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Compact News 1


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Compact News 1

  1. 1. Strengthening relationships between the public and VCSE sector Bristol Compact Newsletter Issue 1: August 2009 Contents: The Newsletter Bristol Compact Who’s Who? News Partnerships Diary Contact Welcome to the first issue of COMPACT The Bristol Compact is an agreement News. This newsletter will be produced every 2 between local public agencies and the VCSEs in months and support the work of the new the city. The Bristol Partnership has adopted the Compact Liaison Officer at Voscur. It will share Compact and endorses its implementation. It news on issues relating to the Compact and defines and strengthens positive working update readers on partnership work between the relationships between the public and voluntary, Public and Voluntary, Community & Social community and social enterprise sectors by Enterprise Sector (VCSE) in Bristol. We hope establishing a set of working principles that all that readers will contribute news, photos and partners are signed up to and a framework for updates to keep the newsletter vibrant and find it developing better working practices and positive a useful publication, helping to strengthen partnerships, particularly within the Bristol relationships between the sectors. Partnership and in the delivery of the Local Area Agreement. Louise will be helping all partners to Louise Clark has recently keep to these guidelines. started work as Compact Liaison Officer at Voscur. At the heart of the Compact is the need to She will be supporting acknowledge the power imbalance between the VCSE organisations to public sector and the VCSEs and implement a better understand the Compact way of working at all times, to ensure Compact, as well as positive outcomes for all partners and service enabling public sector recipients. commissioners to recognise Guidance documents can be found on the the expertise that VCSE organisations can bring Compact page of the Voscur website: to service provision in the city. The dedicated post will help “Having a Compact organisations have better The Bristol Compact fits into a national Liaison Officer engagement in the structure. There is a National Compact between in post, will commissioning cycle at all central government and the countrywide VCSE help to stages. Louise will share sector, which is overseen by 3 national partner highlight and information on opportunities for organisations. This relationship and local challenge any joint commissioning and joint inconsistencies compact structures are shown in the diagram on bidding, organise training and in the next page. Clicking the logos will take you to events, enable participation in commissioning the corresponding websites, giving more dialogue with commissioners processes” background and development news on the and support marginalised national compact. Elaine Flint groups to have equal access to Social Enterprise Works skills, advice and support. Louise has many years experience of working with the “The Compact Liaison role will provide a vital bridge sector and in developing between commissioners and providers, collaborative initiatives both locally and supporting the 10 year Vision for Bristol” nationally. She is looking forward to developing Darren Hall Bristol Partnership Manager positive partnerships that can benefit the sector, commissioners, and users of services in Bristol.
  2. 2. National Compact concentrating on 4 key objectives: reducing health & wealth inequality, increasing the aspirations and achievements of young people CENTRAL VCSE GOVERNMENT SECTOR and families, making our continuing prosperity sustainable and making our communities strong and safe. The VCSE sector is critical to Overseeing Partners: progress, and we hope that the City Strategy will help commissioners to work with the VCSE Government department with responsibility for all sector to achieve the outcomes that everyone * matters related to the wants for Bristol.” compact The strategy is currently being consulted on. Click on the An independent body to strategy for more information. oversee the operation of Deadline: 4th September 2009. the compact The Impact of the Recession on Compact Representative group for Implementation the interest of the VCSE sector in all matters The Commission for the related to the compact Compact has issued a discussion paper looking at the potential impact Local Compact of the recession on the relationship between government and the third sector. Themed around eight key areas, the paper reviews Local various changes that are expected to take place Councils, during the economic downturn, and discusses NHS, Public Bodies the possible effects on the relationship between the two sectors and implementation of the Compact. It identifies possible pressure points in the relationship *Compact documents often refer to the Third Sector, the collective term used to describe voluntary and community (challenges, risks or conflicts), groups, social enterprises, charities, cooperatives and mutuals. where ensuring effective implementation of the Compact Who’s Who? could become all the more The Compact Steering Group is the current important. Click the picture to download a copy. multi-agency group responsible for leading on implementing, monitoring and championing the Compact Refresh Compact. The members include representation The national Compact is being refreshed and from: the Black Development Agency, SARI, the the Compact Voice Care Forum, Avon Fire & Rescue Service, website explains the Volunteering Bristol, Voscur, Bristol Primary reasons behind this: The Care Trust and Bristol City Council. The Group national Compact has meets quarterly and reports annually, making been key in ensuring many issues have moved recommendations to the Bristol Partnership. from the sidelines to expected practice, such as 3-year funding and full cost recovery. Now 10 News years since its launch and following last year's big debate on the Compact's future, the national A Vision for Bristol Compact is being refreshed to ensure its Darren Hall, the Bristol continuing relevance and strengthen its impact. Partnership Manager, outlines Compact Voice is leading the sector's input into the work the partnership is the refresh, which should be completed by currently undertaking. “The November 2009. A formal three-month Bristol Partnership is re-drafting its 10 year consultation on the new Compact has just been Vision as set out in the Sustainable City launched. To read more about the Compact Strategy. It will describe our aspiration to put refresh click here. Bristol alongside the best in Europe,
