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jyoti cnc report

  1. 1. <br />PORJECT REPORT ON<br />JYOTI CNC AUTOMATION PVT. LTD.<br />RAJKOT.<br />2971800-229870<br />GUIDED BY:MR. ASHISH SIR<br />BY THE DESTINY GROUP,<br />K.N.V. I.B.M. College,<br />METODA.<br />CERTIFICATE<br />This is certify that Mr. Vasant R. Parakhiya & Miss. Hetal K. Lunagaria, the students of the M.B.A. 1ST Sem have carried out their industrial visit and the project successfully with a view to get practical knowledge and prepared project under our guidance and it is their own contribution.<br />DATE:-………………………<br />PLACE:-……………………..<br />Sign of supervision, Sign of the director,<br />……………………………….. …………………………………<br />(Mr. Ashish Sir) (Mr. Joshi Sir) <br />K.N.V. I.B.M. COLLEGEE<br />PREFACE<br /> <br /> Practical training is also very important aspect in management course. There is so many times vast differences between theoretical knowledge and actual practical implication.<br /> Thus practical training helps individuals of know he actual uses and impaction of what he has gained from theoretical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge and classroom discussion is not enough for a management student now, for the knowledge of practical viewpoints, problems, opportunities and situation of industrial units practical studies is necessary.<br /> So as the students of 1st sem. M.B.A. We also a get a valuable opportunities to learn the practically of the theories, which learn. <br /> We have tried to collect all the necessary information and had tried to prepare this report with the best of our knowledge and ability.<br />ACKNOWLEDGMENT<br /> The visit industry is a part of our study as implied by Saurashtra University. <br /> We are heartily grateful to all the executives of JYOTI CNC AUTOMATION PVT. LTD. for developing their valuable time and providing us necessary information regarding company and its management.<br /> Our special thanks to Mr. VINCENT DABHI who have made a great effort for making the training program smooth and easy going.<br /> We must also convey our special thanks to the madam and the director for giving us this wider horizon of sphere of knowledge and finding time for reading and commenting a portion of the manuscript.<br />THANK YOU.<br />DICLARATION<br /> We the undersigned, PARAKHIYA VASANT & LUNAGARIA HETAL, the students of K.N.V.I.B.M. hereby declare that this report is our own work carried out under supervision and guidance of lecturer Sir:- Mr. ASHISH KANJARIYA.<br /> This report has not submitted to any university or institute for examination by any one.<br />DATE:-……………………….<br />PLACE:-……………………..<br />Sign of student,<br />………………………… ………………………… <br />(LUNAGARIA HETAL K.) (PARAKHIYA VASANT R.)<br /> <br /> <br />A<br />REPORT<br />ON<br />JYOTI CNC<br />AUTOMATION<br />PVT. LTD.<br /> <br /> <br />INDEX<br /><ul><li> Certificate
  2. 2. Preface
  3. 3. Acknowledgment
  4. 4. declaration </li></ul> Executive summary<br /> Introduction<br /> General information <br /> Marketing department<br /> Finance Department<br /> Economic environment<br /> Future plan<br /> Suggestion <br /> Conclusion<br />Bibliography <br />Executive summary<br />EXECUTIVE SUMMERY<br /> <br /> We have completed our live project on the JYOTI CNBC LTD. With the help of our faculty and the staff of JYOTI CNC LTD. As follow we have given brief information regarding our project.<br /> We have collected the information as per the under ,<br /><ul><li>Introduction:- In this we have given primary information regarding the firm.</li></ul> 2) General information:- In this we have given history of the firm from the establishment.<br /> 3) Marketing department:- In this we have given information regarding the all the required aspect to be success full in the marketing activities and policy of the JYOTI CNC.<br /> 4) Finance department: - In this we have included the intro about what is the finance? And what is the situation of JYOTI CNC in its working capital, fixed assets, and how they generate it.<br />5) Economic environment:- In this we have given information regarding the economic environment with its meaning and also classified that how the JYOTI CNC has maintain these.<br />6) future plan:- In this you can get the idea of the steps which will be taken by the JYOTI CNC.