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"Bearing Witness" gallery guide


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"Bearing Witness" gallery guide

  1. 1. The Contemporary Museum and the Maryland Institute The Exhibition Development Seminar (EDS) was founded by MICA’s Curator-in-Residence, College of Art’s (MICA) Exhibition Development George Ciscle in 1997. The students in EDS 2009-2010 have partnered with the Contemporary Seminar present a citywide, mid-career survey of work by Museum to organize Bearing Witness: Work by Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry. Each year, artists Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry. Deeply students enrolled in EDS are responsible for every aspect of producing a professional exhibition, immersed in issues of history, race and multiculturalism, including curatorial and site research, design and production of print and Web materials, and McCallum and Tarry bring their focus on fraught social and educational programming. The goal of EDS is to explore new ways to engage artists, students, political issues to the local histories and traditions of the museums, galleries and the Baltimore community. Baltimore community. The Contemporary Museum is the primary venue for this exhibition and premieres McCallum COURSE INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION SITE RESEARCH & Phylicia Ghee ‘10 EXHIBITION DESIGN and Tarry’s Projection—a new self-portrait video and Jennie Hirsh Asst. Professor, Art History, L H Griffin ‘11 Paul Capetola ‘10 painting series inspired by film stills and stage photographs Theory & Criticism, MICA Joanna Kopczyk ‘11 Emily Hines ‘11 that investigate the intersection of race and popular culture. Lauren Trautvetter ‘11 Anton Merbaum ‘10 Additionally, Bearing Witness draws together a number COURSE MENTORS Mentor: Emily Blumenthal Julie Ransdell ‘11 of McCallum and Tarry’s earlier site- specific projects, George Ciscle Manager of Family Programs, Mentor: Daniel D’Oca Director of Curatorial Studies The Walters Art Museum temporarily embedding them in various museum and gallery Asst. Professor, Art History, Concentration, Curator-in-Residence, Theory & Criticism, MICA venues throughout the city of Baltimore. MICA GRAPHIC DESIGN Amy Peterson WEB & Bearing Witness is part of the Contemporary Museum’s Creative Writing Faculty, Language, Mimi Cheng '11 Literature & Culture, MICA Sara Kong '10 COMMUNICATIONS Project 20, a yearlong series of exhibitions, performances Carla Marie Padvoiskis '12 Marika Garcia ‘10 and site-specific projects celebrating the museum’s CURATORIAL Madeline Peters ‘11 Mentor: Gerry Greaney 20th anniversary. For more visitor information about the Beth Brown '11 Principal, Greaney Design Mentor: Sandy Triolo Contemporary Museum and Project 20, please visit Michelle Gomez '12 Artist, Collaborator, Digital Christina Joseph '12 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Media Consultant Ellice Park '11 Sam Gainsburg ‘10 A collaborative artist team since 1998, Brooklyn-based Caitlin Richeson '12 Joanna White MFA ‘10 artists Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry have worked Mentor: Irene Hofmann Mentor: Jennie Hirsh and exhibited globally, seeking to surface and discuss issues Executive Director and Curator, Asst. Professor, Art History, Contemporary Museum Theory & Criticism, MICA revolving around marginalized members of society. Their work, which takes many forms including large-scale public projects, performance, sculpture, painting, photography, video and self-portraiture, challenges audiences to face issues of race and OUR PARTNERS social justice in family, community and history. For more information about the exhibition and related proramming please visit: THANK YOU GAL L ERY G U ID E & M AP L D Bearing Witness is made possible partially through generous support from Friends of the For cell phone tour information please call Exhibition Development Seminar, the National Endowment for the Arts and the William (410) 454-9919 G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund. MICA’s exhibitions and public programs receive generous support from the Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Special Programs Endowment, Amalie Rothschild '34 Residency Programs Endowment, The Rouse Company Endowment, Richard Kalter Endowment, Maryland State Arts Council and contemporarymuseum y the generous contributors to MICA’s Annual Fund. This guide is made possible through the generosity of Friends of Exhibition Development Seminar. Cover image: detail of Hotel, Memphis Tennessee, April 4, 1968 (after unknown photographer; New York Public Library Image Collection) from the Whitewash series, 2008 contemporarymuseum
