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Thrive Oct Nov 09


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Hitting the Headlines - Voscur's Annual Event

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Thrive Oct Nov 09

  1. 1. Supporting Voluntary & Community Action October & November 2009 Inside Voscur’s Magazine Hitting the Headlines – Voscur’s Annual Event Voscur Awards – last chance to nominate Safeguarding the Sector Twenty’s Plenty Social Enterprise Day Intelligent Commissioning Funding Opportunities Social Class – an equality strand? Power to the People? Image: Circomedia – André Pattendon Charity Law Updates Training and Learning “For the last vacancies we had a huge response and the standard of applicants was very high. We would definitely use Voscur again.” Circomedia recommend Voscur’s Website Jobs Page
  2. 2. Shape a life. Be a foster carer. TACT is a well respected fostering and adoption agency. TACT will offer you excellent training with 24hr support and a break from caring when you need it. TACT pay between £322 & £574 per week per child as well as additional allowances for birthdays, festivals and holidays. Although fostering can be challenging it can also be very rewarding. If you believe you have the capacity and commitment to support vulnerable children and young people between 10-16 years old, then we would like to hear from you. To make a difference give us a ring now on: 0117 927 7725 or email Charity no. 1018963
  3. 3. Welcome Contents 4 Editorial 22-23 Equalities Social Class – an equality strand? 5 Voscur Annual Event Different and Equal 6 Voscur and Sector News 24-25 Have Your Say — Power to the People? New Chair for Voscur Bristol Rape Crisis 26-27 Children and Young People Take a Stand Gathering Voices Voscur Children and Young People’s 9 Recession Support Network Safeguarding the Sector 28-29 How To — Funding 10-11 Compact News Funders’ Fair 2009 Intelligent Commissioning Web-based Funding Resources Compact Newsletter 30-31 How To — Green pages 12 Sector News Green Maps Schumacher Lectures Twenty’s Plenty Well Women 32-33 Duty to Involve 13 Member Profile Vital Role for Sector Unchosen 34 Volunteering Bristol 14-15 Social Enterprise Week Opportunities to Volunteer 16-19 Voscur Training and Learning 35 Constitution Corner Collaborative Working Charitable Companies – keeping up Voscur Learning to date with the Law 20 Vox Pops 36 Diary Creative ways to reduce the negative impact of empty shops on the high street 21 Voscur’s Website Working for You Promote and Recruit via the Voscur website Why not advertise? Thrive! is available on disc. Please contact the Special discounts for Voscur members. office if you would like to receive your Thrive! Deadlines for December/January edition of Thrive!: Monday 2 November for ads and Tuesday 24 November this way. The newsletter is also available online for flyers. Details of prices at as a pdf at or phone Polly Stewart on 0117 909 9949 Disclaimer: some of the views expressed in this publication are those of individual contributors and do not necessarily represent those of Voscur. Publications, events and services mentioned in Thrive! are not necessarily endorsed by Voscur. Issue 7 October / November 2009 3
  4. 4. Editorial Dear Voscur member/supporter We are constantly evaluating The Regeneration Partnership our work, and are reluctant recognised the importance to yet again ask our members of community involvement in what you think of our services, decision-making and for the first but we want to make sure that seven years of Voscur’s life SRB when we make an offer to the funding supported Voscur’s work. Council to deliver infrastructure When that funding ended in services, we have our members 2002, Bristol City Council behind us. acknowledged our value by Next year, Bristol City Council granting us a three-year service intends to commission services level agreement. This gave some Wendy Stephenson such as those delivered by Voscur. stability and enabled us to apply Voscur has been part of a group for other funding. Members of local infrastructure providers began to ask us to provide think we should be doing? Please that has worked with the Council support such as information visit: to produce a survey, which aims and funding advice and in 2001 voscur/member2009 to find out the support needs of we registered as a Council I look forward to seeing you at voluntary and community sector for Voluntary Service. When our Annual General Meeting and organisations in Bristol. Using Bristol’s voluntary sector training Conference on Wednesday the results of that survey, and organisation folded, groups asked 21 October. See page 5 for details. feedback from discussion groups us to deliver training, which is now and interviews, a Council project much valued by the sector. Wendy Stephenson, group will design a commissioning Chief Executive, Voscur Changes within the Council have framework. This will describe how meant that since 2005, Voscur has the Council will (or won’t) buy had one-year funding agreements services like Voscur’s in the future. (as have many of our member Voscur was set up by groups) with the City Council. community activists who We hope that commissioning will Key to symbols got together and formed mean that short-term funding the Voluntary Organisations arrangements will end and we will Equalities Article Standing Conference on Urban once again have some stability. Regeneration (VOSCUR) because So, we are sorry to have to ask Training communities in Bristol didn’t you – we know you are probably have a voice on the Bristol surveyed out – please complete Regeneration Partnership, Resources our membership survey and tell us which had been set up to what you think of us, what could manage the Single Regeneration we do differently – or are there Event Budget (SRB), a government- things that we don’t do that you funding programme. 4 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  5. 5. Hitting the Headlines Voscur Conference & AGM Wednesday 21 October 2009, 9.30am – 2.30pm St Paul’s Community Sports Academy, Newfoundland Road, Bristol, BS2 5NH Voscur is pleased to welcome Councillor Barbara Janke, Leader of the Council, to present this year’s Voscurs. Don’t forget to make your nomination for the Voscurs at We’ve got some great Bristolian prizes from local supporters for our Voscur winners, including a balloon ride and a year’s subscription to our local listings magazine, Venue Debra Allcock-Tyler, the Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change, and an inspiring and challenging speaker, will open the event and give the keynote speech. We are mining the wealth of expertise within our membership who will lead discussions on managing the media, getting a difficult message across, using new social media and hitting the headlines. Our media panel includes: Angela Frain, News Editor, BBC Radio Bristol; Richard Coulter, Deputy Editor, Evening Post; Phil Gibbons, Director, Bristol Community FM and Stacy Yelland, Community at Heart. We know, though, that whatever we prepare for the day, the most valuable part will be the contributions that you bring and the networking and meeting up with contacts and friends old and new. To book please visit:, email: or tel: 0117 909 9949. Issue 7 October / November 2009 5