<br />7) Suggestion:- In this we have given our suggestion to the JYOTI CNC after getting all the above information. <br />8) Conclusion:- This is the summary of the JYOTI CNC <br />9) Bibliography:- In this we included all the information of the resources whichever has been taken to get the knowledge <br />INTRODUCTION<br />INTRODUCTION<br /> Jyoti is the brainchild of legendary Mr. P.G. Jadeja & Mr. S.L. Jadeja. Establish in 1989. Driven by the vision to build the company “A temple of technology “through teamwork, the company has grown manifold from manufacturing gear boxes for machines. Later on jyoti has rightly identified sift from conventional machines to highly sophisticated cnc machines in the presence of manufactures.<br /> Jyoti was the first company to manufacturing cnc machines in the Gujarat. It was not an end. There are many first attached with jyoti since then jyoti driven by technology and innovation keeps including new fire power in its arsenal by introducing machines like CNC turning center, Vertical Machining Centers, Oval turning center i- Sect and first Indian machines like vmc 40/70 Linear with innovative linear technology. <br />After the opening of the Indian economy, there were great challenges present for Indian companies but jyoti jyoti converted all challenges to the excellent opportunities. Jyoti has even decided to compete at the global level and taken concrete steps by exporting cnc machines. It has also established various distribution continents around the globe.<br /> Jyoti is passing through the trajectory of rapid growth by achieving over 100% growth rate since its inception. Export penetration and inclination has helped jyoti to establish the goodwill among the foreign buyers and distributors.<br /> Company’s expanding footprints ensures its global presence with exports operations in countries like Italy, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and rest of South America, Tanzania and some African countries, Middle East and other Asian countries like Malaysia .<br />GENERAL<br />INFORMATION<br />INDEX<br />Portfolio<br />Brief History & Development<br />Size of Unit<br />Organizational Structure<br />1.Portfolio<br />Name of the company: Jyoti cnc Automation Pvt. Ltd.<br />Company’s Address : G-506, G.I.D.C. Lodhika, vill. Metoda, <br /> Dis: Rajkot – 360021 (India).<br />Chairman : Shri P.G. Jadeja<br />Bankers : Corp. Bank & HDFC Bank<br />Auditor : Mr. Bhavesh sir<br />Telephone/Fax : +91-2827-287, 0281 287082<br /> +91-2827-287 480<br />E-mail :<br />Web-site :<br />Working hours : 8:00 hrs. And overtime total 11:30hrs.<br />No. of members : 540<br />Accounting year : 1st April to 31st March <br />Land area : 1) 36,000 sq. mt.<br /> 2) 3,00,000 sq. mt.<br />2.BRIEF HISTORY<br />& DEVELOPMENT<br /> JYOTI CNC Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by an industrial entrepreneurs group having a track record of achievement the character of group by its products and services, a priceless performance asset, achieved its success not by an accident, but by sheet hard work declaration and foresight, by the people who work with it.<br /> JYOTI CNC Pvt. Ltd. established as a small scale industry at the Gondal road in 1988. The chair man of the company named P.G. JADEJA started the business with his two brothers of rs. 30,000 by taking loan.<br /> <br />YEARMILESTONE1988Jyoti established1989Introduced trouble free gear boxes for small lathes1992Designed all geared lathes 1994Designed several special purpose machines which helped textile industry to bring substantial price reduction in component manufacturing 1996Designed twine spindle (chucker) type machine. The first in Rajkot 1997Designed and manufactured first cnc turning center in Gujarat 2000Achieved the international standard for quality management system an iso 9001-1994 certificate from TUVDesigned and manufacture first cnc turn mill center an participation in INTEC’ 2000 at Coimbatore2001Designed and manufacture “SECT” the first Indian machine for non circular turning applications.Designed and manufacture “VMC 40 LINEAR” the first Indian machine having linear motors introduced to get higher dynamics for faster production rates. 2002 Participated in ENGIMACH 02’ organized in Ahmedabad. honored with the best “ THE BEST INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY DISPLAY” award at showParticipated in “TAGMA” in Mumbai ( Participated in national manufacturing technological show (NMTS) at Bangalore.2003Participation at EMO-2003Achievement of iso 9001-2000 certification from TUV 2004Achieved CMT-PMT award for “the best innovative designed “IMTEX 2004 Mumbai 2005Honored with the CII “Best Entrepreneurship of the year” award for 2004-2005 2006BLACK PEARI award for display and demonstration of best innovative technology at ENGIMACH 20062007Take over “HURON” at France which is 140 years old.