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[EN] Aastra - Vertical Market - Transportation


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[EN] Aastra - Vertical Market - Transportation

  1. 1. Road transport and logisticIndustry Market<br />July 2010<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />Transport Market<br />Transport MarketNeeds<br />Aastra Solutions<br />Product Components<br />Customer References<br />Strength / Opportunities<br />Marketing Tools<br />Perspectives<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />2<br />
  3. 3. MarketView and Target Groups<br />Transport market<br />
  4. 4. The devil and the deep blue sea<br />The professionals experience pressure from both sides - carrier and customer<br />Just in time<br />KANBAN<br />Pressure on the prices<br />Relocation<br />Legislation<br />International competition<br />Diesel price increase since 2000<br /> +23,66 %<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Road transport market 1/2<br />The activity of road transport accompany more and more frequently with third services, which were furnished within or during the preparation of transports: <br />as the logistics <br />or the organization of transport. <br />These additional activities are no more secondary activities intend to compensate for the first one, but much more to complete these ones.<br />In this context we talk about 1.300.000 employments which are going to be added to those of the road transport, and which depend on it.<br />Test of the EuropeanModular System(25m of length and 60 tons) which can imply new stakes in the coming years.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Road transport market 2/2<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />6<br />All the companies which concentrate their business on road transport and employ more than 50 workers are 989 in number and constitute 44,3% of the global turnover.<br />The road transport represents 80 % of transporting of goods, the rail 12 % and the waterway 5%. <br />
  7. 7. An increased competition with the Eastern European countries (1/2)<br />Brussels rejected the demand of a moratorium wanted by the French government on the extension of the cabotage for 7 East countries (Poland, Baltic States, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic).<br />Some countries are afraid of the fall of the prices because of the unfair competition of Eastern Europe countries which have social costs and tax much lower than the countries of Western Europe.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />7<br />Road transport international evolution 2004 – 2007<br />
  8. 8. An increased competition with the Eastern European countries (2/2)<br />The global growth of the international Polish ensign is 21 % and that of the Baltic States 31 % between 2000 – 2005 whereas the growth of Western countries has an amount of 32 %.<br />Eastern countries have resolutely focused on the international activities.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />8<br />Activity structure of European ensign in 2005 (SOeS)<br />The numbers between the bracket represent the importance of ensign in comparison to the whole European ensign. <br />
  9. 9. Cost structure<br />The cost structure is different between the long distance road transport and the regional road transport.<br />The road transport has a very low profitability, a rate which is with 1,5 % superior to all the other occupations today and suffer from a considerable lack of competitiveness at the European level (FNTR). <br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />9<br />
  10. 10. MarketView and Target Groups<br />Organisation of the Information System <br />
  11. 11. Reorganization of the sector<br />A more and more important part of the companies works with public capital:<br />subsidiaries railways enterprise<br />or the European post offices. <br />Confronted by this power of big groups, small enterprises join together and combine the potential of big business while keeping the flexibility of small and medium-sized firms. <br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />11<br />They choose a horizontal or vertical meshing according to their needs.<br />
  12. 12. Reorganization of the sector<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />12<br /> Horizontal or geographical meshing, which consists getting in contact with companies exercising the same activity in another region.<br />Production<br />Production<br />Transport<br />Transport<br />Vertical meshing, which intention it is to cover all the possible additional activities in a sector (transport, logistic, etc.). <br />Wharehouse<br />Warehouse<br />Retail dealer<br />Distribution<br />Sale<br />Sales<br />
  13. 13. Regrouping of transport companies (1/2)<br />The purpose of the regrouping of transport companies :<br />To increase the turnover,<br />To diversify the customers,<br />To reduce the costs and<br />To optimize the traffic.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />13<br />
  14. 14. Regrouping of transport companies (2/2)<br />The network organisation needs a tool for the electronic circulation of information with: <br />at minimum, a shipping exchange,<br />an intranet allowing to assure an optimum circulation of information and more prosaically to assure the traceability of the freight and<br />anEDISystem (Electronic Data Interchange).<br />In consequence of access costs to this integrate systems, the small and medium-sized firmsare reluctant to use the EDI contrarily to big business and prefer to adopt the WEB-EDI.<br />The degree of integration of a network is linked to the integration degree of the information systems of members of the network.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />14<br />
  15. 15. An Excursus – Country Market<br />
  16. 16. Local Market<br />To becompleted by country<br />
  17. 17. Needs of Transport Market<br />
  18. 18. Transport Aastra Solution Use per profile<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />18<br />
  19. 19. Needs of transport market<br />Foreveryneed, thereis an Aastra solution!<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />
  20. 20. Control his environment<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />20<br />Interactwith the environment<br /><ul><li>Coordinate
  21. 21. Measure
  22. 22. Develop loyalty
  23. 23. Application sharing</li></ul>Interact with his environment<br />
  24. 24. Control his environment<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />21<br />Needs<br /><ul><li> To manage the interaction with the surroundings.
