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Catalign quarterly June 2018


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Highlights and reflections from April to June 2018 in three areas: systematic innovation, design thinking, and mindfulness

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Catalign quarterly June 2018

  1. 1. Catalign Quarterly June 2018 Highlights and reflections Vinay Dabholkar Catalign Innovation Consulting 1
  2. 2. Focus Areas 2 Design Thinking Systematic Innovation Mindfulness on the go
  3. 3. 3 Facilitation of a workshop for Education officers from Innovation Hubs across 15 states in India. Organized by National Council of Science Museums at HQ in Kolkata Design Thinking @ National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata
  4. 4. Co-innovation workshop 4 A department head articulating a key challenge after going through a journey mapping exercise. This was a co-innovation workshop where customer and their partner worked together to identify key challenges and imagine solutions.
  5. 5. Rapid prototyping, Bangalore for HEC Paris 5 Facilitation of a workshop on “Rapid prototyping” as part of a global leadership development program with participants from Europe, USA and India for HEC Paris.
  6. 6. Design Thinking workshop @ IIMB, June 1-2 In collaboration with Prof. Ganesh Prabhu 6
  7. 7. Mindfulness on the go, April 7-8 7
  8. 8. “Meet the author” event at Atos, Bangalore 8
  9. 9. Articles & Podcasts 9 • Why do we have more exit interviews than stay interviews? • Paying attention to the two roles we play: Listener and story-teller • Clarity is action: My favourite mindfulness principle • Podcast: Mindful parenting (8 min) • Electromagnetism: My favourite metaphor from Salman Rushdie’s “The golden house”
  10. 10. Thank You 10