Voxeo Summit Day 1 - Lessons learned from large scale deployments


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Danté Vitulano, Sr. Solutions Architect
Jeremy Richmond, Customer Obsession Readiness Lead

The Voxeo University team discusses best practices and lessons learned from large-scale deployments: sample architectures, multi-site data centers, multi-tenancy, SIP Proxies, SBCs, and more.

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  • Voxeo Summit Day 1 - Lessons learned from large scale deployments

    2. 2. • Large Scale Architecture overview • Prophecy Commander- backup / restore / failover • Prophecy Log Search Architecture • Prophecy Component Division of Labor • Licensing Gotchas • Upgrading Large Scale Deployments • Token / Call Routers Agenda
    3. 3. 4 Architecture
    4. 4. 5 Prophecy Commander
    5. 5. $Install_Dir/voxeo/prophecy/config/console.propertie s # Automated backup restore prophecy.console.backuprestore.interval=30000 prophecy.console.backuprestore.nrOfBackups=1 prophecy.console.backuprestore.backupFileName= prophecy.console.backuprestore.restoreFileName= prophecy.console.backuprestore.deleteFileAfterRestore=tru e 6 How to Configure Backups Backups
    6. 6. Backups Automated restore: • prophecy.console.backuprestore.restoreFileName= • prophecy.console.backuprestore.deleteFileAfterRestore =true Manual Restore: • Take the Backup XML file and restore via commander interface. How to restore from backup 7
    7. 7. 8 Voxeo Prophecy Log Search
    8. 8. Components • Log search • Log indexer • Light Forwarder Sizing Concerns • Approximately 225kb per call • Compression in Log Search approximately 40% Change values in • $Install_Dir/voxeo/prophecy/splunk/etc/apps/prophecy- premise/default/indexes.conf • $Install_Dir/voxeo/prophecy/splunk/etc/system/default/indexe s.conf 9 Prophecy Log Search
    9. 9. 10 Prophecy Components
    10. 10. • Prophecy Commander • Prophecy Log Engine • Prophecy Log Search • Prophecy Log Indexer • VoiceXML • CCXML • ASR / TTS 11 Prophecy Components
    11. 11. 12 Licensing
    12. 12. Key Points on Licensing • Prophecy Browsers are licensed individually • Prophecy log search indexers are licensed as a cluster, not individually • Prophecy Licensing is tied to, among other things, hardware on the machine • Windows updates have been known to break the license 13 Licensing
    13. 13. 14 Upgrades
    14. 14. • Software upgrades are included in the annual Maintenance you pay on the Prophecy Ports • Upgrades are recommended with each major release, which generally happens once a year • Upgrading too often is not recommended unless there is a bug fix you are waiting on 15 Prophecy Upgrades
    15. 15. • Upgrades should be performed first in a development environment, and tested as you would with any software • While upgrades can be performed with little to no downtime, a scheduled Maintenance window is recommended • When Upgrading major releases, we recommend that you remove all boxes from the community, upgrade the controller/s and re-add boxes as they are upgraded • Licensing for various components can be affected, which is why it is recommended to first test the upgrade in a development environment 16 Prophecy Upgrades
    16. 16. 17 Token / Call Routers
    17. 17. Prophecy CXP • Detailed Architecture • Virtual CXP Commander(VCC) • Sizing Agenda – Part 2! Formerly VoiceObjects
    18. 18. Voxeo CXP Products • CXP Application Server(s) • Metadata Server(s) • Consumer(s) • Virtual CXP Commander(s) 3rd Party Products • Broker Server(s) • RDBMS Server(s) Possibly 4 different DBs • Metadata • Infostore (System) • Reporting (HotSpot Analytics) • Custom BI Tool 19 Detailed Architecture
    19. 19. All data written by CXP Server to System DB logging and Custom DB logging goes through a message queue using the point-to-point Java Message Service API. The queue is persisted on disk to ensure that no data is lost if the database temporarily becomes unavailable. For the explicit message Brokers in between Producer and Consumers, we recommend using the FuseSource ActiveMQ distribution, version 5.5.1 or higher. 20 Brokers – ActiveMQ
    20. 20. 21 Broker Diagram
    21. 21. 22 Virtual CXP Commander To monitor and manage multiple Voxeo CXP clusters as an integrated unit, the Virtual CXP Commander stands in place of a regular CXP Server. So using the Virtual CXP Commander consists of two steps: 1. Setting up the Virtual CXP Commander process. 2. Configuring a CXP Commander connection pointing to it.
    22. 22. Voxeo CXP Application Server(s): • Generally have 2-4 instances running per server with a JVM heap size of 1-2 GB. • Instances can each handle roughly 500 sessions. VCC, Metadata, Brokers and Consumers are not as CPU intensive, so they can be combined, but care should be taken. 23 Sizing
    23. 23. Your database(s) must be able to handle a large amount of records inserted per second. • Number of inserts depends on Input States, Module Objects, Business Tasks, etc. The amount of data to be stored and for how also long needs to be considered. • For specific information:http://help.voxeo.com/go/help/vo.cxp13.info storeguide.overview.sizing If you have any questions about sizing, please call us. We are here to help! 24 Sizing
    24. 24. JEREMY RICHMOND CUSTOMER OBSESSION READINESS LEAD +1 (407) 455.5870 jrichmond@voxeo.com THANK YOU! 25 DANTE VITULANO SR. SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT +1 (407) 455.5844 dvitulano@voxeo.com