  25. 25. To update the database.
  26. 26. To classify and to exchange information with the forwarder, customer, </li></ul> warehouse...<br /><ul><li> To inform of the control orders.
  27. 27. To estimate the services quality of his partners / interlocutor and the</li></ul> dissatisfaction of his customer. <br /><ul><li> To follow up the events.</li></ul>Interactwith the environment<br /><ul><li>Coordinate
  28. 28. Measure
  29. 29. Develop loyalty
  30. 30. Application sharing</li></ul>Interact with his environment<br />Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Contact Center
  31. 31. Meta-phone book, phone book
  32. 32. Management of documents
  33. 33. Telephony over IP (ToIP)</li></li></ul><li>Control his environment<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />22<br />Interactwith the environment<br /><ul><li>Coordinate
  34. 34. Measure
  35. 35. Develop loyalty
  36. 36. Application sharing</li></ul>Needs<br /><ul><li>Information in real time sharing.
  37. 37. To receive information from the headquarter.
  38. 38. To communicate with hubs.
  39. 39. To connect with the network.</li></ul>Interact with his environment<br />Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>DECT / IP DECT / Wlan
  40. 40. Collaborative work
  41. 41. Telecommuting
  42. 42. Networking
  43. 43. Information sharing
  44. 44. Phone book application sharing</li></li></ul><li>Welcome, inform and communicate<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />23<br />Welcome, inform, communicate<br /><ul><li>Promote a modern image of companies
  45. 45. Increase the reactivity to develop loyalty of customer
  46. 46. Interact communication with informatics (CTI)
  47. 47. Communicate information</li></li></ul><li>Welcome, inform and communicate<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />24<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To develop loyalty of customers and keep a competitive advantage.
  48. 48. To promote a modern image.
  49. 49. Not to lose calls.
  50. 50. To offer a unique point of reception.
  51. 51. To guarantee the processing delay.
  52. 52. To use the best skill to answer.</li></ul>Welcome, inform, communicate<br /><ul><li>Promote a modern image of companies
  53. 53. Increase the reactivity to develop loyalty of customer
  54. 54. Interact communication with informatics (CTI)
  55. 55. Communicate information</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Personalized reception : customizable message, IVR
  56. 56. Grouping of reception
  57. 57. Standard, automatic standard
  58. 58. Contact Center</li></li></ul><li>Welcome, inform and communicate<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />25<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To improve the efficiency.
  59. 59. To be reachable 24 hours a day.