  6. 6. Voscur and Sector News New Chair for Voscur Voscur is independent charity, a limited proposed as chair because of her pleased to company and a key force for leadership skills and experience. announce that community development in Wendy Stephenson, Voscur’s its new chair is East Bristol. chief executive said, “It’s Joanna Holmes. Joanna said “I see my role as great to have a chair from an At its meeting helping the Board work as a organisation so firmly rooted in on 20 July 2009, Voscur’s team, and I anticipate that a key the community. I look forward to board formally elected element of the work will be to working with Joanna”. Joanna as chair, following the support Voscur’s chief executive resignation of Red Cottam, The Board formally thanked Red, in her work.” Joanna hoped that who has left the sector to and wished her good luck for the Board would share other pursue other interests. the future. responsibilities, which may have Joanna Holmes is chief executive historically been seen those of of Barton Hill Settlement, a community resource centre for the chair. Take a Stand Tara Mistry, Voscur’s co vice- Barton Hill and the surrounding Life Cycle provides free cycle chair said that Joanna had been area. The Settlement is an parking under our Take a Stand scheme. Voluntary Bristol Rape Crisis sector groups, schools, small businesses, surgeries, in fact almost any type of organisation, are welcome As a result of a local campaign, Sunday afternoons, which will to apply. Bristol City Council prioritised be extended by the New Year. Cycle parking enables your sexual violence against women Women who use the service staff or visitors to travel by in its Area Plan, enabling them are supported by trained, bike. It also tells the world to fund a Rape Crisis Centre. sympathetic female volunteers that you welcome cyclists. The newly launched Bristol Rape who understand about sexual Organisations based in Bristol Crisis provides a specialist support violence and its impact on or in South Gloucestershire are service for women and girls in women’s lives. eligible for up to four stands Bristol who have experienced free of charge. any form of sexual violence at For details and to apply please any point in their lives; this download the Bristol and includes rape, sexual assault, Helpline: 0117 929 8868 South Glos application form sexual abuse, stalking and any from our website: form of sexual intimidation. Contact: Vanessa Powell or Tel: 0117 929 956 call us on 0117 353 4580 for They currently offer a Email: vanessapowell@ more information. help-line service twice a week on Wednesday evenings and 6 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  7. 7. New Voscur members Who’s joined Voscur recently? Addiction road rides around Bristol. The aim centre. They are always looking Recovery Agency is to promote cycling as a positive for more volunteers and are and enjoyable experience. run by a volunteer The Addiction Recovery Agency management committee. (ARA) provides treatment to To find out more Tel: thousands of people experiencing 07783 475680 To find out more visit: problems because of drug and alcohol misuse and dependency. Integrate Bristol Tel: 0117 353 3995 With 80 staff and 20 volunteers Works with refugees, immigrants ARA is now one of the largest and minority ethnic groups in Calling the Shots (CTS) voluntary organisations in the and around Bristol. Their work Films Ltd South West. includes: being a resource for An award-winning production young people up to the age of company based in Bristol. To find out more visit: 21 through advice, assistance Established in 1998, CTS delivers and organising a programme broadcast, digital video and Tel: 0117 930 0282 of physical, educational and multiplatform projects for TV, Special Friends Club other activities. corporate clients and education providers. CTS have a strong Run by parent volunteers, it To find out more Tel: track record in talent provides support to families who 0117 963 8173 development, documentary have children with disabilities and special needs via a Holiday Circus Maniacs School and factual programmes. Activities Club. Members have of Circus Arts To find out more visit: opportunities to join an activity Founded in 1995, Circus Maniacs or outing every week during is an independent circus training Tel: 0117 930 0140 the school holidays throughout school operating as a not-for- the year. profit company. The school The Learning Curve promotes education and health by Delivers training within the South To find out more visit: encouraging involvement in the West. It aims to be a centre of arts including, circus, acrobatics, excellence in supporting individual Tel: 07982 719839 drama, mime, dance, singing, and organisational development Bristol Super Rider music, visual arts and multimedia. in the voluntary and community (BSR Cycling Club) To find out more visit: sector and in widening access for all communities. Provides a cycling service to people of all ages. Supports Tel: 0117 947 7042 To find out more visit: national charitable rides and also has sponsored rides to support Bristol Somali Tel: 01225 792500 local charities. They have Fun Days Resource Centre for families and young people and Somali residents work also organise on-road and off- together in the running of the Issue 7 October / November 2009 7
  8. 8. Recession Support Safeguarding the Sector Local picture There are more demands on the City of Bristol College can offer sector to demonstrate its distinct learning opportunities for staff Voscur has been visiting value, its efficiency and value being made redundant, and community groups in Bristol to for money, to assess outcomes human resources support. Social find out their support needs. This and outputs, and the quality and Enterprise Works can offer one has been an eye opener to the real quantity of services. There is off sessions on business advice effects of the economic climate pressure to improve performance and business planning, the on our communities. Many groups and no room for complacency. Ethical Property Foundation can share the challenges of reduced support groups with property working hours and funding cuts. With many organisations in the health checks. This has tightened the focus sector facing the effects of around what groups can offer, the recession – even big names For further information about and often means that staff and such as Shelter and the NSPCC what Voscur and other Bristol volunteers are being stretched. are making job cuts – it is vital groups and organisations can There are groups teetering on that third sector organisations offer please see our recession the edge of collapse in this understand their legal obligations support page: current climate, and some have if forced to downsize. Despite recessionsupport or contact Ruth not survived. As organisations the Government’s announcement Pitter at Voscur: 0117 909 9949. disappear the hard work invested of a £40m bailout for charities to build services is being hacked earlier this