  2. 2. E NORTH AVE M MTA Metro Station LR MTA Light Rail Line MARYLAND MAP offers works centered on MICA presents two previously MARYLAND INSTITUTE the legacy of slavery and the site-specific installations: ART PLACE COLLEGE OF ART P Public Parking at Civil Rights Movement in this Endurance and Witness. 711 E. Pratt Street country through the lenses of Endurance is a two-channel and adjacent to the 8 Market Place Brown Center, 2nd Floor self-portraiture and history. The video that documents a 25- Contemporary Museum Suite 100 1301 W Mount Royal Ave videos Topsy-Turvy and Within hour performance by a group May 8 –July 17 Cohen Plaza Our Gates, the sculpture Looking of homeless teenagers and is Tuesday – Saturday 1303 W Mount Royal Ave For bus routes and public 11am – 5pm For: a slave named..., paintings accompanied by a selection of May 25 –July 15 transportation details from the Whitewash series and life-size photographic portraits 8am – 8pm visit the Maryland Transit pieces from the installation J O N E S of these teenagers. Witness is Administration’s website (410) 962-8565 Silence form a thematically a multi-media installation that Silence, 2001 organized show. explores the ongoing problem (410) 669-9200 of police violence toward M FA L L S civilians and examines the Witness, 1999-2000 PHOENIX The Phoenix Shot Tower effects of abuses of power. features a selection of The E SHOT TOWER V A Manhole Cover Project, originally L E X P R E S S W A Y YA a series of 228 custom-designed O 801 E Fayette St R The Contemporary Museum manhole covers whose precise T May 8 –July 31 N weight equals that of the guns U premieres Projection, a new O Saturday – Sunday confiscated by Connecticut law M self-portrait video and series of CONTEMPORARY 10:30am by appointment W paintings inspired by film stills enforcement between January 1, and stage photographs that MUSEUM P 1992 and July 31, 1996. investigate the intersection of W CENTRE ST 100 W Centre St (410) 605-2964 race and popular culture. Two The Manhole Cover Project, 1996 May 8 –July 31 self-portrait videos, Cut and Otis, Wednesday – Sunday as well as an installation that N CHARLES ST 12pm – 5pm combines the custom-designed ST PAUL ST CARROLL MANSION The Carroll Mansion hosts wallpaper Bloodlines, the video The Evidence of Things Not Seen, Exchange and a selection of (410) 783-5720 800 E Lombard St a series of 104 painted portraits Whitewash paintings are all at Film still from Evenly Yoked, 2010 the Contemporary. This venue M May 8 –July 31 that pay homage to protesters Saturday – Sunday arrested during the 1955-1956 underscores autobiography, 12pm – 4pm Montgomery Bus Boycotts. the archive, performance and masquerade in the artists’ œuvre. E B A LT I M O R E S T M (410) 605-2964 M The Evidence of Things Not Seen, 2008 E LOMBARD ST MA The Walters Art Museum THE WALTERS REGINALD F. The Reginald F. Lewis Museum RT hosts Bearing, a series of larger- ART MUSEUM W P R AT T S T LEWIS MUSEUM presents a newly conceived IN than-life portraits of teenage installation, Sacred to the Memory mothers accompanied by P LU 600 N Charles St 830 E Pratt St of..., which focuses on jazz audio testimony about their TH May 8 –July 21 May 8 –June 27 vocalist Billie Holiday. This pregnancies and lives following ER Wednesday – Sunday Wednesday – Saturday venue includes two paintings, the birth of their children. KI 10am – 5pm 10am – 5pm a recording of “Strange Fruit” Installed in the Medieval World NG Sundays 12pm – 5pm (a song about lynching made galleries, Bearing thus creates JR (410) 547-9000 B As of June 1: famous by Holiday), and a piano a powerful dialogue with LV D Thursdays 10am – 8pm attributed to Holiday currently traditional icons depicting the in the museum’s collection. Madonna and Child. Bearing, 2006 LR (443) 263-1800 Lady with Flower (After Lady Sings the Blues), 2009 (from Projection series)