VolunteerMatch Solutions BPN Webinar: Trends & Best Practices in Using Social Media to Tell the Small Business CSR Story


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July 2012 Best Practice Network Webinar, presented by VolunteerMatch

Session Description:
Social media has emerged as an ideal platform for sharing a company's corporate responsibility story with its stakeholders. It's authentic. It's continuous. It's targeted. It's interactive. But as opportunities to inform, engage and activate stakeholders continue to grow with the changing technology, small businesses in particular can face challenges in adapting. What tools are worth the investment of time? How can compelling CSR content be developed and shared most efficiently, without sacrificing engagement?

Georgetown University's Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) recently conducted research on how small businesses are thinking about CSR, social media, and the intersection of the two. Join Julie Dixon, deputy director of CSIC, for an interactive discussion on trends and best practices, as well as recommendations on how smaller organizations can share their compelling stories of community involvement and employee volunteerism in ways that meet their unique limitations on resources, staff and time.

About Our Guest Speaker:
Julie Dixon is the Deputy Director of the Center for Social Impact Communication (CSIC) at Georgetown University, where she manages the day-to-day operations of the center including research, curriculum and partnership development, outreach and communications. She's the author of CSIC's recent publication "Small Business, Big Engagement," a comprehensive set of trends and best practices for small businesses looking to use social media to engage stakeholders in their socially responsible business practices. Follow her work at the center on Twitter at @georgetowncsic.

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VolunteerMatch Solutions BPN Webinar: Trends & Best Practices in Using Social Media to Tell the Small Business CSR Story

  1. 1. SMALL BUSINESS, BIG ENGAGEMENT: Trends & Best Practices in Using Social Media to Tell the Small Business CSR Story Julie Dixon Deputy Director Center for Social Impact Communication Georgetown University
  2. 2. How To Ask Questions• Type questions into the box on the right side of the your screen• Submit via Twitter to @VM_Solutions using “#VMbpn”• We will pose questions at the end of the presentation• A copy of the sides will be circulated after the event
  3. 3. Small Business,Big Engagement Trends & Best Practices in Using Social Media to Tell the Small Business CSR story
  4. 4. About the Center @georgetowncsic http://csic.georgetown.edu
  5. 5. About the Research• In-depth interviews with twelve small businesses in greater DC• Audits & analyses of communications channels used for CSR comms• Review of best practices and successful campaigns
  6. 6. What We’ll Cover Today *image source: flickr user robert_voors
  7. 7. What do we mean by “engagement?”
  8. 8. Hurdle #1:To communicate,or not tocommunicate?
  9. 9. Poll: Reluctant to Communicate?Which of the following best describes why you’ve beenreluctant to share your CSR story?• The cause we support may be polarizing to people• People will think we’re bragging• People will question our motives/why we’re involved• We prefer to lead by example• I’ve never been reluctant!
  10. 10. Why communicate?• Is there a “responsibility to communicate?”• Elevate the issue & encourage others to join youShift thinking from one-way“tooting our own horn” to two-way conversations aroundissues that matter tostakeholders.
  11. 11. Tips to Avoid Bragging 1. Play up partners 2. Enlist partners as co-communicators 3. Let others tell your story *image source: flickr user miuenski
  12. 12. Hurdle #2:How to balancesocial media *image source: flickr user foxtongue
  13. 13. Poll: Which channel is best?Which of the following social media platforms do youthink is the best for telling a CSR story?• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Pinterest• Company blogs
  14. 14. Hurdle #3:How to do it effectively…and make it last *image source: flickr user piratepix2
  15. 15. Poll: How much time does it take?How much time per week do you spendbuilding/maintaining your company’s social media?• 0-1 hours per week• 2-5 hours per week• 6-9 hours per week• 10-14 hours per week• 15 hours per week or more
  16. 16. one:Align withAuthenticityStart with a causethat makes your jobsas communicatorseasy.
  17. 17. two:ChooseYourChannelsWisely& cater yourcontent to eachchannel.
  18. 18. three: Stock Your CSR Content Pantry
  19. 19. four: Empower Your Audiences to create and share content.*image source: flickr user anirudhkoul
  20. 20. five:EmbraceExperimentation
  21. 21. Hurdle #4: How to compete with the big guns*image source: flickr user tabor-roeder
  22. 22. Go for the gold! Questions? Contact: Julie Dixon, jld227@georgetown.eduhttp://csic.georgetown.edu @georgetowncsic
  23. 23. Stay InformedBlog:www.VolunteeringIsCSR.orgTwitter:@VM_Solutions
  24. 24. Upcoming Session: AugustThe Radically Engaged Business:A 2012 VolunteerMatch Client Summit EncorePresentation with Carol ConeGuest Speaker:Carol ConeGlobal Chair, Edelman Business + Social PurposeRegister:https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/587999345WednesdayAugust 15, 201210-11 a.m. PT (1-2 p.m. ET)