Induction Motors – 2009 Converter Aiming at Optimized Overall Performance - 2009 PE53 Novel Nine-Switch PWM Rectifier-Inverter Topology for Three-Phase UPS PE36 A Novel Low-Loss Modulation Strategy for High-Power Bidirectional Buck + Applications – 2009 Boost Converters - 2009 PE54 A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power with Fuzzy Logic PE37 A Novel ZVZCS LLC-Type Parallel Resonant Converter with A Separated based DC Bus Voltage Controller – 2009 Resonant Tank - 2009 PE55 Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation based Speed Control of Induction Motor PE38 An Interleaved Boost Converter With Zero-Voltage Transition - 2009 using Fuzzy PI Controller – 2009 PE39 Analysis and implementation of Switched-capacitorized DC/DC Converters - 2009 PE56 Energy Efficient Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor – A Review – 2009 PE40 Analysis of Super-Lift Luo-Converters with Capacitor Voltage drop - 2009 PE57 Speed-Sensorless, Adjustable-Speed Induction Motor Drive based on Dc Link PE41 Compensation Loop Design of A Photovoltaic System Based on Constant Voltage Measurement – 2009 MPPT - 2009 PE58 A Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifier with Optimized Magnetic Utilization – 2009 PE42 Design and Comparison of Two Front-end DC/DC Converters: LLC Resonant PE59 A Review of Non-Isolated High Step-Up DC/DC Converters in Renewable Energy Converter and Soft-switched Phase-shifted Full-bridge Converter with Primary- Applications – 2009 side Energy Storage Inductor - 2009 PE60 An Interleaved Twin-Buck Converter with Zero-Voltage-Transition - 2009 PE43 Design Oriented Analysis of Modern Active Droop Controlled Power Supplies - 2009 PE61 Analysis and design of a current-fed zero-voltage-switching and zerocurrent- PE44 Distributed Z-Source Network DC-DC Converter - 2009 switching CL-resonant push–pull dc–dc converter - 2009 34 35
  20. 20. CODE TITLE CODE TITLE PE62 Analysis and implementation of An Efficient Active LC Snubber for Forward PE77 Design of an Intelligent Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter with Half Bridge Converters - 2009 Topology – 2008 PE63 Analysis and implementation of positive output super lift converter techniques - 2009 PE78 Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Speed Control of an Induction Machine Drive based PE64 Digital Control of Resonant Converters: Enhancing Frequency Resolution by on a New Variable Gain PI Controller – 2008 Dithering – 2009 PE79 Embedded Controlled Z Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive – 2008 PE65 Semi-Digital Interleaved PFC Control with Optimized Light Load Efficiency – 2009 PE80 Multi-Input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Brushless DC Motor Drives – 2008 PE66 Control and Protection of Power Electronics Interfaced Distributed Generation PE81 Smart Configurable Wireless Sensors and Actuators for Industrial Monitoring and Systems in a Customer-Driven Microgrid – 2009 Control – 2008 PE67 Research on Measuring Equipment of Single-phase Electricity-Stealing with PE82 Design and Implementation of PLC-based Monitoring Control System for Long-distance Monitoring Function – 2009 Three-Phase Induction Motors Fed by PWM Inverter – 2008 PE68 Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An PE83 A Distributed Measurement System to Estimate Plant Water Content in Agricultural Energy Saving Solution – 2009 Fields based on Wireless Sensor Networks – 2008 PE69 Sufficient Sunlight Supply for Home Care using Local Closed-loop Shutter Control PE84 Operational Analysis and Comparative Evaluation of Embedded Z-Source System – 2009 Inverters – 2008 PE70 Home Appliance Energy Monitoring and Controlling based on Power Line PE85 AI base Design of a Fuzzy Logic Scheme for Speed Control of Induction Motors Communication - 2009 using SVPWM Technique – IEEE 2009 PE71 Comprehensive Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Arrays - 2009 PE86 CAN-based Synchronized Motion Control for Induction Motors – IEEE 2009 PE72 A Novel Zero Voltage Transition Synchronous Buck Converter for Portable PE87 Fuzzy Multi-State Allocation of the Diesel Engine Fuel Supply System – IEEE 2009 Application – 2008 PE88 A Fuzzy Logic based Supervisory Hierarchical Control Scheme for RealTime PE73 Detection and Recognition of End-of-Speed-Limit and Supplementary Signs for Pressure Control – IEEE 2009 Improved European Speed Limit Support – 2008 PE89 A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Inverter in Shunt Active PE74 Soft Switched AC-Link AC/AC and AC/DC Buck-Boost Converter – 2008 Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement – IEEE 2008 PE75 Improving Speed Control of Induction Motors through Fuzzy-SMC-PIControl – 2008 PE90 A Novel Zero Voltage Transition Synchronous Buck Converter for Portable PE76 A Fuzzy Logic Controlled Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Inverter in Shunt Active Application – IEEE 2008 Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement – 2008 36 37
  21. 21. CODE TITLE PE91 Design of an Intelligent Bi-Directional Dc-Dc Converter with Half Bridge Topology – IEEE 2008 PE92 Direct Torque Neuro Fuzzy Speed Control of an Induction Machine Drive based WE OFFER on a New Variable Gain PI Controller – IEEE 2008 JOB ORIENTED TRAINING IN THE PE93 Embedded Controlled Z-Source Inverter Induction Motor Drive – IEEE 2008 FOLLOWING DOMAINS PE94 Improving Speed Control of Inductions through Fuzzy-SMC-PI Control PE95 Multi-Input Fuzzy Logic Controller for Brush less DC Motor Drives – IEEE 3 SYSTEM DESIGN EMBEDDED 3SIGNAL PROCESSING DIGITAL FOR 3 VLSI 3 JAVA & J2EE PROJECT ABSTRACT / MATERIALS AND OTHER DETAILS 3 DOT NET 3 WEB DEVELOPMENT PLEASE MAIL US @ FREE ! FREE !! FREE !!! GET 1 WEEK FREE TRAINING CALL US on full payment of project fee @ 9843859845 38 39