Final otp report


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Final otp report

  1. 1. EU law CookieIdeas that look brilliant from start are not always right
  2. 2. Business ideaAccording to this information: to new legislation changes, hugh amount of work isrequired to be performed on number of sites in .eu domain. (site:eu)And this needs to be done quickly in short terms, ideally prior to 26 of May, 2012 !This means, that it could be short term demand for this kind of work for different CMSes.Taking into consideration, that some of them(CMS) are much more popular than other ones, if we helpto implement sites law requirements for low fee, we would be able to earn some fee for our servicesmultiplied by number of sites reusing the same technology.As of April, 2011 there was 3.4 million websites according to source below:
  3. 3. Hypothesis for value propositionWe are helping our customers to comply withrecent EU cookie law regulation at fair cost.Taking into consideration hugh amount ofwebsites in the .eu and .uk domains, even lowconversion way may lead to reasonable profit
  4. 4. Reality:Best answer:We just had a big discussion over this in the media. Given that almost everyweb based application uses cookies to remember the visitors choice (e.g. whatlanguage they prefer or to keep somebody logged in) it would be almostimpossible to implement in the near future. Also you make a good point, what todo with Google Analytics and other third-party applications.We did not make any adjustments yet. Lets wait and see what happens.
  5. 5. Hypothesis for customer segmentsOwners of online businessesand websites in the EU domain zone andpotentially .uk affected by cookie lawregulationto be in effect since 26 of May,12
  6. 6. Reality:We have posted questions to differentcommunities on LinkedIn in different europeanlanguages.We did not receive enough valuable feedbacksto collect the statistics.
  7. 7. Planned key activities1. Perform brief site analysis to determine mostpopular CMSes used on EU market2. Determine most reasonable order for pluginsimplementation, and develop them in thisorder
  8. 8. RealityMarket is not empty.there is a module for drupal for wordpress client only modules released just several days ago.
  9. 9. Summary -business model is not applicable in present state(customer segments presentatives havent reacted) needsneither adjustment or total replacement
  10. 10. Where are we?More ideas need to be brainstormed andchecked.Part of our team investigates one of ideas fromthe first assigment, trying to contact and getfeedback from potential customers.As Chuck says, fortune and luck plays some rolein the enterpreneurship...
  11. 11. Sincerely yours,Lucky-ua team: (in order of appearance on site) Vyacheslav, Dmytro, Andriy, Oleg, Ihor, Alex, Arnauld