  60. 60. To steer directly toward the right interlocutor
  61. 61. To know the interlocutor availability
  62. 62. Access to the resources / company
  63. 63. Phone book unification
  64. 64. Information sharing</li></ul>Welcome, inform, communicate<br /><ul><li>Promote a modern image of companies
  65. 65. Increase the reactivity to develop loyalty of customer
  66. 66. Interact communication with informatics (CTI)
  67. 67. Communicate information</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Clever rerouting
  68. 68. Presence Management
  69. 69. Phone book LDAP, coupling AD, Browser phone book
  70. 70. Chat
  71. 71. Collaborative work
  72. 72. Convergence / Coupling information professional application
  73. 73. Web portal, interactive reception
  74. 74. Interactive voice server / voice messaging
  75. 75. Call Back application</li></li></ul><li>Welcome, inform and communicate<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />26<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To reduce the number of phone post on the user .
  76. 76. To increase the fastness, efficiency and availability of data flow.
  77. 77. To anticipate the supply chain break.
  78. 78. Access to the stock level, order level, truck positioning on the road.
  79. 79. Overview of subscription list.</li></ul>Welcome, inform, communicate<br /><ul><li>Promote a modern image of companies
  80. 80. Increase the reactivity to develop loyalty of customer
  81. 81. Interact communication with informatics (CTI)
  82. 82. Communicate information</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Conference with many people
  83. 83. Convergence / Coupling information professional application
  84. 84. Messaging (PC, PDA, or Tablet PC)
  85. 85. CTI
  86. 86. Integrated phone book
  87. 87. Localization</li></li></ul><li>Remain mobility<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />27<br />Mobility, wireless services<br /><ul><li>Be available at every moment
  88. 88. Continuing service</li></li></ul><li>Remain mobility<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />28<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>Frequent move between warehouse, office, vehicles...
  89. 89. To ring several phone simultaneous.
  90. 90. To have an unique terminal.
  91. 91. To have an unique phone number.
  92. 92. To inform of his move / availability.
  93. 93. To follow up his call.
  94. 94. Routing calls according the circumstances
  95. 95. Same services, same function, whatever the place and the terminal.
  96. 96. Access to the commercial file .
  97. 97. Access to the same functionality than the desk-bound offer.</li></ul>Mobility, wireless services<br /><ul><li>Be available at every moment
  98. 98. Continuing service</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li> DECT / IP DECT / Wlansolution
  99. 99. Associated extension
  100. 100. FMC solution: Dual Mode, logical, include on mobile
  101. 101. Presence management
  102. 102. Transfer
  103. 103. Messaging, unified messaging
  104. 104. Play voice mail (Text to speech)
  105. 105. Integration in business application
  106. 106. Telecommuting
  107. 107. Collaborative work
  108. 108. Fix terminal, DECT, Wlan, Dual mode, Soft phone
  109. 109. Integration Microsoft OCS, Exchange
  110. 110. Fixe Mobile Convergence (FMC)</li></li></ul><li>Improve the profitability<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />29<br />Improve the profitability<br /><ul><li>Measure and optimise the costs
  111. 111. Reduce the costs
  112. 112. Make beneficial investment</li></li></ul><li>Improve the profitability<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />30<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To follow up and to audit regularly the system.
  113. 113. To improve the reception
  114. 114. To control the expenses
  115. 115. To reduce the communication costs.
  116. 116. Tobenefit from operator competition
  117. 117. To free communication inter-sites
  118. 118. Integration on IP / Data infrastructure</li></ul>Improve the profitability<br /><ul><li>Measure and optimise the costs
  119. 119. Reduce the costs
  120. 120. Make beneficial investment</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li> Optimization, audit et reporting of Call Center
  121. 121. Control, follow up : Billing
  122. 122. LCR
  123. 123. IP trunk (SIP, H323)
  124. 124. Telephony over IP
  125. 125. FMC solution
  126. 126. Dual Mode and Wlan</li></li></ul><li>Improve the profitability<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />31<br />Needs<br />Improve the profitability<br /><ul><li>Measure and optimise the costs
  127. 127. Reduce the costs
  128. 128. Make beneficial investment
  129. 129. To improve communications.
  130. 130. To restructure the system.
