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Spanish Immersion Program in Argentina (Spring 2008)


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Study Abroad - Spanish Second Language Program. Last spring, a group of 30 teens from Australia came to Argentina to learn Spanish. They studied at our school: "VOS, Club Cultural del español en Buenos Aires". We´ve organized everything for them (Tuition, homestay, food, transfers, trips, cultural activities in spanish, etc)... we´ve all had a great time & the most important: they´ve learnt a lot of Spanish!!

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Spanish Immersion Program in Argentina (Spring 2008)

  1. 1. A quick view of the program through our students’ eyes Spanish Task-based Immersion Program in Buenos Aires at VOS SPANISH IMMERSION CLUB Open High School Program – September/ October 2008 Number of students: 32 Days: 19 (14 in Buenos Aires + 5 in Bariloche) Students’ Host families: 12 Staff of VOS: 6 teachers / 1 Production assistant / 5 escorts 1 Program Coordinator / General Coordinators and school staff
  2. 2. Course Being immersed in Spanish, students face communicative situations all the time. Spanish is taught through speaking, feeling, thinking and living in Spanish. Wonderful. One of the best parts of this trip. Laura Minns I love the small classes and the interaction and fun with the teachers. Tara Murphy I learnt heaps of new things (past tenses) and was with a group of people at the same level. Anna Trail My 3 teachers were really engaged with the students, making us more interested. Therefore it was easy to learn. Charlotte Murch Learnt more in the few weeks here than ever before, very good material and good teachers. Fergus Wilson
  3. 3. Course O ur main goal is to give our students the necessary tools to deal with real life situations. Therefore, we design lessons and activities based on a TASK method. Wonderful. One of the best parts of this trip. Laura Minns Had great teachers that taught me a lot more than I thought I´d learn. Taras Wansbrough I learnt so much. Dorothy Leones
  4. 4. I mostly enjoyed from the lessons… Having small classes which allowed individual help from teachers. Taras Wansbrough The games and group work were very interesting and I felt it gave me a way to test my knowledge. Laura Minns The chances to learn how to ask questions about Spanish, in Spanish. Breina Abo
  5. 5. I also enjoyed from lessons… We learnt about things relevant to young people (film music stories) incorporating useful grammar and vocabulary. Anna Trail Different approaches to learning Spanish such as singing, listening to music, interactive activities and lots of Spanish conversations. Isabel Durie We learnt a lot in such a short space of time and the teachers were fantastic. Megan Fung
  6. 6. I even enjoyed from lessons… Practical outdoor & roof lessons & just talking in Spanish socially in class. Bill Szaraz It´s great that we are only allowed to speak Spanish in class and the teachers are all really friendly. Isabel Durie The fact that the teacher spoke Spanish all the time. Scott Southam
  7. 7. Experienced a lot of the culture of Argentina. Josh Ayala Cultural activities - Excursions We wanted to give the students a true taste of Buenos Aires, not the typical turistic experience. Really fun and exciting. Lisa Teng
  8. 8. Cultural activities - Excursions To certify general security and the best organization, we formed a team of escorts and accompaning teachers. Gave a diverse range of cultural experiences from the very poor to the very rich. We experienced everything!. Kathy Horner Well organized and fun and educational. Lili Perez
  9. 9. Cultural activities – Excursions Open air activities let students feel art, history, culture and get the beat of the city without the need to open a book. Each excursion gives them a unique imput of Spanish: the real language of the place. They were fulfilling and informative. Better than I expected, seeing aspects of the culture in BA has made this trip very satisfying. Charlotte Murch
  10. 10. Organization Working with teenagers is a challenge in many ways: one of the most important is security. Our team of escorts, assistants and accompaning teachers was efficient in achieving this. It was good how they had something for us to do everybody and I always felt very safe and I was never bored. Lucy Cable The organization was AMAZING. Everything was on time, everyone’s safety was a priority, and everything was really effective. The mobile phones were a FANTASTIC idea! Samuel Johnson Everything was on time and never late with the school. Bill Szaraz Everything was on time and catered for the boundaries were suitable for the excursions & everyone was safe and happy. Charlotte Murch
  11. 11. Organization We built a school in an old typical house so that students could feel at home in Buenos Aires. Organization becomes essential spacewise and also to get everything done on time, the best possible way. The day plan was fantastic and the big board with all the days was great. Megan Fung We were given time to do the tings we wanted to do and the times were very flexible. Kathy Horner It was good how they had something for us to do everyday and I always felt very safe and I was never bored. LUCY CABLE.
