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Nonprofit Insights: The Right Way to Engage Online Volunteers


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With new powerful technology popping up all the time these days, engaging online volunteers is a great opportunity for nonprofit organizations to increase efficiency and impact. But there's a RIGHT way of doing things when it comes to working with online volunteers – and do you know if your nonprofit is doing it right?

VolunteerMatch was joined by online volunteering expert Jayne Cravens, co-author of "The LAST Virtual Volunteering Guidebook," for the February 2014 Nonprofit Insights webinar about how to best involve online volunteers in your organization's work. How can you create a great online volunteer opportunity? What are the best ways to support online volunteers? How should you be tracking the impact of your online volunteers?

If you recognize the value online volunteers can add to your organization, but aren't quite sure how to set them and yourself up for success, this webinar is certainly right for you.

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Nonprofit Insights: The Right Way to Engage Online Volunteers

  1. 1. The “RIGHT” Way: Using Internet & Smartphone Tools to Engage & Support Volunteers Jayne Cravens, MSc #vmlearn
  2. 2. Meet Our Speaker Jayne Cravens @jcravens42 Also on Facebook & Google+ #vmlearn 2
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  8. 8. No more boundaries Onsite, traditional volunteers There are now only* VOLUNTEERS Online volunteers Meaning here of only is exclusively or solely, not merely #vmlearn
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  14. 14. Confidentiality & Safety • “How do we ensure volunteers will keep things confidential?!” Paying someone doesn't make them more trustworthy. • “How do I make sure an online volunteer isn't a bad person?.” Seeing someone face-to-face, onsite, is not a screening tool. • Confidentiality is a training issue. How do you train employees and onsite volunteers re: confidentiality? Do the same thing with online volunteers. • Safety is a training and supervision issue. How do you train and supervise employees and volunteers to ensure safety? Apply the same principles, as appropriate online. • Remember: different roles require different supervision and screening. #vmlearn
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  23. 23. More options at the virtual volunteering wiki & our discussion group on LinkedIn (link on wiki) #vmlearn
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  29. 29. Questions? Jayne Cravens @jcravens42 Also on Facebook & Google+ #vmlearn 29
  30. 30. Next Webinar: Building a Future-Friendly Nonprofit Board March 19, 2014 #vmlearn