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question 2


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question 2

  1. 1. Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups? Viet Pham Christ the King: Aquinas 13L4022
  2. 2.  During my research I found out how various music magazines used their demographics to entice their audience and it allowed me some ideas of how I should do it to my target audience. The music magazine ‘Q’ has various qualities that are similar to mine such as the colour scheme that they usually use which is white, red and black which seems to be an effective colour scheme as they attract large numbers of viewership every time they sell their newest issues.  The music magazine ‘Vibe’ in this case has a colour scheme of blue, pink and black. Kanye West is on the front cover . Since he’s in the magazine the magazine may attract fans who are in to the genre of ‘rap’. Research
  3. 3. Front Cover  The model in my front cover is a male who seems to come from have Asian heritage. This shows that the magazine is targeting places which are multi cultural as to attract different races within the targeted age group.  This is underlined by the fact that the model seems to be young and looks like one of the targeted audiences (16-18 years old) therefore making it even more easier for the target audience to relate to her.  Due to the fact that he is a male it could be said that the magazine would attract more female viewers than male. She is also wearing light make up, she uses a light pink lipstick to highlight that she possibly uses make up often.  This media product may represent the social group of teenagers to 18 year olds who have an interest in the indie genre because of the various indie musicians as well as the model who is also a indie based musician.
  4. 4.  She has a black top which represent colour the colour she likes and this colour is typically what many males like in this target audience.  This media product represents the social group of teenager -21 year olds because of the various models who are used as well as the news about the indie based musicians.  For my second image, it is again of another model looks to be around the same age group of my target audience 16- 18. He too is wearing a chequered shirt similar to the first model but in a darker tone.  His leather jacket seems to show some form of fashion in comparison to the first model who does not show as much. This leather jacket connotes some wealth as leather is expensive and so therefore may appeal to some of the target audience for inspirations in fashion. Contents page  The model is also wearing jeans but of a darker nature which goes with the outfit that he is wearing again which may appeal to those who are conscious of their self image.  Furthermore, he is wearing headphones to show that he may listen to music quite frequently, this again underlines the fact that it may appeal to those in the target audience about wearing accessories such as headphones in a particular way to make them look good.
  5. 5.  The model on this double page spread may appeal to readers in the sense that his sense of conviction of achieving to do well in the music industry is shown in they way he is posing as well as the smug look that he has which also may show the confidence he has of taking a huge challenge in trying to be successful in the music industry.  His headphones show may also be musically diverse in that he may listen to various other types of music as well. Although the picture does not clearly show this, the headphones are actually drebeats which are expensive headphones showing that he has an eye for quality in music.  He is also wearing a grey hoodie which may attract some of the target audience into getting inspired into having their own ideas. He is holding what seems to be a standard guitar which illustrates that he is a guitarist and may also be a singer in this case he is. Double page spread  His jeans represent that he is just like anybody in the age group and that he came from a ‘normal’ background and the image tries to inspire the target audience that if this ‘normal’ looking teenager can be a success then so can the target audience.  This represents the social group of teenagers because it gives a somewhat detailed account of a indie based musician and what he is going through.