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London Ict E Bulletin Sep 2009

  1. 1. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx Cannot read this email? Click here Dear Sean, As someone with an interest in voluntary and community sector ICT we hope you find our monthly London ICT e-bulletin useful. Our bulletin is aimed at smaller voluntary and community organisations, managers, circuit riders and accidental techies. It will keep you up to date with the latest news for circuit riding, ICT events and training, ICT accessibility and more. You can also forward it to a colleague or unsubscribe at any time. Follow us on Twitter The team that brings you this Bulletin can now be About Lasa followed on Twitter - the account name is lasaict and La sa is a cha rity which de live rs we'll be using the hashtag #ictbulletin for tweets inno va tive se rvice s in the related to the Bulletin. For more information about fie lds o f we lfa re be ne fits Twitter see the Knowledgebase article To Twitter or a dvice , IC T (info rm a tio n a nd co m m unica tio ns te chno lo gy) not to Twitter a nd a dvice po licy. O ur clie nts a re m a inly fro m the vo lunta ry Lasa Information Systems Team se cto r a nd sta tuto ry se cto r but we a lso wo rk with so m e priva te In this London ICT e-bulletin for September 2009: se cto r o rga nisa tio ns. Lasa publications ict news La sa 's monthly London ICT Online privacy, who's using Facebook, green IT, e-bulletin pro vide s up to da te charity video website library, digital divide shrinks, IC T ne ws, e ve nts, funding, navcaboodle goes live and website security issues. to o ls, tips a nd re so urce s fo r sta ff in sm a ll to m e dium -size d vo lunta ry o rga nisa tio ns. events & training P ublishe d in co lla bo ra tio n with Forthcoming events include social media and Supe rhighwa ys accessibility, data protection, volunteering and social networking, collaborative working, Net Tuesday, Ge t La sa 's m o nthly Lo ndo n IC T e -bulle tin by e m a il. video training, training roadshows, mobile access, 1 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  2. 2. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx workstation assessment, charity IT conference, green La sa 's m a ga zine IT, supporting dyslexia and Idealware webinars. Computanews pro vide s stra ight-fo rwa rd, cle a r funding info rm a tio n o n the use o f IC T Mix Mediabox youth project funding, new round of BT fo r sta ff in sm a ll to m e dium -size d vo lunta ry Community Connections and Nominet Trust funding o rga nisa tio ns. continues. Ge t C o m puta ne ws by e m a il resources C o m puta ne ws is publishe d Windows 7 licensing, Social by Social book, disaster qua rte rly a s a fre e Acro ba t pdf recovery guidance, Google and Exchange go head to file do wnlo a d. head and donation software. ICT support in your area practical tips London ICT Champion Firewalls, password problems and memory stick T he Lo ndo n R e gio na l IC T security part two. C ha m pio n suppo rts VC O s to be tte r tools & applications unde rsta nd IC T to a chie ve the ir m issio ns o f de live ring Scheduling dates, ICT strategy toolkit, cloud qua lity se rvice s m o re computing, OpenAtrium reviewed and new e ffe ctive ly. Tweetdeck. Lasa ICT Knowledgebase T he se cto r le a ding IC T Go to top Kno wle dge ba se co nta ins o ve r 300 a rticle s in ja rgo n fre e pla in ict news English o n a ll a spe cts o f IC T . Discuss the a rticle s a nd m o re a t the IC T C a fe . Young people need advice about online privacy Ofcom has published research showing 54 per cent of Lasa Suppliers Directory 11-16 year olds in the UK say young people need Fro m we b de signe rs to suppo rt co m pa nie s, use the Supplie rs advice about how to keep their personal information Dire cto ry to lo ca te online private. Download the privacy report (pdf file inde pe nde ntly ve rifie d high 653kb) qua lity IC T suppo rt in yo ur a re a . Young charity supporters likely to use Facebook UK riders email list According to new research by nfpSynergy, young UKR ide rs is a discussio n gro up people who are regularly involved with charities are fo r circuit ride rs a nd o the rs who more likely to use social networking sites. The suppo rt vo lunta ry a nd survey also found that 79% of those already involved co m m unity se cto r te chno lo gy. in charities used Facebook. More on the Facebook Superhighways story Supe rhighwa ys is a n IC T Suppo rt a nd De ve lo pm e nt Green IT and Social Impact So cia l Ente rprise run by a nd fo r the vo lunta ry a nd co m m unity In their work building laptops for the developing se cto r in So uth Lo ndo n, a nd world, nonprofit Inveneo is bringing personal 2 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  3. 3. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx computers to a new level of energy efficiency. Read co lla bo ra te s with La sa in the pro ductio n o f this e -bulle tin. more on Inveneo at Tech Soup See The Difference video library A new website set up to raise £250m for charities by establishing a video library about their work will go live later this year. The site, See the Difference, will feature a collection of short films through which charities will be able to explain to the public how their projects are run. See The Difference at Third Sector Online Age gap diminishes Research by the US organisation AARP shows that the "digital divide" between the young and old is shrinking. More on the age gap at NTEN NAVCA's new social network NAVCA has introduced navcaboodle - a social network for the third sector. navcaboodle has been developed for colleagues to network, discuss and share their experiences in a number of ways through groups, discussion forums, sharing videos and photos and a calendar of events. Read more about navcaboodle Charities 'have least secure websites' Charities are more likely to have poor website security than other organisations, according to the results of security testing company NTA Monitor's Web Application Annual Security Report 2009, published this week. More on website insecurity at Third Sector Online Discuss! Are you using web 2.0 technologies to reach your clients or supporters? If you are, have you considered the security implications and taken steps to mitigate the risks? Discuss this issue over on the ICT Cafe discussion forum. Related Knowledgebase articles: Bringing IT Literacy To Communities Of Older 3 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  4. 4. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx People How Secure Is The Internet? An Introduction To Effective Use Of Video On The Web Go to top events & training 22 September: Accessibility 2.0, A Million Flowers Bloom @ Microsoft Victoria, London - A conference exploring Web 2.0, social media and accessibility. AbilityNet have brought together industry experts, accessibility specialists and advocates to create a cutting edge day of practical insights, inspiration and networking. Book tickets now for Accessibility 2.0 24 September: Data Protection and Communications for the Voluntary Sector @ NCVO, London N1 - Find out how to ensure your organisations' communications are lawful. Prices from £95, more information and booking. 29 September, 09 November, 13 January: Modernising Volunteering - A series of free training seminars and workshops delivered by Red Foundation, providing an introduction to working with social networks for volunteer support service workers and those who are thinking of or just starting to use web 2.0 for volunteer recruitment and communication with their peers or members. Further information on Modernising Volunteering 29 September 2009: NCVO's Collaborative Working Conference 2009 @ NCVO, London, N1 - NCVO’s fourth annual Collaborative Working Conference will discuss current practice in collaborative working across civil society organisations and look at new opportunities offered by collaboration. Prices from £121.52 for NCVO members. More information on the Collaborative Working Conference and registration 4 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  5. 5. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx 6 October: Netsquared Net Tuesday - This month's meeting looks at Social Networking Strategies. Sign up for Net Tuesday (sincere apologies to Amy at Netsquared and anyone hoping to attend for getting the date of the September event wrong in the last Bulletin) 6 - 21 October: London 3rd Sector Training Roadshows - The South London Learning Consortium are running workshops In West London, South London, East London and Central / North London where you can find out what ICT training is available along with options to fund it. Further information on the roadshows 7-9 October: Video training course for charities @ CTX, London, SE1 - Charity Technology Trust is running its video training course designed for charities and not for profits which covers pre-production, production and post production. The full course fee is £450, however if you enrol before the 15th September, you will benefit from a reduced rate of £399. Places limited, book now for video training 21 October: Mobile Access Solutions @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - AbilityNet's course explores the key issues identified by disabled users in selecting portable technology such as mobile telephones and netbooks, demonstrating how, through free solutions, they can be made increasingly more accessible. Information and Booking: Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for mobile access solutions 10 November: Effective Assessment of Problems at Computer Workstations @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course helps participants respond to problems, make a workstation assessment and identify practical solutions. Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for workstation assessment 10-11 November: Green IT Expo 2009 @ The 5 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  6. 6. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx Barbican Centre, London More Green IT Expo information and registration 11 November: Charity IT Conference @ QE2 Conference Centre, London - a key strategic event addressing topical concerns. Register your interest for Charity ICT Conference 12 November: Using ICT to Support People with Dyslexia @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course will equip delegates with information on software and hardware that helps those who have reading and writing difficulties. Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for supporting people with dyslexia 18 November: Web 2.0 @ British Computer Society, London, WC2 - This AbilityNet course demonstrates how to make the most of web 2.0 technologies to communicate and collaborate. Information and Booking: Call free on 0800 269545 or book online for Web 2.0 Idealware's series of online seminars continues in September and October Topics cover social media, open source content management systems, choosing a broadcast email tool, telling your story online and making the most of social networking. More information on Idealware seminars Event/training organisers - if you are planning an event please send us brief details so we can include it in the e-Bulletin by emailing Go to top funding Media Trust opens fund for youth-led projects The Media Trust has opened a new £1.2m fund for charities and community groups to set up youth-led media projects. Mix Mediabox will offer grants of 6 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  7. 7. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx between £5,000 and £20,000 to groups setting up projects in which 13 to-19-year-olds explore community cohesion. Stage 1 deadline is 21 September. Application information on Mix Mediabox BT Community Connections If you volunteer with a community group or charitable organisation, you can apply for a laptop and contribution to a year's free broadband connection. Round Two opened on 1 September, postal applications must be received by 5 January 2010 and online by 7 January. Find out more about BT Community Connections Nominet Foundation A reminder that the Nominet Foundation's grants programme to support distinctive and inventive Internet-related projects is open for business. More on the Nominet Foundation Related Knowledgebase articles: Writing a Winning Grant Proposal Fundraising and the Internet Funding for ICT Download: How to Cost and Fund ICT (PDF 1.2MB Go to top resources Windows 7 volume licensing announced Microsoft has announced its volume licensing model for its forthcoming Windows 7 operating system. If you are thinking of deploying Windows 7 as an upgrade via volume licensing, you’d better get familiar with some new terms and a level of increased complexity. Watch the Microsoft video for more details (you may need to download Microsoft's free Silverlight player to watch the video) Social by Social book 7 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  8. 8. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx Social by Social is a practical guide to using new technologies to create social impact. Whoever you are, it shows you how to take technology and turn it into real world benefits by engaging communities and offering services. Buy the book for £9.99 (inc P&P) or read online for free Disaster recovery guide revised Techsoup has issued version 2 of its guide The Resilient Organization: A Guide for Disaster Planning and Recovery, a holistic guide to disaster planning and recovery. This guide is intended both for organizations striving to be better prepared for an emergency and for organizations rebuilding and maintaining operations after a disaster. Download the pdf or Word file along with Excel worksheets from TechSoup Google Apps vs Microsoft Exchange US technologist Zac Mutrux has looked at the collaboration feature sets of Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange on his blog. Using a spreadsheet for your supporter database? Many VCS organisations need to keep track of supporters and donors. A spreadsheet in Excel or similar seems like a good idea at the time: you already have a copy of the software, you know how to use it, and it’s quick and easy. But resist that urge. Robert Weiner over at Idealware suggests you put down that spreadsheet and get a database that is designed to track donations. Read more about donation databases 8 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  9. 9. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx Related Knowledgebase articles: Could Your IT Cope If Your Office Burnt Down? Online Collaboration Tools A Guide To Microsoft Licensing Go to top practical tips Each month we look at some practical tips and techniques to help you get the most out of using ICT. What's a firewall? No doubt you've heard the term “firewall” in regard to computing, but do you know what it is? When it comes to security, we should all be educated consumers, so this is an introduction to the basic concepts in protecting yourself with firewalls. Read the article over at Small Business Computing Having trouble with passwords? They're ubiquitous and easily forgotten so many users opt for passwords that are easy for them to remember - but which can be insecure. Farhad Manjoo over at Slate advises how to fix those terrible leaky passwords. Memory sticks and security issues - Part 2 Memory sticks are so convenient that sometimes we forget that their use comes with huge security implications. Download this Superhighways guide (pdf file 12kb) which follows on from last month's article and covers how you can prevent programs automatically running from your memory stick, disabling use of memory sticks altogether and checking that your anti-virus software scans their content in real time. Related Knowledgebase articles: Firewalls How Am I Supposed To Remember That? 9 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  10. 10. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx Choosing And Using Secure Passwords Go to top tools & applications Each month we look at some handy tools to help you get the most out of your technology: Dating game agreeAdate saves you time and money by avoiding telephone and email tag to find when people are free. Just send invitations to collect availability and then make your choice from the result. Find out more on agreeadate ICT strategy toolkit Having an ICT Strategy helps to focus the work of your organisation and to assist it in securing future funding where required. By answering a series of questions about your organisation and the work that it does, this toolkit will produce an ICT Strategy which will prove invaluable in accounting for your communication and technology needs into the future. Developed by VONNE as part of their ICT Champion work, the toolkit can not only produce a general strategy for your organisation, but also allows the production of 'tailored' multi-budget strategies which you may need for specific projects and collaborations etc. Visit the strategy toolkit website Why Should Nonprofits Care About Cloud Computing? If you are a small to medium-sized nonprofit, why should you care about cloud computing? Because it can save you time, money and help spare the environment. Read more on cloud computing over on TechSoup OpenAtrium reviewed 10 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM
  11. 11. September 2009: London ICT e-bulletin W6B/cr.aspx As mentioned in last month's Bulletin, OpenAtrium is an open source Intranet - but is it any good for project management? Steve Backman over on Idealware has a look. New version of Tweetdeck The most popular desktop Twitter client is turning into a real-time browser for social media. The new version of Tweetdeck, which is downloadable now, integrates MySpace and provides a better support of Facebook as well as an approved link and photo sharing. Download the new version Related Knowledgebase articles: An IT Strategy Framework Web Office Tools - The Virtual Office Go to top Co p yrig ht: This w ork is licensed under a C reative C ommons Attribution- non-commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License Sub scrip tio ns: Manage your Lasa subscriptions here or stop receiving all Lasa publications and bulletins here. Please feel free to forw ard this bulletin to a friend, and be sure to add our from address into your address book or safe senders list to help guarantee delivery of our email. Co ntact: Lasa, Universal House, 88-94 Wentw orth Street, London, E1 7SA • Phone 020 7426 4473 • Fax 020 7427 4725 or w w w • C ompany registration number 1794098 • C harity R egistration No. 800140 11 of 11 09/18/2009 04:01 PM