<br />3.SIZE OF UNIT<br /> On the basis of size, nature, capital investment and production capacity industries can be divided into three major groups,<br />Small scale industry<br /> Medium scale industry<br />Large scale industry<br /> <br /> Jyoti pvt. Ltd. can be placed under the large scale group as the capital invested in the machinery.<br />4.Organizational <br />Structure<br /> The superior-subordinate relationship is defined by organizational structure. Which are formal documents, which indicate the chain of command and the title have been assigned to the managers and the other personnel? These structures are somewhat like “ROAD MAPS” as they guide to official relationship. Organizational structure indicates the people’s location or the position in the hierarchy and their relationship within the formal organization. They aid in determining which of the basic type of organizational authority structure a particular enterprise has adopted.<br />MARKETING DEPARTMENT<br />INDEX<br />1. Introduction<br />2. Product planning<br />3. Production related strategy<br /> 4. Types of marketing<br /> 5. Pricing policy<br /> 6. Marketing research<br /> 7. Enterprise resource planning<br /> 8. Company’s service network<br />1. INTRODUCTION<br /> <br /> Marketing is typically has been seen as a task of creating, promoting and delivering goods and servicing to the customer and business. Marketing is in ten types of entities: goods, services, experience, events, persons, places, properties, organization, information & ideas.<br /> According to social definition “marketing is the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want to creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others”.<br /> According to American association “ marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distributions of ideas, goods, services to create , exchange that satisfy individuals and organizational goal.”<br />2.PRODUCT PLANNING<br /> Each product level must develop a marketing plan for achieving its goals. The marketing plans are the most important outputs of the marketing process.<br /> The content of the product planning of jyoti cnc pvt. Ltd. is as follows.<br />Executive Summary:<br />It presents a brief overview of the personal plan.<br />Current Marketing Situation:<br />It presents relevant data on sales, coast, profits, market and distribution etc.<br />Opportunities:<br />It identifies the main opportunities, threats, strength and weakness.<br />Objectives: <br />Defiance the plan’s financial and marketing goal in terms of sales profit etc.<br />3.PRODUCTION RELATED STRATEGY<br /> Generally there are three types of production related strategy:<br /> Brand <br /> After Sales Service<br /> Strategy<br />1 Brand:<br /> <br />Branding is a major issue in the production related strategy. Developing a branded product requires a great deal of long term investments, especially for advertising, promotion, packing etc<br /> The American marketing association defines a brand as follows.<br /> “A brand name, term, sign, symbol or design of a combination of them intended to identify the goals or services of one group of sellers and differentiates them from those of competitors”.<br /> <br />A brand identifies the seller of the market. It can be named, trade mark, logo or other symbol.<br /> The brand name of jyoti cnc & the symbol of the co. are as follows.<br />After sales service: <br /> <br />A service is any act or performance that one partly can offer to another that may be intangible and doesn’t result into the ownership of any thing its product may not be tied to a physical product. <br /> <br />Jyoti cnc pvt. Ltd. provides the following services after the sales of the product.<br />They provide transportation facility to buyers with the lowest cost<br />They provide the facility of warranty and guarantee on the sales product <br />They provide the facility of repairing sales product during the guarantee period.<br />Strategy:<br /> <br />Strategy is the determination of the basic term objection of an enterprise and the adoption of action and allocation of resources to achieve these goals. Strategy is a broad long term plan for bringing the organization from the present position to the desired position.