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Fighting Hunger Together: Recruiting & Managing Seasonal Volunteer


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Managing and recruiting seasonal volunteers is always a challenge, particularly when volunteer interest can be skewed towards certain times of the year. While holiday volunteers can be a great asset to your organization, how do you recruit volunteers for the rest of the year? We'll discuss some strategies for maintaining a consistent volunteer base, and conveying the importance of year-round volunteers to your seasonal volunteer team. Made possible through funding from the Walmart Foundation.

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Fighting Hunger Together: Recruiting & Managing Seasonal Volunteer

  1. 1. Recruiting and Managing SeasonalVolunteersTo hear the presentation by phone call:(516) 453-0031Access Code: 481-683-842Jennifer Bennett, CVA, Senior Manager, Education & TrainingMatt Wallace, Senior Associate, Nonprofit Relations
  2. 2. VolunteerMatch Overview “VolunteerMatch strengthens communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect.” 92,286 nonprofits… 78,641 Active Opportunities…. 6,757,988 referrals since 1998• VolunteerMatch has been around for 14 years, and is the top-ranked website for online volunteer recruitment and employee-volunteer programs• Our Learning Center offers over 20 webinar topics focused on volunteer management and VolunteerMatch tools, serving an audience of over 6,000 attendees each year 2
  3. 3. VolunteerMatch & Walmart:Fighting Hunger TogetherWhat are our goals?• Support nonprofit organizations that are working to end hunger in local communities.• Provide hunger relief organizations with the resources they need to deploy, manage and expand their volunteer engagement program.• Support, train and share best practices for engaging volunteers, and creating a multi-faceted relationship with volunteers – donors, advocates.• Increase visibility of the need for volunteers at hunger relief organizations. 3
  4. 4. Agenda• Seasonal Volunteer Engagement• Recruit Seasonal Volunteers• Create a Connection• The Importance of Communication• Create a Communication Plan• Create More Engagement• Things to Think About 4
  5. 5. Seasonal Volunteer Engagement• Seasonal volunteers can make a huge impact for your organization. – Can be passionate, loyal and involved – Allow your organization to meet the needs of clients during busy times• May also come with engagement challenges – not necessarily unique to season volunteers – Only interested in certain days times – Ownership of certain work – May lose interest/not think about organization during other seasons 5
  6. 6. Find Seasonal Volunteers• Give yourself time – Create a recruitment timeline that gives you enough time to find and communicate with volunteers – Balancing act – not too much time for the volunteers to “forget” their commitment• Include groups in your recruitment plan – Fill many slots with one effort – Ask groups to take on project, day, or shift• Include impact or seasonal need – Create messaging about the importance of volunteering through a season, not just on a certain day 6
  7. 7. Create a ConnectionShare information with seasonal volunteers• Goals – Share what you hope to accomplish – Set the stage for work to be done, needs of clients or community• Impact – What will volunteers be able to change or how can they make a difference• Organizational information – what’s going on, are there milestones, successes, challenges• Empower them to share their experience, or spread the story 7
  8. 8. Create a Communication PlanDuring Recruitment• Different seasons may require a different message even if the impact is the same• Convey the importance of the work – Create a connection or an understanding on an individual level – “You and your family will be working on… This is a really important piece of our work because…”• Make it easy for volunteers to communicate with you – Texts, emails, phone calls – Recruit other volunteers to be points of contact 8
  9. 9. Create a Communication PlanDuring the season• Focus on the long term need, and share open shifts – Christmas Day is fully staffed but…• Share the impacts with all of the volunteers – Not just hours, but actions and impacts too – Take pictures – Use social media - spread the thank you – Include ways for them to get more involved• Dont forget to share how that work serves your mission 9
  10. 10. Create a Communication PlanAfter the season• Take advantage of social media• Create an offseason engagement team – Ongoing or seasonal volunteers – Messages with updates, new projects programs – encourage volunteers to share! – Pre-Season events• Always include opportunities for more involvement 10
  11. 11. Create More EngagementBuild opportunities for seasonal volunteers to become more involved with your organization year roundConsider different types of opportunities – Projects, skills based, single day eventsInvite them! – Share opportunities and include an invitation to get involved or to participate 11
  12. 12. ResourcesLearning CenterFind upcoming webinar dates, how-to videos and morehttp://learn.volunteermatch.orgVolunteerMatch CommunityAsk and answer questions after the webinar – use keywords Fighting Hunger Together,Volunteer Management Hunger TogetherInformation about the program and additional trainings and resources 12
  13. 13. Thanks for attending!Join us online: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @VolunteerMatch Visit Engaging Volunteers, our nonprofit blog: any questions contact:Jennifer Bennett(415) 13