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LASA ICT Newsletter Oct 2009

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  1. 1.       Cannot read this email? Click here Dear Sean, As someone with an interest in voluntary and community sector ICT we hope you find our monthly London ICT e-bulletin useful. Our bulletin is aimed at smaller organisations, managers, circuit riders and accidental techies. It will keep you up to date with the latest news, ICT events and training, accessibility, opinions and more. You can also forward it to a colleague or unsubscribe at any time. New this month! In this issue of the Bulletin we have introduced a new section - Opinion. The entries in this section come from the blogs of voluntary sector and not- for-profit commentators from around the world. We About Lasa Lasa is a charity which delivers hope you find them entertaining and helpful - do let innovative services in the fields of us know! welfare benefits advice, ICT (information and communications technology) and Join in the discussion advice policy. Our clients are mainly In the Bulletin we will normally have one or two from the voluntary sector and statutory sector but we also work with some discussion points which can be followed up by private sector organisations. Bulletin subscribers over on the Knowledgebase Forums - we encourage all Bulletin subscribers to Lasa publications join in and take forward the ongoing debates. Lasa's monthly London ICT e-bulletin Currently there are discussions running on the provides up to date ICT news, events, importance of ICT management, training, budgeting funding, tools, tips and resources for staff in small to medium-sized voluntary and much more. organisations. Published in collaboration with Superhighways Follow us on Twitter The team that brings you this Bulletin can now be Get Lasa's monthly London ICT e-bulletin followed on Twitter - the account name is lasaict by email. and we'll be using the hashtag #ictbulletin for tweets related to the Bulletin. For more information Lasa's magazine Computanews provides straight-forward, clear about Twitter see the Knowledgebase article To information on the use of ICT for staff in Twitter or not to Twitter small to medium-sized voluntary
  2. 2. Lasa Information Systems Team organisations. Get Computanews by email In this London ICT e-bulletin for October 2009: Computanews is published quarterly as a free Acrobat pdf file download. ict news Lasa launches funding paper, Facebook reaches ICT support in your area 300m, Flash cookies, RNLI SMS donations and connect with NCVO. London ICT Champion The London Regional ICT Champion supports VCOs to better understand ICT events, training and learning to achieve their missions of delivering Forthcoming events include mobile accessibility, quality services more effectively. Idealware webinars, NetSquared's Net Tuesday, modernising volunteering, workstation Lasa ICT Knowledgebase The sector leading ICT Knowledgebase assessments, charity IT conference, Green IT, contains over 300 articles in jargon free supporting dyslexia, social media, web 2.0, plain English on all aspects of ICT. SpiceWorld and NCVO Foresight. Discuss the articles and more at the ICT Cafe. funding Lasa Suppliers Directory Gates Foundation, BT Community Connections, From web designers to support Nominet Trust and help with funding partnerships. companies, use the Suppliers Directory to locate independently verified high resources quality ICT support in your area. Low cost data visualisation, email campaigning, UK riders email list assessing and inventorying, Women's Resource UKRiders is a discussion group for circuit Centre and social media and successful blogs. Legal riders and others who support voluntary guidance on privacy notices and web accessibility and community sector technology. legislation. Superhighways Superhighways is an ICT Support and practical tips Development Social Enterprise run by Changing US software settings, domain information and for the voluntary and community and help with Publisher. sector in South London, and collaborates with Lasa in the production of this e- tools & applications bulletin. CiviCRM updates, Windows 7 and converting to pdf. opinion Communicating with volunteers, myths of online communities, raising funds through web 2.0, explaining social media to managers and second hand PCs. discuss How easy is it to raise funds using Web 2.0 technologies? Go to top ict news
  3. 3. Lasa launches ICT funding policy paper Lasa has launched a new policy paper as part of its campaign for ICT to be recognised as a legitimate cost of providing a service by funders and policy- makers. Lasa also called for funders to support circuit riders (or mobile ICT support workers) to provide on the ground strategic support to help VCOs better use ICT in their work with communities. Download Lasa's ICT Funding Policy paper from the London ICT Champion. Facebook's population reaches 300 million users The social networking website Facebook recently revealed it has reached more than 300 million active monthly users across the globe, with its co- founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, equating its number of users being equivalent to entire internet population of China. Hidden Flash cookies track even opt-out users Over half of the most popular 100 websites use secret behaviour-tracking software to monitor users, mostly without their knowledge, and in several cases the software recovers information the user has chosen to delete. More on cookies at Out- New RNLI text donation service The RNLI has launched a new text message service that will raise funds by alerting supporters every time their local lifeboat goes out. The charity will receive a portion of the fee charged for the SMS alerts, which are triggered by the same pager system that summons a lifeboat's volunteer crew members. More on the service on Third Sector Online. Connect with NCVO's online network As part of the new NCVO website you can now connect with others, share experiences, ask questions and continue to find out about the latest news, events and funding opportunities for ICT. Come and join the ICT group after registering with the site first. Related Knowledgebase articles: • How Secure Is The Internet?
