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Online journalism photo gallery


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Published in: Education
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Online journalism photo gallery

  1. 1. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUTThe Top Five Majors At TheUniversity of ConnecticutA Quick Reference To See What Are The MostCommon Fields Being Studied
  2. 2. From 2010 - PresentAmong the students whograduated betweenDecember 2010 andAugust 2011, the largestmajors were Psychology,Political Science,CommunicationSciences, English, andEconomics, according toJeffrey von Munkwitz-Smith, the registrar at PHOTO CREDIT: UNIVERSITY OFUConn. CONNECTICUT
  3. 3. The Top Majors AmongCurrent University Students
  4. 4. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO THE HENRY R. MONTEITH BUILDING HOUSES THE ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS. THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES HOUSES THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO“Among current Storrs campus undergraduates, the majors with the most students are Exploratory,Biological Sciences, Psychology, Political Science, Communication Sciences, English, andEconomics,” Munkwitz-Smith said.
  5. 5. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO“‘Biological Sciences’ switch to other majors in the field of biology – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Molecular andCell Biology, or Physiology and Neurobiology – before graduation,” Munkwitz-Smith said.THE GEORGE SAFFORD TORREY LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING IS WHERE MANY STUDENTS TAKE THEIR BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE CLASSES
  6. 6. ExploratoryMajorsExploratory Majors, or ACES, moveonto a specific major, Munkwitz-Smith said.ACES majors find their home in theCenter for Undergraduate Education. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VO
  7. 7. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC VOIn other fields like accounting, engineering, nursing, and pharmacy, the student’s major may be lessimportant than other aspects of the student’s education, such as the experience/type of work they do aftergraduation, according to Munkwitz-Smith.
  8. 8. “Students choose majors for many reasons including personal interest inthe field, job prospects, or experience in a particular course that theyenjoyed,”CREDIT SAID ERIC VO MUNKWITZ-SMITH
  9. 9. CreditsPhotos: Eric Vo andUniversity of ConnecticutSources: UConn RegistrarJeffrey Munkwitz-Smith