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Smart Dispatch - Contextual Click2Call at @TADHack

This is the application that helped me win a prize at TADHack London 2015.

The idea was to create an intelligent and embeddable click to call for a website that would redirect someone's call to the right sales agent.

More info here:

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Smart Dispatch - Contextual Click2Call at @TADHack

  1. 1. SmartDispatch Contextual call dispatcher for agents on the move.
  2. 2. What? An embeddable click to call for your website A platform that let’s you control who gets the call based on context (or segments) Context sent over the wire (email/sms)
  3. 3. What? Olark with voice or WebRTC ACD
  4. 4. Flow 1. Embed your script 2. Configure your agents (segmenting) 3. Get called and dispatched based on context! 4. Call summary + recording sent over text + email to agent
  5. 5. 1. Embed Your Script
  6. 6. 2. Configure Your Agents (Segmenting)
  7. 7. 3. Get Dispatched Based on Context
  8. 8. 4. Summary + Recording Sent to Agent &
  9. 9. Stack
  10. 10. Stack - Voxbone WebRTC-SIP SDK - Telestax/Restcomm AMI - LinkedIn/Mailgun/Nexmo API - REST services to interact with Restcomm
  11. 11. What’s next? - Integrate to OTT/Front-end - Add CRM API (Zoho) - Clarify integration for speech to text - The sky is the limit!
  12. 12. @SachaNacar