year, many will face Top tips away; retrieving what is being lost making redundancies over the Think one step ahead and plan will be at an enormous cost. It is coming months. strategies for safeguarding your within this context that working organisation. Here are some together is vital. What help is available? quick tips: There is help available – the • Ensure you are clear about A firmer sense of number one rule is to seek which of your organisation’s purpose support before it’s too late. activities contribute most to The recession has instilled a firmer Voscur, with support from the your mission. If you have to sense of purpose for many groups Bristol Partnership recession defer or cut activity you will whose services are a lifeline mitigation fund and Quartet have a clear basis for doing so. for individuals across the city. Community Foundation, can • Ensure your services are Many community groups have offer help to groups that are meeting your members’ needs. hopes to expand and develop struggling, or groups working • Analyse the demand for your their services and it is important with individuals and communities services – bear in mind that the to think more creatively about through the recession. Support on recession may put a different sharing resources to achieve this. offer includes advice on funding slant on demand. Voscur is encouraging groups to and commissioning, collaboration • Act quickly and decisively – think about collaboration with and merger, governance support, good information systems similar groups to strengthen their ICT, and free training places. are important alongside services and broaden their vision In addition there are other strong governance. for the future. organisations that can help. 8 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  9. 9. Recession Support • Consider ways to reduce costs National picture On the positive side, more – back office suppliers and charities are now using the Charity Times reported in July bulk buying. recession as a management 2009 that research shows that • Diversify your income opportunity, with 78% of more charities are feeling the stream and consider mergers respondents taking action as a effects of the recession, and that and collaboration. result of the recession, up from 56% of charities expect a decline • Communicate with all 71% in November 08. in their income. stakeholders and remember this But there has been little change includes staff and members. The Charity Finance Directors’ in the number of respondents • Retain and motivate your best Group, the Institute of Fundraising who felt they had adequate staff – try not to cut your and PricewaterhouseCoopers financial planning systems in training budget. research highlights that 80% of place. In particular, only 56% of • Be realistic and optimistic charities are expecting income to respondents (a 1% drop from about the increased demand remain flat or to decline. November 08) felt they had on your services. Charities have seen a greater than adequate cash flow monitoring expected decline in almost every systems in place. cfm/section/General/ income stream. The exceptions are 20% are still expecting to see cuts key/260309-Recession- statutory income, where 83% of in services, despite the fact that Toolkit respondents indicated no change, 36% expect to see an increase in although some 70% expect a demand for their services. main/index.php decline or no change. Issue 7 October / November 2009 9
  10. 10. The Compact Promoting the Good and Challenging the Bad Louise Clark, Compact Liaison Officer In my role as Compact Liaison Officer, I am meeting commissioners (people who are designing and buying services) and providers (organisations that can offer services) to explain my work programme and to make links with Compact partners. A number of issues have already Eight Principles of Intelligent particularly those working with been raised, which show me the Commissioning: hard-to-reach groups. need to promote the good and 6. Ensuring contracting processes 1. Understanding the needs of to challenge bad practice, helping are transparent and fair, users and other communities us all to work in a Compact facilitating the involvement by ensuring that, alongside compliant way. of the broadest range of other consultees, you engage suppliers, including considering A key issue is the lack of with third sector organisations, sub-contracting and consortia knowledge of how commissioning as advocates, to access their building, where appropriate. processes work and of how specialist knowledge. 7. Ensuring long-term decisions are made. The impact 2. Consulting potential provider contracts and risk sharing, of this is that providers either feel organisations, including those wherever appropriate, as disengaged with commissioning from the third sector and ways of achieving efficiency processes or they want to address local experts, well in advance and effectiveness. the reasons for not getting of commissioning new 8. Seeking feedback from through the process, but do not services and working with service users, communities know what those reasons are. them to set priority outcomes and providers in order to for that service. Equally, commissioners want to review the effectiveness of 3. Putting outcomes for users make sure they are developing the commissioning process in at the heart of the strategic open and clear processes to meeting local needs planning process. providers. This is where the 4. Mapping the fullest practical The Compact needs to be eight principles of Intelligent range of providers with a reflected in all the ways the Commissioning can help as a way view to understanding the different sectors communicate of determining if there is Compact contribution they could make and work together. That is why compliance taking place. to delivering those outcomes. it is important that polices, 5. Considering investing in the procedures, partnership capacity of the provider base, agreements, staff induction 10 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  11. 11. The Compact programmes and any work or Council is one such area. Staff documentation refer to the working on the programme are If you need help to Compact and that organisations developing the commissioning engage with the sign up to the Bristol Compact. methodology for commissioners Compact, contact me Checklists are in development and providers. They are keen to at Voscur on 0117 909 9949 or to help organisations be ensure transparency, so have email Compact compliant. There will been working with me to You may also be interested in be promotional events in the build in the eight points of looking at the national Compact coming months to help support Intelligent Commissioning. website: compliance and further raise uk and Compact Advocacy can The Compact News newsletter awareness of the Compact. give further advice on Compact that will be produced every two This will include a Compact compliance: months (current issue available via: sign-up campaign. uk/compactadvocacy is an I want to make the Compact more excellent place for you to share than just good practice guidance. the Compact compliant work you It needs to be meaningful – are doing and to promote the something with the strength of good and give examples of where the signatories behind it and a you have successfully challenged tool to positively take forward the bad. partnerships in Bristol. As we There is a regional Compact too. all begin to feel more Compact At times, local organisations confident and start to promote provide regional services, or good practice, we can share may bid for regional tenders, examples of how the use of the so working with regional Compact has benefited us and structures also needs to our service users. Where encompass a Compact way of Compact guidance has not been working. The Southwest Regional followed, we can develop a better Development Agency is just one way of working and not repeat of the signatories to the regional past mistakes. Compact, which can be viewed at: Some work has already begun to ensure Compact compliance. index.php?content=com The Enabling Commissioning Programme for Bristol City Issue 7 October / November 2009 11