  131. 131. To stay permanently in touch with the driver and reduce the communication</li></ul> costs.<br />Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Communication ticket
  132. 132. Tool for traffic analyse
  133. 133. Link inter-site
  134. 134. Pooling resources
  135. 135. Coupling a GSM link</li></li></ul><li>Improve the profitability<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />32<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To reduce the structure costs.
  136. 136. To centralize applications les application
  137. 137. To optimize human resources
  138. 138. To use existing infrastructure
  139. 139. To anticipate / foresee the investment.
  140. 140. Few licences, licences by « no 1 »
  141. 141. To reduce the integration costs.
  142. 142. To respect the norms and the standard</li></ul>Improve the profitability<br /><ul><li>Measure and optimise the costs
  143. 143. Reduce the costs
  144. 144. Make beneficial investment</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Reception, centralized management, application sharing
  145. 145. Remote maintenance
  146. 146. licence policy
  147. 147. SIP RFC, Web services, CSTA…</li></li></ul><li>Secure activity<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />33<br />Industrial sites, data and employees security<br /><ul><li>Fit out worker in warehouse
  148. 148. A certified reliability
  149. 149. Alert, handle, react…
  150. 150. Prevent the incident
  151. 151. Recovery plan
  152. 152. Data security
  153. 153. Informations</li></li></ul><li>Secure activity<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />34<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To be reachable in the premises of the company.
  154. 154. Access to the same functionality that the desk-bound
  155. 155. Necessity to communicate in case of problem
  156. 156. Automatic alerting / Man down detection
  157. 157. Centralisation the alarm process
  158. 158. To have a reliable solution, available 24h a day and 7 days a week.
  159. 159. To continue the service.</li></ul>Industrial sites, data and employees security<br /><ul><li>Fit out worker in warehouse
  160. 160. A certified reliability
  161. 161. Alert, handle, react…
  162. 162. Prevent the incident
  163. 163. Recovery plan
  164. 164. Data security
  165. 165. Informations</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>DECT / IP DECT / Wlansolution
  166. 166. DECT / IP DECT with function CTI - PLUG
  167. 167. Aastra contact centre
  168. 168. Aastra solutions guarantee a reliability rate of 99,99%
  169. 169. 10 years MTBF reliability
  170. 170. Dedicated to telephony platforms
  171. 171. Collaborative work </li></li></ul><li>Secure activity<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />35<br />Needs<br /><ul><li> To send automatic alarm.
  172. 172. To generate emergency call.
  173. 173. To localize the wounded man / woman.
  174. 174. Alert system integrated in the IS
  175. 175. To prevent the risk.
  176. 176. To control the movement / identification of visitors
  177. 177. To make patrol
  178. 178. Video surveillance
  179. 179. To remote opening door
  180. 180. To avoid the disturbance / Failure</li></ul>Industrial sites, data and employees security<br /><ul><li>Fit out worker in warehouse
  181. 181. A certified reliability
  182. 182. Alert, handle, react…
  183. 183. Prevent the incident
  184. 184. Recovery plan
  185. 185. Data security
  186. 186. Informations</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Alarm back up
  187. 187. Alarm server
  188. 188. Localization solution : IP DECT
  189. 189. Roundsman functionality
  190. 190. Intercom mode/ Automatic standard
  191. 191. SIP video monitoring solution
  192. 192. Anti-detonation terminal (intrinsic)</li></li></ul><li>Secure activity<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />36<br />Needs<br /><ul><li>To take up quickly activity after an incident.
  193. 193. Disaster Recovery Plan / Recovery Plan
  194. 194. Reassignment resources
  195. 195. Continuity of service
  196. 196. Partition and protect the information between the various sites.