<br /> A strategy is a type of which is prepared to meet the challenges posed bye the activities competitors and the other environmental forces.<br /> For the strategic planning in the jyoti cnc pvt. Ltd<br />Manger has to keep knowledge of their competitors plan and then he prepared the plans in the light to achieve plan.<br />Their quantity and the quality of the product.<br />4.TYPES OF THE MARKETING<br /> <br />Jyoti cnc pvt. Ltd.’s market is divided into the four segments.<br />Local market <br /> National market<br /> International market<br /> New development<br />Further, its marketing system has been divided into types as follows.<br />Through advertisement:<br /> An identified sponsor can define advertisement as the presentation of goods and services in the market. It is called as a paid communication because the advertiser has to pay for the space of time, which his advertisement appears.<br /> Jyoti CNC pvt. Ltd. advertises appears through its credit in the market and for exporting they advertise through internet.<br /> <br />5.PRICING POLICIES<br />Price is the powerful marketing instrument. As a marketing weapon, pricing is the big gun. Pricing a product is one of the most important and critical areas in the marketing management. A price policy is the standing answer of the firm to recurring problem of pricing.<br />This company is following penetration pricing polity i.e. the company has adopted a low price. The company has adopted penetration pricing because of the following reasons;<br />A: There is a cutthroat competition in the forging industry. So in order to capture and hold a share of market position the company has adopted penetration pricing.<br />.<br />6. MARKETING REASERCH<br />Marketing research is the systematic gathering recording and annualizing of data about problems connected with market place i.e. problems relating to product, price , promotion and distribution marketing research is concerned with all those factors, which have a direct impact upon the marketing of products and service it is study of any part of total marketing process.<br />According to “Marketing Research is the gathering, recording and analysis of all facts about various problems relating to the transfer and sales goods and service from producer to consumer.<br />In jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd. Marketing record through market terms via customers dealers. They also do survey through and trade magazines.<br />7.RESOURCE PLANNING<br />Jyoti is the First amond the Indian Machine Tool manufactures in adopting SAP R/3 Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), which is a useful tool to make decisions that drive the organization’s over all performance.<br />The benefits of SAP solutions are not related only to the management of the Transactional activities of Finance, Inventory and Material Resource but it extends its scope towards the Effective Management and integration of all the functional areas of the organization.<br />SAP R/3 ERP helps Jyoti to accelerate the manufacturing process and at the same time optimizing the inventory. Quality management module ensures all the manufacturing processes undergo stringent pre defined set of quality checks at each of the manufacturing stages.<br />It also enables enhancement in the productivity as well as efficiency through proper allocation of human resources in effective manner. Resource management module enables Jyoti to utilize all the resources with maximum output and helps us to minimize MTBF (Mean time between failures).<br />It helps integrating customer order information right from closing the sale order to the delivery of the product at customer premises and invoicing the customer. It also bridges the gap between remotely located sales/service centers with HO for better functionality.<br />Not only this, it is convenient and easy to use SAP system at all level of organization and it is proving a reliable Decision Support System to our employees and Management.