  12. 12. Sector News From the Ashes of the Crash Rebuilding the new economics — Saturday 17 October Schumacher people’s pursuit of profit, creating including the Soil Association, Lectures 2009 multinational companies and Resurgence, and the New increasing specialisation results Economics Foundation. Four and a half decades ago, the in gross economic inefficiency, green shoots of the environmental The Bristol Schumacher lectures environmental pollution and movement emerged following celebrated their 30th anniversary inhumane working conditions. the publication of Rachel Carson’s last year. One year on, in a global Schumacher proposed using book, Silent Spring, resulting in recession, the theme of the localised labour and resources – the banning of the pesticide DDT. conference is “From the Ashes of putting people and relationships the Crash”. This year the chosen Fritz Schumacher’s book, Small is at the heart of what we do. conference partner is the New Beautiful: A Study of Economics After Schumacher’s death in Economics Foundation. as if People Mattered (1971), 1977, the Schumacher Society also had a profound impact on For more information visit: was formed together with the environmentalists over a decade Schumacher Circle, an alliance later. The book explained that Tel: 0117 903 1081 of like-minded organisations Well Women Seeks Help The trustees of Well Women Council and NHS Bristol to provide looking to expand its activities into Information (WWI) are looking services. In recent years WWI has the field of women’s health. for one or more local voluntary found it increasingly difficult to The current trustees of WWI organisations to take on recruit volunteer management are keen to hear from its services. committee members. In spite of organisations that think that this the staff have continued to After more than 21 years they might fit the bill. give a high quality service and providing counselling, a drop-in the remaining trustees have done for health advice and information, their best to support them. a health project for Asian women and many other services, the West At a recent special meeting of the Street based organisation is being membership it was agreed that it wound up. would be best for service users, For details please staff and trustees to find another phone Carly Wong, This is not due to lack of funds organisation to manage the Tel. 0117 941 2983 or but lack of trustees. WWI still services. This could be a fantastic email carly@ has funding from the Big Lottery opportunity for an organisation and contracts with the City 12 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  13. 13. Member profile This film season tackles a tough subject none of us like to face, but sitting idly by and imagining it isn’t happening is not an option. Unchosen campaigns to raise within Bristol have started to work awareness of human trafficking in Bristol through together. As part of Unchosen’s campaign, they have facilitated Film Listing award-winning films, with meetings between the Police, All films have free admission. talks by the Directors, live Bristol City Council, University Please visit performances and information. of the West of England and the uk for full details. voluntary and community sector, Human Trafficking, which includes Friday 6th November 2009, 7.30pm resulting in the forming of the people being forced into the country to work and be exploited first Bristol Active Communities UK premier — is the second largest illegal Against Trafficking (ACT) group, Victoria Terminus which is based in Shirehampton. industry worldwide, behind only Friday 13th November 2009, 7.30pm the arms trade. Trish Davidson La Forteresse The five films being shown across Tel: 0117 370 6417 Friday 20th November 2009, 7.30pm the four Fridays in November, include the UK premier of ‘Victoria Lillja4Ever Terminus’, about the survival Friday 27th November 2009, 4.30pm of street kids in Mumbai; ‘La Forteresse’, which penetrates a Ghosts Swiss reception centre for asylum (Post Film Talk by Nick seekers; and ‘Ghosts’, made by Broomfield) world-renowned documentary Friday 27th November 2009, 7.30pm maker Nick Broomfield following the drowning of 23 Chinese cockle Rough Aunties pickers in Morecambe Bay in 2004. (South West Premiere) For the second year, film Venue: director Nick Broomfield is the Full Cinema Screen with free festival’s patron and he will stereo sound. once again be giving a talk about St. Stephens Church, his work. 21 St. Stephens Street, Since last year’s Film Festival, Bristol BS1 1EQ the anti-trafficking organisations Issue 7 October / November 2009 13
  14. 14. Social Enterprise Day – 19 November 2009 A celebration of social enterprise within Global Entrepreneurship Week “Global Entrepreneurship Make Your Mark running a national How can you be Week is a shining example of enterprise challenge competition involved in Social for 14-19 year olds. Britain leading the world in Enterprise Day? enterprise and innovation. At In 2008, RISE, the regional Photo Competition this time of unprecedented infrastructure organisation for global change, I congratulate social enterprise in the South There is a great opportunity for everyone involved in Global West, organised a series of school good, free marketing through Entrepreneurship Week for events across the South West entering the second social encouraging people and and Stuart Griffin from Social enterprise photo competition. In countries to work together Enterprise Works delivered five the South West this is being run to find new ways to succeed.” workshops in Bristol schools to by RISE. get the young people to explore Take a photo that you think shows Gordon Brown, ideas for social enterprise. how social enterprise is more Prime Minister, Stuart will be delivering three than ‘business as usual.’ You’ll be November 2008 workshops on Social Enterprise expected to caption your photo Day, 19 November, to students at so use that space to tell the story Global Entrepreneurship Week Writhlington School in Radstock. behind the image – the photo will (16-22 November 2009) is We also hope to work with schools be judged on how it looks, but a worldwide movement of in Bristol during the week. also on the story it tells. Email your entrepreneurial people, with Writhlington School is a wonderful photo to: photocompetition@ millions turning their enterprising example of school based social by talents and ideas into reality. Last enterprise. The aim of their 19 October. Images must be hi-res year, there were 24,966 events orchid project is for students to (2MB or more). The winner for and activities run in 77 countries, set up and manage international South West England will then go attended by more than 3.06 conservation projects based on to compete for the national million people (644,000 of which around innovative enterprise and prize for England, judged by the were in the UK). excellence in science, and they Social Enterprise Ambassadors. That massive level of activity really succeed. Over 60 students At the time of writing (August) covers every aspect of are involved in the project, meetings are being held with the entrepreneurship. In the UK which supplies orchids to Kew Regional Development Agency there has been a strong focus Gardens and the Eden Project and to develop the programme of on entrepreneurship and young conservation projects in South activities for Entrepreneurship people, with organisations such as America and Asia. Week in Bristol so there will be lots 14 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  15. 15. Social Enterprise Day – 19 November 2009 of opportunities to participate. evidence clear social aims and trading social enterprise, so it is Social Enterprise Works will be achievements, and whose profits worth keeping an eye on these holding free drop-in support and assets were used to support new developments. surgeries during the week and the those social aims and generate at Elaine Flint Voscur Assembly held that week least 50% of income from trading. Social Enterprise Works will have a social enterprise theme. As a trading social enterprise Visit our websites for more details: Tel: 0117 907 0080 ourselves, Social Enterprise Works has been awarded the Mark and or joins a number of other Mark holders in Bristol including SOFA, Social Enterprise Mark Social Enterprise Works Watershed, Bristol Community The Social Enterprise Mark that provides support to new Transport and many more. The was developed here in the South start and existing social new national Mark will have the West will be going national on enterprises. Lots of resources and same criteria for full accreditation, Social Enterprise Day. The Mark tools for business development but may also have a second level was developed for qualifying are available on our website. for organisations that are working organisations which could towards being a sustainable, Issue 7 October / November 2009 15
  16. 16. Voscur Training and Learning Collaboration — should you do it? ‘…all charities should consider seriously and imaginatively whether there are ways in which they could do more and better for their users by working together.’ The Charity Commission, ‘Collaborative Working and Mergers’ (2003) What is collaborative What are the potential • Complexity in decision-making working? benefits and risks of and loss of autonomy The Collaborative Working Unit collaboration? • Diverting energy and resources away from core at The National Council for Collaborative working is not aims – mission drift Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) right for every organisation. • Damage to or dilution of your defines collaborative working Carefully identifying any issues of brand and reputation as partnership between two or concern will help to establish if • Damage to organisation more voluntary organisations. collaboration is appropriate. and waste of resources if Organisations can work together Benefits include: collaboration is unsuccessful in a spectrum of ways from informal networks, through joint • New or improved services What areas do you need delivery of projects to full merger. • Wider geographical reach or to consider? access to new beneficiary What forms does groups You should think through all the collaborative working take? • Financial savings and better implications before you start working collaboratively. With • Separate organisations use of existing resources planning, you can manage the maintain their independence, • Knowledge, good practice risks. Consideration of what is but work jointly on some and information sharing best for your beneficiaries should activities or functions • Sharing the risk in new and underlie all your thinking. Trustees • Organisations with resources or untested projects must ensure their organisation expertise offer assistance to • Stronger, united voice acts legally and that professional other organisations. • Better co-ordination of advice is taken where relevant. • A new organisation to work organisations’ activities jointly on some activities or • Mutual support between Allow yourself enough time to functions organisations make an informed decision. It is • A group structure where a better to identify obstacles early Collaborative working should ‘parent’ organisation governs and not to proceed, than invest in enable you better to meet a group of ‘subsidiary’ a fruitless partnership venture. beneficiary need. organisations • Merger to form a new Risks include: organisation working as one • Outcomes do not justify the body on all activities time and resources invested 16 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  17. 17. Voscur Training and Learning Questions you should 3. Do you both see your consider respective inputs and Further advice 1. What are you hoping to outputs as fair? and support 4. Do other organisations achieve through collaboration? Collaboration have experience of working 2. Are you sure that collaborative Support skills for with them? working is the best way to development workers achieve this aim? Overcoming Obstacles Tuesday 6 October, 3. Who proposed the idea? Do Wednesday 7 October they have a vested interest? If you decide you want to go 4. Do your Trustees and Chief ahead, there may still be obstacles Barton Hill Settlement, Executive support the idea? in the way to a successful 43 Ducie Road, Bristol BS5 0AR 5. Does it fit within your collaboration. These include: Tel: 0117 955 6971 or email: organisation’s charitable personalities; competition garyb@bartonhillsettlement. objects as stated in your between partners; lack of governing document? information and experience; 6. Do your plans for lack of resources, especially The National Council collaborative working fit at decision-making stage and for Voluntary your strategic vision, values resistance to change. You can Organisations and current priorities? overcome these obstacles by Tel: 0800 2798 798 ensuring there are: How will the working • Good personal relationships collaborate relationship work? • Compatible cultures or an You may have in mind a potential understanding of different partner that you already know and cultures Charity Commission trust. However, it is important to • Written agreements contact centre compare organisational culture • Experience of change Tel: 0870 333 0123 and working practices. You management, leadership will also need to consider your and vision Email: enquiries@ organisation’s culture, financial • Resources management, public relations and • Clear and agreed mutual what effect collaboration will have benefits on your public profile and the • A focus on the big picture Information in this article is taken from National Council for Voluntary staff you need. • Careful planning Organisation’s Collaborative Working Unit. • ICT tools Consider these questions Finally don’t do this alone, speak 1. How might formal to others who have done it, get collaboration change an legal advice when needed and existing relationship with get in contact with NCVO for your partner? further support. 2. Do you have clear, shared aims for the collaboration? Issue 7 October / November 2009 17
