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Startup Hacking: 'Crossing the Chasm' with Geoffrey A. Moore - Igniters Meetup 27th May 2014 Oshman JCC Palo Alto


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Session Description:

Come and meet the author of the best seller Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey A. Moore. Essential read for every Startup Founder.

About: Geoffrey Moore

Managing Director, Geoffrey Moore Consulting
Venture Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Chairman Emeritus, TCG Advisors, The Chasm Institute and The Chasm Group
Member of the Board of Directors, Akamai Technologies and several pre-IPO Companies

Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker and business advisor to many of the leading companies in the high-tech sector, including Cisco, Cognizant, Compuware, HP, Microsoft, SAP, and Yahoo!.

Geoffrey divides his time between consulting on strategy and transformation challenges with senior executives and speaking internationally on those same topics. His latest book Escape Velocity: Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past, keeps this intent in mind and is the result of his years of experience working with large enterprises.

Escape Velocity is Moore’s sixth book for business leaders in the high-tech sector. His first book, Crossing the Chasm, which addresses the challenges of gaining initial adoption for disruptive innovations, continues to be a best seller and required reading in business schools and entrepreneurship curricula. Moore wrote four subsequent books which addressed the challenges faced by management when competing in hyper-growth markets (Inside the Tornado) and those faced by investors when managing a high-tech stock portfolio (The Gorilla Game). The two additional books both address the organizational challenges faced by established enterprises, in one case posed by the volatility of the technology sector overall (Living on the Fault Line), in the other by the need to reignite innovation in mature franchises (Dealing with Darwin). Escape Velocity rounds out these efforts in service to established enterprises by laying out a comprehensive program for engaging with next-generation trends while maintaining their core franchises.

Moore is an active public speaker who gives between 30 and 60 speeches per year, split roughly evenly between industry events and company-specific meetings. His speaking practice is global, addressing a spectrum of topics of interest to the high-tech sector, including high-tech market dynamics, business strategies, innovation, organizational development, and industry futures.

Earlier in his career, he was a principal and partner at Regis McKenna, Inc., a leading high tech marketing strategy and communications company, and for the decade prior, a sales and marketing executive in the software industry. He has a bachelor’s degree from Stanford and a doctorate from the University of Washington, both in English Literature.

Startup Hacking: 'Crossing the Chasm' with Geoffrey A. Moore - Igniters Meetup 27th May 2014 Oshman JCC Palo Alto

  1. 1. Speaker: Geoffrey A. Moore Igniters Meetup Startup Hacking: ‘Crossing the Chasm' Sponsored by: Hosted by: - Workspace of the Future
  2. 2. Crossing the Chasm What’s New? What’s Not? Igniters May 27, 2014
  3. 3. Agenda • Four Frameworks that Matter • Category Maturity Life Cycle • Hierarchy of Powers • Technology Adoption Life Cycle • Four Gears • Some Themes for this Decade • Q&A 3
  4. 4. Time RevenueGrowth Growth Market Mature Market Declining Market Indefinitely elastic middle End of Life Fault Line! E DCBA Technology Adoption Life Cycle 4 Category Maturity Life Cycle The A-B-C-D’s of Portfolio Management Emerging Market Secular Growth Cyclical Growth Secular Decline Catch Next Wave “Ignition Zone”
  5. 5. The Hierarchy of Powers A Framework for Investing in Future Performance Category Power Company Power Market Power Offer Power Execution Power Growth born from competitive advantage Partners go out of their way to send you business 5 Growth born from customer commitment Customers go out of their way to give you business Growth born from unmatchable offers Competitors cannot or will not copy your efforts Growth born from reaching tipping points Your initiatives become the next status quo Growth born from category expansion Secular growth increases spending in your area
  6. 6. Crossing the Chasm A Model for Developing B2B Markets 6 CHASM EARLY MARKET TORNADO BOWLING ALLEY MAIN STREET
  7. 7. 7 ENLISTMENT ACQUISITION ENGAGEMENTMONETIZATION Starter Motor + = Virality o = Retention - = Churn The Four Gears A Model for Developing B2C Markets Performance Gear Performance Gear Power Gear Power Gear
  8. 8. Some Themes for this Decade • Consumerization of Enterprise IT • Systems of Record Meet Systems of Engagement • Redefining the Customer Journey • Virtualization of Work • Collaborative Economy • SMAC Stack • B2B2C Markets 8
  9. 9. Stump the Chump! 9 Q&A
  10. 10. Stump the Chump Page 1 • “Is there a correlation between Leadership Change and the chasm --i.e., founders are changed for Scale UP CEOs?” • “How are things different now for enterprise start ups?” • “How come Strategy is nowadays an afterthought? Do you think the Lean Startup movement and accelerators like Y-Combinator have something to do with it?” • “How do you choose the right people to help you start your company?” • “What universal principles of acquiring early adapters apply to every startup?” • “How can you speed up iteration cycles in B2B?” • “How important is it to get outside perspectives for product roadmaps?” • “How do you penetrate enterprise customers, at senior management level, without a direct sales team?” 10
  11. 11. Stump the Chump Page 2 • “How do you get early adopters to become product advocates?” • “In your diffusion model, what is the difference between a technology enthusiast and a visionary”? • “How do you know when you are in the chasm?” • “How has it changed since the publication of his book” • “How to get the first users?” • “Is the chasm period shorter now for mobile software / apps?” • “What principles in your book are most susceptible to being challenged due to new global trends on how we work, interact and do business?” • “How will crossing the chasm be different in the next 2, 5 and 10 years?” • “How does Crossing the Chasm apply to today's startups in B2B software alongside Lean Start Up concepts?” 11
  12. 12. Stump the Chump Page 3 • “How do you know whether the chasm you`re is one that can be crossed or not?” • “What is your advice on the first steps to take with startups?” • “What was your biggest lessons learned in your career?” • “What patterns in personalities, qualities and / or characteristics of successful startup founders have you seen or uncovered?” • “what advice he has for companies starting in Latin America” • “At what point in your start-ups life are you at the Chasm. is there a certain number of customers, growth speed or anything?” • “How do cultural differences (regions or countries) behave with respect to he Chasm model?” • “What are the two main things that a 100% Brazilian company must do to grow? What are two main mistakes a 100% Brazilian company can not commit not to fall into the chasm (abyss)?” 12
  13. 13. Stump the Chump Page 4 • “How broad or narrow a niche should a bootstrapped start-up target?” • “How has Geoffrey Moore's view of entrepreneurship and the challenges facing entrepreneurs at the early stages changed since he wrote his early books? People say it's easier than ever to start and grow a company, get $- is that true from his POV?” • “The sales funnel isn't linear anymore. How does that impact the product marketing lifecycle?” • “Is the Chasm still relevant?” • “What tech spaces are most promising. What problems are begging for solution?” • “What has changed since he originally wrote the book? If he were to do a second edition, what would he revise?” • “Will it become easier to cross the chasm thanks to all the new startups who manage to cross it ? More it is crossed, easier it is to cross it no ?” • “how is the CHASM applicable for the enterprise” 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Speaker: Geoffrey A. Moore Igniters Meetup Startup Hacking: ‘Crossing the Chasm' Sponsored by: Hosted by: - Workspace of the Future