  3. 3. Enabling Commissioning experience and expertise. In recognition of this, James Woods is the Programme Manager for implementation guidance on independence has the Enabling Commissioning Programme at been published. To see a copy click on the Bristol City Council. He explains further: “The picture. 'Enabling Commissioning programme’ provides an excellent opportunity for both Bristol City Partnerships Council and its VCSE partners to ensure that Collaborative working is something that you the '8 Principles of Intelligent Commissioning' may have seen popping up in documents or are embedded into the council's commissioning heard about in relation to funding and training process. The '8 principles' reflect the values of initiatives. But what is it? a good commissioning system. All eight are critical to the success of the programme, as is NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary having Louise Clark the Compact Liaison Officer Organisations) have a dedicated website on the as a key partner. issue, which includes a wealth of resources and reports. They state that: Collaborative working The programme will create a standardised within the voluntary and community sector - also approach to commissioning that is embedded known as joint or partnership working - covers a across the whole council, ensuring that the spectrum of ways that two or more organisations council's commissioning is consistent and of a can work together. Options range from informal high quality. Central to the whole programme is networks and alliances, through joint delivery of the project entitled 'Create a Commissioning projects to full merger. Collaborative working Methodology' which will form the basis for all can last for a fixed length of time or can form a commissioning activity within the council, and it permanent arrangement. What these options is here where the Compact Liaison Officer's have in common is that they involve some sort experiences will provide valuable assistance of exchange, for mutual advantage, that and guidance. Working in partnership with ultimately benefits end users. Click Louise Clark and a select team of expert commissioners we will create a methodology that delivers excellent services, whilst being for more info simple to use. If you require any further information please do NCVO Collaborative Working Conference not hesitate to contact me at the council on: 29TH September or 01173 525 979 and I will do my best to help." See diary for more details Compact Advocacy As an NCVO programme, Compact Advocacy Thriving Neighbourhoods can help and support voluntary and community Ben Barker chairs the Thriving Neighbourhoods organisations, on how to use the Compact, board of the Bristol Partnership. He is pleased including what principles have been breached that there is a dedicated role to engage different and how to best challenge decisions. They have agencies in the Compact. “The Thriving helped hundreds of organisations achieve a Neighbourhoods Board is one of five boards set better relationship with Government and up by the revamped Bristol Partnership. This is resolved disputes over funding, lack of the first time that Bristol Partnership has had a consultation, poor communication and many group specifically looking at the different areas other issues. Case studies are on their website. of Bristol, but, when you think about it, it's obvious that whether its crime, education or the state of the parks, the story is different in various Independence Matters Bristol neighbourhoods. This cross-sector Board In June 2009, the Commission will be encouraging local solutions to what are for the Compact produced often local issues. ‘Independence Matters’. Third sector organisations can play The new Board only met for the first time in many different and important February. It's been concentrating on the 14 new roles in society, but to do so Neighbourhood Partnerships across the city they need to be independent in looking at removing obstacles to their formation order to use their distinctive and especially at how local people and
  4. 4. community organisations can influencee View the Bristol Compact via: services. The new Duty to Involve that or at: government is laying on councils, health and police will make this even more important in the Living/Community-Advice/the-bristol-compact.en future. The Board also has oversight of several The deadline for next issue of COMPACT issues related to the voluntary, or third, sector News is 30th September 2009. Send examples as government calls it. One of these relates to of where the Compact has been used and how the Bristol Compact. The Thriving you hope to engage with the Compact to Neighbourhoods Board's task will be to see that strengthen relationships and deliver services the Compact really works and that all agencies in Bristol. sign up to it in reality rather than just in theory. Diary Do you know the 8 Principles of 24th September Intelligent Commissioning? Navigating Funding Agreements Designed to guide you through the different types Understanding the needs of users and other of agreement and how to approach the key communities by ensuring that, alongside elements of a contract. other consultees, you engage with the third sector organisations, as advocates, to access their specialist knowledge 29th/30th September Practical Public Sector Tendering Consulting potential provider organisations, One day work-shop in London. Running on two including those from the third sector and dates. Gain the tools to access some of the £175 local experts, well in advance of billion that central government and the public commissioning new services, working with sector will put to tender in 2009. More information them to set priority outcomes for that service and on-line booking at: Putting outcomes for users at the heart of the strategic planning process 2nd October Compact Voice Annual Conference Mapping the fullest practical range of This year's theme is ‘Practical action for a providers with a view to understanding the thriving Compact, sector and community’. contribution they could make to delivering those outcomes 22nd October Considering investing in the capacity of the Tendering for Better Services provider base, particularly those working with Develop your understanding of the hard-to-reach groups procurement cycle and the constraints and opportunities in the tendering process. Ensuring contracting processes are transparent and fair, facilitating the involvement of the broadest range of 2nd-8th November suppliers, including considering sub- National Compact Week contracting and consortia building, where Bristol events information to follow appropriate Contact: Ensuring long-term contracts and risk sharing, wherever appropriate, as ways of achieving efficiency and effectiveness Louise Clark Compact Liaison Officer Seeking feedback from service users, communities and providers in order to review Voscur the effectiveness of the commissioning CREATE Centre process in meeting local needs Smeaton Road Bristol BS1 6XN Insight is the quarterly newsletter for the Tel: 0117 909 9949 national Compact. Issue Fax: 0117 933 0501 No.5 Summer ‘09, can Email: be viewed by clicking Web: picture on the left. STOP PRESS Bristol E-Procurement Training: STOP PRESS STOP PRESS Event - A dialogue with Annie Hudson on Children’s Services: STOP PRESS