<br />Finance <br />Department<br />INDEX<br />Introduction<br />Capitalization<br />Working Capital Management<br />Working Capital Cycle<br />Company’s Financial Details<br />1.INTRODUCTION<br />Financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of the planning and controlling of the firm’s financial resources. As a separate activity or discipline, it is of recent origin. The subject to financial management is of immense interest to both academicians and practicing managers. Finance management means in simple work getting the finance means first planning g of finance then find resources of finance then utilization of the same fund<br />2.CAPITALIZATION<br />Capitalization refers only to the per value of the long tern securities i.e. share & debentures issued by the company plus reserves and surplus not meant for distributing among the shareholders and meant to be used to meet the long tern and permanent needs of the concern<br />Capitalization is of three types:-<br /> Over Capitalization<br /> Under Capitalization<br /> Fair Capitalization<br />Definition:<br />“A corporation, is over capitalized when its earnings are not large enough to field a fair return in the amount of stocks and bonds that have been issued.”<br />“A corporation under capitalized when the rate of profits, it is making on the total capital is exceptionally high in relation to the return enjoyed by similarly situated companies in the same industry.”<br />“A corporation is fair capitalized when the book value is equal to its real value. IT is desirable to have a fairly capitalized situation i.e. neither over capitalization nor under capitalization.”<br />The performance of “Jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd.” is on very large profit margins.<br />3.WORKNG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT<br />“Working capital is regarded as lifeblood of business. It is defined as “The excess f current assets over current liabilities.” Working capital may be gross or net, permanent to temporary working capital. Jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd deals with the various forging products. Hence to smooth up the operating cycle cautiously raw material are required. Looking to the nature of production process also, working capital management assumes critical important. For up amount of working capital executive takes into account volume sales, receivables, turnover time period, liquidity, current assets position and production cycle. Technological changes and risk factor, cash reserves are also considered.<br />4.COMPANY’S FINANCIAL DETAILS<br />A). Company Present Business 500 million Rs.<br />B). Sales Turn over in 2004-2005 is 55 corer.<br />C). Sales turn over in 2005-2006 is 75 crore.<br />D). Sales turn over in 2006-2007 is 80 crore.<br />E). Target Sales: More than 120 crore.<br />Economic<br />Environment<br />INDEX<br />EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT<br />Macro factors <br />1) Social factor <br />2) global factor <br />3) Technological factor <br />Micro factors <br />1) Customer<br /> 2) Suppliers<br /> 3) Competitors<br />INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT<br />Responsibilities for employees<br />Mission and objective<br />Working environment<br /> <br />INTRODUCTION<br /> In any type of organization, the growth of that organization is always related with the economic environment. In short if the organization wants to develop its strengths it is requires that it should run as per the economic environment.<br /> In this economic environment there are so many factors are affecting to the organization it may be internal or external. <br />EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT<br /> There are two types of external environment, which are as follow,<br />Micro factor<br />Macro factor<br />Micro factor:-<br /> This types of factor are affecting only the one type of organization, it is related with the one organization.<br /> Ex. <br /> 1) Customer<br />Suppliers <br />Competitors<br /> <br />Macro factors:-<br /> This type of factors are affecting to all the organization which are existing in the market, it is called macro environment.<br /> Ex. <br />social factor<br />global factor<br />technological factor<br /> What is the role play of JYOTI. CNC. PVT. With the above given factors.?<br />Customer:- <br /> Customer is the basic needs of the organization. And jyoti knows it very well, for getting practical knowledge we have visited some of the customer of jyoti cnc. Pvt. Ltd. <br /> <br />Model name.Time periodView about serviceSTC2002 years Best640> 2 yearsBestSWIFTER3 yearsBestVMC 430< 4 monthsIn warranty<br /> <br /> Now we can easily understand that how the services are provided to the customer.<br />Suppliers :-<br /> <br /> The suppliers are providing raw material to the organization. But in the case of the jyoti cnc. Pvt. Ltd. This organization makes their most of the raw material in their own department.