  4. 4. • Reaching Out Through Mobile Go to top events, training & learning 21 October: Mobile Access Solutions @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - AbilityNet's course explores the key issues identified by disabled users in selecting portable technology such as mobile telephones and netbooks, demonstrating how, through free solutions, they can be made increasingly more accessible. Information and Booking: Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for mobile access solutions 22 & 28 October: Idealware's series of online seminars continues with an Introduction to Website Analytics, on Thurs Oct 22nd and Building an Effective Email list on Weds Oct 28th. Go to Idealware for further information 03 November: Netsquared Net Tuesday @ venue tbc - This month's meeting looks at Project Management. Sign up for Net Tuesday 9 November & 13 January: Modernising Volunteering by Red Foundation - a series of free training seminars and workshops, providing an introduction to working with social networks for volunteer support service workers and those who are thinking of or just starting to use these networks for volunteer recruitment and communication with their peers or members. Find out more about modernising volunteering 10 November: Effective Assessment of Problems at Computer Workstations @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course helps participants respond to problems, make a workstation assessment and identify practical solutions. Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for workstation assessment 10-11 November: Green IT Expo 2009 @ The Barbican Centre, London More Green IT Expo information and registration 11 November: Charity IT Conference @ QE2
  5. 5. Conference Centre, London - a key strategic event addressing topical concerns. Register your interest for Charity ICT Conference 12 November: Using ICT to Support People with Dyslexia @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course will equip delegates with information on software and hardware that helps those who have reading and writing difficulties. Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for supporting people with dyslexia 17 November: info 3.0 - Introduction to Social Media Workshop @ NCVO, London, N1 - In this half-day workshop, Steve Bridger and Euan Semple will provide a comprehensive introduction to social media along with practical guidance in making best use of web 2.0 technologies. Cost from £176.40 for NCVO members. Booking for info 3.0 18 November: Web 2.0 @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course demonstrates how to make the most of web 2.0 technologies to communicate and collaborate. Information and Booking: Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for Web 2.0 4 December: SpiceWorld London @ Roxy Bar and Screen, London SE1 - A full day's learning on the free SpiceWorks helpdesk and inventory tool. Register for Spiceworld London 8 December: NCVO ICT Foresight Seminar @ NCVO, London, N1 - What's round the corner in the world of technology and where might your organisation be in 5 years' time? Find out more about this afternoon seminar (2.30 - 5.00pm followed by drinks reception) and book online. Lasa ICT Learning Programme A reminder that applications are open for this new innovative programme which will help circuit riders, development workers and accidental techies develop their awareness of the sector and its ICT needs, consultancy, planning and non-technical skills. More information and application forms Event/training organisers - if you are planning an event please send us brief details so we can include it in the e-Bulletin by emailing
  6. 6. Go to top funding Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launches social investment fund The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has launched a $400m (£252m) social investment fund that will provide loan financing, underwriting and equity investments for not-for-profit organisations and businesses with a social purpose. UK charities will be eligible to apply for loans and investment from world's largest philanthropic trust. More on the fund on Third Sector Online BT Community Connections If you volunteer with a community group or charitable organisation, you can apply for a laptop and contribution to a year's free broadband connection. Round Two opened on 1 September, postal applications must be received by 5 January 2010 and online by 7 January. Find out more about BT Community Connections Nominet Foundation A reminder that the Nominet Foundation's grants programme to support distinctive and inventive Internet-related projects is still open for business. More on the Nominet Foundation Find a funding partner NCVO's Funding Central site will now allow you to search for potential organisations to collaborate with. All you need to do is create a public profile outlining what you do plus your experience and expertise that others can benefit from. In the Find a Partner area, you can seek organisations that are looking to work together on a project or who are looking to put in joint bids for funding opportunities. Related Knowledgebase articles: • Writing a Winning Grant Proposal  • Fundraising and the Internet 
  7. 7. • Funding for ICT • Download: How to Cost and Fund ICT (PDF 1.2MB  Go to top resources  A Consumers Guide To Low-Cost Data Visualization Tool You've got data. How do you transform it into charts, graphs, and maps that will help your audience understand the data and move them to take action? This 30-page independent Idealware report provides an overview of the types of graphic formats that might work for you, and then compares eight low-cost tools that can help you create them. Send email campaigns? Six things to consider before you send the next one Claire Rollinson at NCVO advises on how to increase response rates and conversions from making the best use of your email newsletters and email campaigns. This blog article outlines some of the basics to consider when putting together an email newsletter or campaign. Developing a sustainable technology plan starts with a thorough assessment A very helpful TechSoup article on how to assess and inventory your ICT assets in advance of creating a technology plan or strategy. Women’s Resource Centre’s Journey into Social Media Social media tools are the new normal. By now almost everyone has heard about blogging, and other social media tools such as twitter and Facebook. But how are these tools actually being used by non profits to communicate and engage with their audiences? In this new article on the Knowledgebase Leah Williams shows how social media tools have benefitted the Women's Resource