  197. 197. To assure the integrity, the authenticity, the availability and the</li></ul> confidentialityof information.<br />Industrial sites, data and employees security<br /><ul><li>Fit out worker in warehouse
  198. 198. A certified reliability
  199. 199. Alert, handle, react…
  200. 200. Prevent the incident
  201. 201. Recovery plan
  202. 202. Data security
  203. 203. Informations</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li> Integration in the IS / Data Center
  204. 204. Hardware redundancy : duplication / load sharing
  205. 205. Geographical duplication of any network (rooms, servers, links, clusters…)
  206. 206. Relocation of resources : TDM or IP network / PABX Virtual
  207. 207. Mobility / Telecommuting : DECT / IP DECT / Soft phone / Terminal SIP /</li></ul> Dual mode<br /><ul><li> Collaborative work
  208. 208. Encryption / Ciphering of calls
  209. 209. Secure application access
  210. 210. Users authentification</li></li></ul><li>Integrate in the IS<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />37<br />Integrate in the IS<br /><ul><li>Datacenter solution
  211. 211. Respect standard protocols
  212. 212. Application solutions
  213. 213. Applications
  214. 214. Integration in existing applications</li></li></ul><li>Integrate in the IS<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />38<br />Integrate in the IS<br /><ul><li>Datacenter solution
  215. 215. Respect standard protocols
  216. 216. Application solutions
  217. 217. Applications
  218. 218. Integration in existing applications</li></ul>Needs<br /><ul><li> Respect norms / standards
  219. 219. Use existent infrastructure
  220. 220. Integrate in Datacenter</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li> Full IP / SIP architecture
  221. 221. Terminal with XML applications
  222. 222. Telephony over IP
  223. 223. IP, SIP, IP DECT Terminals
  224. 224. Centralized and dispatch architecture
  225. 225. Pooling resources
  226. 226. Virtualizable solution
  227. 227. LAN, WAN connection</li></li></ul><li>Integrate in the IS<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />39<br />Integrate in the IS<br /><ul><li>Datacenter solution
  228. 228. Respect standard protocols
  229. 229. Application solutions
  230. 230. Applications
  231. 231. Integration in existing applications</li></ul>Needs<br /><ul><li>To integrate with existing infrastructure.
  232. 232. Strong integration with business application
  233. 233. To have standard hardware application. </li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li>Connector for Contact center with CRM
  234. 234. Integration with Exchange and OCS Microsoft
  235. 235. Full IP solution, software
  236. 236. OS Linux
  237. 237. Voice / Data convergence
  238. 238. Unified messaging, Contact centre, Collaborative work, presence</li></ul> management<br /><ul><li> Software terminals</li></li></ul><li>Environmental process<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />40<br />Environmental process<br /><ul><li>Sustainable development
  239. 239. Protection of the environment</li></li></ul><li>Environmental process<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />41<br />Environmental process<br /><ul><li>Sustainable development
  240. 240. Protection of the environment</li></ul>Needs<br /><ul><li> Environment protection
  241. 241. Environmental impact
  242. 242. To reduce energy consumption
  243. 243. Sustainable development
  244. 244. Respectful supplier</li></ul>Aastra Solutions<br /><ul><li> ROHS compliancy
  245. 245. Conference / Video Conference System
  246. 246. ISO 14001 Certification
  247. 247. Quality and environmental management system</li></li></ul><li>Components of the Aastra Solution<br />
  248. 248. Components of the Aastra Transport solution<br />juillet 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />43<br />Embedded functionalities<br />Secure / DRP<br />Localization<br />Information in real time<br />Mobile phone / fixed convergence<br />Mobility<br />Rationalize the infrastructure and the costs<br />Application / Business integrations <br />Assembly line<br />Warehouse<br />Station<br />Airport<br />Port<br />Administrative<br />Travellers<br />Market<br />Aastra offer<br />
  249. 249. Technological partnership<br />A2P2 certified Partners (Microsoft excepted)<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />44<br />Alarm servers<br />Mobility<br />UnifiedCommunication<br />Data/ Wlaninfrastructure<br />
  250. 250. Customer References<br />