<br /> <br />Competitors:-<br /> <br /> The competitors are affecting to the every activities of the organization. But jyoti is not believe in competition, it just concern its goal.<br />Global factor:-<br /> <br />Now a days the every firm wants to be at global level this is the time of globalization <br />and if the firm can’t do this it is very difficult to be at the apex.<br /> <br />As per the jyoti its makes its network in many country and also overtaking the y<br /> THE GLOBAL NETWORK CHART<br />International   For Export Enquires 25, Payal Park, Opp. Sundarvan, Satellite Road,Ahmedabad - 380 015. Gujarat, India.Telefax : 079-26760747Cell : +91 98250 11450E-mail :     FRASMASCHINEN GmbH, Siemensstrasse 56 – 70839 Gerlingen – Germany,Tel : +49 (0)71 56 92220 12,Telefax : +49 (0)71 56 92220 50.HURON FRANCE IS REPRESENTING JYOTI CNC IN : FRANCE, GREAT BRITAIN., PORTUGAL, TURKEY, NETHERLAND, HUNGARY, POLAND, AUSTRIA, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND.HURON GRAFFENSTADEN S.A.S.156, route de Lyon – BP 3003067401 Strasbourg-IIIkirch Cedex-France Tel : +33 (0) 3 88 67 52 32.Telefax : +33 (0) 3 88 67 69 00.E-mail : commercial@huron.frCANADAHURON CANADA Inc.6000 Boulevard Henri Bourassa Ouest,Montreal – Quebec H4R 3A6 – Canada.Tel : +1 514 44 84 873Telefax : +1 514 44 84 875E-mail : bechevard@huron.frWebsite : www.huron.frTECHNOMACH IS REPRESENTING JYOTI CNC IN: ITALY, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA :TECHNOMACH S.R.L.Via Giuseppe Righi 12, Loc. Moletolo 43100 Parma, Italy.Tel : 0521 771071 Telefax : 0521 771291E-mail : info@overmach.itwebsite : www.technomach.comARGENTINA (MERCOSUR) :INDUSTRIAL FUSION S.A.,Beron De Astrada 5668,La Tablada CP 1766, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaTel : +5411 4652 0806E-mail : fusion5668@hotmail.comU.S.A. : PRODUCTION SPECIALTIES GROUP INC.,N117 W19237 Fulton Drive,PO. Box 857,Germantown, WI 53022Tel : (262) 253-1003Telefax : (262) 253-9007.E-mail : mike@1psg.comWebsite : IRANSanaye Machine Abzar Sazi Co., No. 33, Beigikhajeh ST, Golestan ST, Iran Zamin ST, Shahrak Gharb-1465863839 Tehran-Iran. Mobile : +98 9131059093Tele & Fax: +98 21 88099246E-mail :  ›   Domestic›   International     -› Germany     -› France     -› Great Britain     -› Portugal     -› Turkey     -› Netherland     -› Hungary     -› Poland     -› Austria     -› Spain     -› Switzerland     -› Canada     -› Italy     -› Czech Republic     -› Slovakia     -› Argentina (Mercosur)     -› U.S.A     -› Iran   <br />Service Network  » Click on State Name for more detailService Network : StateLocationNameContact No. GUJARATAhmedabadOffice079-26760747  Mr. Ankur Purohit09376270770 Mr. Pankaj Panchal09327557762 Mr. Kalpesh Suthar09374128730 Mr. Chirag Panchal09374071023 Mr. Kalpesh Patel09328281001 Mr. Mahesh Parekh09327519098 Mr. Mukesh SuratOffice  Mr. Pragnesh Patel09377482710MetodaOffice02827-28721 Mr. Himanshu Zala09374075600 Mr. Manish Patel09374128719 Mr. Shailesh Dodiya09327545589 Mr. Digvijay Zala 09327438912RajkotMr. Parag Nirmal09328208867 Mr. Bharat Kishor09374023168 Mr. Dharmesh Kapadia09327573104  Mr. Mukesh09327929469 Mr. Jignesh Chaniyara 09374128721 Mr. Yuvraj Chudasama 09327655090BarodaMr. Kalpesh Suthar09374128730NCRFaridabadOffice0129-5001625  Mr. Parves Viromani 09818682650  Mr. R. K. Shrivastava09818682642  Mr.Navin Kaushal09212193158KARNATAKABangaloreOffice080-23721599  Mr. Gopinath Koter09342055449  Mr. Krishnamurthy09343409377  Mr. Maruti09341604000MAHARASHTRAMumbai & NasikOffice022-28541605  Mr. Sachin Pawar09324966707 Mr. Shyam Kota09323445151 Mr. Jaykumar09372188772 Mr. Prakash09323849148 Mr. Gangadhar Bennur09372999982AurangabadMr. Mandar09372484463PuneOffice020-25392333 Mr. Asutosh Gadgil09370707123 Mr. Anant Kulkarni09326666390 Mr. Pramod09376638524 Mr. Shankar09372971279 Mr. Somnath Jadhav09326030073KolhapurMr. Santosh Bhosle09371217172PUNJABLudhianaOffice0161-5024146  Mr. Mandeep Kalra09814048746 Mr. Vivek Malhotra 09216948746 Mr. Majorsing09855148746 Mr. Harprit singh09855782248TAMILNADUChennaiOffice044-24896028  Mr. Padmanabhan09380963444  Mr. Mohanarangam09345771991  Mr. AnandKumar09380407145 Coimbatore Mr. T. Anish09367733303  Mr. Nityanandan9345181911WEST BENGAL KolkataDhiraj Bhol 09339767693  Mr.Ayan Chhatterji0939767693ANDHRA PRADESHHyderabadMr. Govarthanan09346509377RAJASHTANJaipurMr. Dharmendra09351297779MADHYA PRADESHIndoreMr. Ankit Kumar09300258008  ›   Service Network      -› Ahmedabad     -› Rajkot     -› Surat     -› Metoda     -› Baroda     -› Faridabad     -› Bangalore     -› Mumbai & Nasik     -› Pune     -› Aurangabad     -› Kolhapur     -› Ludhiana     -› Chennai     -› Coimbatore     -› Kolkata     -› Jaipur     -› Hyderabad     -› Indore›   Report a Problem›   Trouble Shooting Guide   <br />Technological factor:-<br /> We have to change our self as per the demand if firm wants development. As per the new generation, technology, the firm have to adopt all the new technology. <br /> As far as jyoti cnc. Consider it has adopt technology which can be said advanced technology.