  18. 18. Voscur Training and Learning Welcome to Voscur Learning This term we have lots of new courses and events; some free and some low cost as well as a new early bird scheme to help you pay for our courses. The early bird scheme means that full members get 10% off the cost of our courses if they book at least 1 month before the event (this does not cover our volunteer managers’ courses) Voscur recognises that you may need courses tailored for your organisation. We can run in house courses on many topics. Contact Sophie Bayley on 0117 909 9949. Recruitment of Volunteers New session covers governance, skills of trustees, risk and liabilities and effective meetings. Thursday 1 October 2009 (9.30am - 3.30pm) Black Development Agency, Single Equalities Bill New Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9LT Wednesday 14 October (10am - 1pm) This session is for people who manage volunteers This session will cover basics of the new Single and would like to know more about effective Equalities Bill and will give you a chance to consider recruitment. It will cover volunteer motivation; how the duties for public sector bodies impact on barriers to volunteering; recruitment techniques your organisation and your users. There will be tasks and processes; developing adverts for volunteer and exercises that you can take back and use within roles and action planning. your own settings in terms of best practice. Trustee Series 1 – Why am I on CWDC (Children’s Workforce the committee? Development Council) Tuesday 6 October 2009 (10am - 1pm) Common Induction: Generic The Federation of City Farms, The GreenHouse, Multi-Agency Training Hereford St, Bristol BS3 4NA 19 & 20 October and 10 & 11 November This course will give anyone who has the role of a 2009, dates and venue to be confirmed. trustee a basic overview of their legal duties and This is for practitioners in the Children’s Workforce, responsibilities and is ideal if you have just become a working at NVQ Levels 3 & 4. It will cover principles, trustee or just want to brush up on your skills. values and legislation; understanding Children and Young People’s (CYP) development; building Trustee Series 2 – Good Governance – relationships and communicating with CYP and How to be a better Trustee. keeping CYP safe from harm. This is a pilot run by Tuesday 13 October 2009 (10am - 1pm) Bristol City Council. Four grants are available from The Federation of City Farms, The GreenHouse, Voscur for the cost of supply cover, contact Emma Hereford St, Bristol BS3 4NA Rice: for details. To book a place This session complements ‘Why am I on the contact Julie Upson, email: committee?’ and looks in greater detail at how Trustees can be more effective in their role. The 18 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  19. 19. Voscur Training and Learning Retention and Support of and methods of Full Cost Recovery, to ensure that Volunteers New (Full) your funding applications take account of how new projects impact on your existing services. Tuesday 20 October 2009 (9.30am - 3.30pm) For people who manage volunteers and would like to Working Together – Child Protection know more about how to support and retain them. Level One Training This session will cover the importance of: induction; Monday 23 November 2009 (9.30am – 4pm) other ways of supporting volunteers; supervision; The Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, why people stop volunteering; recognition and action Southmead, Bristol BS10 planning. To add your name to the waiting list please This is for anyone who has frontline responsibility email: for the protection and safeguarding of children and particularly for anyone working with young people. Improving Diversity in your It will cover definitions, signs and symptoms of Volunteer Workforce New abuse, multi-agency child protection procedures and Wednesday 11 November 2009 guidelines and how to make a referral to social care. (9.30am - 3.30pm) The Park Centre, Daventry Road, Knowle, Monitoring and evaluation – an Bristol BS4 1QD introduction New For people who manage volunteers and would like Wednesday 25 November 2009 to diversify their volunteer workforce. It will cover (9.30am - 3.30pm) equalities and socially excluded communities; looking @ Symes Community Building, Peterson Avenue, at who you are reaching; equalities Communities in Hartcliffe, Bristol BS13 0BE Bristol; legislation supporting equalities volunteers This new training will help you understand monitoring and the benefits of a diverse team. and evaluation (M&E). It is for people who are quite new to M&E and who want to know about outcomes Supporting your Volunteer and indicators, ways of collecting information, the Board New questions you need to ask and how to use the data. Tuesday 17 November 2009 (9.30am - 1pm) Black Development Agency, Russell Town Data Protection & Confidentiality New Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9LT Thursday 26 November 2009 This is for chief executives or managers who would (6.00pm - 8.00pm) like to support their volunteer board more effectively. Burges Salmon LLP, Narrow Quay House, This session will cover roles and responsibilities of Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4AH trustees; the management / governance split; skills This session, run by Burges Salmon Solicitors, will audits for board and other support; how you can consist of a run through of the Data Protection Act retain your board and how to improve meetings. and the law of confidentiality considering practical Full Cost Recovery applications for organisations. Wednesday 18 November (9.30am - 3.30pm) If you want to book onto any of our events Barton Hill Settlement, Ducie Road, Barton Hill, or training then go to Bristol BS5 0AX where you will find more information, or call This course will give you an introduction to the theory us on 0117 909 9949. Issue 7 October / November 2009 19