  251. 251. Somecustomerreferences<br />NOVEA : Messenger<br />BM GEODIS : Chemical transport <br />GEODIS group : Information system <br />CAT : Renault carrier <br />UPS : Courier service Express<br />SNCF (French railway)<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />46<br />
  252. 252. Customer References<br />Novea<br />
  253. 253. Novea<br />Novea is the leader of express deliveries and urgent transport in France.<br />Its activities are also <br />National and international transport<br />Shuttle, etc.<br />Noveais represented in 15 cities in France and employs 80 couriers in the area of Paris.<br />More than 3 000 customers work today with NOVEA. His turnover in 2008 was 4,2M€.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />48<br />
  254. 254. Needs of Novea<br />Receiving 50% of orders by phone, NOVEA desires to optimise the Call Center Management. <br />To centralize and handle the customer call better from everywhere in France. <br />To set up an interactive voice server to handle the distribution of calls according to the demand. <br />To make a traffic analyse of calls to reorganize the service.<br />NOVEA wanted also an efficient solution for telephony service to facilitate the outgoing calla toward the couriers.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />49<br />
  255. 255. Aastra solution<br />E-diatonis D 50NG<br />Call Center ACP<br />TWP Caller, Alert and Toolkit<br />M7425<br />Digital phone : 14 M740, et 3 M760<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />50<br />
  256. 256. Aastra solution<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />51<br />e-diatonis D 50NG <br />ACP Server<br />TWP<br />TCP/IP network<br />M7425<br />1 supervisor<br />
  257. 257. Result<br />The Contact CenterACP allows establishing :<br />An unique number.<br />An IVS to distribute the calls better and bring accurate information to the caller. <br />A breaking down of calls.<br />A flexibility allowing the addition of agents without restrain.<br />To divide by 2 the number of receivers.<br />The Web portal TWP offer a competitive telephony service combining comfort et productivity for every collaborator :<br />Qualitative improvement of work, eased to realize call campaign of Marketing thanks to the TWP Caller.<br />Simple and fast deployment. <br />Centralization on a single server simplifying the administration and the maintenance.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />52<br />
  258. 258. Benefit<br />Maximum satisfaction with the new solution, NOVEA foresees new evolutions :<br />TWP Alert which allows a back up of index cards indicating all the necessary information on the caller. <br />Destination, commands, history, etc. <br />The reception of the customer will be personalized.<br />Voice over IP to create a network multisite with agents deported on the two new agencies in the area of Paris.<br />To launchethe Call-Back feature on their web site.<br />To network multi-site throughout France.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />53<br />
  259. 259. Quotes<br />According to Michael MACE, NOVEA Chairman:<br />"The voice server brings precise information to our customers by directing them to the right interlocutor and by redirecting them, if necessary, towards our website or towards an e-mail address."<br />“Since the comeback, we shall use the technology of the Voice over IP to create a network multi-site with agents deported on our two new agencies in the area of Paris. For the longer term we envisage a networking multi-site throughout France."<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />54<br />
  260. 260. Customer References<br />CAT<br />
  261. 261. Needs of CAT<br />CAT was the first world manufacturer of structural materials and is specialized in the automobile logistics.<br />CAT desired to reduce its communication budget which is very important, not only for the exchange of data but also for the voice communication.<br />Concerning the new installation there had to be taken several obligations into account :<br />To set up an IP network between its site of Vélizy in France and its site of Brühl on the West of Germany. <br />Take into account existing infrastructures.<br />To integrate applications of unified messaging, call center and mobility.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />56<br />
  262. 262. Aastra solution<br />Vélizy site (France)<br />M6550 IP <br />160 digital phones, 64 analogical phones, fax<br />Call CenterM7480 <br />Unified messaging with Call Pilot<br />Unified messaging M7465<br />Tools of management M7415<br />Brühlsite (German)<br />M6540 IP<br />Digital phones and analogical phones and fax<br />Unified messaging M7465<br />Tools of management M7415<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />57<br />
