Washington evaluators brown bag presentation ppt 2010


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High quality low cost or free research resources for evaluation professionals. Also useful for social science and professional researchers.

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Washington evaluators brown bag presentation ppt 2010

  1. 1. 10+ HIGH QUALITY/ LOW COST RESEARCH RESOURCES FOR EVALUATORS Matthew Von Hendy MA/MLS Green Heron Information Services
  2. 2. WELCOME!  Owner—Green Heron Information Services  Professional Librarian—National Academies of Science, EPA, NASA  Birder, cyclist, runner— recent Alaskan adventurer
  3. 3. BROWN BAG GOALS  Briefly discuss 10-20 high quality low cost research resources and tools  Questions and answers
  5. 5. GOOGLE RULES!  Google is the resource that professional evaluators use to find research resources most often  A few words of caution:  Google ‘filters’ results based on previous searches  Try searching in an alternate search engine to double check your google results
  6. 6. ALTERNATE SEARCH ENGINES  DuckDuckGo https://duckduckgo.com/  Blekko http://blekko.com/  Ixquick https://ixquick.com/  Try searching your name on Google vs. these 3
  7. 7. HOT SEARCHING TIP #1  When searching Google…  Use the site filter to limit to a particular website or type of domain ( site:http://www.epa.gov) or site:edu  Use the filetype filter to limit your results to PDFs (filetype:PDFs)  More google searching tips can be found at: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/tipstricks/all.html
  8. 8. FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLES  Google Scholar scholar.google.com Subset of Google that focus on ‘academic’ literature  Mendeley http://www.mendeley.com/research- papers/ Crowd-sourcing site—many researchers have downloaded their work here Directory of Open Access Journals http://doaj.org/ Somewhat of a ‘work in progress’ but does allow searching for articles
  9. 9. HOT SEARCH TIP #2  Tip: For Google Scholar: Use the Advanced Search by clicking on the downward facing carat on the right side of the search box
  10. 10. RESEARCH DATABASES  Excellent sources of high quality information—  Almost every field has a good free research database  Articles/information is often abstracted and indexed aiding searching
  11. 11. SOME EXAMPLES  (Health Sciences) PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed  (Education) ERIC http://eric.ed.gov/  (Transportation) TRID http://trid.trb.org/  For Science and Technology Resources see my article.. http://www.infotoday.com/OnlineSearcher/Articl es/Features/Fifty-Shades-of-Scientific-and- Technical-Grey-Literature-96758.shtml
  12. 12. HOT SEARCH TIP #3  Some publishers offer discounted rates for one-time access to their research resources  American Psychological Association (APA) offers a $11.95 24 hour pass to their 3 major databases including PsycINFO—  http://www.apa.org/pubs/databases/access/direct.a spx
  14. 14. CITATION MANAGERS CAN HELP…  Organize your citations  Citation information can be downloaded directly from most search tools into many citation managers  Allow for PDFs to be attached to articles  Can be shared between people if they are using the same program  Automatically creates in-text citations and reference lists in a specified citation format (APA 5th, MLA)
  15. 15. FREE CITATION MANAGERS  Endnote Web http://www.myendnoteweb.com/ (There is a full version of Endnote which requires a subscription).  Mendeley http://www.mendeley.com/  Zotero https://www.zotero.org/
  16. 16. TRACKING FEDERAL AND STATE LEGISLATION  Congress.gov New website developed by Library of Congress to track federal legislation http://beta.congress.gov/  National Conference of State Legislature List of State Billing Tracking Sites http://www.ncsl.org/research/telecommunicatio ns-and-information-technology/bill-tracking- and-subscription-services.aspx  Bill Track 50 – Search federal and state bills http://www.billtrack50.com/
  17. 17. GOVERNMENT REPORTS  Great sources for topical overviews, recent resources and up to date statistics  General Accounting Office http://www.gao.gov/  Congressional Research Service Open Access https://opencrs.com/
  18. 18. HOT SEARCH TIP #4  When searching databases use these 5 action words to find evaluation related articles on a particular topic  Assess, analyze, evaluate, measure, impact  (“youth violence”) and (assess* or analyz* or evalu* or measure* or impact*)
  19. 19. GREY LITERATURE  What is it?  Essentially everything that is not a journal article or a book  Most evaluation-related works are grey literature resources  They are usually hard to find because they are typically not included in the major databases (Google will pick up some but not all of them)
  20. 20. GREY LITERATURE RESOURCES  New York Academy of Medicine Grey Lit Report- - http://www.greylit.org/ Health sciences, health policy including evaluation  Popline -- http://www.popline.org/ Reproductive health and family planning  Defense Technical Information Center -- http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/ DOD sponsored publicly available research
  21. 21. QUESTIONS?
  22. 22. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS LATER…  Always happy to chat about research questions and research resources  Monthly newsletter on research resources and tips for evaulators – if you are interested in getting it – email me: info@greenheroninfo.com
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH ME  Matthew Von Hendy Green Heron Information Services (240) 401-7433 info@greenheroninfo.com www.greenheroninfo.com LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/vonhendy Twitter @GreenHeronInfo
  24. 24. THANK YOU!