  20. 20. Have Your Say - Vox Pops Creative Ideas for Empty Shops As the recession bites, neighbourhoods are suffering from empty shop units. Bristol is one of 57 cities to receive more than £50,000 from the government to help areas hit hardest by the recession find creative ways to reduce the negative impact empty shops are having on the high street. We asked Voscur members what they think this money should be used for, and whether they think that the voluntary and community sector could make good use of empty shop units in Bristol. “I would “We’re “Church Road strongly advise fortunate in in Lawrence that retail Hartcliffe and Hill has had outlets be Withywood as many empty made available we’ve had the shop units that for the community to use for Symes Avenue shops boosted have been taken over by local any kind of activity but make but there are smaller shops in Somali people. Empty shop it easier for them to use. Red the area that could probably units could be really good for tape is a barrier – try and cut do with support to get more new local business starts ups. down on the red tape through custom to their area. In St Organisations like Bristol East the council and make access Paul’s (where I work) there are Side Traders could help to get (to empty shops) a bit better. quite a few shop units that are empty shops filled again.” In Brislington it would be really not being used and a massive nice to see shops used to building – Westmorland House Dave Hobson, display some local artwork that is derelict, that people Barton Hill Settlement and also as a showcase for have been trying to get what’s actually available to developed for several years. the community.” The use of some of these empty shops for studios and Liz Venn, to promote art has been Brislington Neighbourhood favoured within St Paul’s Partnership community. I think also giving new small businesses the opportunity to use empty units on a temporary basis to see if the business that they wanted to get going would actually work, would be a really good idea. It would be great to support projects helping young people with small business.” Tracy Edwards Brown, Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership 20 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  21. 21. Voscur’s Website Working for You Promote and Recruit via the Voscur website Jobs Page opportunities. We have recruited On-Line Diary a number of people via the Voscur job ads “effectively reach Add your event to our on-line Voscur website and would highly skilled local people actively diary recommend it!” looking for new opportunities” Bridget Gillespie, Bristol Noticeboard Recruiting or looking for a job – Drugs Project Advertise on our noticeboard look no further than the Voscur website – here’s what some of “The system is quick and easy to classified-ads our advertisers say: use and we have had a lot of good and relevant applications thanks to “For recruitment advertising Ebulletin the Voscur website. The staff are Circomedia have used Voscur on always helpful.” Keep in touch with the latest a couple of occasions and have news, publicise your own event, Terry Jones, Survive been delighted with the service. meeting or announcement via For the last vacancies we had a “I have used Voscur’s online the Voscur ebulletin. huge response and the standard job advertising service on To subscribe to the Voscur of applicants was very high. We two occasions. I found it very e-bulletin visit: would definitely use Voscur again.” easy to use and the inputting William Pritchard, Circomedia of information was very straightforward. It is a very quick To submit your news, email 75 “The application process to way to advertise a job to a wide words, including contact details advertise with Voscur is extremely range of people and is good to: easy and the staff at Voscur are value for money for member always helpful. The response to organisations.” an advert on the site is always Lynn, St Werburghs City Farm positive and the site itself is easily accessible.” Our jobs pages get over 138,000 Lyn Campbell, Single Parent views a year. Jobs are added on a Action Network (SPAN) daily basis; you won’t believe how Please contact Polly little it costs to advertise your Stewart to discuss how “We regularly advertise with job, especially if you are a Voscur your organisation can Voscur as its easy to use, member. To find out more go to make the most of Voscur’s affordable and most importantly, website: 0117 909 9949 or effectively reaches skilled local email: people actively looking for new Issue 7 October / November 2009 21
  22. 22. Equalities Social Class — An Equality Strand? Socio-economic duty Is social class likely to become an equality strand? The Government is introducing a Duty on public service providers to take in to account social mobility when planning and developing services. Social class is an issue that the delivery of public services or employment are far more likely most of us tend to have strong such as education and health, to go to prison, each one costing opinions about; it often causes and the immediate impact of between £15,000 and £50,000 per passionate debate and is an the economic downturn can year for each prison place. aspect on which individuals get negatively affect the life chances judged, stereotyped, and have Allowing public bodies like health of individuals. assumptions made about them. authorities to take into account It is a major cause of disadvantage Considering socio-economic deprivation in their area will and discrimination. Here is the disadvantage will be important in help them properly tackle issues Equality and Human Rights driving social mobility. Educational such as preventing heart disease Commission’s (EHRC) response to success is the most important and obesity-related illnesses, the social economic duty outlined contributor to life chances. potentially saving the NHS money in the Single Equality Bill. in the long term. According to research released ‘We welcome the government’s The Commission’s role will be by the Government’s Social decision to require public to use the legislation and Mobility Commission research, authorities to consider socio- powers currently available, such three-quarters of judges economic disadvantage in as the public duties and the and 70% of finance directors the planning and monitoring Human Rights Act, in order to were independently schooled, of the services they provide. create social change. It will as were 45% of senior civil The Commission was an early assess the impact of particular servants and 32% of MPs. At supporter of this provision forms of disadvantage the other end of society 85% because we believe to ignore through using a consistent of white boys from low socio-economic disadvantage measurement framework. socio-economic groups do means you ignore some of the not get five decent GCSEs. most deep-rooted discrimination For more information on in the UK’. the EHRC’s response to Failing to tackle the root causes the Bill in relation to the Socio-economic disadvantage of this inequality early on in life Equality strands please see: is one of the many complex could cost the taxpayer more in structural causes of discrimination the long term, for example, young legislative-framework/equality- and inequality. Factors such as people who aren’t in education bill/summary-of-our-response changes in the labour market, 22 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  23. 