  263. 263. Aastra solution<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />58<br />Private WAN<br />Vélizy site<br />Brühl site<br />M6550 IP<br />M6540 IP<br />Fax<br />Fax<br />Digital phone<br />160 digitals phones<br />Analogical phone<br />64 analogical phones<br />M7415<br />M7480<br />M7465<br />M7415<br />CallPilot<br />M7465<br />
  264. 264. Result<br />The Aastra solution allowed CAT to evolve gradually towards a unified network by taking advantage of existing infrastructures and without questioning the investments already realized.<br />In the M7480 based to Vélizy should become the centre of the largest number of calls to the internal IT support from all the locations of CAT worldwide.<br />CAT already plans to display a new IP link between France and Mexico. Eventually, the group’ subsidiaries in Brazil, in Argentina, in the United Kingdom, in Spain and in Italy should be connected with headquarter.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />59<br />
  265. 265. Strengths / Opportunities<br />
  266. 266. Strengths / opportunities<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />61<br />
  267. 267. Marketing Tools<br />
  268. 268. Brochure and Website<br />Transport dedicated documentation<br />Brochure<br />PowerPoint presentation<br /> Website<br /> Trade show list<br /> Magazines list<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />63<br />
  269. 269. Agencies / Websites<br />To becompleted by country<br />European commission on transport<br /><br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />64<br />
  270. 270. Some trade-shows and conventions <br />To becompleted by country<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />65<br />source: Transport ministry<br />
  271. 271. Perspectives<br />
  272. 272. Perspectives<br />The long distance trade will be more and more numerous. More than 50 % of tons/km will be caused by the international transport in 2015. <br />The dominant part of the road will maintain: it is estimated at 85,6 % in 2020 against 80 % in 1996. <br />An increase of 2,5 % of the GDP a year during 15 years, will engender a total increase of 45% goods volume. <br />Will be bigger and better filled vehicles; the traffic concentrations will take place on the main axes of the road network.<br />Source : EMS<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />67<br />
  273. 273. Perspective : The EMS or the 25,25m<br />The continuous increase of transporting of goods, the road transport hegemony and the overloading of main highways incite the road transport professionals TRM have to think about new means of transportation.<br />The EMS (European Modular System) or the very heavy truck is a combination of existing vehicles which would allow according to the professionals to optimize the transport capacity and opens new perspectives to an increasing demand.<br />Sweden and Norway adopted the EMS, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium start up experiments, France soon should follow them.<br />THE EMS meets a strong opposition by the ecological associations which would desire that the state invest its energy in the railroad freight.<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />68<br />(FNTR)<br />
  274. 274. Perspective: future of the railwayfreight<br />Decline of national railway freight companies (25 % of the volume transported in railroad freight in December 2008).<br />The economic crisis and the competition of the private operators are going to increase the lacks of the railroad freight which amounted in 2008 to 350 million euro and could reach 600 million euro in 2009.<br />In only 3 years (2006 - 2009) the private operators (Veolia, EuroCargoRail, Rail Colas, B-Cargo, Eurodoor 2, CFL-Cargo, VFLI) acquired 12 % of market shares. <br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />69<br />
  275. 275. July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />70<br />Who is Aastra?<br />Major actor of Unified Communications<br />Aastra provides technological components based on market standards and compatible with installed data infrastructure<br />Systems<br />Infrastructure<br />Real time Communications<br />Evolution of needs <br />« hyper-connectivity»<br />« Easiness »<br />« Reliability »<br />Unified Messaging<br />Aastra<br />People<br />Presence & Collab.<br />Management & Security<br />Integration in IS<br />Organizations<br />Modular architecture, integration into the Information System, <br />Communication Enabling Business Processes (CEBP).<br />
  276. 276. Thankyou for yourconsideration!<br />July 10<br />Transport Industry Market<br />71<br />