  8. 8. Centre. Measuring the success of your blog The success of your blog, or any social media effort, depends on your willingness to solicit feedback and take corrective action when necessary. If you want to have a successful blog that supports your organization’s goals and adds value, improvement should be continuous. Beth Kanter examines the ways of measuring your social media efforts. Making video and audio accessible The W3C shares its website Multimedia Accessibility FAQ. - legal Guidance on privacy notices The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a ‘Privacy notices code of practice’ on the use of privacy notices when collecting information about people for use by an organisation. It sets out guidance on what a privacy notice should contain, with examples based on real privacy notices, and emphasises that it needs to explain the less obvious elements of how an individual’s personal data could be used. Source: European Commission floats idea of web accessibility legislation The European Commission has proposed legislating to ensure that all EU nations adopt accessibility rules designed to ease disabled people's access to the web. More on web accessibility at Related Knowledgebase articles: • Sample ICT Inventory Go to top practical tips Each month we look at some practical tips and techniques to help you get the most out of using ICT. UK settings
  9. 9. Often when installing software, US settings are installed by default. Two new factsheets from Superhighways show you how to change these settings: • Changing language settings in Word & Office from US to UK • Changing printer settings - default US Letter size to A4 Domain details How can you find out when your organisation's domain needs to be renewed or indeed if you are the registered owner? Download the Superhighways guide Checking your organisation's domain details which takes you through the process. Publisher frustrations To find out how to remove unwanted hyphens from within text boxes, download the Superhighways guide Removing automated hyphenation in Publisher. Related Knowledgebase articles: • Printer Not Working? • Domain disputes Go to top tools & applications Each month we look at some handy tools to help you get the most out of your technology: CiviCRM version 3.0 Stable released CiviCRM is an open source and freely downloadable constituent relationship management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. The latest release includes 20 report templates, redesigned screens, event templates and more. Windows 7 released next week The latest version of Microsoft's PC operating system, Windows 7, is released on October 22. Converting documents to pdf format for free
  10. 10. There are occasionally times when you'll want to convert a word processed, dtp or spreadsheet document into pdf (portable document format) but do not have Adobe Acrobat on your computer. There are now a number of options which are free to use - examples of software includes pdf995, CutePDF and CC PDF or there are online services such as ExpressPDF which emails the document back to you after uploading it to their website. You Send If you have a large file which you NEED to send by email e.g. an Annual Review that needs to be sent to the printers - YouSendIt allows you to upload the file to their website and send a link to the recipient enabling them to download it from this site, without blocking either your own email outbox or your recipients. Related Knowledgebase articles: • Utilities and Useful Free Software "Who's that I just talked to?" Contact Management for the Voluntary Sector Go to top  opinion Our new section takes a tour around the sector's blogs... Preferred communications methods - can you accommodate everyone? Jayne Cravens looks at the issues around problems with communicating with volunteers. Diffusing the myths around becoming part of an online community As with anything new, the world of the online community can be daunting and frightening to those not used to communicating in this way. In this article, KnowHow NonProfit explore some of the myths and shows how being part of an online community can be a valuable, even fun experience. Raising funds through web 2.0 campaigns - just how easy is it? Gavin Claybaugh explains in his blog The Message
  11. 11. in the Cryptex how easy (or not) it is to pull in the dollars (or pounds) through social media. Explaining social media to senior managers Michele Ide-Smith looks at the growth of social media and how and why organisations can and should engage with it. Is the second hand computer market going away? TechSoup rounds up current research which concludes that the secondary PC market remains viable. Related Knowledgebase articles: • Accepting Second Hand Computers discuss If you are using social media tools to raise funds, how easy have you found it? Do you agree with Gavin Claybaugh's blog post above that it's the message not the medium that's important? Discuss over on the ICT Knowledgebase Forum. Go to top Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- non-commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License      Subscriptions: Manage your Lasa subscriptions here or stop receiving all Lasa publications and bulletins here. Please feel free to forward this bulletin to a friend, and be sure to add our from address into your address book or safe senders list to help guarantee delivery of our email. Contact: Lasa, Universal House, 88-94 Wentworth Street, London, E1 7SA • Phone 020 7426 4473 • Fax 020 7427 4725 or • Company registration number 1794098 • Charity Registration No. 800140