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UWO - Union Negotiations Update


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UWO - Union Negotiations Update

  1. 1. Adam Fearnall, HUCSC president 2010/2011 Union Negotiations Update Huron University College Students’ Council
  2. 2. What is Going On? The UWO Faculty Association and UWO Staff Association are not on strike yet and are still negotiating. The first date that either union could officially strike is November 3rd An agreement may still be reached anytime before 12am on November 3rd
  3. 3. What Does This Mean for Huron? The HUCSC has been informed that Huron classes will not be affected should a strike occur. Huron students enrolled in main campus classes will not be able to attend these classes. Huron students may experience decreased bus services to campus in the event of a strike. The LTC has indicated that they will not cross picket lines and buses will not run to campus.
  4. 4. What Else Does it Mean? All UWO services including libraries and support services are developing contingency plans in case of a strike. Details will be shared with Huron students when they become available. Huron students with UWO courses required for graduation will be affected by a strike. The HUCSC will work with Huron administration to determine strategies to assist these students. If a strike occurs the University would explore many different options to minimize academic impact.
  5. 5. What Can the HUCSC Do? Liaise with the Huron Administration to develop solutions to assist Huron students who are impacted by a strike Monitor the UWO negotiations and provide information to Huron students Find answers to the questions of Huron students
  6. 6. Want More Info? UWO Communications UWOFA UWOSA Huron HUCSC USC
  7. 7. Want More Info? UWO Communications UWOFA UWOSA Huron HUCSC USC