  12. 12. For future programs we would like to take the following comments into account : I learnt more during these activities… Conversation, improvisation, roleplays. Andrea Guterres The sheets about new verb conjugations and then writing activities were the most educational. Laura Minns Songs and role playing. Charlotte Watt The interactive activities! They really engaged and motivated me! Megan Fung The classes and talking to host families and teachers. Phil Davis Creative activities such as making the newspaper, learnt a lot during these. Fergus Wilson
  13. 13. Markets, more dancing, more every day life in Argentina. More time to see night life. Lucy Cable Market shopping, a little bit more freedom in that, trusting that we can keep ourselves + bags safe. Anna Trail More hands on activities. Angela Glance In next programs we would like to take this into account as well: I would have liked to see more of…
  14. 14. In next programs we would like to take this into account : I would have liked to see more of… Less sheets on excursions... time to shop. Lisa Teng Markets, more dancing salsa and tango, more soccer. Cassandra Marr
  15. 15. General comments on BA Stay Fantastic! Staff were brilliant. Godoy is brilliant. Cassandra Marr I had the most amazing time. I learnt so much while I was here. I made so many friends with people my age and the teachers. I dont want to leave and wish I could stay longer. Lucy Cable It was overwhelmingly exciting, really pleasant. The atmosphere throughout the trip has been very humble. I´ve come out a very different person. And my Spanish has definitely gotten better. Charlotte Murch It was fantastic. I love the city, it´s so beautiful and different from Sydney. Megan Fung It was very enjoyable are overall. I feel like I lived a lot and had fun at the same time. I loved my stay. Francesca Colli Fantastic experience school was great, activities were great, no major problems. Gordon Leibowitz
  16. 16. Favourite activity in BA The ranch because the atmosphere was awesome, the food was the best I have ever had! Kathy Horner The River Plate game. The atmosphere was pumping and electric. The Ranch and salsa were also great. Scott Southam Meeting the Las Cumbres students was also a highlight, I had a very interesting conversation with the students. Very valuable. Samuel Johnson THE RANCH! SOCCER LAS CUMBRES...and everyone! Lisa Teng The football match was a definite highlight. Isabel Durie Pilar ranch was really fun! We were fed and treated like kings, and we all had a really great day! Charlotte Murch The Ranch. Such a fun relaxed day. A nice break from constant go go go, but still experiencing the Argentinian life. Maybe we could stay overnight? Anna Trail
  17. 17. Accomodation in Buenos Aires Students were hosted by carefully selected families near the school. We wanted them to feel at home and have the challenge to live in Spanish, a real cultural exchange experience. Dolores was incredible, her food was great, incredibly friendly and catered to all levels (As regards Spanish, she spoke half English, half Spanish to the students who didn’t speak too well and made them feel comfortable and only spoke to me in Spanish). Gordon Leibowitz My host mother was so lovely and welcoming. Andrea Guterres Very kind and caring person being very friendly and looked after us and welcomed us into her house. Very confortable house! Taras Wansbrough My host mother was lovely and created a great learning atmosphere. Laura Minns
  18. 18. Bariloche experience Poner foto general
  19. 19. Tours Visitis were amazing. Gave us a good understanding of Bariloche. I really liked the free time as well! Sam Johnson The views are amazing and we saw everything. Andrea Guterres Everything was very scenic and peaceful. Bill Szaraz
  20. 20. Organization Everything ran smoothly and effectively. Kathy Horner Good use of time. Angela Glance Carol is the best! Charlotte Watt Everything was organized very well. Sam Johnson
  21. 21. General comments on Bariloche stay I love the Bariloche part of the trip. I think it´s a great way to finish the Argentina experience. Tara Murphy Loved the late nights and collective bonding and atmosphere. Megan Fung It was really awesome. Kathy Horner Beautiful and amazing. The most picturesque place I have ever been. Lili Perez
  22. 22. Favourite activity in Bariloche The Rocket Disco was extremely fun and we got to meet other kids. Cassandra Marr The disco because it was so fun. See the wildlife and the culture of younger people our age. Lili Perez The Catamaran because it was relaxing and refreshing. Bill Szaraz Chocolate factory because I needed to get heaps of gifts for people back home. Kathy Horner It was so beautiful and fun to just relax. Charlotte Watt The nature walks on the island. Andrea Guterres Rocket: great exoerience, experiencing Argentinian culture and it was fun. Gordon Leibowitz
  23. 23. General comments on the program by Carol Silva, our Program Coordinator It has been a privilege to work as a coordinator for this project. For the last 17 days I have been able to share the students' learning and discoveries in this unknown world to them. I witnessed their enthusiasm and their desire to live fully. Together we walked along the streets of Buenos Aires and the woods in Bariloche. I, myself could learn a lot from their way of experiencing. The program left us all a feeling of joy: the students, because they had the time of their lives; the staff, the gratitude of their appreciation and the job accomplished. Each activity they went through was especially and carefully planned for them, and had a didactic purpose. It was encouraging to realize that all the students respected valued and understood our effort, our dedication and our expertise. Carol Silva