23. Equalities Different+equal The University of the West of The different types of EIAs you will previously the impact may have England (UWE) has produced need to think about are: been negative. an easy-to-use tool to help you Adverse impact: assessing if You can use the tool (which carry out equalities impact decisions or services although is produced as a set of cards assessments (EIA) on your work seemingly benefiting a range of with a series of questions to and services. groups, might cause a specific work through) with your board We tend to think of EIAs as a group to experience an unequal or members, or staff team. remit for statutory services, but negative impact it is good practice for voluntary Differential impact: assessing how For more information groups to think about the impact different groups might experience and a pack of the cards of changes, particularly in this your service, even though it may please contact: Angelina economic climate when changes not cause any negative impacts Carrozza, Equality and Diversity could have severe effects on Manager, Human Resources, individuals and communities who Positive impact: assessing if, or UWE Bristol. Email: use our services. how, changes in decisions or services might impact positively Tel: 0117 328 1641 on a specific group where Bristol Equalities Network 13 October, 2009, 1pm – 3.30pm, The St Werburghs Centre, Horley Road, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9JT The next Equalities Network agreeing a proposal that can be attend to discuss the council’s will focus on Equalities and taken to the Bristol Partnership current strategy on community the Bristol Partnership, and Executive, drawn up from wider cohesion in Bristol. community cohesion. consultation and subsequent Lunch is provided but you will working group meetings. A series of meetings have taken need to book. place this year to discuss Equalities The process of equalities To book your place please visit: representation on the Bristol representation on the Bristol Partnership. The process has been Partnership will be discussed at slower than expected; many of the next network meeting and those involved in trying to move participants will be updated For more information the process forward are doing so on the current situation. The please contact with limited capacity. Equalities Network will be held on Ruth Pitter on 13 October, from 1pm to 3.30pm. or Discussions have been moving on with Linda Prosser, the Bristol Jon House, Deputy Chief Executive Tel: 0117 909 9949 Partnership Director, about of Bristol City Council will also Issue 7 October / November 2009 23
  24. 24. Have Your Say Power to the people? Council proposals for devolving more decision making to neighbourhoods were unveiled at the September meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership Residents Forum (see Voscur quick guide insert to the proposals in this issue of Thrive! or online at We asked residents from community and voluntary organisations across Bristol who attended the meeting for their instant reaction to the proposals. “I think that equalities and how they are going “Most of it was giving more say to ensure that the equalities stuff that I’ve over how money groups are represented on expected but is spent to more these different forums and we’ve been people is partnerships. I think you’re going asking ‘can you generally a good idea. to have to be very careful that please write this down’ so it’s I fear that the amounts of money it isn’t just tokenistic. There is a quite nice to see some of it are fairly small, that decisions may history of local people saying ‘oh written down. In that sense I feel end up being fairly small and that that doesn’t affect me, I don’t buoyed up slightly. It’s good, a people may end up feeling that need to be involved – other good step forward.” they still haven’t got the clout people will do that’ and there Ben Barker, Greater Bedminster that they would like to have. I also being an elite few that will end Community Partnership feel that the big, big challenge up doing the actual work. I think is to get ‘the man in the street’ NP need to develop a much more to want to be involved in their public face, be more open to “It feels like local neighbourhood.” the community as a whole. I just we’ve been here think it’s a massive undertaking, before. What I Ches Chesney, Old Market understand it will take a long time wanted to hear Community Association to roll out. Whether it will work or was how much not remains to be seen.” money each neighbourhood has “On the one been allocated, but that didn’t Gabbi, Hartcliffe and Withywood hand what I have come out of the meeting and Community Partnership heard and we’ve been told it won’t be understood in decided until next February. It’s principle I think is interesting that we’re having so brilliant, in practice I’m very many neighbourhoods and so sceptical. I think if the community many people are complaining actually gets behind this I think it about how large some of these could work but there is a lot of neighbourhoods are. I do think ironing out to do. My major that more people need to be concern is where they put more involved on a lower level. 24 October / November 2009 Issue 7
  25. 25. Have Your Say It’s coming, it’s been dictated “It made me “Trying things by the council, that’s what it think about the out, evolving, feels like.” funding of the learning that Neighbourhood kind of thing, I Lisa Blackwood, Partnerships and really like the St Pauls Unlimited the structure of them and it made approach. The detailed stuff that me realise how they’ve developed people were asking about , people “There is still differently across Bristol. I do feel always ask those questions at this quite a lot of that the present council is very stage don’t they, that will work to do in committed to listening to local hopefully be in place eventually terms of communities and as far as possible and is going to be a lot of work to developing a putting their views into practice.” do, a lot of cultural change for structure that’s not necessarily people, a lot of business planning Anne Green, Sea Mills Community the same across the city but a but it’s still quite exciting.” Association (SCAF) structure that is more workable Fran Stewart, St George than what we’ve got at the Neighbourhood Partnership moment. I felt quite strongly that “I think it’s a although it’s good, for example, in great idea Shirehampton we’ve got SCAF providing which is a good structure and enough funds we’ve got very good workers, it are put aside to seems that the ordinary resident enable each ward to operate with Find out more that doesn’t belong to a particular their councillors, to keep the To find out more group is pushed out and we want bureaucracy down and to get the about the council’s plans for to find some ways of rectifying action going.” Neighbourhood Partnerships that. It’s only the beginning and Martin Graham, Lockleaze Voice and Neighbourhood Committees I’m hoping that there’s going to and how you can have your be more really because there is an say visit awful long way to go.” brispartnership/np or call Val Jenkins, Shirehampton Matthew Symonds at Voscur on Community Action Forum (0117) 909 9949 Issue 7 October / November 2009 25