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Avaya Sipera SBC Solutions by VOXNS


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Avaya’s Sipera solutions provide enterprises and service providers with comprehensive VoIP/UC security solutions that protect, control and enable real-time unified communications. The Sipera IPCS products combine VPN, Firewall/SBC, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Spam, Compliance and Troubleshooting functionality for VoIP systems in a single device. This securely enables IP PBXs, VoIP remote users, SIP trunks, data/voice VLANs, hosted VoIP services and IMS or UMA-based networks. Comprised of top vulnerability research experts, the Sipera VIPER Lab concentrates its efforts towards identifying VoIP vulnerabilities, while Sipera LAVA tools verify networks' readiness to resist attacks.

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Avaya Sipera SBC Solutions by VOXNS

  1. 1. Avaya Acquires Sipera:Business Collaboration Beyond BoundariesVOX Network
  2. 2. Avaya collaboration solutions bring together the right people with the right information to deliver business results in real time …the right people Events happen. working together fromBusiness intelligence different locations,combined with unified applications and communications & devices…using the collaboration result right information to get in… work done! VOX Network Solutions – 2
  3. 3. Strategic Value to Unified Communications and Collaboration PSTN PSTN • SBC required as best practice; all SIP traffic processed through SBC • Security: Enterprise Remote/Mobile Partner or Peer Workers G/W G/W – Topology hiding Internet Internet Carrier 1 Carrier 2 – SIP DoS/DDoS, DPI – Session validation Soft Switch Soft Switch Soft Switch • Signaling and Media: – SIP normalization – QoS, SLA monitoring Enterprise – Media anchoring SBC and replication Enterprise WAN SM From SBC appliance to SIP Secure Router with Integrated Media Call Center Capabilities Application Servers Aura ES/FS • Today: SIP trunks to Carrier The future opportunity to manage UC Media • Now/Coming Soon: at the edge for customer Quality of • Multiple Carriers (differentiated ‘QoS’) Experience, reduced WAN network impact, • Remote Worker (internet) etc.Network path for evolution VOX is a Solutions – • Peering (may be internet) 3 3
  4. 4. The Sipera Portfolio Software product with flexible, fit for purpose, SME/Enterprise architecture  E-SBC - Basic SBC for SIP trunk implementation  UC-Sec – Advanced capabilities for trunk and line side implementation  Supports small to midsize single and distributed deployments today Avaya to expand target market and integrate onto Avaya reference platforms  Software extensible both up to large enterprise and down to very small enterprise  Virtualize to combine applications/platformsVOX Network Solutions – 4
  5. 5. Avaya SBC Solutions 16K +  Avaya/Sipera allows us to Service Provider address basic enterprise SBC market with enterprise Acme Packet price point and managementScalability (sessions) Carrier SBC functionality Service Provider Scalability  Enables new advanced Service Provider price point enterprise SBC market with enterprise price point  Avaya can resell Acme 5K Packet to address large enterprise scalability Roadmap  Avaya/Sipera roadmap to continue to enhance Enterprise functionality and scalability Avaya/Sipera Basic & Advanced Functionality Enterprise level scalability Roadmap Roadmap Enterprise price point Basic SBC Advanced Enterprise Edge Functionality VOX Network Solutions – 5
  6. 6. Key Sipera Solution Highlights Basic SBC: Advanced SBC:  Broadly scalable based on platform  Advanced UC Security:  High availability solutions with stateful failover – Toll Fraud – Call Walking  EMS: well-constructed ‘craft’ interfaces for simplicity of implementation and administration – Stealth Attack Protection  Extensible: Software product portable to different Avaya  Media encryption (RFC 5853) platforms and allows for integration with Avaya Aura® applications  Media replication  Deep Packet Inspection (SIP and Media)  Remote Worker: validate and securely support remote/mobile users for extension of Avaya Aura UC  DoS/DDoS (flood, resource hang/open services. transaction, crash/fuzz) – Includes both near and far end NAT  SIP Firewalling E-SBC Advanced Security  ACL/White/Black listing RFC 5853 SBC Functions UC Security SIP Trunks Only SIP Trunks and Lines Solutions  SIP Normalization Media Traffic Management Signaling / Media Encryption Advanced Toll- Fraud  Call Admission Control Topology Hiding Policy Control  Quality of Service marking and tracking Fixing Capability Mismatches Media Forking Compliance  DTMF manipulation Maintaining SIP-NAT bindings Authentication Business Cont.  NAT Access Control Signature based IPS Federation Protocol Repair Anomaly Detection Day 1 - Up to 2,000 Inter-working UC Security Research (Viper) simultaneous sessions per Server VOX Network Solutions – 6
  7. 7. The Sipera Portfolio Differentiators Superior ease of use  Intuitive GUI-based Element Management System for implementation and maintainability  GUI-based SIP normalization tool Highly scalable and available  Modular/portable software: Stackable solution today, Avaya reference platforms tomorrow  Supports high availability for active signaling and media sessions Enterprise SIP-architecture-specific advanced capabilities  Remote worker/CC Agent: VPN-less secure access for off-net workers  Advanced security: Protects against toll fraud, call walking, stealth attacks  Media replication for recording, lawful intercept, etc. Open standards, multi-vendor support  Supporting Avaya Aura® as well as Microsoft and CiscoVOX Network Solutions – 7
  8. 8. Avaya Sipera Summary Avaya now owns a technology key to enabling business collaboration today and in the future – a logical extension of our architecture and vision SME/Enterprise-focused technology will deliver industry leading price/performance, features for basic and advanced needs as well as a scalable architecture Expert resources from Sipera will complement Avaya’s existing SBC skills enabling us to innovate, sell and support this strategic technologyVOX Network Solutions – 8
  9. 9. “Recognized as Best Place To Work Four Consecutive Years” 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 -San Francisco Business Times Customer Satisfaction =  VOX Network Solutions named to prestigious INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies  VOX wows clients with fast, attentive service  VOX workers keep productive by staying at home  VOX Entrepreneur Profile  Contact us at: www.voxns.comVOX Network Solutions – 9