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Avaya Cloud Service Provider NuStratus


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NuStratus CaaS Enterprise Edition OnAvaya

NuStratus Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions leverage a new era of powerful cloud platforms that radically simplifies team and customer engagement.

NuStratus CaaS Enterprise Edition OnAvaya solutions are targeted to mid-to-large enterprises ranging from 100 to 10,000+ seats. The solution combines UCaaS and CCaaS into a single consistent reference architecture. It is a SIP or H.323-based system in a single tenant environment. The solution includes Avaya Aura® Session Manager at the core of the network and Communication Manager Evolution Server with Call Center Elite providing the contact distribution engine and feature-rich call center functionality. The CaaS solution is fundamentally the same as the Aura and CC Elite enterprise solution, but re-purposed for the hosted environment by using the administration capabilities from Avaya Control Manager (ACM) to serve end customers. Furthermore, it uses a different delivery model to the market by breaking a full Capex model from the traditional enterprise solution into Capex and Opex components. The Opex component brings the utility-based billing and value proposition that is one of our key differentiators of the CaaS solution.

Our Enterprise Edition OnAvaya solutions leverages an Avaya Aura Reference Architecture for a single tenant model allowing each enterprise customer to have a dedicated instance of the Avaya Aura stack for increased scaling, security or custom integrations. In addition, a hybrid configuration is offered where an existing premises based customer’s UC and CC solutions can be integrated with our NuStratus offers. This is useful in support of a staged migration from premises to cloud or shifting branch offices to the cloud.

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Avaya Cloud Service Provider NuStratus

  1. 1. Cloud Service Provider
  2. 2. Cloud Service Provider
  3. 3. CaaS Enterprise Editions Cloud Service Provider by
  4. 4. Cloud > Hybrid vs. Public/Private Network World 2014 Source: Rackspace & Avaya
  5. 5. Cloud > Opex Delivery Models On Premise Dedicated, Hosted Shared HW, Dedicated VM Multi-Tenant SW Managed Services Private Cloud Private Virtual Cloud Public Cloud • Dedicated Customer • Customer Hardware • Dedicated Customer • Dedicated Hardware • Dedicated Virtualization • Private Instance Customers • Shared Hardware • Dedicated Virtualization • Multiple Customers • Shared Hardware • Shared Virtualization DeliveryModel Customer Setup Hybrid
  6. 6. Cloud > Infrastructure
  7. 7. Cloud > Multi-Tenant vs. Multi-Instance Operating systems Communications Apps Management App Virtualisation Software Management App Cust 1 Cust 2 Cust 3 Cust 4 Cust 5 Cust 6 OS Com ms App Cust 1 OS Com ms App Cust 2 OS Com ms App Cust 3 OS Com ms App Cust 4 OS Com ms App Cust 5 OS Com ms App Cust 6 Multi-Tenant Multi-instance Avaya Control Manager – Cloud Edition
  8. 8. Cloud > Complete Enterprise Suite SIP, H.323, Analog, Softclients G4X0 Firewall F Customer Unified Communications - vApp Avaya Aura Core CM HA A A A SM x2 SMGR SBC ASBCE A Aura Messaging MAS A A MSS SAL SAL Gateway A Utility A ACM ACM A A Conferencing AAC A Licensing WebLM A Presence PS A CTI AES VOX SUPERNAP Data Center – Private, Hybrid, Virtual VDC Networks: Media-signaling Network DMZ Network Management Network PSTN Provider MPLS Direct Connect aPublic Internet Reporting CMS A Edge Gateway - Call Center Complement Secure Remote Worker ELITE Avaya Reference Architecture Multimedia EMC A
  9. 9. VoIP-Ready WAN Tier 4 Data Center Centralized Management Private instances of Avaya Aura Applications - each dedicated to a customer instance (example: Separate instance of CM and other UC apps for Customer A, separate instance for Customer B and Customer C.) Customer C UC Endpoints Gateway Analog Endpoints UC Endpoints Gateway Analog Endpoints Customer B Customer A OS CM OS SM OS etc OS CM OS SM OS etc OS CM OS SM OS etc VMware vSphere™ A B C Customer C SRW Non-Virtualized Applications Cloud > Multi-Instance Architecture UC Endpoints Gateway Analog Endpoints Customer Provided: • QoS WAN / MPLS • PSTN Carrier Services Customer Options: • Edge Hardware • SIP Trunking Services • Geo-Diverse Data Centers
  10. 10. Cloud > Customer Administration These all work “as designed” but will seem a complex to use by the occasional “non-expert” user Simplified with Avaya Control Manager • Centralized operational administration for Avaya UC/CC as a service offering. • Hierarchical & granular role- based access. Ability to create, provision and administer services for tenants and end users. • Usage monitoring, reporting and billing. • OSS / BSS integration. API & SDK for custom development. LDAP, active directory, 3rd party integration.
  11. 11. Cloud > Calculating Monthly Usage At the Customer level: ACM tracks the highest number of concurrent provisioned/registered user/agents. • UCaaS Team Engagement tracks High Level Mark of provisioned users. • CCaaS Customer Engagement tracks High Level Mark of registered agents. • Monthly Billing is calculated by adding the daily billing (𝐵𝑛) over the 30/31 days period. • Monthly Billing = 1 𝑚 (𝐵 𝑛) • …where ‘m’ is either 30 or 31 depending on the month, and 𝐵𝑛 is the daily Billing indicated for day ‘n’. • Daily Billing ( 𝐵𝑛) is calculated factoring the daily HLM of all tenants. • 𝐵 𝑛= (HLMT1 + HLMT2 + … + HLMT𝑥) x Daily Rate • …where HLMT1 represents the HLM for Tenant 1, where HLMT2 represents the HLM for Tenant 2, where HLMTx represents the HLM for Tenant X.
  12. 12. POWERFUL • Avaya Aura Platform • Secure Private Cloud • Data Center Reliability • Up-to-Date Versioning FLEXIBLE • Dynamic Elasticity • Tiered Functionality • Hybrid Integration • Migration Credit + + by SIMPLE • Utility Pricing • Predictable Cost • Centralized Architecture • Easy Management Cloud Service Provider
  13. 13. (844) CLOUD TEAM