International/Latin America Public Relations Overview


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International public relations overview with a focus on Latin America.

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  • I began my career early on. Although not that early, but I certainly felt like a baby early on although I acted like I knew it all. And you know what, sometimes you will, too. The key thing will be to keep on moving forward while keeping certain key elements in mind.
  • Lit & fig: literally in that if they speak French, you or the person calling on them, should speak French. And figuratively, in that if you are pitching stories about technology, you need to “speak tech,” or speak travel, or speak automotive, whatever the case may be.
  • This is very important. In the case of Latin America, I have had to deal with up to 13 markets at the same time, although there is a priority established based on market size and potential. Primary markets and secondary markets. For the most part, for Latin America, the primary markets are: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia. Venezuela used to always be on the list, but due to the changing political dynamic with Chavez in power, Venezuela is now sometimes dropped from the list.
  • International/Latin America Public Relations Overview

    1. 1. International Public Relations Communications &
    2. 2. Who am I? What do I do? Victoria Osorio International P.R. & Marketing Consultant for:
    3. 3. My Clients include: • Newsweek en Español • Discover en Español • Glamour en Español • Budget Car Rental • DFW International Airport • Dallas CVB • Ft. Worth CVB • Grapevine CVB • South Florida CEO • Solutions WT • Real Media • VoIP Group • Byte • Among others Clients
    4. 4. What are those key elements? In over 15 years of experience, I’ve learned that there are key elements to successful international PR in Latin America:
    5. 5. The Five Six Keys to Successful International P.R. 1)Know your market(s) 2)Speak into your audience’s listening 3)Be visible 4)Be a resource 5)Be consistent 6)Build relationships
    6. 6. KNOW YOUR MARKET… Critical when working international. Country, consumer (b2c), industry (b2b), and media. Who are they? • Demographics, socio- economic class, educational level, etc. What are their tendencies? What motivates them? What are they interested in?
    7. 7. Each country is different: For example, in Latin America:  Chile is very conservative, serious, “by the book,” large German population, self-reliant, prefer Spanish- language promotions; 88% of pop is urban  Mexico is more open, consider themselves Mexicans, but also, North Americans; Spanish-language promotions preferred, English scene is “chic”; 77% of pop is urban  Costa Rica, “island” mentality, very relaxed; 63% urbanization; Spanish preferred, English OK.  Brazil, huge difference between Sao Paulo and Brazil, speak Portuguese-not Spanish; large Dutch and Asian populations, Portuguese preferred, English OK, No Spanish promotions; 82% urbanization
    8. 8. SPEAK INTO THEIR LISTENING… Because you know the market, you will be able to speak into their listening. What are they listening for? What are they interested in learning more about? What turns them “off”?
    9. 9. For example, for my California Travel & Tourism Commission press releases in Mexico, I make sure to almost always include information on the top travel motivators: • Shopping • Visiting/vacationing with friends & family • Theme parks • Cultural activities SPEAK INTO THEIR LISTENING…
    10. 10. Kids play a leading role in the decision-making process in Mexico. They say where they want to go, what they want to do, and what they want to see and the parents listen. Since they listened, we listened. SPEAK INTO THEIR LISTENING…
    11. 11. As part of an integrated communications campaign, I created the California Kids to act as “ambassadors” and promote all of the fun things to do and see in California. SPEAK INTO THEIR LISTENING…
    12. 12. Website ( Launch event for media and trade Press releases & mall promotions Generated an excellent ROI for the client. SPEAK INTO THEIR LISTENING…
    13. 13. Event at Kidzania. Invited media and their kids.
    14. 14. Made sure kids were having fun first.
    15. 15. Then we did a brief presentation to media.
    16. 16. Sample Coverage
    17. 17. BE SEEN… In Latin America, being seen and being known is very important. You and your brand have to be visible. • Out-of-sight, out-of-mind particularly true . • Join professional associations. • Good to sponsor events. (You support me, I support you.) • How you present yourself, your image, your dress is everything. It determines how you’re looked upon, what you get, how you’re treated, etc.
    18. 18. BE A RESOURCE… Journalists , producers, media people need to consistently come up with new stories—daily, weekly, monthly… Sometimes, they need new ideas, information, tips… Be a resource when they need you, and you will be rewarded. Don’t wait to be asked…offer.
    19. 19. BE A RESOURCE… For example, in travel, we frequently conduct media FAM, or familiarization, trips. • Typically twice a year • Between five or seven journalists invited • Usually five days, four nights • A lot of work  We started doing individual FAMs  Led to over $1 million in Q1 earned media value
    20. 20. BE CONSISTENT… • Especially important if you are doing PR for a “foreign” company/entity. • Many foreign companies come and go. • Be ever-present. Lightly, don’t push.** For example, I combine the previous key element, “be a resource” with this one.  Send out monthly e-newsletter to trade and media (different key messages) with updated information, features, news, etc.  Send out monthly press releases showcasing one major news item  Every month, without fail *SIDEBAR:Only push when you absolutely have to, not on a regular basis. Break glass in case of emergency only.
    21. 21.  Led to a 400% increase in ROI since I took over the account  Already doubled last year’s ROI, in this Fiscal Year’s Q1 BE CONSISTENT…
    22. 22. E-Newsletters…
    23. 23. Samples of coverage stemming directly from our e-newsletters:
    24. 24. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS… For yourself and your brand. In Latin America: • Face-to-face • Socializing first, business talk is second. • Brand recognition and brand-building • Proven commitment • Consistency • Press releases, email, phone…Not enough.
    25. 25. We consistently hold our own events or sponsor others.  Media breakfasts  Media launch parties  Press room at industry events BUILD RELATIONSHIPS…
    26. 26.  Print media still very important  In-country promotions and events are critical • Demonstrate presence, commitment, face time • Can’t be about giving out info & getting coverage • Have to be about socializing first, business second  Strategic alliances are critical • You are the company you keep Be formal first, let them lead into informality Word-of-mouth is part of the culture • Create a unique promotion and people will tell their friends, family, colleagues, anyone within earshot Cheat Sheet for P.R. in Latin America
    27. 27. Strategic Partners…
    28. 28. Promotions & Contests…
    29. 29. In-Country Events…
    30. 30. P.R. isn’t just about your company, or your client, or your product… It’s also about them, your market.  How they think  What they’re interested in  What’s important to them  The information they need  What they’re motivated by and looking for Bottom Line…
    31. 31. For more information contact: Victoria Osorio International P.R. & Marketing Consultant i-media-international 917-677-8004, Ext. 842