<br /> Like our social status of republic country we are by the people, for the people & with the people. At jyoti we maintain the same culture. As social status we also believe that we are here, by the society, for the society & with the society and understanding our responsibility towards that we framed and started our technology centres.First of its kind we have established at Chennai, now in Rajkot and the third one we have opted for Pune. For Pune we have procured land and plans are submitted for approval.We are providing these tech centre facilities to universities, colleges, polytechnics, ITI’s and other institutes. We have framed the training schedules for them.Tech centres are facilitated with various training programes like programming, impatrting the same on machines, preventive maintenance etc. The same is also rendered to the operators of customers.We have equipped these tech centres with simulators and advanced machines for practical purpose.<br />INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT <br />Responsibilities for employees:-<br /> Employee is the most affecting factor to the organization. Without it none industry can make development. <br /> <br />And jyoti cnc pvt. Ltd. Knows this responsibilities and perform very well. As follow,<br />They providing canteen facility<br />They provides the transportation facility<br />They providing insurance facility<br />Every festival are celebrated first to the jyoti<br />They organize some cultural activities.<br /> <br />Working environment:-<br /> If the working environment is good and proper out put can be more efficient and effective.<br /> And jyoti provides following types of environment,<br />there is a sports ground<br />there is the use of modern technology<br />there is the good garden to be relax<br /> <br />Vision of the jyoti group:-<br /> If the organization has no vision or goal to achieve it can be very dangerous to the growth of the organization.<br /> The vision of the jyoti is as under,<br />PROPELLING TECHNOLOGY,<br />PROSPERING LIFE<br />FUTURE PLAN<br />FUTURE PLAN<br />Company Goals for 2007-08<br />Increase the production by 100%<br />Deliver the machine as per the commitments.<br />Minimize the down town of machine at customer end by less than 48 hours.<br />Minimize the sheet metal related problems from the standard products. (Zero defect machine from the front of sheet metal related issues)<br />Launch of concept machine during Imtex’07.<br />Strengthening supply chain with minimum break up instances.<br />Improvement in workmanship<br />SUGGESTION<br />SUGGESTION<br />The production capacity should be utilized 100%<br />They should try to reduce their interest paid amount<br />They should try to get more export orders so that their profits increase and it’s good at national level.<br />CONCLUSION<br />CONCLUSION<br />We are very much thankful to Jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd. for providing us useful data to prepare our project report it has also given us good training about all departments and their strategies it was a wonderful experience visiting the firm all the members of Jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd . Are very co-operative. We would also like to thank the production manager who helped us to understand the production process. We thank all the board of director members and all the employees of the firm and also the workers in factory. We got a golden chance to visit and study all the detail of the firm.<br />BIBLIOGRAPHY<br />BIBLIOGRAPHY<br />In preparation of this report, I have just following books which are useful in collecting the data about project work.<br />-Marketing Management – By Philip Kotler<br />-Personnel Management – By C.B.Mamoria<br />-Financial Management – By M.Y. Khan & <br /> P.K.Jain<br /><br /><br />